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The Air freight of getting a product from China to another country can be challenging. There are many different factors that need attention, and it’s often difficult for inexperienced people who aren’t familiar with these processes or laws in each specific jurisdiction along the way, but not anymore! With our services you will have all your needs met so don’t hesitate any longer, You are lucky that you come to this page today, as I will tell you everything about air freight from china and all things you need to know before you arrange the air freight shipments with your china freight forwarder. After reading the information on this page, you will never be cheated by any china shipping agents

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    What is air Freight

    Air Freight is the transportation of goods by Aircraft, transport goods from Airport A to AirPort B. Air freight from China to Oversea is one of the fastest ways for shipping large packages, such as furniture or cart parts and some other big size packages products. Container shipping is also a good shipping routes while it can’t meet the shipping time requirements.

    Before you place the order to ship your products from the china supplier factory to the destination address by air freight, you should know the following things: What documents need to prepare before shipping, know the roughly shipping time of air freight, how your china freight forwarder calculated the charge weight for each of your air freight shipments, and the estimate rates for shipments of air freight. After getting this information, it is difficult for your China Shipping agent to cheat you on price and charge weight.

    Documents Required for Air Shipping from China

    Besides the 5 basic documents for Air freight,there are some special documents needed depends on the destination Country and product name.
    Contact with us to clear what special documents needed for your shipments right now.

    What documents need for air freight from china?

    For air freight from China, you need a few documents. You’ll want to make sure that they are completed and accurate before shipping anything out of china so here is what we recommend:
    1.  Airway Bill
    No Matter which airline you choose, if only you shipping goods from china to other countries, the airline company will issue your a Airway Bill, Airway Bill information including the sender full detail information and of course the receiver detail information.meanwhile it shows all details of the goods,such as qty, CBM, gross weight.shipping time, ETD time, and so on. So this is one of the most important Documents for air freight.
    2.  Commercial Invoice
    This is a document requited by customs, with the Commercial invoice, customs can determine the actual value of imported goods.Commercial invoice must identify the buyer and seller very clearly,indicate the date and conditions of sale, qty,weight or volume of the shipment.full description of goods. Unit value and total value.with this detail information on the commercial invoice can help your shipments import customs declaration successfully and avoid delay because of customs.
    3. Packing list
    The Packing list is a document that represents the inventory of the cargo, this inventory must be detailed so as to include the same information as the commercial invoice.
    4.  Certificate of Origin(C/O)
    A certificate of origin (we say C/O) is a document used in international Trade.When you export goods, it’s important to have all the right paperwork. A “certificate of origin” is also called a Form A and this will help prove that your products were made in one country rather than another!
    5.  Insurance Certificate
    Shipping Insurance Certificates are documents that provide information on specific insurance coverage. They’re used to confirm the type of policy, term and conditions for each company as well as your contract number with them so you know if there has been any changes or updates since signing up. 
    6. Delivery order is also important document in international shipping.

    What is the shipping time
    for Air freight from China?

    For a shipment from Your China supplier factory to your local airport or to your door by Air freight shipping time including Pick up time (Pick up from your supplier factory to the export air port in china) + Air freight time (This is air port to air port )+ Delivery time (From airport to your door ).

    The Pickup time as usual is 1-3days it depends on the distance between your china supplier factory to the selected airport in China. If the suppliers’ factory is in the same city as the export airport. Then several hours is enough for pick up. Some are picked up from North of China cities and shipped out by South of China Airports Because shipping out from South of China usually lower unit price. this will usually cost 2-3days.

    Air freight time from Airport to Airport usually needs only 1-3days. If fly directly, it is need only several hours, Some need to transit to a middle airport and then fly to the destination port, if this happens, then it takes 1-3days.

    Delivery time usually needs 2-3days. Because before Dispatch, there will need to do the entry customs declaration for each shipment, The time for customs as usually is 1-2days.

    In Summary for the Shipping time of Air freight, begin from your China supplier factory to your airport or to your destination door, it takes 3-9days.

