Door to Door service from China more than 10years
How to get best rates and services?

If you buy from China and want the shipping things very simply and smoothly, then find a reliable freight forwarder from china and let them handle your shipments by Door to Door delivery is the best choice. Here we will tell you all things about door-to-door shipping from China.

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    What is Door to door shipping from China ?

    Door-to-door shipping from China is a shipping method that your China Shipping agent help to arrange your shipments, Begin from Pick up at your china suppliers factory to delivery to the destination door address, The destination door can be a warehouse/home/company/factory at any country out of the country.

    By Door to door delivery method, your freight forwarders will be in charge of all your shipping details from China to the required destination address. That includes Pick UP, repack, relabel, Customs declaration, transportation, import taxes prepay, and Dispatch.

    In a word, using a door-to-door shipping method from China, means you agree to give your freight forwarder all the rights to control your shipments on behalf of yourself.

    Advantages of door to door delivery

    If you buy from China and have shipments from China to other countries frequency, Hire a China freight forwarder and let them handle all your shipments, that will help you to get at least 4 advantages by you do it yourself.

    1. Save your time.

    An Experienced freight forwarder such as Our DFH, can help you to save time by arranging every step with high efficiency. Such as Picking up your shipments from your suppliers to the port fast; You no need to talk with your suppliers to arrange to send goods to the port; no need to negotiate the cost from supplier factory to port; Export Customs declaration can save from 3-4days to 1day only; recommend good and stable shipping routes.

    Your freight forwarder frees you all the progress of shipping and let you save all this time to focus on the sales of your business or other things. If you need to know details of shipping, Your freight forwarder like us can report you each step.

    2. Save On Cost

    First By cooperating with a professional china freight forwarder, you will save the cost of shipping by high recommend shipping routes, these methods help you to save shipping costs and can confirm the shipments arrive on time and safely;

    Secondly, by cooperating with a professional China freight forwarder with door to door shipping methods from china, you no need to travel to China to monitor your shipping yourself.

    These saved costs can help you to ship more goods from China to your destination country.

    3. Minimal Inconveniences.

    Most qualified freight forwarders should be familiar with the shipping requirements including customs declaration requirements, International shipping packing requirements, and Label requirements for special addresses such as AMAZON shipments. Then this assurance of timely delivery of your goods and make there are minimal inconveniences on your part.

    4. You need only deal with Your freight forwarder.

    By door to door shipping from china, you need only deal with your freight forwarder whole the process,or even though you need only tell your requirements of a shipment, then we will handle all the things, no need you worry about anything, No need you deal with many shippers at the same time. By this Point, you save the cost of hiring several forwarders in your country of destination. Because we handle all from door to door, hiring one freight forwarder will be enough.

    Want to know more advantages and disadvantages for door to door delivery ? Tell us your doubt, Let our expert services to provide you the One- stop shipping solution.

    What kinds of door to door shipping methods do there have?

    The Main International shipping methods from China to other countries include Express freight, Air freight, Ocean freight, Rail freight to some Europe countries, and Truck road freight. Door-to-door shipping from China to FBA.

    Door-to-door shipping methods are combined by them. So there are at least 7 kinds of Door to door Shipping Methods that we can offer for your choice.

    1.Express freight door
    to door from China

    They are:

    DHL door to door shipping.
    UPS door to door shipping
    TNT door to door shipping.
    FedEx door to door shipping.
    SF express door to door shipping.

    This is shipping by Express freight whole the shipping progress from your china suppliers’ factory to the destination address as required.

    China Freight Forwarders

    2.Air freight combined with
    Express freight from China

    This is a shipping method that from China to the destination country by Common Air lines, After goods arrive destination airport and finished the Entry customs declaration, then will be delivered to your final destination address by an Express Company like DHL UPS FEDEX.

    This method is usually for the common package goods. Since there are so many oversize packages, there will have better shipping methods I will introduce to you below.

    3.Air freight combined with
    Truck freight from China.

    This is a door to door shipping method from China to the destination country by Common Airlines, after arriving airport and finishing the entry customs declaration, then will be dispatched to the door by Truck.

    Dispatched by Truck is not so fast as by dispatched by Express, while its lower cost than Express.

    For pallets shipments, wooden case shipments, and flight cases shipments, delivery by local truck will be a good choice if you want to save shipping costs and want to get goods faster than shipping by Ocean.

    4.Ocean freight combined with
    Express freight.

    This is a door-to-door shipping method from China to the destination country by Ocean freight.(LCL freight and FCL freight)

    After arriving local port and finishing the entry customs declaration, use Express freight to dispatch shipments to the door.

    For example, shipping from China to USA amazon center, Most clients choose this way.

    What need to pay attention to is always using an LCL container to arrange this kind of shipment to save some import taxes but not using the full container to handle this kind of shipment.

    5.Ocean freight combined with
    Truck freight.

    This is a door to door shipping method that from China to the destination country by Ocean freight first. After goods arrive local port and finished the entry customs declaration, Use a local truck to delivery shipments to your door.

