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Shipping From China To Germany

The shipping service from China to Europe is a complicated process, but with the help of DFH you will never have any trouble.

You can choose from sea, rail, or air freight depending on what’s most convenient for your shipment and we provide professional customs clearance once it arrives in destination country too.

At DFH, we take pride in offering clients the most competitive rates for shipping your goods from China to Europe.

Whether you need rail, sea, or air freight service with a quick turnaround time; our team will ensure that all of your needs are met and exceeded. We have a wide variety of options for your goods, if an individual shipment is too large to handle we can also provide door-to-door service as well.

One-stop Shipping Solutions from China to Germany

Air freight from China to Europe
Air Freight from China to Germany

DFH offers great shipping rates from any airport in China to Europe, especially those located at Shenzhen or Guanghzhou.

Ocean Freight From China to Germany
Ocean Freight China to Germany

DFH is a China Leading ocean freight forwarder who offers very competitive rates for FCL and LCL shipments from China to any sea port in Europe.

How long does it take Express Freight from China to Germany
Express Freight from China to Germany

FedEx, UPS and DHL are the three most popular shipping methods that offer fast Delivery to Europe countries with 3-5days for a small fee of course.

How long does it take Rail Freight from China to Germany
Rail Freight from China to Germany

Rail Freight is 50% Lower cost than Air freight and 40% Faster Than Ocean freight. The most Popular shipping route from China to Europe

DDU & DDP Delivery
from China to Germany

The Chinese self-developed channel, fast deliveries and time saving with competitive price customs clearance Taxfree. DDP delivery goods by sea or air or Rail to combine with Express Freight.

Shipping from China to Germany Amazon FBA

DFH team provide safely and high efficiency Services for Shipping from China to any Amazon warehouse in Europe Countries by Express, Air, Ocean, and Rail Combined routes.

More Services When Shipping from China to Germany

Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution

We Offer 50days Free of Charge Warehousing for Clients

Pick UP service
Pick Up

Pickup at Any address Within China Mainland, Help to Save time and Cost

Packing & Repacking

Provide Free Pakcing and Repacking service,Which help you to make all steps smoothly and easily

Cargo Insurance
Cargo Insurance

Help To buy Cargo Insurance 30% Lower than you buy yourself.

Custom clearance

We have Stone Custom Clearance team oversea and Within China,To Help your shipments Custom.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

We can Help to provide Quality Inspect vedios and reports by Profesional quality inspection team

Label products and Outer Cartons
Label products and Outer Cartons

Labeling products or cartons for Shipments to Amazon or Dropshiping products

Cargo Insurance
Customized Solutions

No matter your Shipments is small or big, We always can customize shipping solution to meet the rquirement

Why Choose DFH to Help Arrange
shipments from China to Germany

Procedures of Shipping from China to Germany

Make Quotation and Confirm Shipping Method

Contact supplier to Arrange Pick up

Prepare Shipping Documents. Goods Inspection before Loading

Export Customs Clearance Help Buy Insurance if needed

International Shipping

Import Customs clean

Final Mile Transport From air or sea port

Delivered to your destination or Amazon Warehouse.

Shipping from China to Germany | Complete Guide [2022]

Shipping from China to Germany Complete Guide [2022]

China’s largest trading partner and export market in Europe is Germany. It is the world’s sixth-largest Chinese export market, receiving nearly $80 billion in 2021. This is a testament to the huge volume of goods traded between the two countries annually.

Despite the strong trade ties, many businesses still find it difficult to ship from China to Germany. There are several procedures, requirements, and terminologies to look out for, and it’s easy to get lost in the maze.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide covering every aspect of shipping from China to Germany. In the end, you’ll be able to learn about the import-export process and improve your business logistics while having a clear understanding of the intricacies involved in shipping goods from China to Germany, either by air, land, or sea.

What are the different methods of freight shipping from China to Germany?

Door to Door Freight from China to Germany

Businesses can ship directly to Germany using door-to-door freight shipping. This is usually done with DDP shipping. With the aid of a freight forwarder, you can move your goods from China to Germany using LCL shipping for sea and rail freight or air freight. Express freight is always door-to-door. While door-to-door shipping is generally more expensive, choosing the right freight forwarder can help you get the services at cost-effective prices, full customs clearance, and timely delivery.