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    How to calculate the chargeable weight for air freight

    Since air freight is one of the fastest methods for shipping from china, So we can be sure the shipping unit price for Air freight is not as cheap as Ocean freight. it is very important to make the air freight chargeable weight as smaller as possible to save shipping costs.
    While How do calculate air freight chargeable weight? it is the same as air freight volumetric weight? What is the difference between dimensional weight and chargeable weight? In this part, we will tell you all details about how we calculate your air freight chargeable weight. And let you save much cost even if you choose air freight as your main shipping method.
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    As we know the air freight chargeable weight affects the overall cost of shipping. So let’s clarify two factors that decide the final weight:

    What Does CBM Mean in Shipping

    What is Gross weight?

    Gross (actual) weight is the total weighing of cargo. This includes both shipments and pallets

    For example, there is a Pallet with size 120cm *110cm *100cm,gross weight is 300KG then we can calculated base on the size for the volumetic or dimensional weight : 120cm*110cm *100cm/6000=220KG.

    While the gross weight for that pallet=300KG   
    Volumetric or Dimensional size for that pallet =220KG.   
    Because 300KG > 220KG

    So the final chargeable for that pallet is 300KG 

    What is Volumetic or dimensional weight?

    Volumetric weight or dimensional weight is calculated by the size of the cartons. (Length, Width, Height)

    Example for you to understand better chargeable weight:
    Client A wants to ship a sofa from china to Country A, by air freight. The gross weight of the sofa is 80KG. Size for the package of sofa is length 250cm * width 100cm * height 110cm

    Then volumetric or dimensional weight:
    250cm *100cm *110cm/6000=458.3KG=454KG.
    454KG >80KG .
    so this shipment chargeable weight is 454KG.

    So now we know, that the chargeable weight for air freight shipment is:
    If gross weight > Volumetric weight, then the final chargeable weight for that shipment is the gross weight.
    On the contrary,
    If the Volumetric weight > gross weight, then the final chargeable weight for that shipment is the Volumetric weight.

    Send us Packing list of Your Shipment, Our Expert services will help you to calculate the Chargeable weight for your Shipments within 5 mins after getting your Inquiry.

    What is the shipping rates for air freight from China?

    Air freight costs from China to Oversea are typically made up of 3 parts they are:

    1. Pick-up cost in China Mainland :

    This part is not much cost, if you choose our company to be your china shipping agent, then we can help you to pick up at your suppliers’ factory is free of charge for small shipments.
    For big charge weight shipments, for example, Pick up 500KG goods from local to Airport, it is around 50-80USD. Also need to know the exact pick-up address and airport of China.
    Because China is not small, and we can handle ship from many Main cities to oversea, So it will be more exactly if you inquiry us with detail information.
    While another thing is if you do FOB trade terms with your China Suppliers, then this part fees no need to pay. As supplier will send the goods to the export airport.

    2:Air freight cost: this is from air port to air port

    Since the Air freight cost change frequency each half month. Especially after the influence by COVID-19.the unit price for air freight from China to Oversea changes almost every week or 2-3times each week. So if it is hard to make a quotation sheet here to show the unit price from china to each country.
    While if you are making a project budget, and don’t need the exact price, but just a rough cost, then can reference it like this:

    Air freight cost from China to US: $5-$9 per kg
    Air freight cost from China to Europe countries: $6-$10 per kg
    Air freight cost from China to Australia: $6-$10 per kg
    Air freight cost from China to Africa: $ 10-$15 per kg

    3.Deliver cost from air port to your door

    As usual, this part cost is not too much if you cooperate with us and need our team to help you deliver to your door.
    We charge around $50-$500 Per shipment. While you know the determining factor for the final cost is influenced by not only the distance between the airport to your door, the charge weight for each shipment, and also the shipping seasons you choose.
    If you ship during the shipping busy season like before the Christmas day holidays or before the China New year Holidays. Not only is the Air freight cost higher than on normal days, but also any shipping solution unit price is higher than on common days. 
    Attention: If you do FOB trader terms with your suppliers, then no need to pay this Part fee, As the FOB terms require the supplier to deliver goods to the Export Airport in China.

    So the best way for you to get the exact price and most competitive price is to send us an inquiry directly before you ship each time. That will not let you lose money because of the bad decision of shipping.

    Top 11 Export Airports in China

    If you decide to import from China, the first thing for you is to find reliable and china suppliers and hire a reliable china freight forwarder like DFH to handle all the shipments for you. With your Own freight forwarder like us, no need to worry about which cities’ suppliers can cooperate because of the high air freight cost or shipping troubles. As we can help you handle all shipments only it is within China Mainland.

