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DFH is a leading freight forwarder company with over 10 years of experience. We offer you reliable service, fast shipping times and competitive rates for your shipment from China to South Korea by air, Sea freight FCL or LCL. Our team will get all necessary documents prepared in order that they are easy to understand which includes cargo insurance as well customs clearance at both ends.

DFH has a wide range of logistics services that can be used before shipping to South Korea. This includes free warehousing, consolidation and door-to -door shipping with loads supervised for quality control purposes as well.


One-stop Shipping Solutions from China to South Korea

Air freight from China to Europe
Air Freight from China to South Korea

DFH offers great shipping rates from any airport in China to Europe, especially those located at Shenzhen or Guanghzhou.

Ocean Freight From China to Germany
Ocean Freight China to South Korea

DFH is a China Leading ocean freight forwarder who offers very competitive rates for FCL and LCL shipments from China to any sea port in Europe.

How long does it take Express Freight from China to Germany
Express Freight from China to South Korea

FedEx, UPS and DHL are the three most popular shipping methods that offer fast Delivery to Europe countries with 3-5days for a small fee of course.

DDU & DDP Delivery
from China to South Korea

The Chinese self-developed channel, fast deliveries and time saving with competitive price customs clearance Taxfree. DDP delivery goods by sea or air or Rail to combine with Express Freight.

shipping from alibaba to Bulgaria
Shipping from China Alibaba to South Korea

DFH team provide safely and high efficiency Services for Shipping from China alibaba to any Any address within South Korea. If you import from China Alibaba as well. We can helpful for you.

More Services When Shipping from China to South Korea

Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution

We Offer 50days Free of Charge Warehousing for Clients

Pick UP service
Pick Up

Pickup at Any address Within China Mainland, Help to Save time and Cost

Packing & Repacking

Provide Free Pakcing and Repacking service,Which help you to make all steps smoothly and easily

Cargo Insurance
Cargo Insurance

Help To buy Cargo Insurance 30% Lower than you buy yourself.

Custom clearance

We have Stone Custom Clearance team oversea and Within China,To Help your shipments Custom.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

We can Help to provide Quality Inspect vedios and reports by Profesional quality inspection team

Label products and Outer Cartons
Label products and Outer Cartons

Labeling products or cartons for Shipments to Amazon or Dropshiping products

Cargo Insurance
Customized Solutions

No matter your Shipments is small or big, We always can customize shipping solution to meet the rquirement

Why Choose DFH to Help Arrange
shipments from China to South Korea

Procedures of Shipping from China to South Korea

Make Quotation and Confirm Shipping Method

Contact supplier to Arrange Pick up

Prepare Shipping Documents. Goods Inspection before Loading

Export Customs Clearance Help Buy Insurance if needed

International Shipping

Import Customs clean

Final Mile Transport From air or sea port

Delivered to your destination or Amazon Warehouse.

A Complete Guide to Shipping from China to South Korea

Did you know that South Korea is a nation of 51.4 million people and boasts the fifteenth biggest economy on the planet? When shopping from China to South Korea, it is essential to be familiar with the country’s unique regulations and laws.

The requirements may differ based on the cargo shipment you plan to ship, but there is a few pieces of information you need to bear in mind.

This guide will present a comprehensive guide on South Korea’s regulations and give you a step-by-step process on how to conduct international shipping through air, sea freight, and even express delivery.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

How to Start Shipping from China to South Korea?

How to Start Shipping from China to South Korea

Here are the steps you must perform if you wish to start your cargo shipping from China to South Korea.

Decide what to import

Before choosing a product and shipping products from China to South Korea, ensure you research it well and that there is a niche or market for the shipping goods you’re planning to import from China.

Read and collect articles on those products, raw materials, current market trends, and user reviews, and get a sample, if possible. If you can collect all the details, it will be simple for you to calculate the tariff and cost and make decisions on transporting a large shipment. 

