Rail freight transport between China and Europe.

Fast and most cost-effective way to transport goods between the two continents.

Rail freight transport is now an increasingly attractive way of sending goods between China and Europe. The main benefits are speed and cost. It is faster than sea freight, and more cost-effective than air freight. Rail shipping from China to Europe can take as little as 20-25 days, which is faster than the 35 days it takes by sea. Additionally, rail freight shipping is cheaper than air freight, making it a more attractive option for companies looking to send goods between these two regions.Click here to learn how to find a rail shipping freight forwarder from China.

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    What is Rail Freight.

    Rail freight is a transport method that moves goods from China to Europe Countries by train. It is popular shipping method now just same as Air freight and Ocean Freight container shipping.

    3 Advantages Of Rail freight transport.

    Rail freight shipping from China to Switzerland

    1. Speed: Faster Than Ocean freight.

    What is the shipping time for Rail freight from China? Rail freight is a particularly attractive option for shipping from China to Europe, as it takes roughly half the time of shipping by Ocean freight. The journey from terminal to terminal can take between 15 and 18 days, depending on the route, making it a fast and efficient option for businesses that need to move goods quickly.

    2. Rates: Lower than Air freight.

    What is the rates for Rail freight from China to Europe? Sea freight seems the lowest cost by shipping from China to Europe countries. While that is basis on with enough time to waiting the goods. If time is not so rich, then Rail freight is the best Choose. As Rates for rail freight from China to Europe is much lower than Air freight.

    Example : A 20ft container can hold 28CBM of goods let’s say it is 15000KG. By Train the cost around 6500usd ,by Ocean freight it is around it is around 4000USD, and by Air need around 22000USD.

    3. Environmentally

    Sea freight is the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport, emitting relatively low levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) per container transported. Rail freight, while emitting more CO2 than sea freight, is nevertheless a significantly more environmentally-friendly option than air freight.

    Shipping time for Rail freight from China to Europe

    Rail freight transport is now an increasingly attractive way of sending goods between China and Europe. The main benefits are speed and cost. It is faster than sea freight, and more cost-effective than air freight. Rail shipping from China to Europe can take as little as 20-25 days, which is faster than the 35 days it takes by sea. Additionally, rail freight shipping is cheaper than air freight, making it a more attractive option for companies looking to send goods between these two regions.

    Documents needed for Rail freight shipments.

    All Shipments go out from China to Oversea with the required basic documents, without the documents, shippers can not send goods successfully out to their destination.
    The Most important shipping documents for rail freight shipment from China to Europe include:
    1. Commercial Invoice
    2. Packing list.
    3. Export/Import customs declaration.
    4. Certificate of Origin (Some products need, some no.)
    5. Transport Insurance(This depends on whether you want to buy insurance for your goods or not)
    6. Railway bill of Loading and delivery order.
    7. Production Certificate Such as CE, ROHS, FDA, or FCC(Depends on destination Country requirements).

    What is the calculate method for chargeable weight of rail freight shipments?

    Same as Air Freight and Ocean Freight, the charge weight of rail freight is by the Chargeable weight.
    What is rail freight chargeable weight? It is gross weight or volume weight? No.
    For LCL rail freight shipment same as LCL Ocean freight, Gross weight or Volume weight, the bigger one is the chargeable weight for a shipment.

    Let’s make example then you will know clearly.
    10 cartons product, gross weight for each carton is 12kg, size for each carton is 35cm*45cm*48cm
    Total gross weight =12*10=120KG.
    Total volume weight = 35*45*48/6000 *10=126KG
    126KG >120KG, So the chargeable weight for this shipment is Volumetric weight. 126KG.

    Need us help to check the chargeable weight for your shipments? Send us inquiry right now.

    What Does CBM Mean in Shipping

    The Picture is a volumetric weight calculation the method for LCL Rail way shipments .

    If your goods load by Full container of rail way. Then no need to calculate bythis method, It will be charged as Full Container.

    Inquiry us directly to get an exact quote and charge weight for your shipments.

    What goods can be shipped
    out from China to Europe
    by railway freight?

    Most goods can be shipped by Rail freight from China to Other countries.Rail Freight is a great way for businesses with heavy and bulky shipments to get them delivered on time. You can send most type of good, no matter it is big or small – all you need are special boxes that will fit in our shipping air plane!

    While my year’s experience, One method to help you confirm if goods can be shipped from China can Checking at the Famous Chinese B2B platform like Alibaba and  Made-in-China. If goods can be found from that platforms then can be shipped by railway from China. Contact us directly to confirm the shipping cost for your products.

