How to Ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA: Step-by-Step Guide

Alibaba and Amazon are the two biggest online marketplaces in the world. While Amazon is a B2C platform that caters to customers, Alibaba is a B2B platform that caters more to businesses.

As a result, millions of businesses and online retailers flock to Alibaba to buy goods they can resell on the Amazon platform. 

If you’re an importer or Amazon retailer looking for simpler and cost-effective ways to ship goods from Alibaba to Amazon FBA, then this article is for you!

This article explains how to source goods on Alibaba and then ship them easily and cheaply to the Amazon FBA center in your country. Ultimately, you’ll have a comprehensive guide that answers every question about shipping from Alibaba to Amazon FBA business. 

What is Alibaba?

What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is a global Chinese e-commerce marketplace that links buyers and retailers with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. Alibaba is predominantly a B2B platform that serves as the most comprehensive directory for connecting buyers from all over the world with suppliers, most of whom are based in Asia.

In contrast to traditional e-commerce websites like Amazon, where customers make one-off purchases from third-party sellers, Alibaba is a marketplace where businesses can buy goods directly from sellers, factories and manufacturers.

With the help of this platform, buyers can buy large quantities of goods in bulk at discounted prices and resell them online for higher prices on sites like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.

Customers can use Alibaba to create custom products from scratch using their own designs, negotiate directly with manufacturers, and make significant cost savings. Many online retailers also use it because it provides an easy way to find cheap goods to sell online profitably.

The platform supports millions of customer traffic annually and has various tools and features designed to simplify B2B buying and selling. 

What are the advantages of buying from Alibaba and sales on Amazon?

How to Ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA: Step-by-Step Guide

With millions of products and suppliers, Alibaba is the go-to platform for most online businesses and retailers worldwide, especially Amazon. Here are the numerous advantages retailers enjoy on the Alibaba platform:

Cheap prices

This is arguably the main factor many Amazon FBA sellers are eager to shop on the Alibaba platform. Alibaba offers unbeatably low prices because buyers can source products directly from the manufacturers and direct suppliers.

 When Amazon retailers get their products at very low costs from Alibaba, they can hike the price on their Amazon seller account to make huge profits without pushing customers away. When you sell Alibaba products on an Amazon seller account, you make great gains.

Also, dealing directly with the manufacturer on Alibaba helps to cut out middleman costs, a prospect very appealing to any online business.

Rich suppliers’ resources

Finding suppliers on Alibaba is as simple as searching for the platform. Even better, most of these suppliers are verified by Alibaba; hence they can be trusted for business dealings. Several criteria, like the company’s profile, the production factory’s capabilities, the product quality, and process controls, must be met for a supplier to become verified. 

Whether you make a product or supplier search, you will find thousands of reliable suppliers that you can choose from. The next step is to screen these suppliers based on their prices, ratings, and reviews. 

Thus, the rich presence of suppliers on the Alibaba platform is another factor Amazon retailers enjoy.

Easy to use

Alibaba has a much more functional and user-friendly interface than other international B2B websites. No matter where a seller comes from, they find it easy to navigate the Alibaba platform without problems. 

There is a search bar on the Alibaba website where you can enter the keyword to search for just about any product you’re looking for. You can also filter your search to guarantee that the results obtained are the most relevant to your needs. Any Amazon retailer can easily use the Alibaba platform, even new businesses.


Another great benefit of the Alibaba platform is that it allows for direct negotiation with suppliers. Amazon retailers can keep searching through the venue until they find a low Minimum Order Quantity supplier that can favor them. Feel free to negotiate on the platform. Alibaba prices and MOQs are not set in stone.

Accept customized orders with private labels.

If you intend to launch your line of custom-made branded goods by rebranding generic ones, you can easily do this on Alibaba by speaking to the manufacturer. 

A great advantage of Alibaba is that private label sellers can ask Ali Baba’s manufacturers to make the necessary customizations if they want to start selling goods under their personal name and logo. You must send your product name and logo along with the necessary information.

