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Whether you need rail, sea, or air freight service with a quick turnaround time; our team will ensure that all of your needs are met and exceeded. We have a wide variety of options for your goods, if an individual shipment is too large to handle we can also provide door-to-door service as well.

One-stop Shipping Solutions from China to Japan

Air freight from China to Europe
Air Freight from China to Japan

DFH offers great shipping rates from any airport in China to Europe, especially those located at Shenzhen or Guanghzhou.

Ocean Freight From China to Germany
Ocean Freight China to Japan

DFH is a China Leading ocean freight forwarder who offers very competitive rates for FCL and LCL shipments from China to any sea port in Europe.

How long does it take Express Freight from China to Germany
Express Freight from China to Japan

FedEx, UPS and DHL are the three most popular shipping methods that offer fast Delivery to Europe countries with 3-5days for a small fee of course.

DDU & DDP Delivery
from China to Japan

The Chinese self-developed channel, fast deliveries and time saving with competitive price customs clearance Taxfree. DDP delivery goods by sea or air or Rail to combine with Express Freight.

Shipping from China to Japan Amazon FBA

DFH team provide safely and high efficiency Services for Shipping from China to any Amazon warehouse in Europe Countries by Express, Air, Ocean, and Rail Combined routes.

More Services When Shipping from China to Japan

Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution

We Offer 50days Free of Charge Warehousing for Clients

Pick UP service
Pick Up

Pickup at Any address Within China Mainland, Help to Save time and Cost

Packing & Repacking

Provide Free Pakcing and Repacking service,Which help you to make all steps smoothly and easily

Cargo Insurance
Cargo Insurance

Help To buy Cargo Insurance 30% Lower than you buy yourself.

Custom clearance

We have Stone Custom Clearance team oversea and Within China,To Help your shipments Custom.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

We can Help to provide Quality Inspect vedios and reports by Profesional quality inspection team

Label products and Outer Cartons
Label products and Outer Cartons

Labeling products or cartons for Shipments to Amazon or Dropshiping products

Cargo Insurance
Customized Solutions

No matter your Shipments is small or big, We always can customize shipping solution to meet the rquirement

Why Choose DFH to Help Arrange
shipments from China to Japan

Procedures of Shipping from China to Japan

Make Quotation and Confirm Shipping Method

Contact supplier to Arrange Pick up

Prepare Shipping Documents. Goods Inspection before Loading

Export Customs Clearance Help Buy Insurance if needed

International Shipping

Import Customs clean

Final Mile Transport From air or sea port

Delivered to your destination or Amazon Warehouse.

Complete Guide of Shipping from China to Japan 2022

Complete Guide of Shipping from China to Japan 2022 (1)

Are you one of those business owners wanting to start exporting to Japan? Well, exports to Japan are not always a simple task for eCommerce owners longing for raised sales in the far East. If you plan on shipping from China to Japan, we suggest you go through this guide to walk you through the steps and information.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in!

How to Start Shipping from China to Japan?

How to Start Shipping from China to Japan

Shipping from China to Japan is an excellent way to get shipping goods at a discounted price. Are you an Amazon seller or a drop shipper? Then goods from China can be your ticket to substantial ventures. But here’s a small problem: shipping goods from China to Japan is not particularly simple to learn, mainly because a host of unfamiliar and strange terms are utilized.

It is like trying to understand and learn a foreign language. That learning curve sometimes turns potential importers off, thinking that the entire shipping process is too complicated to learn.

Decide what to import

Decide what to import

Most people have found success in the international cargo shipping business by importing a product from China and selling it in Japan. However, they did not just luck into importing success. Thorough planning goes into businesses that make money.

Remember that businesses make money by selling products. If you wish to be a successful importer, you must first choose the best product to import and sell. Below are crucial tips for you to remember.

1.      Choose a product that allows you to ship in large quantities

Shipping bulky products are one way to go. That will help you save on shipping cost in the long run. You are operating at a high cost if you must ship your products one at a time from China.

The more you can get in a single cargo shipment, the more it cuts down on your costs and boosts your profits per sale.

2.      Choose a product you are passionate about

You’re more likely to be more successful if you are passionate about the goods you sell. You see, passion is infectious. You don’t need to become the globe’s most excellent salesman. If you are passionate about something, your passion will help you sell it.

Importing something you do not care about will probably be challenging for you to get others to care about it and purchase from you.

