DHL Express Shipping from China: Everything You Need to Know About DHL from China

DHL is considered one of the first international express companies from China. That only means the company has comprehensive experience and a good understanding of this market. DHL makes the best destination if you wish to conduct international shipping from China to other parts of the world.

This article will dig deeper into how to use DHL for your express shipping needs and the cost involved in shipping with this logistics business, and everything in between.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in!

What is DHL Express Shipping?

What is DHL Express Shipping?

DHL shipping is the premium shipping option that you can utilize for domestic and international shipments. With a system of 220 countries, DHL is considered the global market leader in express delivery.

Remember that an express delivery guarantees your package will arrive in the exact time frame. That results in satisfied customers without any delays.

Why Choose DHL Express Shipping from China?

Why Choose DHL Express Shipping from China?

DHL is constantly upgrading its shipping strategies and methods to cater to and satisfy the needs of its customers. This logistics business is also expanding in different parts of the world. That’s because even far-off places must have their own dependable air freight forwarder.

Advantages of DHL express shipping method from China

One of the fantastic things about availing the delivery services of DHL shipping to send your shipment is they guarantee the parcel will be delivered before 9 AM the next business day. That reliable delivery option is accessible for domestic shipments and provides added benefits such as:

·        added measures for priority shipments

·        real-time monitoring of the parcel

·        time-specific deliver

·        useful for a delivery that should be delivered super-fast, like perishable products

·        pickup at the end of the afternoon combined with early delivery

Disadvantages of DHL shipping from China

Like most things, there are also drawbacks to using DHL logistics, such as:

·        there are more surcharges

·        higher shipment costs

·        inadequate US presence

DHL Shipments’ Chargeable Weight Calculates Formula

DHL Shipments’ Chargeable Weight Calculates Formula

Dimensional weight is based on the volume (the amount of space a particular freight occupies in transit). To identify if dimensional weight affects your parcel, follow the steps below:

1.      Calculate the dimensional weight by multiplying the length by the width by the height of every shipment or parcel (cubic size).

2.      Divide the cubic size by 6000 (centimeters) or 166 (inches). That is the dimensional weight of the parcel or delivery shipment.

3.      Compare that number with the actual weight of the parcel.

Charges on the invoice will be based on the greater of the two: total actual weight versus the total dimensional weight. Generally speaking, domestic shipments under one cubic foot or one pound aren’t subject to chargeable weight rules and are also invoiced on the actual weight.

How Long Does DHL International Shipping Take from China?

How Long Does DHL International Shipping Take from China?

The delivery time depends on the delivery of the selected courier services and delivery destination. The DHL tracking page can offer you the best information about the status of your shipment.

For instance, it takes three to five days for the international shipment to arrive in the USA and Europe. Meanwhile, reaching South American and African countries takes five to seven days.

Can DHL Ship from China to the USA?

Can DHL Ship from China to the USA

Yes. DHL does provide shipping services from China to the United States and other parts of the world. That’s one of the most critical shipping destinations for DHL. Did you know that the shipping company handles millions of logistics shipments annually from China to the United States?

Can DHL Ship from China to Europe?

Can DHL Ship from China to Europe?

DHL is one of the fastest international air couriers shipping from China to its destination country in the UK. Note that shipping services from China to the UK can arrive as fast as three to four transit days. That comprises delivery to your destination’s address in the UK.

DHL Shipping Cost from China

How much does DHL shipping cost? Is it cheaper than other international couriers? What are the prices? Is it worth every dollar?

Take note that DHL is a premium shipping option. The DHL shipping cost depends on the country you’re shipping to and the shipment’s weight in transit. Also, the shipment price is based on the amount of space the parcel takes up on the plane.

How Do I Track My DHL Shipment Status?

How Do I Track My DHL Shipment Status?

DHL offers a selection of ways to track the status of your domestic and international shipments. The most efficient and fastest way is to go to their official website and enter the tracking number. You can enter about ten tracking numbers at a time to receive a status detail update and your shipment’s destination.

That will enable you to know the tentative delivery time of your package or when the package will arrive in your country, city, or any destination country.

How to Get DHL Shipping Cost?

Would you like to know the prices of your shipment? Here are two ways to do that.