Doing this can make your goods unique and prevent others from stealing your products. Once your name and logo are on your products, you can develop your brand and gain more customers.

Safe and guaranteed for buyers

Alibaba offers its customers protection by letting them select verified, trade assurance, or gold suppliers with a proven track record. If a supplier or manufacturer doesn’t meet the requirements, Alibaba offers a guarantee system where buyers can request a refund. 

Amazon retailers can rely on Alibaba’s guarantee and money-back protection if the buyer and seller’s requirements are unmet.

How do I ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

How do I ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

Ship by Alibaba freight forwarders

Many freight forwarders on the Alibaba platform can help receive your goods and ship them directly to the Amazon FBA warehouse. This can be arranged easily by asking your reputable suppliers to send your goods. While it is a very easy option for Amazon retailers, it comes at extra costs, and the supplier can only ship smaller goods to the FBA because of Amazon’s inventory limits.

Ship by a China freight forwarder

This is probably the best method for shipping goods to the Amazon fulfillment center. When you hire a reputable freight forwarder, they can help you inspect your goods with the supplier to confirm quality, then warehouse your goods, pack them when it’s ready for shipping, and help you handle all aspects of logistics while shipping, including import and export clearance. 

Both new and experienced importers prefer this shipping method because it saves so much stress and worries and comes at cheaper warehousing and shipping costs. If you need the services of the best China freight forwarder, contact DFH today. We’ll perfectly handle every aspect of your shipments.  

Ship to a 3PL logistics company and then to Amazon FBA warehouse.

3PL stands for Third-Party logistics planner, and they can assist businesses with shipping their goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse, help handle customs clearance, and even offer product inspection on behalf of the importer. 

It would be best to consider using a 3PL when you’re a new seller on Amazon, your products need special handling and care, or you have a low inventory limit on Amazon seller central.

Since Amazon has strict warehousing limits that can prevent retailers from shipping in bulk to Amazon FBA, it is always easier and cheaper to use a 3PL company instead of shipping products in bits to the Amazon warehouse.

Before choosing a 3PL, check their credit ratings, customer reviews, and work experience.

7 Shipping methods from China Alibaba to Amazon FBA

7 Shipping methods from China Alibaba to Amazon FBA

Express shipping

Express shipping is the fastest shipping method from Alibaba to Amazon FBA centers. Goods are shipped using air couriers like  DHL, UPS, and FedEx express. Express shipping is reliable and safe and comes with no stress to the importer. It is a door-to-door service.

The only disadvantage of this shipping method is its high costs. Therefore, if you’re shipping less urgent or heavier goods, you should consider other shipping methods. 

Air freight combined with express

This combined shipping method is predominantly delivered by airliners. The goods are first delivered to the destination country through Air freight; then transported to the Amazon FBA through express shipping. 

This high-speed shipping method comes cheaper than express shipping, making it a solid choice among Amazon retailers.

Air freight combined with truck freight

This shipping method involves delivering goods via air freight to an airport in the destination country, where they are then picked up by trucks and driven by road to Amazon FBA centers within the country. While it may be slower than air freight combined with express shipping, it is a much cheaper shipping method. And it accepts oversized packages.

Ocean freight combined with express

This is a popularly used shipping method to Amazon FBA centers. Goods are transported to the destination country using sea freight and then locally within the country to Amazon FBA by UPS or FedEx express. This service saves days of shipping time and is cost-effective.

Ocean freight combined with truck freight

This is the most convenient way to ship goods. Goods are shipped to the destination country using sea freight and then transported by truck to the Amazon FBA centers. It is the slowest mode of shipping goods to Amazon FBA centers. 

Rail freight combined with express shipping

Rail freight has started gaining popularity as a great way to ship goods from China to European countries. When these goods have been arranged in containers and shipped by trains to the European country, they are shipped further using express shipping to the Amazon FBA center. Rail shipping is an excellent substitute for other shipping methods and offers variety when shipping goods. 