Find a supplier

Always choose a reliable supplier for the products you want to import to South Korea. A Chinese supplier available is often a factory or trading company. The difference between those two is important for importers seeking a custom product and those seeking to purchase an array of goods for their inventory. 

Where can I find China Suppliers?

Here is a list of helpful resources where you can find a reliable Chinese supplier for your shipping service to South Korea.

·        Supplier directories and wholesale marketplaces

·        Trade shows

·        Yiwu wholesale marketplace

·        Import records

·        Supplier network

Define your shipment’s Incoterms

When conducting international shipping from China to South Korea, shipping terms often refer to Incoterms, which are predetermined sets of universal rules and guidelines that clarify trade logistics.

The incoterm of your freight shipment describes the breakdown of shipping responsibilities between you and the Chinese supplier—including the liability and payment obligations.

The key incoterms used for exporting and importing Chinese bulk shipments are:

·        CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight)

·        EXW (ExWorks)

·        FOB (Free Onboard or Freight On Board)

Click here to know more about Incoterms and find the best one to meet your requirements.

Check all the trade laws in South Korea and China

As a business that needs to import from China to Korea, you must understand the nation’s import taxes and laws. Even though the FTA eliminated tariff barriers under KAFTA, there are still particular tariffs and duties that might be applicable.

For further details, kindly visit the Korean Customs website.

Choose a shipping method

Before you start shipping goods from China to South Korea, you must pick a good shipping method. You see, the shipping method depends on your shipping goods.

If you do not understand which shipping method is ideal for you, we have some recommendations to give. Remember that shipping methods differ by quantity and product weight.

We will talk more in detail a little bit later.

Hire a freight forwarder

Using a reliable freight forwarder is ideal for handling your freight transport. These freight forwarders specialize in managing and arranging cargo on behalf of the shippers.

An experienced freight forwarder can facilitate tracking, scheduling, Korea cargo insurance, and more. They can save you on shipping costs by consolidating less than container load cargo along with such shipments.

One-Stop Cargo Shipping Methods from China to South Korea

One-Stop Cargo Shipping Methods from China to South Korea

Here are some of the best shipping methods you can use when shipping bulk shipments from China to South Korea.

Express Freight

Express shipping normally takes only a few days to arrive in South Korea since they are just neighboring countries. If your express shipments have a high-profit margin, you might wish to use this option to get your shipments to Korea’s major cities and offer timely delivery.

Air Freight

Air freight is very much the same to express shipping. Nonetheless, your regular air freight services and air cargo will not be a priority because you didn’t pay the extra fees. There’s a wide range in shipping times paperwork with air freight services. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of air freight from China to South Korea?

The number one reason to choose air freight is its speed, and even more so for deliveries in South Korea. Since China is not too far from South Korea, the actual flights will take only a day at most. However, that does not take into account the other legs of the journey, such as trucks or vans for cargo pickup and last mile or customs clearance.

How do freight companies calculate the chargeable air cargo weight when sending shipments from China to Japan?

Air freight shipping rates are often calculated using the higher actual volumetric weight. Remember that volumetric weight refers to the amount of space the cargo volume takes up and is also referred to as dimensional weight.

The following calculation is used to determine the chargeable weight of air cargo: length x height x width/6000 = volumetric weight in kilograms rounded up to the nearest 0.5 kilograms. If the volumetric weight is bigger than the actual weight, then the chargeable weight will be the Volumetric weight. Otherwise, it will be the actual weight.

Why should I use air freight from China to South Korea?

Air freights work well if your project cargo shipment needs to be in South Korea fast. That could be for new product launches that should meet tight deadlines or online deliveries to your customers.

What are the major pros of air freight from China to South Korea?

The biggest pros of air freight and air cargo are its speed. Transporting large shipments to Korea will only take two to three days. That is essential for high-value light and compact commodities since they spend less time in transit.