Door-to-door delivery using sea freight LCL usually takes between 30-40 days, Rail freight 16-20 days, air freight 6-13 days, and express 1-4 days. Door-to-door delivery to the Amazon FBA warehouse takes about 10-15 days for air freight. 

About DDP shipping from China to Germany

Best Shipping Incoterms for Shipping from China to Europe.

DFH offers different options for DDP shipping from China to Germany. Depending on the size of goods to be transported and the time frame for delivery, we use either DDP sea freight, DDP Rail freight, or DDP air freight. Our express freight is always done with DDP shipping.

Door-to-door (DDP) Air freight from China to Germany

Door-to-door shipping from China to Czech Republic.

DDP Air freight is used from China to Germany for time-sensitive, semi-bulky goods that would otherwise be too expensive with express freight. It takes roughly 10 days to arrive and can be delivered directly to the buyer’s premises, whether a residential or company address. The goods can also be delivered to an Amazon FBA warehouse if the buyer requires them. 

Under the DDP air freight method, we help you to handle all import customs clearances, extra duties, and logistics paperwork during the flight. 

Door-to-door (DDP)Ocean freight from China to Germany

Door-to-door (DDP)Ocean freight from China to Germany

This is the cheapest way of shipping from China to Germany. LCL shipping is typically used unless specified otherwise. It takes 30-40 days for goods to arrive in Germany at any address.

Door-to-door (DDP) Rail freight from China to Germany

What is the Rail Freight Transit Time from China to Hungary?

This is becoming a widely accepted means of shipping from China to Germany. The shipping is done with the use of containers on trains. Unless specified, LCL shipping is used. The shipping time is about 20 days to any address in Germany.

EXPRESS Shipping from China to Germany

Express shipping is typically handled by air couriers, allowing you to quickly send packages up to 500kg or more per shipment.

Express freight remains the quickest method of shipping from a Chinese supplier to your destination in Germany, with delivery taking just 3 to 5 working days and efficient customs clearance for door-to-door delivery of express documents and packages from China.

However, compared to other shipping options, all this speed and convenience come at a hefty price, especially for packages weighing under 200 kilograms. Due to this, we only advise using express shipping if your shipment is not more than 200KG or you require your goods very quickly.

DHL, FedEx, and UPS Express are courier companies that offer express freight services.

UPS Express shipping China to Germany

How Does UPS Calculate Shipping Costs?

UPS is an American multinational company known as one of the world’s biggest shipping couriers. They offer various urgent shipping options, from light to heavyweight shipments from China to Germany, and guarantee goods’ proper safety and security during transit.

You can open a UPS account to know how to proceed or use a freight forwarder to help with UPS shipping.

DHL Express China to Germany

DHL express shipping from china to USA

DHL is arguably the most popular courier service in China and worldwide. The product type and name, charge weight, peak season or off-peak season, surcharges, and fuel prices affect how much it will cost to ship a package via DHL from China to Germany. 

The official DHL website allows you to register for an account and access express shipping rates when you’re ready to start shipping goods via DHL Express from China to Germany.

FedEx Express China to Germany

Express Freight. (DHL, UPS, FEDEX) shipping from China

FedEx is another American multinational company specializing in logistics and transportation worldwide. They have a large following in China, and many suppliers love to use this courier service for their fast delivery and modest rates.

Air Freight from China to Germany

Air Freight from China to Germany

China Air Freight is a great substitute for express shipping if you need your items quickly. Shipping via an air carrier is quicker than shipping by land or sea. This method is ideal for smaller, more delicate shipments that must be delivered quickly. Despite being a quick method, it is more expensive than land and sea freight. 

It is also important to note that air freight shipping isn’t a door-to-door service, except you’re working with DDP shipping. Therefore, there will be extra work and costs for logistics to and from airports and customs clearance in Germany. 

Having said that, those costs will still be less than what you would pay for express shipping, making air freight an excellent substitute for express shipping.

