Shipping from Shenzhen, China to USA: Complete Guide

Shenzhen has been the biggest export city in China for almost three decades. In 2021, over $525 billion worth of goods were exported from Shenzhen to countries worldwide. One country that receives the most of these imports is the USA.

As a result of this huge marketing opportunity, many importers and online retailers are constantly looking for ways to ship goods from Shenzhen into the USA. If you’re one of such importers, you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn the various processes of importing goods from Shenzhen to the USA and the best shipping methods to use.

Ultimately, this comprehensive guide would help importers understand cost-effective shipping methods from Shenzhen to the USA.

How to ship from Shenzhen China to the USA?

How to ship from Shenzhen China to the USA?

Before shipping from Shenzhen, there are certain steps you need to take.

You must first decide what to import, then find a reputable Chinese supplier for that product. After this, you select the shipping method you want to use. Let us talk more about the shipping method below:

Choose a suitable shipping method.

There are three basic methods to ship cargo from Shenzhen to the USA. They are: Air freight, express shipping, and sea freight. 

Continue reading as we go over the main shipping routes from China to the US so you can decide which is the best. 

1. Air Freight

Air freight is a way to ship cargo using air freight carriers and airliners. The USA has many standard cargo airports that can accept air freight shipments from Shenzhen, China.

Air freight is a quick and less expensive shipping option for goods compared to express shipping.

It is the best choice when transporting time-sensitive, expensive cargo from China to the US.

2. Ocean freight

Sea shipping is the most popular way to ship cargo into the USA because of its adaptability and reliability. 

The main disadvantage of sea freight is how long it takes; while other shipping methods can deliver goods in a matter of days, sea freight can take weeks, depending on the cargo type and the destination port. However, sea freight is the cheapest shipping method, making it a popular choice with every importer.

Sea freight makes use of containers and operates under FCL(Full Container Load) or LCL shipping (Less than Container load).
3. Express shipping

Express shipping is the quickest shipping method to ship goods from China to the US. Air courier services like DHL, UPS, and FedEx express offer this service. They are dependable, safe, and operate a door-to-door service; hence express shipping is a very secure way of delivering goods without stress. 

The main drawback of express freight is its cost. It is the most expensive shipping method. It is, therefore, not a viable option for heavier goods.
4. Air freight + Express Shipping

This is an example of a door-to-door shipping method. The goods are first transported by air freight from Shenzhen into the USA. Then they are delivered to the destination address using express freight- UPS. 

Although this method is not a typical shipping method, it is less expensive than express freight and the delivery time for goods is not much longer.

Moreover, this shipping method is a door-to-door delivery, including customs clearance and prepaid taxes. You need only wait to receive the goods after paying shipping costs to your freight forwarders.

5. Air freight + Truck freight

In this shipping method, goods are first transported from Shenzhen to the USA using air freight. They are then carried by trucks and transported on the road to the particular destination address.  This shipping method is suitable for oversized shipments, such as those packed in wooden cartons; and flight cases, with pallets and gross weight over 22KG each single carton shipment.
6. Sea freight + Express shipping

This combined shipping method involves shipping the goods from Shenzhen to the USA through sea freight, then transporting them through express freight to the destination. It is a widely preferred shipping method by Amazon sellers and other online retailers. UPS offers this combined method, saving over ten days of shipping.

This is also the DDP shipping method, which means door-to-door, including taxes, prepaid, and customs clearance. No need for you to handle it.

7. Sea freight + Truck Freight

This is the standard shipping method of shipping goods from Shenzhen into the USA by sea freight, then using trucks to deliver them by road to the destination address. It is the slowest shipping method.

while the advantage is this is a door-to-door delivery method, and it helps you clean the customs and pay taxes. Even if you are without an import license, this shipping method accepts your shipments and handles them all for you.

Hire a reliable freight forwarder

International shipping can be challenging and chaotic if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always work with an experienced and reliable freight forwarder to navigate the complexities of shipping from China to the US. 

A reliable freight forwarder will handle the transportation from when your inventory leaves your supplier’s factory until it arrives at its destination. 

1. Where to find a freight forwarder

Chinese marketplaces, suppliers, online searches, and other methods can all be used to find trustworthy freight forwarders to ship goods from Shenzhen to the USA.