    What goods can not be
    shipped by Express Freight?

    For international shipping, we said most goods can be handled by express freight. While “Most” does not means all. So there have some items that DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT all don’t accept items, So if you import from China, should consider this point first, then will not influence your business.
    The following articles are prohibited to ship from china to all countries by Express Freight:
         1. Ammunition
         2. Bank bills, notes, or currency (other than coins)
        3. Corpses cremated or disinterred remains
        4. Fireworks
        5. Hazardous waste
        6. Ivory
        7. Marijuana, including marijuana intended for medicinal use
        8. Postage stamps
        9. Shark fins
        10. Shipments prohibited by law
        11. Watches exceeding the value of 500USD

    What you can get if choose our
    Railway freight services?

    The advantages of our clients choosing our company to handle EXPRESS shipments can be listed in 12 points, Our standard clients cooperated with us for more than 8 years because of most of the below factors

    1. You can get a FREE charge for warehousing.
    Some of you maybe buy from different suppliers and want to ship together, but the finished time can not be the same for different suppliers, so if your china freight forwarder can provide your free warehousing services, that will be a good thing for you to import from China.

    2. Customs Clean Supporting
    We can help you to do China Export and destination Country Entry Customs declaration, no worry it is the first time for you to import from China, with our customs clean cooperation condition. You can easily import any products you want from China to any destination Country.

    3. You Can get a Free charge Pick up Service
    Any city within China’s mainland pick-up service is one of the best advantages of cooperating with our DFH. Since we have many years experience in this area, so we can get many discounts for many china domain express carrier companies, it will be much lower cost for us to pick up shipments for you than your suppliers send goods directly to our warehouse. What’s more, is that our pick-up service is free of charge. which can help you save much shipping costs.

    4. You can get free charge buy shipping insurrance.
    We recommend buying shipping insurrance for high commercial value shipments. It is not much money but can protect you once any accident happened during shipping. Lost or damaged during shipping happened not frequently, While Insurance is for protecting the whole process more safely. While if you let us help you to buy Insurance, it is very cheap price and we don’t charge handle fees for helping buy Insurance.

    5. You can get a free Charge Repacking service 
    the service you know cost some materials like tapes and our workers time. While if only you cooperate with us, We do it free for you. For example, your suppliers use china Domestic express ship cartons to our warehouse, while after getting the cartons, we found the quality of cartons is not acceptable for international shipping. Or some cartons be damaged during China Domestic shipping. At this time, you need our service to Change new good quality cartons and tape them.

    6. We keep the client’s information secretly
    Some shipments from the china factory to your client’s door directly. While you don’t want to let suppliers know the final receiver information, at this time if you Hire us as your shipping agent, then we can help you Relabel Cartons under your requirements without let suppliers know any information about receivers. Which can help you keep the client’s information secret to keep you do long-term business.

    7.We help to sort goods and ship as required
    If you buy from many suppliers but want to ship together, then there needs to have a Free charge warehouse for your collect shipments and also need to have a reliable china freight forwarder for you to sort the items from different suppliers and then ship out as required. Our DFH provide this service for you. Just need to let us know the detail requirements will be OK and the service is Free of Charge.

    8. Inspection service can be provided.
    If you import from China and want a reliable freight forwarder to help you to check the goods, and provide needed documents, pictures, and videos before you pay the rest payment to suppliers. It is good for you to choose us to help you to do it. We have many clients have this requirement and so far we have good cooperated professional Inspection 3rd Party company. Important is we can get a good discount for you.

    9. You can get great support from our Profesional team.

    10. Shipping time Guarantee for all your  shipments

    11. Competitive Railway rates for all your shipments 

    12. We taking our clients serious,you will not be cheated since we keen on long-term cooperation.

    Want to know more about other free charge services of cooperating with our DFH team? Inquiry us right now, tell us what is your requirement for shipping?

    FAQs about Railway Freight from China to Europe.

