How to Ship from Alibaba to Amazon UK

Are you planning to get your first products on Amazon UK? Amazing. But where do you begin? There are numerous platforms for sourcing your product.

But what about shipping them to Amazon FBA warehouses in the UK? This guide will talk about how to do about doing so with Alibaba. Shipping from Alibaba is an excellent way for new business owners to get their first products on the market and could be done relatively cheaply.

Keep reading to learn how it is done.

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3 Options to Ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA Warehouse in the UK

3 Options to Ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA Warehouse in the UK

You can easily ship your products directly from Alibaba to Amazon UK, saving money and time. Nonetheless, shipping from Alibaba directly to Amazon UK may not be economical, depending on your Amazon inventory limits and your Amazon fulfillment center locations.

Below are the best ways to send your products from Alibaba to Amazon FBA, depending on your situation:

Ship directly by Alibaba suppliers

The experienced Alibaba suppliers should have well-cooperated freight forwarders. So if you ask for help from Alibaba suppliers to ship products from Alibaba to Amazon UK should be a good choice. That will help you save time in learning complicated shipping procedures.

While the disadvantage is that Suppliers need to add profit by helping ship for you. So this shipping option for your Amazon shipments may not be economical.

Ship by China freight forwarders

A Chinese freight forwarder can ship your products directly from Alibaba to the Amazon FBA distribution center. The cost of hiring a Chinese freight forwarding company is reasonable.

If you cooperate with knowledgeable freight forwarders from China, using their experience shipping from China to the Amazon FBA will help you save costs and time. Meanwhile, you now need to worry about how to handle customs clearance, How to pick up from the China suppliers’ factory is the cheapest, what shipping documents should prepare for the shipment, and what shipping method is the cheapest and fastest way. And they can help you to do the product quality inspection at the origin to help solve all problems before shipping out to the amazon fulfillment center.

The most important thing is that freight forwarders have many shipping methods. They don’t provide a Minimum order quantity for shipping; they should provide you with the best shipping price each time to keep long-term cooperation with you.

In any case, Cooperating with China Freight forwarders to ship your bulk order from China to the Amazon warehouse is the best option.

Ship to a 3PL company and then let them deliver to Amazon

A 3PL is a third-party logistics company storing and forwarding your inventory to Amazon on your behalf. Remember that an Amazon FBA prep center is only a fancy name for a 3PL, which focuses on shipping to Amazon FBA.

In that model, your Chinese supplier ships the inventory to your 3PL, which inspects, labels, consolidates the shipment, breaks it into smaller batches, and prepares it for Amazon FBA.

Since there are more steps involved, using a 3PL costs more than shipping your private label products directly to Amazon FBA, and using a 3PL is a higher cost than cooperating with a China freight forwarder.

4 Major Shipping Methods from Alibaba to Amazon UK

Below, we will introduce the four main shipping methods to ship your goods from China to the Amazon FBA distribution center in the UK. Keep reading to know their difference and how to choose them to help save shipping fees.

Express freight

Express delivery can be the fastest shipping method for your products from China to Amazon. These are perfect for private-label traders whose products are compact and light Because this is also the most expensive shipping method.

Shipping time for Express freight from Alibaba to Amazon UK

As the fastest doorway service from China to Amazon in the UK, shipping through express delivery only takes a few days to reach the UK. But it depends on the courier you choose. For DHL, it will take 3-4 days. For FedEx, it will take 4-7 days, and for UPS, it will take 3-7 business days.

Shipping costs for express freight from Alibaba to Amazon UK

Typically, the price can reach $5 to $15 per kilogram based on size, weight, chargeable weight by dimensional or real weight, Pickup address in China, and shipping time in peak season or typical working days.

Air freight combined with express freight

Air freight combined with express shipping is the intelligent method for transporting urgently required items at reasonable prices. It is also ideal for wholesale Amazon sellers who need to fill their stock immediately. This is a shipping method from China to the UK by air freight first. After the goods arrive UK, finish the customs clearance, and pay import taxes, they will be delivered to the amazon warehouse by Express freight. The Express freight company can be UPS/FEDEX or DPD company.

Shipping time for air freight combined with express freight

Air freight combines express shipping time from Alibaba to Amazon UK will be about 5-13 days. However, everything depends upon the flight chosen by the freight forwarder company. The shipping time, including both countries’ customs clearance time and door-to-door delivery service.

Shipping costs

shipping cost for this combined method depends on many factors. As a rough estimation, you can hope to pay $4-$10 for every kilogram by air freight + express freight combined shipping method from China to Amazon within the UK. Pay attention to the shipping cost, including the customs clearance fee, international shipping fee, and customs duty.

This is a good FBA shipping solution for UK amazon sellers.

Since the price change frequency, please contact us to get your real-time shipping quote when you arrange shipment from China to Amazon FBA.

