Make it Easy for shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Does Shipping from China to Amazon FBA give you a headache?

When you ship your products from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse, There are different shipping processes. the first step is getting them packaged up and ready for transportation. This can get a little confusing if there are multiple items in one shipment or not enough boxes provided by your china suppliers – but don’t worry! We’ve got all sorts of solutions that will make this process go smoothly as possible and save time as well.

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    Why Choose us help to Arrange your
    Amazon FBA shipments from China.

    Ship from China to Amazon FBA is not a difficult but not a simple job. If you know the requirements of shipments to Amazon, then can make every step smoothly, While if not, it Doesn’t matter, Because you have a professional China freight forwarder like DFH, who can help you do every step well, Let’s check what we can do for your shipments from China to Amazon FBA. 

    Free Charge Warehousing

    We will provide 20-30 days free of charge warehousing for you.

    Both sides Customs Clean

    We can buy documents for you and do the export &import customs declaration.

    Door-to-door (DDP) Air freight from China to Germany

    Pick Up within Whole China Mainland

    We can help you to pick up at any city within China Mainland.

    Cargo Insurance

    Buy Insurance in Free Of charge

    We can buy insurance for you in much lower cost than you buy it yourself.

    Free Charge Repacking

    Repacking for needed cartons for you without extra cost.

    Free Charge Relabel

    Stick New labels in free charge for needed cartons

    Free Charge Collect shipments

    We can help you to collect from different suppliers and send out together


    Ship directly to your clients destination, No worry you are in China or not.

    Shipping methods from china to FBA warehouse.

    Ship from China to FBA warehouse means it should be Door to Door shipping methods. 
    The Main Shipping method from China to FBA warehouse including:
    Air freight + Express freight
    Ocean freight + Express freight 
    Rail freight + Express freight.
    DDP ship methods are good choice for you to hand the shipments from China to your FBA destination warehouse. 
    DDP which means door to door delivery and we help you to prepay the taxes and do the entry Customs clean after goods arrive in the Destination Country.
    Contact us now andd send the packing list let us quote the best rates for you for all of your shipments From China to Amazon FBA.

    Ship time from China to Amazon FBA warehouse

    Shipping time from China to FBA same as the Door to Door shipping time from China to overseas. It depends on the destination country FBA warehouse location and also the Transit tools you Choose. Roughly Shipping time ffrom china to FBA center can provide for reference  as below:

    1.  Air freight combined with UPS express freight is around 5-9 days;
    2. Air freight combined with FEDEX express freight is around 5-9 days;
    3.  Fast Ocean Freight Combined with express freight is around 15-20 days;
    4. Common Ocean freight combined with express freight is around 25-35days;
    5.  Slow Ocean freight combined with Express freight is around 35-45days;
    6.  Rail freight combined with express freight from China to Europe Countries is around 30-45days;

    Attention:  That is roughly shipping time for reference, if need an exactly arrive time, then need to Inquiry with details of shipment. Because we ship from China to Global. It is a much different shipping time from China to different countries and the requirements for different products also may influence the final shipping time. 

    What Does CBM Mean in Shipping

    One of the most difficult challenges of shipping from China to Amazon FBA is ensuring your supplier provides Amazon Compliant Packaging and labels.

    Amazon Packaging Requirements are really strict and hard to pin down with your Chinese supplier.

    So here we come! Our DFH team guarantees packaging that is 100% compliant with Amazon FBA standards and provides the correct labeling for all your boxes

    What is the charge weight
    calculate method for
    FBA shipments?

    The chargeable weight for Shipments from China to FBA Center is same as Air freight from China, Which is decided by Gross weight and Volumetric weight. Gross weight is the measured weight for each carton Then what is Volume Weight?  The volume weight is calculated by the carton sizes.

    For example, there are 50 cartons , each carton with 13KG, each carton size is 45cm* 45cm*40cm.                     
    Gross weight=50cartons*13kg/carton=650KG
    One Carton volume weight=45*45*40/6000=13.5kg
    So total volume weight is 50cartons *13.5kg/carton =675KG

    Now we know the final chargeable weight for this shipment is 675KG.

    While there also some special packing sizes and gross weight cartons, for example, Some cartons gross weight bigger than their volume weight, some are volume weight bigger than their gross weight, Not matter what kinds of size and gross weight, We can help you to calculate exactly the final charge weight. Contact us to help to arrange your shipments and you need only keen on how to grow your business.

    We can arrange shipments from China to Which Countries' Amazon Center?

    Basically Speaking, we can ship from China to all the global Amazon FBA centers. As we have shipping methods by Air freight, ocean freight to global countries and Rail freight to Europe Countries.
    While, these years Most of our Amazon Shipments clients are from the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and Italy.
    We will be happy to make best Shipping offer for your shipments from China to Amazon Center, No Matter they are to Which Country.