Find a supplier

The booming market of China provides you with excellent options when finding suppliers. When finding one, look for one with the cheapest products. A good importer would never get enticed into a “low-rate trap.”

Coming across a supplier quoting substantially low prices should not make you feel fortunate. Alternatively, you must ask “why” the prices are extremely low. Remember that while other prices may be lower than others, getting the “lowest” rates means compromising in terms of reputation, quantity, or quality.

Where can I find China suppliers?

Here’s where you can find reliable suppliers are:

·        Trade shows

·        Sourcing websites

·        Wholesale markets

·        Sourcing agency

·        Online search

Define your shipment’s Incoterms

Note that incoterms are international standard codes indicating where cargo shall be shipped from the supplier to the importer.

One common incoterm is Delivered At Place (DAP), which means your cargo should be shipped from the supplier in China at a specified overseas location, such as Tokyo International Airport.

Another typical code is Free on Board (FOB), which means transportation from the supplier to the really busy cargo port of export. you’re in charge of organizing transportation to its final destination.

A full list of incoterms can be found here.

Check trade laws in China and Japan

You must be completely aware of the existing restrictions and regulations when exporting from China and importing to Japan. Both nations have rules and guidelines that can change frequently, so it is essential to stay updated.

That’s also the time in the process to learn what documents you will need to be ready to ship items and pass smoothly through Japanese customs.

Select a shipping method

Before you ship your goods, you must pick the best shipping method. Remember that shipping methods depend on the merchandise you’re shipping.

For example, shipping methods differ based on the quantity and weight of your products.

Hire a freight forwarder

Container shipping items across the globe is a challenging process, which could get messy, especially if you do not understand what you’re doing. That’s why you must have an experienced freight forwarder.

A trustworthy freight forwarder will take care of the transportation of your inventory from the period it leaves the warehouse or facility until it arrives at its final destination.

If you’re only looking for the best freight forwarders in China, DFH Global Logistics can help.

One-Stop Cargo Shipping Methods from China to Japan

Now that you understand the shipping process from China to Japan, it’s time you understand the best shipping method for your requirement.

1.      Express Shipping from China to Japan

Express Shipping from China to Chicago

Express shipping from China to Japan is the fastest shipping method you can choose. With this shipping service, your goods can reach their destination within ten to twelve hours.

With express shipping, your freight forwarder can bring your packages through door shipping—from your supplier’s factory in China to Japan. How cool is that?

Express door to door Door delivery means the freight forwarder can pick up the inventory at your door (warehouse) and send it to the designated address, where that is in a warehouse in Japan or straight to your Japanese customers.

On top of that, Express freight door-to-door delivery and door shipping handle items of all weights and sizes. Light items are shipped through air freight services for speed, and heavy items are shipped through ocean freight shipments.

2.      Air Freight from China to Japan

Air Freight shipping from China to Bulgaria

Air freight is the safest and fastest mode of international transport, but the price is quite high. The most common air express couriers are FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of air freight from China to Japan?

One of the key benefits of air freight is its speed. Your goods can arrive at international cargo airports within one to two days. That’s essential for high-value goods, as they spend less time in transit.

While please note that direct flight is more expensive than sea or ocean freight. It is also suitable for smaller items, as China cargo airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines, and other airlines have volume and weight restrictions.

How do freight companies calculate the chargeable air cargo weight when sending shipments from China to Japan?

In case you didn’t know yet, the Chargeable Weight of Air Freight shipments is computed as the shipment’s Actual Weight or the Volumetric Weight, no matter which is greater.

That utilizes an estimated weight computed based on the package’s dimensions (height, width, and length) (shipments are shown in the order of L X W X H). normally, bigger items with a lighter weight take up more space on an aircraft than small, bulky items.

Thus, airlines charge based on Chargeable Weight. Click here to check how the Air freight chargeable weight is calculated.

Airports in China

Being a big country, China has numerous international shipping airports with flights to and from most nations around the globe. Some of the busiest and important international airports in China are the following:

·        Beijing Capital International Airport

·        Beijing Daxing International Airport

·        Shanghai Pudong International Airport

·        Hong Kong International Airport

·        Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

·        Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

·        Kunming Changshui International Airport

·        Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

Main airlines from China to Japan

You will find nine major airlines in China, which are state airways supervised by the CAAC. The airways in the country have grown fast and always offer tourists warm, safe, and high-quality service.

