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Tips and Tricks for Shipping Lithium Batteries from China

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5 Tips for Shipping Lithium Batteries from China

1). Choose the right shipping method. Airfreight is generally the best lithium battery option, as it can be shipped quickly and securely. Ocean freight is slow but it with super low Shipping rates.
2). Make sure your batteries are properly packaged. You’ll need to use special packaging material to ensure the batteries are safe during transit.
3). Label your packages correctly. All lithium battery packages must be clearly labeled with the proper shipping information.
4). Choose a reputable shipping company. Some companies will offer airfreight services at low prices, but don’t provide quality customer service or safety precautions. Find a company that will take care of you through every process step.
5). Don’t forget insurance! Insurance coverage can help protect against loss or damage in transit. Even if you have the right packaging materials, choose a trustworthy shipping company, and label your packages appropriately – there’s still a chance that something out of control could go wrong in transit.
 With insurance protection, these mishaps won’t cost you any more than they would without them.

What Can We Do for You

By cooperating with our DFH team, You can safely and securely arrange shipments with and without lithium batteries.

We will help you begin By Collecting from suppliers’ factories, packaging, labeling, and inspecting to custom clearance and Delivery to Final Destination. Our DFH team will make the shipping process easy and simple.

We have handled Different Lithium Batteries Shipments Since 2011 till now. 
Contact us now for all your freight forwarding needs about go from China Worldwide.

These are the types of lithium batteries we ship from China.

18650 Battery Cell

Laptop Battery

Camera Battery

Large Battery Pack


Small Battery Pack

Lithium Metal Battery

Mobile Power

Alkaline Batteries

Electric Car Battery

Our Works

Our Shipping Methods For Batteries

UPS/DHL express and Ocean freight.

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