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The international ocean freight shipping process is a complicated process, and it can be difficult to know where you should start. When deciding on your international Ocean logistics partner or choosing ocean freighting services from China Freight Forwarders, it may be a headache thing if you know nothing about Ocean Freight.
Don’t worry, you are on this page today.  we’re here to help you to make Ocean freight from China became an easy thing like calculating 1+1=2.
Here below will tell you All things about Ocean freight from China. After you read all the information, you will know how and why, and when to use Ocean freight. Now let’s begin.

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    What is Ocean freight.

    Ocean freight is transportation Method like Air freight but it is through the sea not Air.The ocean freight industry plays an important role in cross-border trade, especially when it comes to moving massive amounts of goods between countries.

    For Large amounts of goods, use carrier ships, goods are packed into containers and then loaded onto a vessel by container shipping.

    Ocean freight from China including FCL and LCL. Now let’s tell you what are they.

    Ocean Freight transit time

    What is FCL

    FCL means Full Container Load, It is an Ocean Shipping term in Which you purchase one or more full containers to send on a ship. The size for FULL container with 20ft and 40ft.

    Welcome to check 20ft and 40ft containers CBM They are many differences in Size and CBM.

    In an FCL cargo, the complete goods in the whole container are owned by one shipper. In case a full container load is owned by one shipper, the cargo in the container need not have fully loaded cargo in the container.

    What is LCL

    LCL means less container load.LCL shipping is where a shipper does not have enough product for an entire container; so he’ll book his cargo to allow him loading alongside other shipments. In this case each shipment will be separated upon final delivery when it reaches its destination finally.

    LCL Ship Freight Rates

    What documents needed for Ocean Freight?

    This part let me tell you the shipping documents you should prepare when transport your shipments by Ocean freight from China.The Most important shipping documents for Ocean freight shipment including:

    1. Commercial Invoice
    2. Packing list.
    3. Export/Import customs declaration.
    4. Certificate of Origin (Some products need, some no.)
    5. Transport Insurance(This depends on whether you want to buy insurance for your goods or not)
    6. Bill of Loading.(Provide by Your Freight Forwarder)
    7. Production Certificate Such as CE, ROHS, FDA, or FCC(Depends on destination Country requirements).
    8. Delivery order.

    What is the shipping time for Ocean Freight From China?

    Ocean freight from China to Destination includes 3 types of delivery methods, they are
    1. Ocean Door to Port,
    2. Ocean freight Port to port 
    3. Ocean door to door.
    Sea Freight shipping transit time is impacted by factors including China departure port, ship to the port or to door, and shipping in which season. For example, wintertime is busy for shipping, and Time may be Longer.  While in Summer, usually not so Busy for International Ocean Freight from China to Oversea.

    While it is still much longer than shipping by air from china, so in very rough estimates, sea shipping can range anywhere from 20-45 days or more. Need to get exactly the Ocean shipping time from China to your door or your local Port? Send us an inquiry right now to get feedback within 2hours.

    China Main Export Seaports Name.

    China has more than 30 Export seaports. Here let’s list the 10 Major export sea ports for your reference. Basically, if you import from China and arrange shipments from these 10 Major ports, it will make you spend the high cost for Ocean Freight. 
    The advantage for you to cooperate with us is that  We can help to handle shipments Both FCL and LCL send out from the above main seaports with very competitive rates.

    1. ShangHai
    2. Shenzhen
    3. Guangzhou
    4. Ningbo
    5. Qingdao
    6. Dalian
    7. HongKong
    8. Tianjin
    9. Xiamen
    10.  Fuzhou                                            

    Ocean freight charge weight calculate method

    Regarding the FCL charge weight, of course, it is charged by Full Container. When you ship a full container no matter if it is a 20ft General & High foot Container or 40ft General & High foot Container. All of them be quoted by a full container Price from your China freight forwarder.

    What we need to keen on charge weight calculate method is referred to as the Less container load shipping method.
    The chargeable volume of your cargo will depend on the total cubic meter or gross weight in tons. Which one is bigger than it is the final chargeable weight. 1CBM is equal to 1000KG for ocean freight. Let’s take an example for you to understand it better.

    3 pallets need to ship from China to the USA.
    The size of the 3 pallets are the same: Length 2m, Width 80cm, Height 1.6m Weight for each pallet is1200KG.

    Gross for 3 pallets = 1200kg *3=3600KG =3.6T
    Volume weight of 1 pallets= Length(m) *weight(m) * Height(m) = 2*0.8*1.6=2.56CBM
    Volume weight for 3 pallets = 2.56*3=7.68CBM
    While 7.68CBM>3.6T
    So the chargeable weight for this shipment is 7.68CBM.

    Send details of your shipments to us, let me help you to check the chargeable weight and shipping rates right now. 

    What are the advantages of Ocean Freight?

    Ocean Freight is one of the most popular shipping methods from China to the oversea. It has both advantages and disadvantages as well as air freight.

    Advantages that you can get from Ocean freight include:

    1. Cheaper price than air freight and express freight.
    2. Higher shipping capacity. Can ship very large bulky orders at the same time. Oversized, heavy cargo all accepted by Ocean freight.
    3. FCL & LCL both Acceptable Whether your shipments are full containers or fewer containers, the Shipping company can arrange your shipments very well.
    4. More Safer: Containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation for extra security.
    5. Environmental Friendliness. Compared with air freight and express freight.Sea freight is the most Environment shipping produces a super lower carbon footprint.

    When does it make sense
    to choose Ocean freight from China?