Here are the nine state airlines in China:

·        Xiamen Airlines

·        Sichuan Airlines

·        Shenzhen Airlines

·        Shanghai Airlines

·        Shandong Airlines

·        Hainan Airlines

·        China Southern Airlines

·        China Eastern Airlines

·        Air China Limited

Main airports in Japan

Main airports in Japan

Here are the common airports available in Japan:

·        Tokyo International Airport

·        Kagoshima Airport

·        Osaka International Airport

·        Naha Airport

·        Fukuoka Airport

·        Nagasaki Airport

·        Sendai International Airport

·        Kumamoto Airport

·        New Chitose Airport

·        Hiroshima Airport

·        Chubu Centrair International Airport

·        Kansai International Airport

·        Narita International Airport

Ocean Freight from China to Japan

Sea freight+ Express combined shipping costs from China to USA

Sea freight is a lot cheaper shipping method. Sea freight also doesn’t consider the weight and size of your shipping freight. The only drawback is that the transportation in sea freight is time longer.

Remember that freight is not a complex shipping method, not to mention it’s also the slowest shipping method available. But if your freight shipment or shipping container exceeds 2CBM, you must consider these shipping solutions.

Sea freight is often transported in containers: FCL shipping and LCL shipping.  


Shipping Container Shortage

Full container load or FCL shipping refers to the scenario where your cargo is big enough to fill one or more containers. In that situation, the freight is computed based on the whole container. Normally, FCL shipping is cheaper than LCL freight.


Less than container

Less than container load (LCL) refers to goods with numerous owners in a container. If your shipments are small in quantity and less than 15CMB in volume, your freight forwarder will help you to ship by LCL shipping.

That means you should share a container load with other importers, as your cargo load is less than one container. LCL cargo also utilizes cubic meters as the unit of computing freight.

Seaports from China to Japan

Seaports from China to Japan

The number of ports situated in China is many. The available and most popular seaports in China to Japan are the following:

·        Guangzhou Seaport

·        Qingdao Seaport

·        Ningbo Seaport

·        Shenzhen Seaport

·        Shanghai Seaport

·       Hongkong Seaport

Meanwhile, Japan is also a popular nation famous for its busiest cargo port. Here are some of the ports you can use for shipping your goods.

·        Port of Akita

·        Port of Yokohama

·        Port of Osaka

·        Port of Nagoya

·        Port of Tokyo

How Does Door-to-Door Shipping from China to Japan Work?

How Does Door-to-Door Shipping from China to Japan Work

Door-to-door shipping from China to Japan means shipping the goods from the Chinese suppliers to your Japan warehouse. The delivery of goods can be through sea or air freight.

Under door delivery shipping, your reliable freight forwarder handles the shipping of the products from the factory of the seller to your home’s warehouse in Japan. The company handling this business is shipping the goods to your place.

The most convenient way of sending goods is by getting them to your doorstep, right? It becomes more important if you’re shipping big goods and appliances. Door shipping from China to Japan helps avoid the problems you’d experience while transporting from port to your place.

How Long Will It Take to Ship from China to Japan?

How Long Will It Take to Ship from China to Japan

Keep in mind that the time taken to ship from China to Japan will vary on different factors, such as the international shipping method used. Air freight is the fastest shipping method, while sea freight is the slowest.

Distance is also a significant factor. China isn’t far from Japan, but the distance between numerous cities might differ, impacting the shipping time.

There are also documentation errors. Ensuring you have correctly filled out your trade documents guarantees faster delivery and processing. Moreover, natural events like poor weather conditions might lead to delays, extending the time taken to ship the goods.

Air freight transit time from China to Japan

Freight forwarder Charges China to Austria.

Japan and China are also linked by air cargo. Currently, there are six international airports in Japan. Thus, most flights from China should land at those locations.

Whether you pick air freight as your suggested shipping method depends on your budget. Normally, there are direct flights from China to Japan regularly, which is quite costly. However, it takes at least 4 to 7 days to deliver your shipments to Japan, including exports and import customs clearance time.

Ocean freight transit time from China to Japan

Ocean freight transit time from China to Japan

Japan has numerous seaports, as we mentioned above. Since all those ports offer transportation services to Japan, the destination of sea freight will be one of the mentioned sea freight ports.