    Even though your suppliers are not in the most popular listed export cities, we can help you to arrange to pick up the shipments and then send them out to you by required shipping methods.
    Below are the 10 top listed export airports in China.

    1.Beijing Capital International Airport

    The Beijjing airport is one of two international airports located in the Chinese capital city, Beijing.

    2.Shanghai Pudong International Airport

    The airport in Shanghai is both Pudong and Hongqiao International Airport.It’s operated by the state-owned Shanghai Airport Authority (SAA).

    3.Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

    The airport is located in the southern part of China, just an hour away from Hong Kong by car or train. It’s also near Guangzhou, Which is the Capital city of Guangdong.

    4.Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

    Guangzhou Baiyun International airport is the second busiest in China, and it’s located right outside Guangzhou City.

    5.Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

    Xiaoshan International Airport is located in the city of Hangzhou, which serves as the capital of Zhejiang province. The airport has been expanding rapidly and now offers flights from multiple carriers across the Asia Pacific region. it is an important transportation hub for the region, serving flights to major cities all over Asia as well Europe.

    6.Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

    Xiamen airport is one of the busiest Asian international hubs for flights to/from China and hosts airlines such as Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines among others. It also provides service to many major cities worldwide including Tokyo Haneda (YOW), and Beijing Capital_ Chaser981(PVG).

    7.Fuzhou Changle International Airport

    The Fuzhou Changle International Airport is one of the most important airports in China. It’s also called an autodrome, as it hosts many races each year with cars running on tracks around its terminals and airport grounds!

    8. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport

    Xianyang airport is located in the city of X’ian and has seen rapid growth since its completion. The newest terminal, which cost over $8 billion dollars to build was funded by China’s government as well local residents.

    9.Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

    The Shuangliu International Airport in Chengdu, China is the fourth busiest airport for international travel and export.

    10.Kunming Changshui International Airport

    Kunming ChangShui international Airport is the primary airport serving Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, China.

    11.Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport

    The name of this airport tells you what it is: a port that links countries across Asia and Europe. It’s also responsible for handling some domestic flights within China, making its location perfect to those who need access both internationally as well as domestically.

    What goods can be accepted by Air freight from China.

    The following are some of the goods that can be accepted by Air freight from China:

    • Machinery and equipment;
    • Rioters
    • Foodstuffs
    • Textiles
    • Light apparel
    • Apparel
    • Medical equipment
    • Telecommunication gear
    • Cappedjewellery
    • musical instruments
    • computers
    • television sets
    • personalized gifts
    • carpets
    • paper
    • toys
    • Perfumes
    • jewelry
    • furniture
    • Appliances
    • kitchen
    • Dining
    • living
    • entertainment
    • Sporting
    • wounded
    • respiratory
    • diagnostic
    • hospital
    • chemical
    • aluminum
    • plastic
    • rubber
    • Platinum
    • semi-precious stones
    • precious metals
    • tin
    • Zinc
    • Other


    What goods can not be shipped by Air freight from China.

    Although most products can be shipped by air from China to other countries. However, there are still many products that are not allowed to be air freight out from China.

    Below is my summary of some of the names of products that are prohibited air freight from China, including but not limited to:

    • Aerosol Sprays
    • Cans
    • Weapons
    • Firearms
    • Ammunition
    • Explosive Devices
    • Gear Boxes
    • Generators
    • Engines
    • Life Jackets
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Ivory
    • Items that are made from Ivory
    • Bronzes
    • Marbles
    • Statuary
    • Antique
    • Valuable rugs
    • Works of Art
    • Other
    If your products are not included in this list but want to import from China, It doesn’t matter, you can check with us by an inquiry first we will try to make an offer for you as well. Since China exports many items every year, So there should have some other goods that can import from China but didn’t be listed in this form left.

    What you can get if choose our Air freight from China?

    The advantages of our clients choosing our company to handle Air freight  shipments can be listed in 12 points, Our standard clients cooperated with us for more than 8 years because of most of the below factors

    1. You can get a FREE charge for warehousing.
    Some of you maybe buy from different suppliers and want to ship together, but the finished time can not be the same for different suppliers, so if your china freight forwarder can provide your free warehousing services, that will be a good thing for you to import from China.