    This door to door shipping method is good for large packed shipments, such as pallets, wooden cartons, and flight cases. It is an economic and very cheap shipping method from China.

    Rail freight shipping from China to Switzerland

    6.Rail freight combined with
    Express freight.

    This is a door to door shipping method that from China to the destination country by Rail freight first. and then dispatch to door by Express freight.

    It is popularly used for shipping from China to Europe countries. Not only to the AMAZON warehouse but also to a common commercial address.

    7.Rail freight combined with
    Truck freight.

    This is a door to door shipping method that from China to destination country by Rail freight first and then dispatch to door by Truck freight.

    It is widely used for large package such as pallets shipments, Wooden carton shipments and Flight cases shipments.From China to Europe countries .Ocean and Rail are the both cheapest shipping methods . if door to door, then both OK for choose. What you need to attention is only to hire a reliable freight forwarder. It is the most important thing for arrange door to door shipments from China.

    Rail freight from China to Germany

    What documents need to provide for door to door ship method?

    The Door to door shipping methods from China are base on the common shipping methods. So if you cooperated with us.You need only provide the
    1. Commercial invoice
    2. Packing list
    3. Certificate of Origin(Some countries needed some no).
    4. Products certificate like CE. FCC.FDA (Suppliers should have this.)

    Then all other others we can help you to arrange. It is a very simple thing.

    Shipping time for Door to Door delivery from China

    Door to Door shipping time from China to overseas depends on the destination country location and also the Transit tools we Choose. Roughly Shipping time can provide for reference only.

    1.   Express freight Door to door From China is around 3-7days;
    2.  Air freight combined with express freight from China is around 5-7days.;
    3.  Air freight combined with truck freight from China is around 7-12days;
    4.  Ocean freight combined with express freight from China is around 20-30days;
    5.  Ocean freight combined with truck freight from China is around 25-45days;
    6.  Rail freight combined with express freight from China is around 30-40days;
    7.  Rail freight combined with truck freight from China is around 35-45days.

    What you need to attention to is that only a roughly shipping time for reference, But if need an exactly arrives a time, then need to Inquiry based on details for each shipment. Because do different country from China time is a big difference. For example, the fastest Ocean freight from China to the USA in 12 days. the fastest air freight from China to the USA can arrive in 2days. So when you inquire us about how long door to door from China takes, need to send us all the details including the china pick up address and dispatch address in the destination country.

    What goods can be shipped
    by EXPRESS Freight?

    These are same as the common shipping methods like Express Freight from china and Air Freight from China. Most goods if only you can get on B2B platforms like Alibaba, then can arrange to ship by Door to door delivery from China.

    What kinds of goods can not arrange by door to door shipping methods from china?

    Although most products can be shipped by air from China to other countries. However, there are still many products that are not allowed to be air freight out from China.

    Below is my summary of some of the names of products that are prohibited air freight from China, including but not limited to:

    • Aerosol Sprays
    • Cans
    • Weapons
    • Firearms
    • Ammunition
    • Explosive Devices
    • Gear Boxes
    • Generators
    • Engines
    • Life Jackets
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Ivory
    • Items that are made from Ivory
    • Bronzes
    • Marbles
    • Statuary
    • Antique
    • Valuable rugs
    • Works of Art
    Door-to-door (DDP) Air freight from China to Germany

    Who Offers door to door delivery services from China?

    International logistics is now an increasingly mature industry, and back before 2014, perhaps the integration of resources was not as comprehensive as it is now. In today’s 2022, basically qualified freight forwarders are able to provide door-to-door transportation services.

    Our DFH door-to-door services to the United States and European countries are doing very well.

    We have several door-to-door routes with 30-50 tons of cargo out from China per day.

    Contact us right now for a quick quote.

    How to choose a door-to-door shipping freight forwarder from China?

    Before you decide to cooperate with a china freight forwarder, the basic things about the freight forwarder you need to confirm:
    1.  The China freight forwarder should have a legit business license.
    2.  Should have the ability to pick up shipments for you within China Mainland in any city.
    3.  Need to have the ability to do the customs clean for all your shipments.
    4.  Need to have a big enough warehouse to stock your shipments.
    5.  Should provide competitive prices for your shipments, you no need the cheapest, but need to provide the most competitive price.
    6.  Should have at least 5 years or more experience in shipping from China. (For this point you will know that can help you save much to cooperate with an experienced freight forwarder.)
    7.  Should have different shipping methods to meet your different shipments requirements.
    8.  The more resources your freight forwarder can provide, the better for you to cooperate with.

    FAQs about door to door shipping from China.