The average transit period for sea freight from China to Japan will be 8 to 12 days, reliant on the port of departure and its final destination.

Express freight transit time from China to Japan

Express freight transit time from China to Japan

Express freight services need the flight shipped from China to Japan in six hours. If you pick express delivery, your goods will be delivered within 3 days.

How Much Does Shipping from China to Japan Cost?

Here are the costs you must remember when sending goods from China to Japan.

Air freight shipping costs from China to Japan

Express shipping from China to Denmark

If you’re a beginner at shipping from China to Japan, you can ask your supplier or freight forwarder for help when shipping. Air freight cost is calculated based on chargeable recalculation.

For instance, if the dimensions of every side of an export carton shipped by air freight are 90 centimeters, you multiply 90 X 90 X 90 and divide the sum by 6,000. That will bring your total weight to 121.5 kilograms. Airlines will pick a higher weight or volume weight.

For example, It will cost you at least $4 to $7 to ship one kilogram of goods from Shenzhen to Tokyo. Exactly unit price for air freight from China to Japan depends on your goods’ name, pick-up address in China, and final destination address in Japan.


Sea Freight Shipping costs from China to Japan

Sea Freight Shipping costs from China to Japan

Sea freight is considered the best and cheapest shipping mode of transportation from China to Japan. The sea freight cost algorithm will differ according to LCL and FCL. The shipping price also changes in real-time, defined by the shipping services. Particularly during the pandemic, the fluctuation of freight rates is more apparent.  

The cost for shipping goods from China to Japan by sea freight will depend on the size and weight of the shipment, as well as the port of departure and arrival. For a general estimate, a 20ft container from Shenzhen To Tokyo is $700-$1000, depending on the product name. and around 65USD/CBM by LCL ocean freight from China to Japan.

Cost of express shipping from China to Japan

You’ll find numerous express shipping services and companies from China to Japan, like EMS, SF Express, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. All those courier companies provide door delivery. Remember that express shipping is not cheap.

On top of your shipment costs, you’ll be obliged to pay for the fuel services and insurance.

A general estimated cost for Express shipping from China to Japan is $5-$7 Per KG, depending on the goods’ name and pick-up address in China and final delivery address in Japan. For exactly the Express shipping unit price from China to Japan, please Contact us and inquire. then you will get feedback within mins after sending out email.

Insurance Costs

Marine cargo and other freight insurance forms aren’t that expensive. They often begin from $20 for each shipment, and the exact cargo insurance costs are based on the Commercial value of your shipments. Don’t hesitate to send an inquiry and let us check the Insurance cost for you.

How much tax will you pay to import from China to Japan?

When shipping from China to Japan, you must pay a tax or duty ranging from 8% to 15%. Click here to check the details of import taxes & duty in Japan.

Freight forwarder charges

The price it will cost you to pay the freight forwarder varies substantially. There are common charges on the commercial invoice of your freight forwarder, including:

–        air freight, ocean freight, or express shipping pricing

–        pickup charge

–        freight forwarder handling fee (ranges from $5 to $75 for each shipment)

–        fees for export licenses

–        certificates of origin

–        hazardous material

–        legalization

Shipping to Japan Amazon FBA Warehouse from China

Shipping Options from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse

You can ship the products you sell on Amazon in Japan from your local inventory in China with the help of international shipping companies and freight forwarders.

Just be extra cautious about handling shipping on your own. In a county with high delivery times and service standards, you’ll be accountable for the whole customer experience, from shipping to returns.

If you can’t guarantee prompt shipping service and customer support in Japanese, it is better to leverage Amazon’s FBA service so you do not undermine your reputation.

Click here to learn more about how to ship from China to AMAZON FBA and everything you need to know.

What Goods Can Be Imported from China to Japan?

What Goods Can Be Imported from China to Japan?

You can import pretty anything from China to Japan. Japan’s top ten imports include:

·        mineral fuels and oils

·        electrical machinery and equipment

·        computers

·        pharmaceuticals

·        ores, ash, slag

·        gems and precious metals

·        medical, technical, and optimal apparatus

·        vehicles

·        plastic particles

·        organic chemicals  

What Products Can’t Be Imported from China to Japan?