Main airlines from China to South Korea

Some of the top international airlines from China to South Korea are the following:

·        All Nippon Airways

·        Asiana Airlines

·        China Airlines

·        Qatar Airways Cargo

·        Korean Air Cargo

·        UPS

·        Federal Express

Main airports in South Korea

Here are the leading international airports you can use when shipping your air cargo to South Korea:

·        Yangyang International Airport

·        Muan International Airport

·        Daegu International Airport

·        Jeju International Airport

·        Gimhae International Airport

·        Gimpo International Airport

·        Korea Airports Corporation

·        Seoul Incheon International Airport

·        Incheon International Airport (ICN)

·        Gimhae International Airport (PUS)

Main airports from China to South Korea.

·  Shenzhen International Airport.

·  Guangzhou International Airport.

·  Sichuan International Airport.

·  Hongkong International Airport.

·  Kunming International Airport.

·  Fujian International Airport.

Ocean Freight from China to South Korea

Ocean Freight Combined with Truck Freight Shipping Costs from China to USA Amazon FBA

South Korea is a nation situated in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. It borders North Korea and is surrounded by water, along with the Yellow Sea to the east, the East China Sea to the South, and of course, the Sea of Japan to the West.

Sea freight from China to South Korea takes a long time, normally five to eight working days, and other critical issues are that those times are for formal scenarios. Oftentimes, unexpected events occur, and the sea shipping process makes everything a little bit longer.

One aspect of sea freight you must consider is the difference between FCL shipping and LCL shipping.


You ship full-container loads (FCL) if your container only includes your products.


On the other hand, you ship an LCL if you share a container with somebody else’s goods. Also, it might need you to wait on another shipping partner before the shipping companies can ship your cargo, which can cause an extended delay.

Seaports China to South Korea

Here are the seaports in China that have shipping routes to South Korea:

·        Tianjin Port

·        Qingdao Port

·        Guangzhou Port

·        Ningbo-Zhoushan Port

·        Shenzhen Port

·        Shanghai Port

Main Seaports in South Korea

Here are the main seaports in South Korea:

·        Port of Busan

·        Port of Incheon

·        Port of Donghae

·        Port of Masan

·        Port of Gunsan

·        Port of Jeju

·        Port of Daipori

How Does Door-to-Door Shipping from China to South Korea Work?

What is the meaning of Pick up?

Requesting a door shipping service from China to South Korea will offer you a hassle-free door shipping experience. Your global freight transporters will pick up, ship, and deliver your goods directly to the warehouse, home, office, or supplier factory.

On top of that, top global freight transporters handle items of all weights and sizes with door shopping. Light cargo is often shipped fast by air, while heavy freight is shipped via sea. However, since they come right to your door, door shipping service is the most convenient option.

How Long Will It Take to Ship from China to South Korea?

How Long Will It Take to Ship from China to South Korea

The shipping time from China to Korea is normally between five to eight days. Cargo flights from China take at least two to three days to reach Korea.

Take note that the duration is defined by the distance from the county of origin and destination ports. Scheduling, carrier availability, season, and other factors all have a role. For instance, shipping from Shenzhen to Busan takes five days, while sea shipping from Xiamen to Busan takes about eight days.

Air freight transit time from China to South Korea

The average transit time for air freight offers eight to forty-eight hours.

Ocean Freight transit time from China to South Korea

Sea freight from China to South Korea can take 3 to 8 days depends on which port of sail and which port of destination in South Korea.

Ocean Freight transit time from China to South Korea

Express Freight transit time from China to South Korea

Express delivery from China to South Korea can take 2-3days.

Express Freight transit time from China to South Korea

How Much Does Shipping from China to South Korea Cost?

How much does it cost to ship from china to UAE?

Remember that a series of factors defines the final cost of shipping for air freight, ocean freight, and express delivery to South Korea. When making bids, freight forwarders consider different factors such as the type of service, the distance between the destination, the cargo’s dimension, chosen mode of transport, and the nature of goods.

Air Freight Shipping costs from China to South Korea

The bigger the shipment, the costlier it is to ship from China to Korea through air freight. The cost of air shipments is computed by multiplying the rate for chargeable weight based on the good’s volume.