1.      Send inquiries to DHL’s official website

One of the many factors you can do to check the prices of your shipment is to visit their official website.

2.      Ask for a quote from the DFH team

To check the DHL shipping prices, you can DFH team (the China shipping agent of DHL)to inquire about the details of the prices.

What Goods Can Be Shipped By DHL?

What Goods Can Be Shipped By DHL?

You can ship any products and goods by DHL except for the prohibited goods mentioned in the next section.

What Goods Can Not Be Shipped By DHL?

What Goods Can Not Be Shipped By DHL?

You must also be aware of the products that are banned from being delivered in China. Understanding this beforehand will be helpful to you when it comes to consistent delivery.

Here are the following products that are not allowed to be shipped through DHL shipping from China:

·        endangered and precious plants and animals

·        precious cultural relics and other styles that are banned from leaving the country

·        computer storage media, laser discs, video tapes, audio tapes, films, records, photographs, films, prints, manuscripts, and other items that involve state secrets

·        medicines, foods, and other items that are toxic to animal and human health, from infected areas, and other viruses that could transit diseases

·        plants and animals and their products with dangerous germs, pests, and harmful organisms

·        marijuana, heroin, morphine, opium, and other psychotropic and narcotic substances that are addictive

·        various potent poisons

·        forged currency and counterfeit securities

·        various weapons, explosives, ammunitions, and simulated weapons

Does DHL Help to Do the Customs Clean?

Does DHL Help to Do the Customs Clean?

Fortunately, the DHL service has comprehensive worldwide customs experience and knowledge. The DHL team understands that an efficient customs clearance process helps the shipments arrive as fast as possible.

They offer standardized services that efficiently support the entire customs clearance process.

Do I Need to Buy Insurance If I Ship By DHL?

Insurance on any customer shipment is an optional, chargeable service available for all customers. The service covers the full invoice value of the shipment in the rare and unfortunate event that a mishap may happen to the shipment while it is in the care of the DHL team.

The company also wishes to curb the ambiguity of international shipment.

6 Tips to Save Costs When Choosing DHL Shipping from China

6 Tips to Save Costs When Choosing DHL Shipping from China

DHL International shipment can be complicated if you send one fabric sample to Japan or a hundred automotive parts to the USA or Europe. These tips offer a quick overview of what you must know when using DHL service.

1.      Ship Via Freight Forwarder instead of Requesting a DHL account

The DHL shipping agent, also called a freight forwarder, always with DHL account. Since they ship every day with large qty with a DHL company, so they can get good discounts from DHL, much cheaper than you open a DHL account yourself.

2.      Categorize your commodity

Commodity descriptions may look the same, but they can have different duty and shipping rates. So when shipping, it is better to arrange for different products. For example, for products including batteries, shipping batteries, shipping internationally famous brand goods, or shipping liquid products, the shipping price is always higher than shipping common goods. So categorizing commodities and shipping separately will be a good way to save DHL shipping costs.

3.      Optimize your packages.

Above, we discussed the chargeable weight of DHL shipping based on the gross or volumetric weight. So when shipping Volumetric weight greater shipments, optimizing the package’s space is an excellent way to save shipping costs.

4.      Get a rate quote and transit time from the freight forwarders.

Compare DHL shipment costs from different freight forwarders but not only ask for quotes from one. That will help you better understand the market and real DHL delivery rates.

5.      Buy Insurance for high-value shipments

Buying insurance for high commercial-value shipments is a smart way to save shipping costs whey you choose DHL to arrange shipments from China worldwide.

6.      Complete all the documents

Your DHL waybill has all the details DHL requires to know your shipment moving.

Why Choose DFH To Help Arrange the DHL Shipments from China?

Why Choose DFH To Help Arrange the DHL Shipments from China?

DHF is your trusted partner when arranging DHL shipments from China. To save delivery time and money, it is necessary to choose freight forwarders with the required expertise and knowledge in shipping goods from China more efficiently.

We have office locations in Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, and Zhejiang. We provide free pickup within three hours of pickup authorization if your supplier’s factory is located anywhere in mainland China, regardless of the city.


There you have it! Using DHL service doesn’t need to be challenging only if you know the steps you need to take. We genuinely hope this guide has been beneficial to you.

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