Rail freight can be a good middle ground between air and sea shipping in terms of price and transit time because it is less expensive than air freight and travels about 10-15 days faster than sea freight.

Rail freight combined with truck freight

This shipping method involves shipping the goods by train to the destination country and transporting them by truck to the Amazon FBA center.

Shipping cost from Alibaba to amazon FBA

Shipping cost from Alibaba to amazon FBA

The shipping cost from Alibaba to Amazon FBA depends on the following:

  • The shipping method used.

  • The type and weight of goods.

  • The distance from China to the destination country.

  • The standard of your freight forwarder and shipping carrier.

As a result of these factors, it is difficult for us to give an exact price quote here. However, here’s a little formula you can always remember.

Sea freight < Rail freight < Air freight < Express.

Express shipping is the most expensive, while Sea freight is the cheapest.

Please find out the total weight of your goods (by calculating the length, width, and height) and make sure they are correctly packaged before shipping. Learn about calculating charge weight and Dimensional weight here.

If you need a quote for your shipment from Alibaba to an Amazon FBA center, contact us today to get the exact shipping costs. We’ll reply within minutes!

Who can benefit from buying from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

Who can benefit from buying from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

The low prices that the manufacturers in Alibaba offer can benefit all different kinds of third-party sellers, but two sellers stand to gain more from it. These two selling models listed below are more affected by purchasing from Alibaba to Amazon FBA:


Dropshipping is very popular on the Alibaba platform. An Amazon retailer does not need to have those goods in their inventory to dropship. Instead, they advertise the goods in their online store, and when a customer orders, they send the customer’s order directly from the Alibaba supplier.

The Alibaba supplier receives the order, packs it, then sends the goods directly to the customer, but in the name and label of the Amazon retailer. This way, the customer does not need to know that the products came directly from the supplier, not the seller. 

Dropshipping is a very beneficial retail selling method because it involves little capital investment.

Dropshipping is popular among manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba (or Aliexpress). If this business model appeals to you, you can contact your chosen supplier directly or ask an agent to assist you in finding a supplier who offers drop shipping.

Private Label Sellers

Private labeling is for you if you’ve always wanted to establish your own brand or launch a custom product line. In private labeling, an Amazon seller seeks out a manufacturer who can create unique custom goods, then rebrands these goods with the seller’s name and logo.

Private Label vendors only need to contact the manufacturers directly and explain their specific product needs. After negotiations and an agreement is reached, the factories or manufacturers promise not to make the same products for another business than the first seller who sourced them initially. 

The seller can send their logos, packaging, and other crucial brand information to the factory. The products will then be produced according to these specifications and sent to the seller’s Amazon FBA warehouse.

When a customer places an order, the items are taken directly from the FBA warehouse, already stocked with private-label goods. 

Many Amazon sellers are keen on selling branded products for their Amazon business. Contact the supplier to request this.

How to track the shipping status for my shipments

How to track the shipping status for my shipments

When your goods are on the way from Alibaba, it is normal for Amazon retailers to know the current status of their shipments.

If you’re using express shipping to transport your goods, tracking cargo is very easy. You only need to log in to the site of the air courier you’re using. Insert your tracking code or ID. Then you’ll get immediate information on your cargo’s location and estimated delivery date.

If you’re shipping using air or sea freight, there are other ways to track your cargo. They include:

  • Ask your freight forwarder-Since your freight forwarder is handling your logistics, they always know the current status of your location, whether air or sea freight. For instance, if DFH handles your logistics, you can contact us with the tracking ID we’ve given you. We’ll tell you your goods’ location, status, and estimated delivery date. We’ll also inform you when your goods go through customs clearance.

  • Track using the sea shipping or airline company- Most shipping carriers and airlines have websites where you can confirm information about your goods. All you need is to enter the tracking ID/airway bill number for air freight or container ID/ Bill of lading for sea shipping. You’ll have all the information you need to know immediately.