    2. Customs Clean Supporting
    We can help you to do China Export and destination Country Entry Customs declaration, no worry it is the first time for you to import from China, with our customs clean cooperation condition. You can easily import any products you want from China to any destination Country.

    3. You Can get a Free charge Pick up Service
    Any city within China’s mainland pick-up service is one of the best advantages of cooperating with our DFH. Since we have many years experience in this area, so we can get many discounts for many china domain express carrier companies, it will be much lower cost for us to pick up shipments for you than your suppliers send goods directly to our warehouse. What’s more, is that our pick-up service is free of charge. which can help you save much shipping costs.

    4. You can get free charge buy shipping insurrance.
    We recommend buying shipping insurrance for high commercial value shipments. It is not much money but can protect you once any accident happened during shipping. Lost or damaged during shipping happened not frequently, While Insurance is for protecting the whole process more safely. While if you let us help you to buy Insurance, it is very cheap price and we don’t charge handle fees for helping buy Insurance.

    5. You can get a free Charge Repacking service 
    the service you know cost some materials like tapes and our workers time. While if only you cooperate with us, We do it free for you. For example, your suppliers use china Domestic express ship cartons to our warehouse, while after getting the cartons, we found the quality of cartons is not acceptable for international shipping. Or some cartons be damaged during China Domestic shipping. At this time, you need our service to Change new good quality cartons and tape them.

    6. We keep the client’s information secretly
    Some shipments from the china factory to your client’s door directly. While you don’t want to let suppliers know the final receiver information, at this time if you Hire us as your shipping agent, then we can help you Relabel Cartons under your requirements without let suppliers know any information about receivers. Which can help you keep the client’s information secret to keep you do long-term business.

    7.We help to sort goods and ship as required
    If you buy from many suppliers but want to ship together, then there needs to have a Free charge warehouse for your collect shipments and also need to have a reliable china freight forwarder for you to sort the items from different suppliers and then ship out as required. Our DFH provide this service for you. Just need to let us know the detail requirements will be OK and the service is Free of Charge.

    8. Inspection service can be provided.
    If you import from China and want a reliable freight forwarder to help you to check the goods, and provide needed documents, pictures, and videos before you pay the rest payment to suppliers. It is good for you to choose us to help you to do it. We have many clients have this requirement and so far we have good cooperated professional Inspection 3rd Party company. Important is we can get a good discount for you.

    9. You can get great support from our Profesional team.

    10. Shipping time Guarantee for all your express freight shipments

    11. Competitive Express freight shipping rates for all your express freight shipments 

    12. We taking our clients ,you will not be cheated since we keen on long-term cooperation.

    Want to know more about other free charge services of cooperating with our DFH team? Inquiry us right now, tell us what is your requirement for shipping?

    FAQs about Air freight from China.

