China Shipping Delays: Main Causes and Strategies

Shipping delays are always frustrating for buyers and shippers. This can disrupt your supply chain, resulting in high operational costs, penalties, and, worse, unhappy customers. Sometimes, shipment delayed is often beyond your control. However, if you know what causes your shipment to meet the deadline, you can take effective steps.

People all over the world order products from china. If you know the causes of shipments from china being delayed, it will help you to maintain the supply chain.

In this article, we will show the causes of shipping from china delays and the strategies to help you solve the issues. Let’s try to find out the possible causes of why are shipments from china being delayed.

Why are shipments from China being delayed?

Why are shipments from China being delayed?

Every day, thousands of cargo shipments leave China. The estimated transit time is intended to be as accurate as possible so that the consignee knows when to expect their shipment and arrange for pickup. Several reasons can cause the delays, and you probably ask, Why is shipping from China taking so long? Let’s discuss the possible reasons for the delay. 

Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Freight shipments are mostly affected by the weather. Whether you’re living on the south coast and dealing with heavy rain or on the north coast and dealing with multiple blizzards, bad weather affects us all. It is common for bad weather to cause all kinds of issues regarding international shipping, including delays and increased costs.

All kinds of shipments can be affected by bad weather, which eventually increases freight rates. You can plan and avoid some of the problems associated with bad weather if you understand how weather can affect your freight shipment.

Port congestion in China

Port congestion in China

In most cases, a port can’t handle the number of containers it has due to resource constraints or other factors. Normally, this happens around October or just before the Chinese New Year.

Strikes by workers

Strikes by workers

When employees hold a strike, they intentionally stop or slow down their work to force the employer to comply with their demands. The aim of a strike may be to demand higher pay, better benefits, or safer working conditions, for example. Sudden strikes by workers can delay your shipping of goods.

Customs inspections

There are various reasons for a customs inspection, including doubts regarding the customs declaration, monitoring, or suspicion of smuggling or trademark violations. Several reasons can cause a shipment to be held up at customs. Customs select a proportion of shipping containers for inspection at the “Port of Loading” and “Port of Destination.” There are six most common reasons for a shipment getting held up:

  • Documentation errors

  • Documents are lost

  • Tariff classifications are incorrect

  • Late container returns

  • Port or terminal congestion

You should ensure that all of your shipping paperwork is accurate and complete. It will help you to avoid delays while shipping goods.

Increasing demands for goods

In any industry, there are times when sea freight demand spikes (think about the holiday season). People will try to get goods quickly out of the port, so that the port will become congested. Like a traffic jam where there aren’t enough places to pass, there need to be more places to berth vessels.

Storage of skilled labor

Storage of skilled labor

There have been delays in shipping due to COVID-19-positive cases and global worker shortages. We know China was the first country to find the first case, and it is serious about taking action against covid patients. If they discover one worker is affected, they will inform the people they have been in contact with. Delays are inevitable without people carrying out tasks essential to the supply chain. 

Lockdowns in China

COVID-19, a novel coronavirus outbreak, has impacted global supply chains in recent weeks and months. As a result of the number of people, regions, and global companies affected by global pandemics or other public health crises, they can upend normal operations at every stage. Due to this interpretation, the goods cannot reach the shipping area from mainland China.

The Chinese were quite persistent in maintaining the lockdown. So if you order a product from the lockdown area to the west coast, it will eventually delay the shipment.

Chinese Holidays

During the holiday season, retailers often experience spikes in orders. When shipping volumes increase, couriers can be overwhelmed, especially if they need an efficient delivery network. Shipping delays can occur when shoppers are most concerned about getting their items promptly. According to the reports, 25% of US shoppers were concerned about shipping problems during the last holiday season.

Supply chains impact by Coronavirus

Covid-19 lockdowns have exacerbated supply chain challenges in China, resulting in higher port congestion and shipping problem.

After Covid-19 lockdown measures were introduced in Shanghai in March and April, congestion at Chinese ports increased. It broke the supply chain. Due to traffic diverted to alternative ports in northern and southern China, port congestion in Shanghai eased in May. Tianjin and Zhoushan are experiencing longer vessel queues due to high congestion levels. In one world, the Coronavirus affected the complete port supply chain, which can cause delays in shipment.

Strategies for shipping delays from China

Strategies for shipping delays from China

Despite your efforts to simplify your business processes and shipping operations, delayed shipments are inevitable. Whatever the reason, your customer will always see it as a problem, and if you don’t address it quickly, you may lose them to the competition. Here are some strategies you should follow to fight shipping issues in china.

Communicate with your customers

To handle delays, you should first contact your customers and explain why their orders need to be delivered on time. Direct calls to your customers are better than email or a dedicated response channel like Facebook Messenger. Tell them the supply chain data insights so that they can keep patience.

You’ll be able to provide a personalized solution, and your customers will appreciate your extra effort. Describe every detail of the delay in their order and give them an estimate of when their package will arrive. Ensure the supply chain has an emergency plan for shipping goods to the destination.

Work with a logistics expert

In the event of disruptions, you need a fulfillment and supply chain expert, including the freight forwarder, to help you. Hopefully, they will assist you in finding alternative courier solutions and explain how to deal with disruptions and surcharges. You can take help from a China freight forwarder such as DFH freight from China.

Build up inventory

Stock up on essential supplies that can last several months during a disruption. If your supply chains are temporarily interrupted, you can maintain your business by storing finished goods, components, or raw materials. However, it will increase warehousing costs.

Audit the supply chain

A risk analysis will determine where the weakest links are in your supply chain. You can then focus on finding alternatives to solve the issues.

Maintain all the documents

Ensure all documents are maintained and the account is complete and correct. It will help you to avoid custom office-related delays.

Diversify supply base.

Suppliers in multiple places ensure you can always get at least some goods regardless of disruptions in your supply chain.

Shipment tracking

Delays can cause anxiety and frustration for you and your customers. A shipping method that provides real-time tracking information can help alleviate these feelings and pass the right information.

Partner with domestic suppliers

You can reduce delivery delays by working with suppliers who have warehouses in your target countries. As a result, you can avoid delivery delays and reduce product shipping times. It will also help you to maintain the transportation costs.

Final Words

It would help if you understood why your shipments from China could be delayed. By developing the right strategies, you can combat the problems. It is not in our hands to resolve all types of delays. For example, you cannot solve problems related to weather or covid. Solving Chinese shipment delay-related issues is possible if you follow the right strategies. 

FAQs About Delays in shipping from China

Why is shipping from China delayed?

There are several reasons why your shipping from china is delayed. For example, infrastructure problems, labor constraints, high demand, bad weather, or extreme demand for goods can delay your shipping from China. 

Why are west coast ships stuck in China?

Congested ports are the main reason for major delays. The Coronavirus has affected manufacturing and shipping, causing major port delays for all regions, including the west and east coast.

China’s production has returned to normal, but COVID-19 has created various other challenges, such as high demand and delays in production. Several reasons are causing your container vessels to be stuck in China, including too many vessels in the port, needing more product loaded, etc.

How long is shipping from China right now?

There is no accurate answer to the question. The shipping time depends on the location of the receiver. To reach the east coast, it takes 10-35 days, and to reach the middle East, east, it takes 10-15 days.

How long will a package from China USPS normally reach me in 2022?

Priority Mail International offers affordable global delivery to about 180 countries. It takes 6–10 business days to receive a package from China USPS 2022. However, express freight will take less time.

Why is 2022 shipping so long?

The shipping industry in 2022 has been severely affected by massive delays. Lockdowns, worker shortages, and slow port turnaround times have exacerbated global supply chain issues and shipping delays.

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