The best rates for air freight apply to goods weighing between 300 and 500 kilograms.

You can manage the movement of your goods from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen to German airports like Berlin, Augsburg, and Dresden by working with a freight forwarder that knows the right air carriers to ship your goods with.

Ocean Freight From China to Germany

Why Choose DFH to Help Shipping from China to Germany (1)

The most common shipping method importers use to transport goods from China to Germany is Ocean/Sea freight. 

Although it is slower than other shipping options, it is more affordable and provides much more flexibility regarding the kinds of goods you can send and the shipping routes that can be used. 

There are two ways to ship using sea freight. They include LCL and FCL shipping. Let’s explain them further.

Ocean Freight LCL

Less than container load shipments are referred to as LCL shipments. When importing relatively small amounts of goods from China to Germany and using air freight is too expensive, you can ship your imports as a less-than-container load (LCL).

In an LCL shipment, your products are bundled into a shared container with those of other importers. This makes this method affordable because you do not have to pay for the use and transportation of an entire shipping container from China to Germany.

LCL shipments are ideal for cargo between 1-15 cubic meters, i.e., small freights that do not require a full container space and require less urgency. 

LCL shipments generally take longer than FCL because your products need to be consolidated/deconsolidated before and after shipping.

If your goods are small and require less speed of delivery, LCL is the suitable option. 

Ocean Freight FCL

FCL shipments, also known as “full container loads,” is another means of transporting goods from China to Germany. An FCL shipment is the best choice for shipments from China to Germany larger than 15 cubic meters because your items are packed into their own container without sharing with others. FCL is also the most affordable way to ship large amounts of cargo in a shipping container from China to Germany because containers have fixed prices

Despite being built for large shipments, your cargo does not have to occupy the entire container in an FCL shipping. It is economical sometimes to use FCL shipping with half a container than LCL shipping.

FCL containers maybe 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HQ, and 40ft HQ.

You may also want to check out our article that discusses FCL and LCL shipping, optimizing your cargo, and calculating the volume of goods.

Rail freight from China to Germany

Railway transportation: Advantages

Rail freight is quickly becoming an excellent option for importers shipping goods from China to Germany because they are quicker than sea freight and less expensive than air freight. Rail freight is ideal for bulk cargo, liquid goods, and heavy machinery. This method also makes use of container load.

The popular train route linking Chongqing with Europe is over 11,000 km long and has been used since 2012. and started operating on August 31, 2012. Starting in Chongqing, the route travels through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Duisburg, Germany.

Costs of Shipping from China to Germany

How Can You Reduce Your Shipping Costs from China to South Korea?

Air Freight Rates and Costs from China to Germany

The type of goods, weight, volume, and destination are just a few variables that affect how much air freight costs from China to Germany.

Air freight costs per kilogram decrease as your shipment gets heavier, though the lowest chargeable weight is 45 kg. It is, therefore, better to take advantage of economies of scale by shipping larger shipments.

This table shows costs for air freight in dollars for 200KG cargo as of 2021.

Ocean Freight Rates and Costs from China to Germany

Ocean Freight Combined with Express Shipping Costs from China to USA Amazon FBA

The price of shipping a container from China to Germany using ocean freight will vary depending on the date, the carrier used, the route is taken, carriage terms, and container type. 

For FCL shipping, 

You can save money by increasing your shipping volume as long as it goes within a container, i.e., if you fill a container to more than 70% of its capacity, FCL becomes less expensive because you can take advantage of economies of scale in this way. A container can be 20′ or 40′ long.

The standard container rate for FCL shipping is shown below.

For LCL shipping,

Since you do not have to rent an entire container for yourself, LCL is less expensive than FCL.

It’s important to note that port fees at the destination account for a sizable portion of the cost of LCL shipping.

You can estimate how much LCL would cost door-to-door for a load weighing 200 kg/cbm by looking at the table below:

Express Freight Rates and Costs from China to Germany

Express Freight Rates and Costs from China to Germany

The type of goods, weight, and size of the package used determines the price for an Express freight. It is more economical to ship bigger cargo in express shipping from China to Germany than smaller ones because the price per kilogram decreases as your package gets bigger during express shipping. See this table showing a sample price list, for example:

Rail Freight Rates and Costs from China to Germany

Rail freight from China to Europe.