Calculating the volume/weight ratio is easy. Also, 167 kilograms is estimated to cover each cubic meter of space. But if the weight surpasses the chargeable weight, the actual weight is often applied to calculate the cost.

Thus, the average cost for most logistics services ranges from $3to $5 per kilogram.

Sea Freight Shipping costs from China to South Korea

Normally, rates for ocean cargo operations are often low. The distance is short, and there are countless logistics services available. Certainly, the cost of these sea freight shipping services is dependent on a particular freight forwarder of your choice.

In most situations, the shipping rates are pegged on the cargo’s volume, weight, and size. Also, the type of container you utilize for shipments identifies the specific cost of shipping. However, many freight forwarding companies offer sea freight shipping calculators based on different aspects of the shipment.

Cost of Express Shipping from China to South Korea

Undoubtedly, express shipping courier services are the most efficient, safest, and quickest shipping method. The only drawback is it’s a bit costlier, particularly if you’re express service involves shipping shipments of over 150 kilograms.

Most shipping rates range between $3 to $5 from China to Korea. Still, that depends on other factors like certain destination drop-off points.

Insurance Costs

Cargo insurance is essential for your goods. That would offer you a sense of security in case of any unwanted scenarios like damage or loss to the products.

The cost of freight insurance will depend on a variety of factors. It is normally calculated as a percentage of the value of its freight. For most freight forwarding companies, the median cost of freight insurance is between $50 to $100.

Customs Clearance Costs

The customs clearance covers the procedure of preparing and submitting your customs entry documentation to the CBP. That’s also referred to as customs brokerage.

The standard rate for customs clearance is approximately $50 for clearance with China’s customs and $100 to $120 for clearance with CBP.

How much tax will you pay to import from China to South Korea?

Import tax and duties in Singapore

Remember that all Korean imports are subject to a flat ten percent value-added tax. Specific luxury items and durable consumer goods are subject to an exclusive excise tax of ten to twenty percent.

After the customs officials have cleared goods, taxes and your customs duty should be paid in Korean Won within fifteen days.

Do I have to pay tax for shipments from China to South Korea?

The amount you pay for customs duty or tax depends on the certain goods you’re importing from China to South Korea. Nonetheless, there’s a Free Trade Agreement set between the two countries. Basically, the Free Trade Agreement removed the tariff barriers for more than ninety percent of products traded between the two nations.

Freight forwarder charges

The shipping rates for freight forwarding companies differ. These competitive shipping rates are associated with preparing the air waybill or ocean bill of lading, copying documents, and more. It also helps the freight forwarder company to cover the shipping rates of processing and handling the shipments.

Normally, it ranges anywhere from $35 to $75.

Local transportation costs

Once the consignment docks at the destination port, it’s subjected to the customs clearance formalities. After which, the cargo’s delivery from the port to the indicated address is affected. That involves all ground transportation needs from the port of destination to the buyer’s actual address.

The local transportation costs vary in different cities.

What Goods or Products Can Be Imported from China to South Korea?

Some of the major specialty products that ranks among the country’s top imported consumer goods include:

·       beauty products like skin care or makeup

·       liquid pumps

·       gold

·       electric storage batteries

·       furniture

·       insulated cable or wire

·       printing machinery

·       trucks

·       cars

What Products Cannot Be Imported from China to South Korea?

What Products Cannot Be Shipped from China to Malaysia?

When exporting to South Korea, it is essential to make sure to comply with the country’s goods and customs regulations.

Some of the prohibited items (but aren’t limited to):

·        pornography

·        narcotics

·        counterfeit goods and currency

·        all weapons, including lookalikes and replicas

·        any form of media that might threaten public security

The above items don’t comply with the regulation of South Korea and won’t pass through customs. On top of that, trying to export them to South Korea will lead to massive penalties for violations.

How Can You Reduce Your Shipping Costs from China to South Korea?