You can screen the selected freight forwarders based on price, reviews, ratings, and shipping experience.

How to find and select a freight forwarder in China.

2. What can Freight forwarders do for shipping from China Shenzhen to the USA?

Freight forwarders have the necessary shipping and logistics expertise to simplify the entire importation shipping process. They can help you:

  • Pick up goods from suppliers and package them

  • Book freight space with shipping carriers

  • Conduct both export and import customs clearance

  • Deliver the goods to you efficiently and timely.

  • Customs clean for you.

  • Buy insurance at low costs.

  • Save shipping time and provide competitive shipping options

Reliable freight forwarders like DFH guarantee a smooth shipping process and the safety of your goods. 

3. Why cooperate with Shenzhen’s local freight forwarder but not USA freight forwarders?

The majority of USA freight forwarders do not have offices in China. Instead, they work with other Chinese agents to handle shipping logistics. This leads to higher costs of shipping and shipping delays.

It is, therefore, more efficient to use a Chinese freight forwarder who can help them pick up their goods from the supplier, carry out quality inspection, offer different freight shipping modes, then ship the goods to the USA. We are a China-based freight company named DFH. You can contact DFH for assistance with planning your shipping. Let us know what you need right away.

How long it takes to ship from Shenzhen, China to USA,

How long it takes to ship from Shenzhen, China to USA,

The transit time is impacted by the type of cargo, shipping method, the chosen carrier, and the precise arrival and departure ports.

Express freight shipping time from Shenzhen to the USA.

Express shipping from Shenzhen to the USA is the fastest method. It takes only 3-7 business days and door-to-door time. For the DHL, FEDEX priority and UPS worldwide express from Shenzhen, China to the USA only need 2-4business days; the FEDEX economical, UPS worldwide saver takes around 5-7 business days after departure from Shenzhen.

OriginDestinationCourier CompanyShipping time
ShenzhenUSAFEDEX IP2-4 business days
FEDEX IE3-7 business days
DHL2-4 business days
UPS IP2-4 business days
UPS IE3-7 business days

Air Freight shipping time from Shenzhen to USA.

Air freight shipping goods from Shenzhen to the USA takes 4 to 8 business days. If you are located in the Western USA, the time is shorter, and if you are located in the Eastern USA. Then take around 8 business days. Time begins from Your supplier factory to the Destination airport. Including both countries’ customs clean time, China to USA shipping time, booking space time, and others.

Sea freight Shipping time from Shenzhen to USA.

Shipping containers from Shenzhen to Western USA and Eastern USA with an around 10-15days difference. Because of the distance. Below is a welcome to check the estimated shipping time recently. And please note it means only the transit time on the sea, not including the origin logistics time and the destination transportation time.

Table 1 showing average transit time from Shenzhen to US cities

How Much does it cost to ship from Shenzhen to the USA?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship from Shenzhen to the Usa?

Air Freight shipping costs from Shenzhen China to USA.

The air freight price from Shenzhen to the USA varies with the type of cargo shipped, its weight, destination airport, and the airline used. Standard air freight is the cheapest option for 150 and 500-kg shipments.

From the table below, you can see that air freight costs are not fixed; the cost decreases with an increase in the weight of the shipment.

USA Airport100Kg - 299Kg300Kg - 500Kg>500Kg
Los Angeles $5.5 - $6.0$5.0 - $5.5$4.5 - $5
New York $6.5 - $7.0$6.0 - $6.5$5.6- $6.0
Miami $7.5 - $8$7.0 - $7.5$6.5 - $7.0
Chicago $7.0 - $7.5$6.5 - $7.0$6.0 - $6.5

Please note the price change frequency. The table price list only shows the price of now December 2022. It may lower when you need to ship from Shenzhen to the USA. please don’t hesitate to inquiry us to get the real-time price when you are ready to ship.

Check here about:
What is Chargeable weight, and What is Dimensional weight it helps you to check the charge weight of each shipment.

Shipping costs = Charge weight x Unit price of that shipping method.

Sea freight shipping price from Shenzhen to the USA.