Although costs can change depending on the season, the average cost of an FCL container from China to Germany by rail train is $13,500 in 2021-2022.

On the other hand, the average cost of rail freight for LCL goods is $1.5/kg -$2/kg, including customs and duty fees.

Also, numerous freight forwarder agents will transport your cargo door to door, helping simplify the logistics process.

Shipping time from China to Germany.

Shipping time from China to Germany.

How long does it take Air Freight from China to Germany

Air freight shipments take slightly longer than express deliveries because of slower transit times to and from airports and more time spent in customs. 

Transit times are typically 6–13 days from door to door or 3-4 days from port to port. However, flight time makes up a very small portion of these times. Air carriers use the remaining time to group air china cargo freight before loading to enable easy clearance by customs.

Transit time may also depend on the cities involved in the goods transport; for example, the typical transit time for air freight shipments from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Beijing to Frankfurt is 3 days, while shipping takes about 5 days from Qingdao to Frankfurt and 5 days from Chengdu to Frankfurt.

How long does it take Ocean Freight from China to Germany

what is ocean freight

The transit time by ocean freight depends on the distance of the supplier to the port, the shipping route to be used, whether it’s an FCL or LCL container load, and the incoterms used. When shipping by sea, FCL Shipping is the fastest. Also, delivery of door-to-door shipping may take an extra 4-6 days.

The table below shows China and Germany’s average shipping times between high-volume city routes.

How long does it take Express Freight from China to Germany

How long does it take Express Freight from China to Germany

Express shipping is the quickest method for shipping freight goods from China to Germany.

The package is delivered to your location in 1 to 6 days. Air couriers that offer faster delivery times often have higher costs.

How long does it take Rail Freight from China to Germany

How long does it take Rail Freight from China to Germany

Rail usually takes less time than shipping by sea freight. Between train hubs, rail freight takes about 14-16 days. For door-to-door shipments, the time becomes approximately 20-25 days. 

When determining shipping costs and your preferred method, keep the following in mind:

  • The cost difference between shipping by air and sea increases with the weight. For example, a 100kg good costs almost the same when shipping by air and sea. However, the cost gap widens when the weight increases and sea shipping becomes preferable, despite the longer time.

  • FCL is more economical than LCL with large container load because of the flat rates per container. Therefore, the entire container must not be filled up before using FCL.

  • International courier services are the best choice for small shipments weighing less than 2kg because freight forwarders frequently decline shipments of this size. 

Is insurance needed when shipping from China to Germany?

Do I need to buy insurance for shipments from China to the Philippines?

Insurance is generally a good idea when shipping from China, especially with high-cost products like phones and electronics. It never hurts to protect yourself from damages and losses. Usually, your freight forwarder should be able to get this for you. You may choose to skip insurance if your goods are low-value goods. 

The insurance premiums are typically between 0.05% and 0.08% of the total commercial Invoice Value, depending on different product names.

What are the best incoterms for shipping from China to Germany?


Incoterms play a significant role in global trade, and it is crucial to comprehend the trade terms offered and their advantages when shipping from China. The most popular incoterms you’ll come across when shipping from China to Germany are EXW(Ex-Works), FOB( Free On Board), and DDP( Delivered Duty Paid).

It is recommended that you use the EXW incoterm for small-sized goods. You’ll have to pick up the goods directly from the supplier’s workshop, transport them to the port, and ship them to your country’s destination port. The buyer bears all the logistics responsibility when EXW incoterm is used, including the export and import customs clearance. Hence, it is not a very good idea if you’re new to importing.

But don’t worry; hiring a reliable China freight forwarder can help you handle all the steps till you get goods at your destination address.

You can use FOB for larger products(>100 kg) so that the supplier can transport the goods to the port or your forwarder. This would save you some local transporting costs.

Also, you may choose DDP, which means the seller will handle every aspect of the shipping, including all risks and expenses, till it is delivered to your premises. It is effectively a door-to-door service. This is perfect when you don’t want to stress over the logistics process.