Ensure you know the shipping labels of your shipping company. Please contact us if you need to know when your items will be cleared by customs or delivered to the Amazon FBA warehouse. 

How to find freight forwarders to help ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

How to find freight forwarders to help ship from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

There are numerous freight forwarders available on the Alibaba platform. You can ask your supplier to refer a good freight forwarder to you.

You can also find reliable freight forwarders online or check other marketplaces.

You should try to get many freight forwarders so that you can screen them based on their experience shipping to Amazon FBA, customer reviews, and ratings.

The best and simplest way to get a freight forwarder is to cooperate directly with DFH. DFH is one of the best China freight forwarders. Let’s discuss today how to ship your goods across.

Why is DFH the best Alibaba freight forwarding company to Amazon FBA?

Why is DFH the best freight forwarder from China to California?

DFH remains one of the most reputable freight forwarders in China. Choosing freight forwarders with the necessary skills and knowledge for shipping goods from China to Amazon FBA more effectively will help you save time and money.

We have offices in Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dongguan, and Zhejiang. Regardless of where your supplier’s factory is located in mainland China, we offer free pickup within three hours of pickup authorization.

You can have peace of mind and concentrate on the crucial aspects of managing your company when you use DFH.

The following services distinguish us from our competitors:

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • Low-cost insurance premiums

  • Free of charge packing and repacking

  • Free-of-charge warehousing

  • Renowned logistics expertise

  • A strong network of forwarders and customs brokers in any country.

  • Low shipping costs as a result of our good relationship with carriers

  • Free quality inspection services.

  • Knowledge of the right routes for shipping your products to the destination port.

Regardless of the request or unusual shipment, we’ll do everything possible to satisfy your needs.

Simply contact us to receive a quote on DFH. We’ll get to work on your orders immediately and deliver them right on schedule.


As you can see, Amazon sellers find suppliers and order Alibaba products on Alibaba, and reselling them on Amazon is very profitable. The sourcing and manufacturing process is simple. Contact us today if you’re ready to join the long list of retailers who make money through drop shipping, online retailing, or private-label products. Together we can analyze the best supplier for your goods and then help you ship them directly to the Amazon FBA center.

We look forward to partnering with you.


What is the cheapest shipping method for Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

The cheapest shipping method from Alibaba to Amazon FBA is sea freight combined with Truck or Express freight.

Can I ship from Alibaba straight to Amazon?

Yes, absolutely! You can ship your products directly from the factory of your Alibaba suppliers to Amazon FBA. DFH can also help inspect your products with the supplier to guarantee they’re up to a good quality standard.

Can I use any box to ship to Amazon FBA?

No, you must use specific boxes to pack your Amazon FBA items. Amazon FBA has boxes requiring material, durability, and labeling. Ensure you check the best option for your products before investing in packaging materials.

How much does it cost to ship products from Alibaba to Amazon?

The costs vary with the shipping method and size of the products. Contact us to get the exact price quote on shipping.

Do I have to pay the import tax from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

The import tax is compulsory when shipping from Alibaba to Amazon FBA. However, your supplier or freight forwarder can pay on your behalf if they help you handle shipping. If you choose our Combined shipping method from Alibaba to Amazon FBA, Our quotation is an all-in-one offer, including shipping costs, customs costs, import taxes, and the final delivery costs.

Do I need a customs broker from Alibaba to Amazon FBA shipment?

A customs broker can help simplify the entire customs clearance procedure for you. Hence, it is perfect for involving them when shipping. Your freight forwarders can help you arrange for your customs clearance processing. Don’t worry about this.

Who pays for return shipping Alibaba?

The seller takes responsibility for the return shipping whenever you refund goods on the Alibaba platform. Before shipping, make sure you also negotiate this with your supplier. If you ship using a trade assurance or verified supplier, you can relax; the burden of return shipping falls on the supplier.

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