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Are you one of those people wondering what freight forwarding means? Look no further because this post has got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about freight forwarders and the freight forwarding services they offer.

What Are Freight Forwarders Meaning?

What Are Freight Forwarders Meaning?

A freight forwarder or freight forwarding company is a firm that prepares cargo on behalf of the shippers. Frequently, freight forwarders offer a selection of supply chain services such as:

·        cargo insurance and customs compliance

·        consolidation and deconsolidation

·        warehousing and storage services

·        preparation of documentation

·        inland transportation from the origin and to the international destination

·        ocean or air freight transportation

What Can Freight Forwarders Do for You?

What Can Freight Forwarders Do for You?

The following information is the breakdown of a day in a life of a freight forwarding company:

·        Booking space

A logistics service such as international freight forwarders is responsible for booking the cargo space. A freight forwarder company has numerous customers who need to transport shipments that don’t need the use of an entire container load.

Freight consolidation for less than container load shipping is a service a freight forwarding company offers.

·        Pickup from suppliers

Apart from booking the cargo space, international freight forwarders are also responsible for picking up the cargo space from the supplier.

·        Provide Cargo insurance

A freight shipping company can also offer you a good cargo insurance claim. This is designed to reimburse the loss payment in the event that the shipping goods are stolen or damaged in transit.

·        Negotiate price

Logistics services such as freight forwarders utilize their existing relationships to negotiate competitive rates for international movement. These moves happen along the most efficient routes through bidding or contract process.

The goal is to find common carriers that offer the best balance of speed, cost, and reliability. Also, a freight forwarder handles the needed international logistics services for international transportation.

·        Customs clearance (export and import)

Before an international shipment can enter or leave another country, a freight broker should approve its departure or arrival. a Customs agent may check the product and the associated paperwork to ensure they correlate.

They also confirm the legality and safety of the freight before permitting it to leave or enter the country. Most freight forwards hire customs brokers to deal with customs clearance of the freight forwarding process.

·        Track shipping status

Did you know that a freight forwarder also tracks the international movement of goods? They use Transportation Management System to keep transparent visibility throughout every stage of the shipment’s journey. You can track the status from the original supplier factory to the final destination address by the tracking number from your forwarding freight system.

·        Freight Consolidation

Freight forwarding companies also perform freight consolidation. LCL shipping is one of those, where multiple smaller consignments are booked aboard the same container. In these scenarios, the shipping rate is spread amongst customers based on the space requirements of the cargo.

On the other hand, freight forwarders also provide consolidation services for air freight shipments. They should have warehouses to collect packages from suppliers and then ship them together.

·        Repacking & relabeling cartons

A freight shipping company also helps in packaging and preparing goods for export. Different goods need different types of packaging.

Particular pressure, heat, and temperature conditions must be handled with the utmost care, keeping the costs down. International shipping is long-distance work. Without good quality packages, the shipments may be damaged along the way. Freight forwarders will help to check the package if not acceptable, They will help you Change cartons and repack them.

What To Consider When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

What To Consider When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Are you planning to hire shipping companies but don’t know how? Here are some factors you must keep in mind when availing of freight forwarding services from freight forwarders.

Legit business license

Freight forwarders must have different licenses and permits to handle your shipment and special licenses for performing dangerous and sensitive products. Make sure your freight forwarders manage to have all the needed licenses and that they’re posted somewhere publicly.

Rich experiences

The freight forwarding services you choose should have rich experiences. Ensure you look into the services they offer and whether they are worldwide or not.  They should know the shipping requirements for different products, and they can provide at least 3-5 shipping routes for your choice to meet your requirements.

Shipping routes can provide for you

Freight forwarders use established connections with carriers, from trucking companies and air freighters to ocean liners and rail freighters, to negotiate the best price to move the goods along the most economical shipping route.

They work out different bids and select the one that balances reliability, cost, and speed.

Expertise area

You should also confirm the area of knowledge of the freight forwarder you choose. Many freight forwarders are experts at transporting oil, a specialist in dealing with hazardous goods, or proficient at perishable shipping items.

Reputation from markets and their standard customs

Market reputation, good references, and customer support are the finer factors that make an international shipping company preferable over its competitors. You can ask for feedback from previous customers.

Shipping rates

A price-based comparison of a freight company will help you understand the best and most economical option. Logistics form a substantial part of the cost of export. Thus, finding a freight forwarding service in the right place is essential.

Warehousing ability and free warehousing time

Most freight forwarders have their warehouses accessible to harbor shipper’s commodities. The service your freight forwarder will provide is to handle storage at a warehouse owned and operated at a convenient location.

Benefits of Cooperating with Freight Forwarding Companies

Benefits of Cooperating with Freight Forwarding Companies

One of the best things about hiring a freight forwarder company is that they streamline the shipping process of both small and bulk orders, especially those that need to be shipped to an international destination.

They also offer warehousing and storage solutions for the shipper, collect all the needed customs documentation and insurance, and communicate with their clients on the progress of every shipment.

You see, freight forwarders make it simpler for businesses to handle their freight by offering the business a single invoice for all the services combined.

Check here if you want to know more about bulk shipping.

Best International Freight Forwarder from China

Best International Freight Forwarder from China

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Remember that hiring a freight forwarder for your international shipping means choosing a logistics company you can trust and be a partner in your success.

Choosing the best freight forwarder can help optimize your supply chain, delivery, timeliness, and cost-efficiency. We wish you the best of luck!

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