    What documents need to provide for shipments from China to FBA warehouse?

    In order to make the shipments go very smoothly and without any delay, Documents needed for shipping from China to FBA include:
    1. Commercial Invoice
    2. Packing list.
    3. Certificate of Origin (Australia needs this File.)
    4. Transport Insurance(This depends on whether you want to buy insurance for your goods or not).
    Attention: We will have shipping documents EXCEL form model for your to fulfill. If you don’t know how to make it, We can help to fulfill the documents as well. You need only be keen on growing the sales of your products and all things about shipping let us handle them for you.

    FAQs about ship from China to FBA.

    Will my goods be unreasonably charged after they arrive your wareouse?
    No,we keen on long-term steady cooperation,will be honest for unit price and will not have some hidden fees after we pick up your goods.All cost will quoted clearly before we agree to cooperate with each other.
    Will my goods be changed a cheaper transportation channel after payment done?
    No,we will arrange shipping method base on what we quoted.We keen on only long-term cooperation with you. So it is no need to cheat ourselves.
    Can you help to repack my cartons and change label?
    Yes, this is one of our basic service.we will be pleasure to help to do that.
    How much you charge for change label and repack goods?
    As usual, it is free of charge. But if the work need many of our staff and long time to handle. Then we can talk about details before we go ahead.
    What’s your quotation cover?
    Our DDP shipping methods quotation including your import taxes ,will help you to arrange both sides customs declaration and they are to door delivery.DDU shipping methods quotation is to door delivery but not including taxes.
    Can you offer pick up service?
    Yes sure, we can help to pick up at any cities of china.we already have many mature supply chains which can for sure meet your any kinds of pick up requirements.
    Will you add the charge weight upon receiving the products?
    We will be honest to take the weight and measure with logistics standard.we keen on long-term cooperation not one time. Meanwhile you can measure &weight the products after receive the goods to check charge weight.
    Will you raise the price after receiving my products?
    If most of people know that the airline company/vessel company raise up the ship price,Accordly we will raise the price. But we will not raise without any reasons.Maybe we will not raise or only a little as long-term business can provide us win-win cooperating relationship.
    How long we can receive after you ship?
    Ocean methods around 18-25days; Airline Methods take around 5-7working days;  For more details, we can quote after getting your requirements.
    Can you Drop off product to Amazon FBA?
    Yes, this is one of our basic services.
    When we need to pay for,before or after we receive goods?
    After all confirmed without any problem,we will provide the shipping charge proforma invoice and send the online tracking number. You pay upon that.
    What is Bill of Loading Amazon FBA?
    It is a tracking infomration for your shipments, For example you arrange by Air freight+Express freight ship from China to FBA warehouse, then the tracking number we provide to you will be UPS or FEDEX tracking number.
    What is the best Way of shipping from China to usa FBA warehouse?
    It depends on your detailed requirements for shipping time and the shipping cost budget. and the shipment’s detailed information. Air freight is fast in time & high in cost and Ocean freight is low in cost and slow in time.
    Do i need import license to buy from Alibaba?
    If you have an import license is good, but without is also no problem for us to help you ship from China to your door. We can prepay taxes and help you do the customs clean.
    My supplier has no right to export, Can you help me export the goods from China?
    Yes we can,we will help you to buy the export license,do the customs declaration and ship goods out to you.
    Can you help to collect from different suppliers and send out together?
    Yes, we can pick up at any china mainland,storage at our warehouse for you and ship out in one time after all suppliers goods finished.
    How to track my shipments?
    We will send tracking number once we send cargo to the carrier.Then you can tracking on line.we will also send tracking report to you.
    How to start to cooperate with you?
    Just send us a inquiry.Please let us know your product information and send us your requirements for shipping. Then we can quote and begin to arrange shipping for you.
    Can you help to buy insurance for me?
    Sure. For high commercial value products, we recommend to buy insurance, we can help you to buy as we can get much lower price than you buy it yourself,since we buy for different clients of different products every day. So we get good discount from our supply chain.
    What do i need to provide for getting a exactly quotation.
    You need to send us goods name,goods packing list, pick up address in china, destination address, shipping time require,goods with battery or not, date when goods can be ready. After getting all the above information, we will quote exactly within 10mins.
    Can Amazon Ship from China to USA
    Yes, we have many shipping methods that can meet your requirements of the ship from China to the USA. Just contact by an inquiry. let’s make an offer for your reference.

    Let's Work Together

    There are many benefits to choosing DFH for all of your shipments needs, Our knowledgeable sales team looks forward to discussing your needs and providing you with an unparalleled level of service. Contact us today to get the best shipping solution for your shipments from China now!