    How Much Does It Cost if I Want to Transport from China to Any Other Country
    A Roughly cost is $5-$15 per KG.but if you want to get the exact cost for one shipment, then please send us all details of a shipment including pick up address in china, goods name, and the delivery address of destination country. Packing list of products. With all of this information, we can quote the exact price to you within 2min.
    How long will it take for air freight from China to its destination address?
    The approximate time is 5-7days. But if you can tell me the pickup address in china and delivery address in the destination country. I will provide you with a more exact reference time.
    How can i check the transit time for my Air freight shipment
    After getting our Airway Bill, you can track on line, there will show you a rough shipping time of a shipment, and will tell you the estimated arrival time for that shipment.
    I bought from different cities around China, Could you gather together to send me by air freight?
    Yes, collecting shipments from different suppliers and shipping out together is one of our basic services. this service can help our clients save much cost and time, that is one reason our company grows fast these years because we provide this service.
    How Can i know whether my consignee’s address is available normal for service or not?
    We will check for you before you place the order to us. You can let our service to confirm with you before arrange shipment .
    Can you recommend most cost-efficient mode of air freight from China?
    According to our experience, air freight from China no matter which country is not so cost-efficient as Ocean freight as its advantage is shipping time super fast. So if you want the cost-efficient method, and time is out of your consideration, sea freight will be your best choice. How if you are pressed for time, we recommend you thorough air transportation which may cost much more.
    Will you add the charge weight upon receiving the products?
    We will be honest to take the weight and measure with logistics standard.we keen on long-term cooperation not one time. Meanwhile you can measure &weight the products after receive the goods to check charge weight.
    What is AWB
    AWB, short for Airway Bill, is a transport document for Air freight. The Air Waybill number and flight information enables tracking of your consignment.
    How will you deal with the shipment if it fails to be delivered because the consignee is out-of-reach?
    We will make re-delivery attempt or the consignee can follow the instruction of ‘Delivery Absence Notice’ to arrange free re-delivery. If delivery attempt fails again or the consignee cannot be contacted, we will notify and seek advice from the shipper.
    Can you call and make an appointment with the consignee before delivery?
    Normally we will arrange delivery directly to the delivery address. If there are special circumstances under which you need us to make appointment with the consignee before delivery, please make the request when place the order with us. We will try our best to meet your need.  
    How to make a shipment? Do we need to open account ?
    No you don’t need to open account with us. First you can let your supplier ship goods to our warehouse. Upon we received we will confirm the weight,size,take pictures and quote the price to you.After all confirmed without any problem.then ship out to you.
    Can you ship personal effect safely and reliably by air freight from china?
    Sure, we have an Operation team of more than 20 people who can repack for you and relabel for you for free charge and send out to destination address safely and efficiently.
    Who is responsible for payment of Duties and Taxes?
    The Payment of duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver.
    Are There Any Charges at Destination for your air freight service?
    Our air freight service including door to door method and door to airport method.
    If you choose our Door to Door including duty prepaid method (DDP) there without any charges at the destination airport. Need only waiting to receive goods after pay to us.
    If you choose our Door to Door, not including duty method, then you need only pay the import taxes.
    What payment methods do you accept if i choose you to arrange my shipment by your air freight service?
    Our Common payment methods including: Western Union, T/T bank transfer and Paypal. You can also transfer only by Alipay or Wechat online transfer method.
    What Is the Difference between Door to Door and Door to Port?
    Door to door means we arrange shipments for you begin from pick up at your china supplier factory end to dispatch to your door in destination address.
    Door to Port means we arrange shipments for you begin from pick up at your china supplier factory end to the destination port. Need you to pick up at the destination airport.
    When should i pay for my shipment?
    We arrange to pick up at your supplier factory after getting your confirmation for cooperate with us. After we arrange out shipment, there will be a tracking number or Airway Bill. You pay to us base on getting that information from us.
    How Do i book a collection? Do i need to register first?
    No, just send us an email to and tell your supplier our DFH will be the shipping agent for your company, then we will cooperate with your supplier s to handle things step by step
    What if i don’t know the destination postcode?
    If you don’t know the destination postcode, please check with the reciever or contact us directly. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.
    Do you delivery to PO BOXES?
    No, we are not able to delivery to PO Boxes. A full street address is required.
    What are the maximum weight and size limits for a parcel?
    There without limits for maximum weight and size for a parcel, while if the size is too bigger, there will have oversize or overweight charges, so we will have another method like air freight or ocean freight that can replace express freight to recommend for your shipments. Just don’t hesitate to inquire us with detailed information about your shipments, then we can make the exact offer for each of your shipments.
    Why Do i need to provide the weight and dimensions of my parcel?
    The exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure the speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit. We will not quote exactly, without the weight and dimensions we can’t calculate the final charge weight. then not good for us to recommend the best express freight methods for you.
    Can i get money back if lost or damaged during shipping?
    Yes we will pay you base on the international shipping conditions and return conditions. Besides that, you can buy insurance for your goods.then can get both payment back if so. But this seldom happen.
    Do I Need Insurance?
    Shipping insurance is an important consideration that you should think about before finalizing your purchase. Ensure Your Package to Avoid Regrets. It is not much cost. We can help you to buy shipping insurance at a much lower cost than you buy it yourself.

    Let's Work Together

    There are many benefits to choosing DFH for all of your shipments needs, Our knowledgeable sales team looks forward to discussing your needs and providing you with an unparalleled level of service. Contact us today to get the best shipping solution for your shipments from China now!