How Can You Reduce Your Shipping Costs from China to South Korea?

Shipping from China to South Korea may be a complicated procedure involving many aspects. The correct handling of transportation may also make a big difference in finance. To lessen your shipping cost, take your time to pay attention to the below tips:

1.      Look for the best shipping provider

Finding a dependable freight forwarder that offers the best service for all your transportation needs from major Chinese cities to Korea is essential. They can offer you major shipping discounts and low shipping fees.

These freight shipping companies will help you widen into international markets without considering the high cost of international shipping. How cool is that? Also, you don’t need to handle everything in a single location using these services.

2.      Pick the best mode of shipping

It’s prudent to pick the best transport mode depending on the time sensitivity and quantity of the goods provided. Air and sea freight are the best options for international shipping, and picking will vary mainly on customer and business demand.

Shipping and logistics companies will make sure these two choices are accessible to their customers. Every mode of shipping has its pros and cons, so make sure you understand all of them.

3.      Use air courier only when necessary

Goods that aren’t time sensitive could be shipped through ocean freight. You can save lots of fees by choosing a shipping team who can accept large quantities of goods without even requiring extra costs.

Oftentimes, you urgently require goods through air or express. You could get it in the shortest time possible. Express delivery is faster, but it costs a lot. So, only use these services when needed and ship the rest of your goods through ordinary shipping like door-to-door shipping.

4.      Optimize your packaging

The size and weight of your package define the shipping cost. Make sure you ask the shipping company for the price of sending the goods. You can use measurement tools to find every cargo piece’s weight, height, and width. Feel free to ask the supplier if your goods are farther from you.

5.      Buy larger quantities to lessen shipping costs

Purchasing big bulks of goods can also minimize your costs. If you don’t get the lowest price per good, you’ll be shocked at the diluted cost of each commodity. Buying small quantities of merchandise from your local vendor may be smart, and you get the goods without any long-distance shipping.

6.      Always compare shipping fees

The standard way to find preferential prices is to compare various suppliers. Nowadays, there are numerous international and domestic shipping companies available. Various carrier companies also have their benefits and can offer cheap freight rates.

You may also utilize the same shipping method or carrier company to prevent trouble, leading to added costs.

Shipping rates vary widely, even for the same freight providers. Make sure you get a shipping quote from numerous freight forwarders and compare them to get a competitive rate. Don’t hesitate to use an online calculator as well.

7.      Avoid shipping at Peak season.

Shipping area with Peak-season and off-season as well. Avoid to ship during peak season can help to save much costs. Meanwhile don’t ship before Chinese Holidays is also a good way to to cave shipping costs.

Documents Required for Shipping from China to South Korea

What is the deadline to file an ISF?

Depending on which method you pick to use when shipping goods from China to South Korea, documents will differ accordingly. That’s why it’s essential to research or partner with freight forwarders who will educate you on the important documents to prepare.

Here are the general documents you may need throughout the process:

·        Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading is one of the most crucial documents needed for customs clearance to screen your goods. As the CO is swearing on the origin of your items, the Bill of Lading confirms the bank transfer to the carrier from the importer.

Also, the Letter of Credit will be issued next to the Bill of Lading. This document involves typically the following information: shipper, the consignee, notify party, vessel number, loading port, container numbers, goods description, net weight, and dimension or volume.

·        A packing list

This document describes all the goods you are transferring from major cities in South Korea. It offers information about their dimensions, type, weight, and composition. Also, the document is essential for customs clearance and for the Bill of Lading issuance.

·        A declaration form

An official declaration form is important. You must complete and return it through connected networks to the customs office, where your shipments are mandatory detained.

·        A certificate of origin

Customs utilize this document as evidence of your items’ origin. It guarantees your shipments were made in China. It should be issued by a notary public or a government official to be valid. As you can assume, a certificate of origin is essential for applying for tax exemption.

You also need single administrative documents, certificate of shipment, invoice, delivery note, cargo insurance certificate, and entry summary declaration.