Ocean freight combined with Express Freight

This is a Sea freight + Express freight shipping from China to Amazon shipping solution. That is from China to the UK seaport by Ocean freight, then delivery from the UK seaport to the final destination address by Express such as UPS/FedEx/DPD. This is a door-to-door delivery method.

Your shipping agent will help you handle the entire shipping process, including customs clearance and paying taxes for your products, from Pick up at your China Alibaba suppliers factory until delivery to the amazon warehouse seller central in the UK.

This method is economical. If you have enough time to wait for the product, As an amazon seller, this is the first option for you to ship china to Amazon FBA.

Shipping time

Sending your products from China to Amazon FBA UK through sea freight combined with Express shipping can take around 25 to 35 days, depending on the origin and destination address.

Shipping costs for Sea freight combined with express shipping

The shipping cost for this smart combined method is charged per KG. The charge weight calculation method for this method is the same as the air freight. Check here to learn the chargeable weight calculation method.

Since the unit price is decided by many factors, such as the pickup address in china, delivery address in the UK, Charge weight, product category, and shipping time in peak season or typical working days. So it is difficult to show the price here, But the average shipping price for this method is around $0.8-$$2 per KG.

We will be happy to quote you a real-time price for your shipments and send an inquiry to get the quotation for your freight entirely free of charge. Contact us now to get your exact quotation.

Shipping Products from China to Amazon: Documents Requirements

Shipping Products from China to Amazon: Documents Requirements

Here are the important documents requirements you need when shipping from China to Amazon FBA in the UK:

·        Commercial invoice

This is a legal document that is crucial for the customs clearance process. It’s provided by the exporter sending goods across international borders and issued to the importer throughout the cross-border transaction.

It also functions as a contract and verification of the sale between the Alibaba supplier and the Amazon sellers.

·        Bill of lading

This is a legally binding contract between you, the Alibaba-verified suppliers, the Amazon sellers, and the freight forwarder. It states the content of the cargo you’re shipping, where the shipment is coming from, and where its destination will be.

It’s an essential document, as it directs the actions and movements of personnel along the shipment route, portraying the information they need to process and invoice it.

·        Packing list

The packing list offers a complete, thorough overview of the cargo stated in your commercial invoice and details on how your shipment has been packed. That involves any determining numbers or marks to be noted outside the shipment boxes, weights, and dimensions.

·        Product certificate

In case the items of Amazon sellers do not have any certifications, it implies their items are inadequate. Similarly, item accreditation is important to sell on Amazon. Item certification should not be ignored.

All of those allow precise verification of the goods to prevent incorrect items from being delivered. Once the Amazon business shipment arrives at the port of origin, it will be weighed and measured, ensuring all the details on the package are factual.

Advantages of Cooperating with China Freight Forwarders

Advantages of Cooperating with China Freight Forwarders

If your brand is expanding or you are struggling to meet shipping demand for your Amazon fulfillment center, consider the following benefits of working with a shipping agent from a freight forwarding company.

1.      Pick up from Alibaba suppliers in a short time

Businesses often lose customers as they cannot cater to their customer’s needs on time. When a good is lost overseas, customers find themselves at a loss, as there’s not much they can do.

A shipping company has experienced agents who show professionalism from planning the transportation process until the delivery. You can rest assured your shipping agent will pick up your orders from your Alibaba supplier in a short time.

DFH, as the leading freight forwarder since 2009 till now, has provided free charge pick-up services for all clients.

2.      Do the customs clearance

When shipping your goods from China to Amazon FBA, inaccurate or complete documentation can result in long delays or the shipment not reaching the proper destination. All products entering a country from overseas should pass customs clearance.

Customs clearance agents check that every item is legal, safe, and accompanied by the proper documents before they are permitted to cross an international border.

While if you have a shipping agent like DFH, you don’t need to hire another customs broker for your shipments, As DFH can do it for you.

3.      Offer door-to-door delivery services

Door-to-door shipping is a service where a freight forwarder ensures the goods will be picked up from an Alibaba supplier and delivered to the Amazon warehouse in the UK. It’s different from port-to-port or door-to-port as it starts and finishes at your destination address.

4.      Have many shipping methods for your choice

An experienced freight forwarder should have many different good shipping channels to meet their large quantity clients’ requirements. Whether a small or big shipment needs sea shipping, air shipping, express shipping, or fba shipping, they should meet all their clients. If not, then it means this is a new freight forwarder. You may change to search for another as it will make you costly and very tired to cooperate with a new freight forwarding provider.

5.      Clear the FBA shipping requirements, such as shipping labels and packages requirements

A shipping agent checks all your items are legal, safe, and accompanied by the proper Amazon FBA requirements before they are permitted to cross an international border. You may not need to present all the documents, but it is smart always to have them ready, irrespective of where you are shipping.