What Products Can’t Be Imported from China to Japan (1)

There are specific products that are not allowed by Japan’s customs clearance. Remember that Japan prohibits the entry of:

  • narcotics and related utensils

  • firearms

  • ammunition

  • firearm parts

  • gunpowder and explosives

  • precursor materials for chemical weapons

  • germs, which are likely to be utilized for bioterrorism

  • imitation coins or currency and counterfeit products

  • obscene materials or goods which violate intellectual property rights

On top of that, other restricted items include but aren’t limited to particular:

  • meat and agricultural products

  • endangered species

  • products like fur, animal parts, and ivory, which trade is banned by an international treaty

It’s also worth mentioning that the country imposes restrictions on the use or sale of particular products, including those related to:

  • health, like agricultural products

  • pharmaceuticals

  • medical products

  • chemicals

For such products, the Japanese customs clearance team reviews and checks the product for import customs clearance suitability before shipment to Japan. Also, licenses from relevant regulatory bodies may be needed to import and sell such goods.

The use of particular additives and chemicals in cosmetics and foods is severely regulated and follows a positive list approach.

Private importation is allowed without the said license requirement, given that such goods are to be imported for personal consumption or use and that the import volume is within the allowed scope:

–        No more than 24 units of similar cosmetic products

–        No more than 2 month’s supply of medicines, which are quasi-drugs or non-prescription drugs

–        No more than a month’s supply of medicines, which are prescription, dangerous drugs, or toxicants.

Remember that body (hand) soaps, hair dye, toothpaste, shampoos, and other toiletries may fall under cosmetics or quasi-drugs, depending on the ingredients. Vet drugs are also subject to import restrictions of the PMD Act.

The Best Way to Reduce Shipping Costs from China to Japan?

There are different ways to cut costs. sometimes the shipping costs can be higher than the actual price of your products. At the end of the day, managing your costs can make or break your whole business.

Here are a few important and practical tips for you to consider to reduce shipping costs from China to Japan.

1.      Plan ahead

All businesses must have a comprehensive plan. Those include the strategies on how you’ll run your business and the budget they need to implement those. Similarly, you must have a shipping plan.

This includes the total order quantity, expected lead time, shipment frequencies, projected expense, and other documents required for the whole shipment.

Also, a plan can be a tool to negotiate with freight forwarders or a lower shipping fee from China to Japan. Make it a habit to place orders beforehand rather than at the last minute. Rush deliveries and orders from China to Japan can further expense and impact your business’s overall budget.

2.      Select a reliable and trustworthy shipping provider

Importing products from China to Japan can be complicated in itself. That’s why you should only use the best freight forwarders for your importation needs—more so if you’re a beginner to this trade.

There are many freight forwarders in China—you simply need to choose the one that provides the best services and has been in the industry for years.

A few freight forwarders also provide their customers with shipping discounts and limited promos. Availing those can help you save on shipping costs. You can also search for them online, attend trade events, or ask for a referral from importer friends or business owners.

3.      Optimize your packages

The shipping cost depends on your total product volume and weight. You’d need to pay for added space on your total freight, which could waste your money. That’s why it’s essential to optimize your packaging so you maximize the shipping cost.

4.      Have a freight insurance

No one will know what might occur while the goods are in transit. Worst-case scenarios may occur—a sea freight accident or air crash. Business owners like must be in advanced-thinking mode at all times.

Getting freight insurance is optional, but it could be one of the most valuable investments you can make. You can inform your freight service provider if you wish to avail of them and get the best price.

You don’t need to worry, as insurance doesn’t come with a high cost.

5.      Follow all the documentation, shipment, and regulations when shipping from China to Japan

Not doing this may cost you a lot of money, and perhaps a big one. Worst case, you may not be permitted to have the goods shipped from China to Japan due to improper documentation and not following shipment regulations.

Finally, you’ll end up wasting money in the entire process, and that is the last thing you do not like to happen to your business.

Why DFH Is the Best Freight Forwarder for Shipping from China to Japan

Best Shipping agent from China to Bangkok.

As one of the most reliable shipping companies in China, DFH helps domestic exporters like you ship goods from China to Japan and other parts of the world. We understand that shipping can be complex and stressful, as too many uncertainties are involved.

You don’t need to worry, as DFH is dedicated to helping business owners like you. As a global freight forwarder, we will act as your bridge, connecting you to your potential buyers. whether you need express freight, air freight, sea freight, door-to-door shipping, or even ship your goods to Amazon FBA.