Why DFH is the Best Freight Forwarder for Shipping from China to South Korea

What Can DFH Do for Your LED Light Business?

On top of familiarizing yourself with the import regulations in South Korea, it is also equally essential to pick a dependable freight forwarder and shipping partner to support all your business needs.

DFH is the ideal entity you must keep in mind when looking for international shipping services from China to South Korea. With us, you are guaranteed only to receive the best shipping fees and cost-effective price quotes. We take pride in our competitive shipping rates regardless of the season so that you can save more.

We distinguish ourselves from our rivals thanks to our:

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • Low-cost insurance premiums

  • Free of charge packing and repacking

  • Free-of-charge warehousing

  • Renowned logistics expertise

  • A strong network of forwarders and customs brokers in Korea

  • Low shipping costs as a result of our good relationship with carriers

  • Free quality inspection services.

  • Knowledge of the right routes for shipping your products to the destination port.

No matter the request or unusual shipment, we’ll try to satisfy your needs.

From sea freight, air shipping, and express shipment to door-to-door shipping, we got you covered. Contact us today to get a competitive quote!

FAQs about Shipping from China to South Korea

Want to learn more about international shipping from China to South Korea? Perhaps you have more questions about shipping sea freight or customs clearance processes. We genuinely hope this section will answer some of the questions you have in mind.

Q: Does DHL offer door-to-door shipping from China to Korea?

Yes, DHL offers door shipping from China to Korea. They have been a dependable shipping solution in which their expertise will substantially help businesses planning to export to Korea.

Q: How long is shipping from China to South Korea (by sea)?

The shipping period from China to South Korea is normally between five to eight days.

Q: How can I ship goods from China to South Korea?

To support the accessibility of shipping goods from China to KR, the following are the most typical shipping methods:

·        air freight

·        ocean shipping

·        express shipping

Find out your shipping method and contact with DFH (The best freight forwarder China to Korea) any time to arrange shipments for you.

Q: How can I get customs clearance for packages sent from China to Korea?

Customs clearance is one of the vital activities in customs performed by the product’s owners or their legal shipping agent. The following are the stages of customs clearance:

·        enter the information from the system

·        print the declaration

·        assess the goods

·        obtain the needed permits

·        examine the goods by the service expert

·        pay the cost

·        go to the warehousing

·        exit of goods

If you feel it is super difficult to do the customs clearance by yourself for your shipment, then contact with DFH team, and choose the Door to door shipping method, let DFH to handle all steps including customs clean and taxes prepaid for you.

Q: Can I ship from China to Korea?

Normally, the cost of air shipping from China to Korea ranges from $3 to $5 per kilogram for standard shipping. On the other hand, DHL and FedEx charge their customers $4 to $6 per kilogram for express shipping.

Q: Do international logistics companies offer shipments from China to Korea?

Yes, they are. Just make sure you find the ideal logistics solution that fits your needs.

Q: What’s the cheapest shipping from China to Korea on Alibaba?

The inexpensive way to ship from Alibaba is through sea freight. When you purchase from Alibaba, you can ask your suppliers whether they have an exclusive shipping method. It’s more appropriate to use air or sea freight, especially if you’re products weigh a hundred pounds.

Q: How long will it take to ship ocean vessels from China to Korea?

Sea freight from Chona to Korea is fast. it need only 3-8days depends on which port of China and the destination Port in Korea.

Q: How long does air freight shipping take from China to South Korea?

Airplanes are the quickest way to transportation of goods between China and Korea. On average, it takes between three to five business days to take your packages.

Q: How much does DHL Express shipping cost from China to South Korea?

On-Demand Delivery is the new service in Korea, which enables receivers and shippers globally to pick from an array of standardized delivery options. DHL express shipping cost from China to South Korea average cost is $3-5$ per kg depends on product name and charge weight. if need exactly shipping costs , Click here to send inquiry and you will get reply within mins.

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