Each incoterm has a different degree of responsibility for the buyer and the seller, from the situation where you are solely in charge of shipping (EXW) to the situation where the seller is fully responsible (DDP).

Remember that your overall import cost will depend on the incoterm you select because your supplier will add extra charges for FOB or DDP.

To know more about incoterms, check here. to check the complete guide for incoterms.

Customs clearance in China and Germany

Customs Clearance Costs

The easiest way to handle customs from China to Germany is by using reputable freight forwarders like DFH. 

DFH has custom agents in both countries to make your clearance process simple and stress-free. Even better, the services are offered at very little fees. 

Your company will still be partially responsible for customs clearance because you will need to include a few specific documents with your shipment or provide DFH with the information they need to complete the documents on your behalf.

Germany port for arriving container 

Germany port for arriving container 

The major receiving ports in Germany are 

BREMERHAVEN- The fourth busiest European port and is the largest closed container-handling site in the world for sea shipping. It has an annual container volume of over 5 million TEUs.
HAMBURG- It is Germany’s largest port and the third busiest port in Europe. It handles over 8.5 million TEUs.

China's Busiest container port

Why Does CFS Be Important?

The major ports that would handle the shipping of your goods from China to Germany are:

FUZHOU- A port in southeast China. It can handle heavy vessels above the 10,000 tonnes class and is one of the busiest ports in China for sea shipping. They have an annual container volume of over 3 million TEUs.

GUANGZHOU- A deep-water container port that serves over 100 international container connections. They have an annual container volume of over 21.9 million TEUs.

WUHAN- This is also a big port with 244 berths for vessels. It is located along the Yangtze river and handles an annual container volume of over 500,000 TEUs.

DALIAN- This is the busiest port in northeastern China and is located at the Bohai bay. It handles an annual container volume of over 9.7 million TEUs.

SHANTOU- Another busy port in China that handles over 1.25 million TEUs.

OTHER significant and busiest Chinese export seaports where you can ship goods to Germany are – Shenzhen, Shanghai, Lianyungang, Qinzhou, Xiamen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Qingdao, Tianjin

Germany arriving airports 

Germany arriving airports  (1)

FRANKFURT- This is Germany’s busiest airport and is also home to the fourth busiest airport in Europe. It handles over two million tonnes of freight annually and is directly connected to many Chinese airports.

NUREMBERG- This is another busy airport in Germany and has a high capacity for freight handling.
MUNICH- The airport in Germany’s capital city handles over 400,000 tonnes of freight every year. It is also connected to Qingdao and Shanghai airports in China.

LEIPZIG HALLE- It processes over a million tonnes annually, making it Germany’s second-largest cargo airport. It is also connected to the Shanghai airport.

HAMBURG- This is another big port in Germany that is connected to the Qingdao airport in China.

China's Busiest airports

China's Busiest airports (1)

SHENZHEN- A very busy airport in China that handles millions of cargo annually. It is connected to Cologne and Frankfurt in Germany.

GUANGZHOU- It is China’s third biggest cargo airport and serves Frankfurt and Cologne airports in Germany.

CHENGDU- It is the fifth busiest airport in China and serves Frankfurt airport in Germany

QINGDAO- A very busy Chinese airport that services many airports in Germany, including Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, and Stuttgart.

SHANGHAI-PUDONG- A very big airport in one of China’s busiest cities. It serves the Munich, Frankfurt, and Leipzig airports in Germany.

Other airports in China that ship freight to Germany are Beijing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, and Xiamen

What is the Cheapest Way to ship from China to Germany?

How long does Sea freight take from China to Bulgaria?

Sea freight and Rail freight remain the cheapest and most cost-effective ways to ship goods from China to Germany if you have enough time to wait. They are pretty ideal for bulky goods.

On the contrary, If saving time is creating profits, then express freight and Air freight will be the cheapest way of transportation.

China to Germany shipping delays: are shipments from China delayed?