    From the advantages and disadvantages of ocean freight we know when we can choose Ocean freight.
    That is if you have enough time to waiting the shipments arrive your destination address,Then can choose Ocean freight, as we can get much lower price even though we lose the time.

    Overall, Ocean freight is a great option for international shipping if you know well all about Ocean freight. If you still don’t know ocean freight clearly. Inquiry us directly to get solution directly.

    FAQs about Ocean Freight from China.

    How to avoid China Freight forwarders cheat us?
    Normally, if the prices provided to you are too much lower than the standard market price, Then that means there to hide any extra costs, they will charge you after getting your shipments at their warehouse. As once you release shipments to them, you found the extra hide charge too much, if you want to cancel the order, then the cancel order services fees will be the first step to extra charge for you, after that will have many other fees need you to pay. So most important is Don’t choose a too low price.
    How can I check the status/location of my shipment?
    we will provide you with a Bill of Loading after we send out the shipments, then you can track online directly based on the BL we provided. Which can track whole the status of a shipment.
    How is Ocean freight Charged?
    Sea freight from China be charged by Volume that is Cubic Meter. While when goods gross weight 1 cubic meter more than 1000KG. There will be charged by 1CBM=1000KG.
    At what Volume is sea freight financially attractive?
    Since Traditional Ocean freight with many port fees before goods loading and after goods arrive destination port,So we recommend at least 2CBM each shipment then choose Ocean freight. Otherwise, The Air freight will be much cheaper than Ocean freight. But we now have special Ocean line from China to USA or to Europe countries, MOQ 21KG, there there will service. That is Our Ocean freight from China Door to door delivery.
    How to choose China Departure port?
    Two basic things to consider when choose the departure port, first it should close to your china suppliers factory or warehouse. Second the Price is competitive.
    When to choose LCL? When to choose FCL?
    If your cargo volume is less than 15CBM, then we recommend to choose LCL. More than 15CBM. Then FCL is better Option.
    Who is responsible for Customs Clearance?
    For Export customs clean, usually responsible by the Exporter ( seller ), For the entry Customs declaration should be responsible by the importer(Buyer). While if you don’t know how to do it and don’t want do it yourself. Then our DFH can arrange DDP shipping method for you, DDP is cover all, you need only pay a shipping cost and then waiting at home for receive goods when arrive.
    What happens if cargo not cleared by importers?
    If the importer does not do the customs clean and pick up the goods within required time,Then the local customs department have the right to sell the goods for recovery of cost for customs and other dues.
    How do Customs check containers?
    All containers on a shipment are checked by the X-RAY Exam. It is a X-Ray Machine. If the container passed the X-Ray Machine examine without doubt,Customs will release the container. Otherwise will be escalated to go through an additional exam.
    What is Bill of Loading?
    Air freight shipments with AWB, Ocean freight shipments with BL. Bill of loading is a transport document issued in Sea freight. The receiver can pick up the container or goods based on the goods on the BL. Without that, the Shipping company will not release goods to you.
    What is the difference between Door to door and door to port?
    For Ocean freight from China, we have door to door method that arranges shipments to begin from pick up at your china supplier factory and end to delivery to the factory/warehouse/home at the destination. Door to port is beginning from pick up at factory/warehouse/company end to the destination Port. Receivers need to pick up at the local port and do the customs cleaning themselves.
    Who is responsible for payment of Duties and Taxes?
    The Payment of duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver.
    Do i need Shipping Insurance for my Ocean freight shipments from China.
    The damage or lost of cargo during shipping is assessed by weight, not by Commercial Value.That is to say. You can not get full amount of loss or damage from a carrier.So we recommend you to buy Shipping insurance to Cover all risk.
    When should i Pay?
    Our company require clients to pay after we arrange out the shipments.And we will provide the BL after getting the payments.
    Who pays Ocean freight.
    If you do EXW or FOB terms with your China Suppliers, then Ocean freight will be paid by yourself. If you do CIF terms with your suppliers, then the Ocean freight will be paid by your suppliers.
    How do i pick up Sea freight shipments from China?
    You need only go to the warehouse (For LCL shipment) or the local Port (For FCL shipment) to pick it up will be OK. Your freight forwarder will send you the BL after the set sail, then you can pick up base on the BL at your local Port. If you cooperate with us, then we will inform you when need to pick up the goods.
    How Do i book a collection? Do i need to register first?
    No you no need to register, just send us an email to and tell your supplier our DFH will be the shipping agent for your company, then we will cooperate with your supplier s to handle things step by step.
    What if i don’t know the destination postcode?
    If you don’t know the destination postcode, please check with the reciever or contact us directly. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.
    How long does a container take to clear Customs?
    How long does customs declaration needed for Container shipment? For common customs clearance, within 1working day is Enough. While it will take a week or longer if goods need to be inspected by Customs.
    How Long does Ocean freight take from China to US?
    For fast Ocean freight, we can arrange door to door Ocean freight from China to US within 30days. For common and traditional Ocean freight, its time is around 30-40days. Depends on which port of US.Because USA is big country.
    Why Do i need to provide the weight and dimensions of my parcel?
    The exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure the speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit. We will not quote exactly, without the weight and dimensions we can’t calculate the final charge weight. then not good for us to recommend the best express freight methods for you.
    What is Container Examination?
    For all goods export from China, Usually there with container loading inspection. A Container Loading inspection typically takes place at the shipper’s warehouse. The inspection is carried out to make sure the goods are correctly handled and safely loaded into shipping containers ,that is to sure safe transportation and delivery to the final destination.

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