About Founder Jack Zhou

Hi, I am Jack Zhou, the founder of DFH Freight. You can call me Jack.
I graduated from college in 2008, and after that worked in Shenzhen till now.

Choosing to work as a freight service was because of my wife. She works as an overseas sales in that years. There are so many problems with her shipments, In order to help solve the problems, I started this Job.

In the year 2009 I just help my wife with some shipments.
In the year 2010, many of my wife’s friends asked me to handle shipments to their clients oversea.

It was a happy thing that I found I can help so many companies ship goods out successfully. So I spend most of my time on this job.

You know my team at the beginning is one person that is myself. When my company shipments become more and more, it makes me can not help such many clients to arrange the shipments from china by myself, So I registered DFH global Logistics Limited and found people that same with me like to help companies arrange shipments from China to Oversea. Thanks for their Join that made our DFH team not small now.

Since different shipments with different requirements, in the beginning, I have no experience to handle some shipments with special requirements. Therefore, from 2009 to 2012, I was basically in trial and error time.
All of my cooperative company has undergone many trials by us, not only from the perspective of time efficiency but also from the channel price. Our Cooperating Carriers and Shipping partners have been tested for many years. My requirements for Cooperating partners are very serious. Because I need to ensure that all my customers’ goods arrive at their destination in a timely and safe manner.Which will have delivery order to show you after finished shipping.

If only my cooperative partners passed my testing within the Required time. I will not change them easily.Cause that is a risk for all of my clients and myself.

After many years of stable cooperation, I have obtained more discounts from my transportation companies and airline partners, so our prices are obvious advantages compared with our competitors.

In the end.I will always keep doing this Job. I like it more than anything else.
My Goal is: to make all the customers who choose our DFH satisfied.

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