    Can you pick up at my suppliers factories and ship together?
    Sure, We can pick up goods from your suppliers factories if only they are from China Mainland.And send out to you together by rail freight. Which can help to save much cost.
    How can I check the status/location of my shipment?
    We will provide you with the tracking number after we send out the shipments, then you can track online directly base on the tracking number we provided. Which can track whole the status of a shipment.
    How will you deal with the shipment if it fails to be delivered because the consignee is out-of-reach?
    We will make re-delivery attempt or the consignee can follow the instruction of ‘Delivery Absence Notice’ to arrange free re-delivery. If delivery attempt fails again or the consignee cannot be contacted, we will notify and seek advice from the shipper.
    Is Rail freight door to door service?
    Yes, we can arrange as requirement. If you need us delivery to door, then you waiting for receive goods at home after pay to us. If you can pick up at our warehouse at your local, then we will not charge the cost for delivery from our local warehouse to your door.
    How Can i know whether my consignee’s address is available normal for service or not?
    Our DDP shipping methods quotation including your import taxes ,will help you to arrange both sides customs declaration and they are to door delivery.DDU shipping methods quotation is to door delivery but not including taxes.
    Will you add the charge weight upon receiving the products?
    We will be honest to take the weight and measure with logistics standard.we keen on long-term cooperation not one time. Meanwhile you can measure &weight the products after receive the goods to check charge weight.
    I am sending a gift-Can i pay duties and taxes instead of the receiver?
    Yes, Our DDP rail freight from China to Europe is including taxes and duty. You need only pay to us then the receiver waiting to receive goods will be OK,No need to pay anything others after your pay one time to us.
    How can i check the transit time for my rail freight shipment
    After getting our tracking number, you can tracking on line, there will show you a rough shipping time of a shipment, and will tell you the estimate arrive time for that shipment.
    Can you call and make an appointment with the consignee before delivery?
    Normally we will arrange delivery directly to the delivery address. If there are special circumstances under which you need us to make appointment with the consignee before delivery, please make the request when place the order with us. We will try our best to meet your need.  
    How to make a shipment? Do we need to open account ?
    No you don’t need to open account with us. First you can let your supplier ship goods to our warehouse. Upon we received we will confirm the weight,size,take pictures and quote the price to you.After all confirmed without any problem.then ship out to you.
    How many products can you arrange by rail freight each time?
    We have Full container load rail way freight service and Less container load rail way freight service.So the large bulky order is accepted at any time.
    Our cooperated partner load 10-15 containers every day from China to Europe by Rail way. Which means the daily shipping capacity is enough for our clients.
    Do your rail freight shipping method help to pay taxes or need we pay ourselves?
    We have Both DDU and DDP service for our rail way freight service. DDU means door to door no including taxes . DDP means door to door and taxes prepaid. When you choose our DDP service. Means our quotation to you including the taxes and help you to do the customs declaration.
    Do i need to buy insurance if arrange shipments by your rail way freight service?
    We recommend to buy insurance, which is 100% safe for your shipments. Even though the rail way shipping from China to Europe country is safe shipping route. But every coin has two sides. Once damage or lost happened during shipping, You get money back by weight but not by commercial value. So if have the shipping insurance, which can guarantee you get 100% recover when lost or damage happen.
    Do you help to do the customs declaration if we use your rail way freight service?
    Yes, we have an excellent customs clearance team in Europe countries. Can help you to arrange the entry customs declaration if you don’t want to do it yourself.
    Our DDP railway freight is including the entry customs declaration. We will handle the customs if you Choose DDP.
    How Do i book a collection? Do i need to register first?
    No you no need to register, just send us an email to info@deefreight.com and tell your supplier our DFH will be the shipping agent for your company, then we will cooperate with your supplier s to handle things step by step.
    What if i don’t know the destination postcode?
    If you don’t know the destination postcode, please check with the reciever or contact us directly. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.
    Can you rail freight service arrange shipments from China to FBA warehouse?
    Yes, our rail freight service can arrange shipments from China to Europe countries common personal address, Commercial address, common warehouse or FBA warehouse in different country of Europe. Which is also our advantage service these years.
    Why Do i need to provide the weight and dimensions of my parcel?
    The exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure the speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit. We will not quote exactly, without the weight and dimensions we can’t calculate the final charge weight. then not good for us to recommend the best express freight methods for you.
    Can i get money back if lost or damaged during shipping?
    Yes we will pay you base on the international shipping conditions and return conditions. Besides that, you can buy insurance for your goods.then can get both payment back if so. But this seldom happen.
    What do we need to consider when rail freight from China to Europe.
    Before shipping, confirm the goods that you buy is accepted to ship out from China and allow to import to your country. Secondly ask your freight forwarder all in one quotation, don’t let them to charge you extra fees during Shipping or after shipping.Get tracking number from your rail freight suppliers after they send out goods, then can tracking on line all the progress for your shipments.

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