6.      Buy cargo insurance

Another good thing about a freight forwarding company is they provide third-party insurance coverage options to safeguard your shipment. As a new seller, insurance is important, especially if you are shipping directly from China to Amazon. DFH helps to buy cargo insurance at a lower cost than clients buy themselves.

7.      Save money

Freight forwarders have built relationships with global carriers, enabling them to negotiate better deals due to the large shipments they oversee and coordinate.

When you hire a professional shipping agent, your shipping costs will be lower than those shipped independently, thanks to those connections.

8.      Better security

Freight forwarders lessen theft and damage, ensuring your shipments are properly managed using the right equipment and tools. On top of managing the goods’ safe loading and unloading, freight forwarders lessen the risk of stolen or lost goods through their services.

9.      Warehousing

Businesses hire freight forwarders to ship goods in bulk quantities. Even though they guarantee your shipment will reach its customers, they also keep an option of warehousing.

Reliable freight forwarders provide storage in case your shipment land in a foreign country. They have Amazon warehouses where they keep the client’s staff and ensure the inventory remains safe.  

Where to Find the China Freight Forwarder?

Where to Find the China Freight Forwarder?

Now that you have understood the benefits of working with a shipping agent or freight forwarder, it’s time to begin searching earnestly for desirable candidates.

Click here:

How to find and select a freight forwarder in China

How to find shipping agents in china with the cheapest shipping rates

The fastest and simplest way to find the best China freight forwarder is to cooperate with DFH.

Why is DFH the Best Freight Forwarder from Alibaba to Amazon FBA UK?

Why is DFH the Best Freight Forwarder from Alibaba to Amazon FBA UK?

DFH is the leading freight forwarding company in China, offering a wide array of shipping solutions to all our clients across the globe. Whether you need your goods delivered from China to the UK or the US, we got you covered!

We are always here to support you with all your international shipping needs, helping you save time and money on the journey. We pride ourselves on our team of professional and experienced forwarders who will guide you to prevent any complications or delays during customs clearance inspections, ensuring all goods reach their destinations safely.

Contact us today to get started!

Final Words

Starting your online store does not have to be challenging. With the proper knowledge, resources, and obligation, you can immediately be on your way to creating your Amazon business with your own branded product.

We hope this article supports and motivates you to continue your online business journey.

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FAQs about Shipping from Alibaba to Amazon UK

Looking for more answers to your questions? Here it is!

Can I ship from China to Amazon UK?

Yes, it normally takes 5 – thirteen working days (which involves customs clearance), to ship from China to the Amazon warehouse in the UK through air transport and 30-35 days by sea transport. 20-25 business days for transport via train. If you don’t have the import license and don’t know how to ship, Contact us to help you with the entire shipping processing and you are only keen on growing your business.

Does Alibaba ship to UK Amazon?

Yes, they do. Many people across the UK use the Alibaba website to source products, drop ship them to the UK, or sell them on Amazon UK.

Can you ship from Alibaba to Amazon?

Yes, we can have your orders shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse. Contact now to get your real-time quotation from China to Amazon fba UK.

Do I need to buy insurance for shipping from China to Amazon UK?

Yes, shipping and cargo insurance will safeguard your products if they’re lost or damaged during shipping. Amazon doesn’t need shipping insurance, but it’s highly suggested and helps you an added peace of mind when shipping your goods.

Am I required to have an import license to buy from China Alibaba to the UK?

No. You won’t need an import license to purchase from Alibaba, either. You’re not obliged to offer any credentials to buy on the platform. Think of Alibaba, a global marketplace that brings together online business buyers and sellers across the globe.

Do you have to pay customs from Alibaba?

Depending on the product quality you’re importing into the UK, you may need to pay duty on your goods and 20% VAT on the whole process of buying, shipping, and insurance your goods.

How do I avoid customs charges in the UK?

There is no real way to prevent custom taxes on goods coming into the United Kingdom from China, especially if you are due. What you should pay and the amount depends on the goods, whether their value comes above or under the threshold, and what you plan to do with them.

Do I have to pay customs duties on items shipped from China to UK Amazon?

Most of the goods imported from China to the United Kingdom will be subject to the complete rate of customs duty. Remember that customs duty is often reported as customs tariff, import tariff, import tax, and import duty. Amazon sellers should pay customs duties for all their products.

Lucky for you, if you cooperate with DFH and choose our shipping method discussed above, the quotation we provided is inducing the customs duties. We will help you do the customs clearance without needing to pay the customs clearance fees.

What is an inexpensive way to send goods from China to the UK Amazon FBA warehouse?

Sea shipping combined with Express shipping directly is your ideal option if you purchase lots of high-quality products from China and ship them to Amazon FBA in the UK. It helps you lessen your shipping cost. But remember your Amazon product inventory before choosing sea shipping, as the shipping time takes more than a month.

For urgent products shipment that wants to get delivered to amazon fulfillment centers fast and inexpensive, then Air shipping combined with Express is the ideal solution for you.

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