Chinese SeaportUSA SeaportLCL cost per cbm20 ft FCL cost40 ft FCL cost
ShenzhenLos Angeles$50 - $100$600 - $900$1200 - $2000
ShenzhenNew York$80 - $100$700 - $1000$1500 - $2700
ShenzhenMiami$80 - $150$700 - $1000$1500 - $2700
ShenzhenChicago$100 - $150$800 - $1200$1800 - $3000
ShenzhenSan Francisco$80 - $110$900 - $1500$2000 - $3500
ShenzhenSeattle$60 - $100$900 - $1500$2000 - $3500

Price for reference purposes only. Welcome to ask for the current price before shipping.

Documents required for shipping parcel from Shenzhen to the USA.

Documents required for shipping parcel from Shenzhen to the USA.

When importing goods to the USA, the importer must ensure all required paperwork is presented. These documents are:

  • The Import License (if needed)

  • The Bill of Lading (BL) or Airway Bill

  • The proof of import

  • Certificate of Origin (CO)

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

What is the best way to ship from Shenzhen China, to the USA?

What is the best way to ship from Shenzhen China, to the USA?

This question is often difficult to answer because there is no best way for every importer. Choosing the best freight shipping mode depends on the following:

  • Size and type of the goods- How big is the shipment? Batteries, for example, cannot be shipped via air freight, so a different shipping method must be used. Air freight is a viable option for items weighing less than 500 kg. Use sea freight to transport heavier items.

  • The destination address- Is the destination far away from the unloading port?

  • The destination address- How far away is the destination from the port? 

  • The delivery time frame- If the importer has the luxury of time, sea shipping is the most economical option; otherwise, air freight.

  • The importer’s shipping cost budget- How much is the importer planning to spend on shipping? Whether sea or air freight..

What is the cheapest way of shipping from Shenzhen, China, to the USA?

What is the cheapest way of shipping from Shenzhen, China, to the USA

Ocean freight is the cheapest way to ship from Shenzhen to the USA. However, this may also depend on the weight of the goods transported. For example, USA air freight shipping can be more cost-effective for goods less than 500kg.

Tips to save shipping costs for shipments from Shenzhen to the USA

Tips to save shipping costs for shipments from Shenzhen to the USA

Here are some ways to reduce freight costs from Shenzhen to the USA:

  • Use a Chinese freight forwarder.

  • Optimize packaging.

  • Book shipping space early

  • Consider multimodal or combined shipping methods if you want goods faster.

  • Avoid shipping during Chinese holidays and peak seasons.

  • Get quotes from several freight forwarders before choosing one.

  • Be knowledgeable about incoterms and the right one to use.

  • Use insurance for all your high-value shipments.

Why is DFH the best Freight forwarder Ship from Shenzhen, China, to the USA?

Why choose DFH to help you arrange FEDEX shipping from China?

DFH is one of the most reputable freight forwarders in China. Selecting freight forwarders with the necessary skills and knowledge for effectively shipping goods from China to the USA will help you save time and money. We have office locations in Shenzhen and offer free pickup of goods from your supplier within three hours.

When you use DFH, you can run your business more effectively and with peace of mind because we offer:

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Over a decade-long track record for providing shipping solutions from Shenzhen to the USA
  • Low-cost insurance premiums
  • Free of charge packing and repacking
  • Free-of-charge warehousing
  • Renowned logistics expertise
  • A strong network of forwarders and customs brokers in China and USA
  • Unbeatable low shipping costs.
  • Free quality inspection services.

You can call us or send an inquiry directly to request a quote on DFH. We’ll assist with shipping arrangements and work on your products immediately, guaranteeing prompt and secure delivery!

FAQs about Shipping from Shenzhen to the USA

How long does shipping take from Shenzhen to New York?

It takes about 30 days to ship goods from Shenzhen to New York with USA sea freight shipping, and 4 – 5 days with air freight.

How long does a package take from Shenzhen to the USA?

It takes 2 to 3 days to ship a package from Shenzhen to the USA using express air freight couriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

Do I need to buy insurance for shipments from Shenzhen to the USA?

Cargo insurance is always a good idea when shipping pricey items like electronics, phones, and other high-value items. However, it is not compulsory. Contact DFH to get excellent insurance premiums.

How to cooperate with you? Do I need to open an account?

You don’t need to open an account to cooperate with us. Simply contact us, and we’ll reply within several mins!

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