Shipments from China to Germany are only delayed at the ports when there is incomplete paperwork. If the paperwork is complete and the customs duties are paid, goods are easily cleared quickly, and shipments will not be delayed.

While been influenced by COVID-19 since 2020, Some shipments did deeply influenced by it. that makes it sometimes even we choose Express Freight from China to Germany. it delays.

Additional tips to Reduce costs and save shipping time from China to German

The Best Shipping Method for Transporting Power Banks from China
  • Make your reservations in advance to save money and reduce stress in case of delays.

  • Ship during less busy periods and off-peak seasons. (Avoid shipping before or after the Chinese Holidays.

  • Have all necessary paperwork ready to scale through customs clearance quickly. Check commercial invoice.

  • Budget ahead for customs fees and levies.

  • Check different suppliers and freight forwarders for quotes before selecting one.

  • Know your Incoterms and what form of shipping you’re using to avoid unexpected fees.

What paperwork do I need to ship from China to Germany?

Documents required for shipping parcel from Shenzhen to the USA.

DFH helps to organize all necessary paperwork before shipping your goods to Germany. When your goods arrive in Germany, the documents are required to undergo customs clearance.

The documents requested are:

  • Bill of Lading from the carrier company

  • Commercial Invoice from supplier

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Customs Import Declaration

  • Packing List (optional)

  • Shipping Insurance, if any

  • Others if you have. Or let your freight forwarder help to do it.

Shipping from China to Germany Amazon FBA Warehouse.

Shipping Options from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse

Shipping freight from China to a Germany Amazon FBA warehouse is very easy with the help of a freight forwarder. DFH would help handle all the necessary logistics, consolidation, labeling, and repackaging before shipping your products to Amazon. check how to ship from China to FBA with all the necessary steps.

What Goods are Forbidden to Ship From China to Germany?

What Goods are Forbidden to Ship From China to Germany

Germany prohibits certain goods from being imported into their country, and it is necessary to be aware of these restrictions to avoid customs troubles and waste of money.

Here is a simple list of the prohibited items you should avoid shipping from China to Germany:

  • Drugs and Medicinal products

  • Explosives and fireworks

  • Fake, pirated, or goods infringing copyrights.

  • Live animals and plants

  • Violent or racist materials

  • Guns and other weapons

  • Carcinogenic substances and CFCs

To know if there are any restrictions on your product, contact DFH here. We’ll inform you if your product can be shipped to Germany safely.

What Goods are allowed to import from China to Germany?

What Goods Can Be Imported from China to Japan?

Many goods can be shipped from China to Germany, as long as they are not prohibited. General products like electronics, small equipment, fabrics and accessories, phones, etc. can be shipped to Germany easily. Contact DFH to inquire more about the safe shipping of your product.

Why Choose DFH to Help Shipping from China to Germany?

What Can DFH Do for Your LED Light Business?

DFH is one of the most reputable freight forwarders in China. To save time and money, it is necessary to choose freight forwarders with the required expertise and knowledge in shipping goods from China to Germany more efficiently.

Using DFH gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on the essentials of running your business.

DFH handles hundreds of shipments for our customers each week and has a team with decades of experience shipping goods from China to Germany. 

We distinguish ourselves from our rivals thanks to our:

  • Low-cost insurance premiums

  • Free of charge, packing and repacking

  • Free of charge warehousing

  • Renowned logistics expertise

  • A strong network of forwarders and customs brokers in Germany 

  • Low shipping costs as a result of our good relationship with carriers

  • Free quality inspection services.

  • Knowledge of the suitable routes for shipping your products to the destination port.

To get a quote on DFH, simply reach out to us here. We’ll start working on your products immediately, and you’ll have a timely delivery!

FAQs about shipping from China to Germany

Does Alibaba ship Freight to Germany?

Yes, Alibaba ships to Germany.

How Much Does it Take for a package to ship from China to Germany?

The price depends on the German shipping method used. Sea freight is the cheapest, and express freight is the fastest and most expensive.

How Much Does it Cost to ship a container to Germany?

It depends on whether you’re shipping with FCL or LCL and the size of the goods to be sent. Read our article to get the average pricing for a container in Germany shipping.

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