    Why are deliveries from China taking so long?
    The shipping time from China deeply influenced by COVID-19 these years. Some export ports in china and districts have to shut down when the virus spreads rapidly. This causes massive shipping delays in Major Chinese ports such as Shanghai almost 2-3monthes shut down in 2022.
    How long is shipping from China Currently taking?
    Normally shipping by door-to-door delivery method from China to the USA will need 1-35days depending on the shipping methods you choose and the final destination in the USA.For example shipping by express need only 3-5days. Fast Ocean freight need only 18-20days to your door in the USA and around 5 days by Air freight.
    3.How does Door to door shipping from China work?
    For example, if you need us to ship product A from China to us by Ocean, then send us an inquiry directly, tell us the pickup address in china, and dispatch the address to us, then we will quote the price for your based on the packing list you provided after price confirmed, then we pick up your goods at your supplier factory, help to repack and relabel for you if needed, and do the export customs clean, after that, we send goods to the export ocean port to load the container, transit to us destination port, and help you do entry customs declaration, help you to buy the import taxes. When all things are finished, we will dispatch you to your final destination door in the USA.
    How Can i know whether my consignee’s address is available normal for service or not?
    Our DDP shipping methods quotation including your import taxes ,will help you to arrange both sides customs declaration and they are to door delivery.DDU shipping methods quotation is to door delivery but not including taxes.
    My shipment is 2kg in weight only. Why am I charged for 5kg?
    There is an actual weight and a volumetric weight for each shipment. If the volumetric weight is higher than the gross weight, the freight charge will be calculated based on the volumetric weight. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), for shipments delivered by air, the volumetric weight is calculated by the formula: length×width×height (cm) ÷ 5,000 (cm³/kg).
    Will you add the charge weight upon receiving the products?
    We will be honest to take the weight and measure with logistics standard.we keen on long-term cooperation not one time. Meanwhile you can measure &weight the products after receive the goods to check charge weight.
    How will you deal with the shipment if it fails to be delivered because the consignee is out-of-reach?
    We will make re-delivery attempt or the consignee can follow the instruction of ‘Delivery Absence Notice’ to arrange free re-delivery. If delivery attempt fails again or the consignee cannot be contacted, we will notify and seek advice from the shipper.
    Will customs open my Package?
    If you want to confirm do customs open every package to verify information? The customs officers will only open your package if they have a good reason. Every shipment goes through an x-ray or scan machine to make sure that the items inside match what was declared on their forms.just be sure the items you are shipping match with your customs forms will be no problem.
    How to make a shipment? Do we need to open account ?
    No you don’t need to open account with us. First you can let your supplier ship goods to our warehouse. Upon we received we will confirm the weight,size,take pictures and quote the price to you.After all confirmed without any problem.then ship out to you.
    How long can customs hold my package?
    As usual, for common goods shipments all customs declaration can be finished within 3 business days or much shorter. While if your goods hold by reasons such as illegal sales product,product infringement, Incomplete product qualification, Prohibited import/export products,then it may hold long time or be destroyed directly by the customs.
    Who is responsible for payment of Duties and Taxes?
    The Payment of duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver.
    Are shipments from China Being Delayed by UPS?
    In the begin of year 2020, all shipments from China maybe delayed, because that time was the worst COVID outbreak time. But now at 2022,all things come back as normal, shipping from China for all shipment methods are back to normal, Don’t worry about the shipping time any more.
    How much can i import with paying duty?
    Our door to door delivery methods including DDU and DDP methods. By our DDP methods, you can import any amount you want. As our quotation including the import taxes. No need you to pay extra after pay us the shipping charges. We will prepay taxes for you.
    How do i track my shipment from china and be sure to receive it?
    After sending out your shipment, we will provide you a tracking number and you can tracking on line whole the shipping progress by that tracking number. Or we will also send report to you if you don’t want to tracking by tracking number.
    Do i need to pay taxes for door to door delivery shipping from China?
    Door to door delivery from china is means shipping door to door, not means including taxes and duty included. Door to door delivery including DDP and DDU, If you don’t want to pay taxes yourself, it doesn’t matter, can choose or DDP—door to door including taxes and duty shipping methods. If you want to pay taxes yourself then can choose DDU —Door to door shipping not including taxes.
    What if i don’t know the destination postcode?
    If you don’t know the destination postcode, please check with the reciever or contact us directly. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.
    Do i need a shipping agent to import from China?
    It will be much more convenient for your shipments if you have a shipping agent like DFH from China. All things about shipping can let us help to handle for you, you need only send us the shipping requirements, and then we will cooperate well with all your suppliers. Then you can have much time to keen on grow business and save much cost to doing a large business.
    What are the maximum weight and size limits for a parcel?
    There without limits for maximum weight and size for a parcel, while if the size is too bigger, there will have oversize or overweight charges, so we will have another method like air freight or ocean freight that can replace express freight to recommend for your shipments. Just don’t hesitate to inquire us with detailed information about your shipments, then we can make the exact offer for each of your shipments.
    Why Do i need to provide the weight and dimensions of my parcel?
    The exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure the speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit. We will not quote exactly, without the weight and dimensions we can’t calculate the final charge weight. then not good for us to recommend the best express freight methods for you.
    Can i get money back if lost or damaged during shipping?
    Yes we will pay you base on the international shipping conditions and return conditions. Besides that, you can buy insurance for your goods.then can get both payment back if so. But this seldom happen.

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