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Are you one of those people wondering how much UPS shipping rates cost? Don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place. UPS shipping costs are essential for all businesses—small size or large-scale.

UPS shipping costs are costlier than other international shipment providers and couriers. Their shipping rates are also often subject to change based on changes in the marketplace. Keep reading to find out more.

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How Does UPS Calculate Shipping Costs?

How Does UPS Calculate Shipping Costs?

Does UPS calculate shipping costs like other carriers? Yes, Delivery destination, destinations, and gross weight are crucial factors, but other charges can also apply. We have an article here to talk about the chargeable weight calculation method. the total UPS services costs and shipping costs = Chargeable weight * Unit price if you know the destination address.

Other fees, such as import taxes and customs, delivery and residential area surcharges, and other factors, can raise the rates.

Package weight influences UPS rates

There are instances where UPS utilizes the shipment of the weight to identify its label’s base rate. That’s true of most other carriers too. If the weight of your shipment increases to the next pound, expect the rate to increase. The higher of package weight, the higher of UPS rates will be. Meanwhile, if one carton’s gross weight is over 150lbs, there will have extra charges from UPS company. Pack correct is very important.

Package dimensions influence UPS rates

On the other hand, package dimensions play an integral role in shipping fees. Normally, they work as a maximum threshold for the size of your packages. Nonetheless, smaller packages could cost significantly less than bigger packages.

UPS enables a maximum size of 419 centimeters (165 inches) in length and girth combined. if over the required size, there will be extra charges to pay UPS.

Destination address influence UPS rates

Finally, UPS utilizes zones to identify the base rate to charge for all domestic packages. The higher the zone, the higher the rate will be. On top of that, UPS currently has Saturday, Remote Area, Extended Area, Fuel, and Residential delivery surcharges.

All of that can also impact the label fees of the parcel.

UPS Shipping Calculator

UPS Shipping Calculator

Do you wish to send your shipment with UPS? Then you can utilize the UPS rate calculator you determine the best quote for UPS shipping rates. Once you are done with your packaging, simply enter the information of your parcels, such as dimensions, weight, and shipping location, in the UPS shipping calculator.

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As a tip: make sure you prevent unpleasant surprises by considering other factors, which include the package weight and customs duties.

UPS Shipping Rates: Domestic vs. International

UPS Shipping Rates Domestic vs. International

UPS offers domestic and international courier services for eCommerce businesses and small businesses. Nonetheless, the UPS shipping costs differ substantially depending on the weight of the package, destination, UPS shipping option, and of course, the nature and size of the packages themselves.

UPS International shipping rates

As mentioned earlier, UPS ships internationally to different countries, with naturally higher shipping rates than domestic ones. This is because of the unique restrictions for every country and the distance covered.

You could get a complete overview of their shipping rate by asking for a quote on the shipping rates chart. You can also get an accurate quote straight from their website.

The company has also guaranteed time or UPS next-day air definite delivery internationally based on the desired destination. You also have the option to pick between freight services and UPS air services. That will be based on your shipment’s urgency.

Here’s a practical example of the shipping cost of international shipping for a four-pound package (with 8x5x2 dimensions) sent from NYC to top international cities. This will be delivered through UPS Worldwide Expedited.

·        From NYC to Sydney – $222.86

·        From NYC to Hong Kong – $197.84

·        From NYC to London – $205.27

·        From NYC to Toronto – $140.40

UPS domestic shipping rates

UPS domestic shipping costs are relatively reasonable due to the short distances involved. Nonetheless, you will find a broad spectrum of delivery choices with different costs.

UPS air network and UPS domestic ground can ship your parcel affordable to any American state faster than other courier services.

Here’s another example of shipping prices for a four-pound package along with the same dimensions as the ones above from NYC to leading cities in the United States:

·        From NYC to Miami – UPS Next Day Air: $121.81 and Ground UPS: $17.13

·        From NYC to Los Angeles – UPS Next Day Air: $137.70 and Ground UPS: $20.88

·        From NYC to Chicago – UPS Next Day Air: $117.61 and UPS Ground: $14.92

UPS provides other domestic shipping services: Early UPS Next Day Early, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS 3 Day Select, UPS Home, UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air AM, and more.

UPS Surcharges

Freight charge calculation formula (1)

Keep in mind that shipping surcharges influence UPS shipping rates. It applies to domestic and international shipments, express, and urgent shipments. These surcharges could change due to different factors.

Always check the UPS shipping rate chart for the most updated information. Some of the most typical UPS surcharges are the following.

Fuel surcharges

The rates for UPS services can change based on the prevailing fuel surcharges. Remember that urgent and express freight fuel surcharges differ from international airfreight fuel surcharges and North American fuel surcharges and are updated monthly.

Capacity surcharge

These surcharges are applied to pick up air freight planes.

Residential surcharge

UPS provides on-call pickup and delivery service to business and residential addresses. For those international shipments, you must remember that residential surcharges may apply.

Extended area surcharge

These surcharges apply to UPS deliveries in locations that are hard to reach. Please do remember that they can also be referred to as remote surcharges.

Security surcharge

This type of UPS surcharge is identified by the origin and destination of the shipment.

Peak season surcharge

On the other hand, peak season surcharge refers to the particular international air shipment.

FAQs about UPS Shipping & Shipping Rates

Would you like more information on how UPS calculates shipping costs for UPS and more? We hope this section helpful for you.

Does UPS charge by weight or size?

As stated earlier, UPS use different factors to determine their shipping prices. However, UPS charge all their shipping services by dimension and weight, along with delivery surcharges, taxes, transit time, and other factors.

That reflects the package density or the amount of space your package will occupy. It applies to both international and domestic shipments. You can also compute the dimensional weight from the UPS shipping rate calculator by inputting your package’s actual weight and dimensions in the calculator.

Which is cheaper: UPS or FedEx?

Not all eCommerce businesses are aware of this. But UPS and FedEx determine their domestic shipping rates on the package’s dimensions and weight, the expected delivery time, and the destination.

Would you like to compare the FedEx and UPS shipping cost for domestic and international shipping? There’s no need for you to do that. UPS is widely recognized as the ideal option for domestic package shipments. That’s because it provides cheaper and discounted shipping rates for its shipping services.

How much does it cost to ship a 20lb box?

Are you planning to send a 20lb parcel via UPS? Then you must remember that it will cost you at least $36.90, and it will take about two to four business days to reach its final destination from China.

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