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You need more than just a freight forwarder, you need china shipping agent who provide all in one shipping solutions and guarantee your profits.

Your Best Choice in Logistics:


Your best choice in logistics: DFH

About Us

DFH was founded by Jack Zhou in 2009, Located in Shenzhen: one of the TOP 1 Cities in China.
Being the Most Reliable freight forwarder in China, Our DFH now has 35+ dedicated staff members.

At the begin, we only focused on help China Domestic exporters ship goods from China to Oversea.Which obtained unanimous praise from export enterprises. And they introduced our services to their friends, even though let their oversea clients contact with us directly to solve all the problems about shipping from China to Overseas.
From then on, our customer group includes not only Chinese exporters, but also importers of different products from overseas.

Our Mission

Since both for New importers/Exporters and standard importers/Exporters.Shipping from China can be a painful thing as there with too many uncertainties. So DFH is committed to helping these companies.In now Markets E-commerce business is such popular, As an international freight forwarder, and act as a bridge between buyers and sellers, we are happy to help those people in need of such services even though we know the task is heavy and way is long.


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Why Us?

Most of the China Freight forwarders are keen on only service on large companies which with large shipments to arrange only. They don’t have the energy to arrange cargo shipments for some small and middle companies. And they are not as comprehensive as our service.
Our service for you begin with Pick up at China Factories and end with delivery to the destination address. Can not only be a commercial address but also an FBA center.
There are so many companies that are without the right to export, we can help you to buy the license and do customs declaration. If you or your clients can not do the entry customs clean, we arrange for you and prepay taxes for each shipment. You will need only give us the cartons and pay shipping fees, all other things let us handle for you.

We have big enough space warehouses in China that can help you to stock free of charge for 20-30days. Which our other competitors can not provide.

We can help you to repack and re-label each shipment and then send it directly to your clients without letting your suppliers know the clients’ information.
If you buy together at several factories, Then collect for you and ship out together is our basic services.

Most of our employees with many years of experience in shipping from China to Overseas, they experts in all shipping channels, can recommend the best solutions for choose at any time.

For new employees, we will provide corresponding training every week, so even if you are dealing with an employee who has just joined the company for a few months, so you can get specific recommendations for each of your shipments from any of our employees.

We highly cherish every one of our customers, whether you are arranging a small cargo of a few KG or a large cargo of more than a few tons. We will do our best to make every cooperation make you satisfied.

Besides the above reasons, Providing competitive shipping rates is our basic  service.After a long time (10 years) of shipping market supply chain development, We have found several advantageous shipping channels. So each of your shipments from now on must be safe and arranged by our mature shipping channels which can 100% make sure your shipments are without any problem.

Join our 6000+ clients team today, Let us help you save time, save money, and relax yourself while we take care of all your freight forwarding needs.

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There are many benefits to choosing DFH for all of your shipments needs, Our knowledgeable sales team looks forward to discussing your needs and providing you with an unparalleled level of service. Contact us today for more information now!

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