We distinguish ourselves from our rivals thanks to our:

  • Low-cost insurance premiums

  • Free of charge, packing and repacking

  • Free of charge warehousing

  • Renowned logistics expertise

  • A strong network of forwarders and customs brokers in Germany 

  • Low shipping costs as a result of our good relationship with carriers

  • Free quality inspection services.

  • Knowledge of the suitable routes for shipping your products to the destination port.

To get a quote on DFH, simply reach out to us here. We’ll start working on your products immediately, and you’ll have a timely delivery!

What are the common reasons for the slow shipping time from China to Japan?

Shipping delays occur regularly. These concerns make unsatisfied customers eager to learn why they happen and how soon they’ll receive the compensation or package. Common causes for the slow shipping from China to Japan include:

·        lack of visibility

·        inadequate technology

·        motor vehicle troubles

·        lost packages

·        weather conditions

·        traffic

·        high volume shipments

·        failed delivery shipment

·        Japanese customs clearance problems

·        lack of clarity

Which factors affect the shipping cost from China to Japan?

The shipping cost of shipping from China to Japan depends on different parameters such as:

·        cargo type

·        volume and weight

·        packaging and palletizing

·        container costs

·        carrier costs

·        documentation fees

·        administration charge

·        other fees like currency adjustment charges, fumigation fees, etc.

How to track your cargo from China to Japan?

Technological advancements can track an air or sea freight shipment from China to Japan using a computer or smartphone.

When shipping your goods, delays may happen, and thus tracking will help understand the cargo’s whereabouts.

To track your shipment, here are the following details you might need:

·        PO number

·        the tracking website from your supplier or freight forwarder.

·        shipment reference number AWB number or Express Trucking number, provided by your Freight Forwarder after sending out goods.

·        container Number. (this can be provided by your supplier or freight forwarder after sending out goods)

·        name of the shipping line

A shipping company uses different methods to track your shipment from China to Japan. Other shipping companies use the bill of lading number and progressive number.

FAQs About Shipping from China to Japan

Like to learn more about shipping from China to Japan? Here are more questions answered for you:

Q: Does FedEx offer door-to-door shipping from China to Japan?

The answer is yes. FedEx provides door-to-door international shipping freight from China to Japan. The company promises a delivery tie of less than three business days for express shipping from China to Japan.

Q: What are the customs clearance duty charges for different items in Japan?

A simpler average applied MFN (Most Favored Nation) tariff on Japan, based on the WTO data, is as follows:

·        all products – 4.3 percent

·        non-agriculture – 2.5 percent

·        agriculture products – 15.5 percent

Q: When to use air freight from China to Japan?

Air freight is often best utilized when the shipment cost of sending the freight is less than 20% of the shipment’s cost. That makes it the best choice for commercial shipments of smaller, higher-value items or time-sensitive goods like seasonal products or electronics.

Q: What are import duties and taxes in Japan?

The consumption tax is imposed at ten percent (standard tax rate) or eight percent (reduced tax rate) on all goods imported or manufactured in Japan.

Q: What is the cheapest shipping method from China to Japan?

When there is no urgent freight for goods, sea freight is considered the cheapest, but remember that it’s also the slowest in the shipping industry.

Not only is it convenient and the cheapest shipping option, but it’s also the perfect method for shipping bulky cargo. Sea freight entails the shipping of goods in a cargo ship. Thus, once your goods are sourced and have the best packaging and labeled, they must be loaded into a cargo ship and transported to your designated port.

Once they pass through customs clearance in Japan, you can unload them or be transported them to the warehouse depending on the shipping agreement from your freight forwarders.

If your cargo is urgently required from China to Japan, sea freight is not the ideal shipping method you must consider.

Q: How long will it take for a cargo ship to send goods from China to Japan?

Shipping from China to Japan through air freight would take 6 hours if only shipped to the airport. Using express freight will take three days, while regular air freight will take less than 4 days to door and 8-12 days by Ocean freight.

Besides, the shipping time for cargo from China to Japan depends on the pickup address in China, the export seaport or airport in China, and the final destination address in Japan.

Q: How much does DHL Express shipping cost from China to Japan?

When it comes to prices, DHL offers lower prices for both international and domestic shipping. Prices range from $4 to $8 per Kg based on goods name and charge weight. The higher the charge weight, the lower the unit Shipping price.

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