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Air Freight from China to Czech Republic

DFH offers great shipping rates from any airport in China to Europe, especially those located at Shenzhen or Guanghzhou.

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Ocean Freight China to Czech Republic

DFH is a China Leading ocean freight forwarder who offers very competitive rates for FCL and LCL shipments from China to any sea port in Europe.

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Express Freight from China to Czech Republic

FedEx, UPS and DHL are the three most popular shipping methods that offer fast Delivery to Europe countries with 3-5days for a small fee of course.

How long does it take Rail Freight from China to Germany
Rail Freight from China to Czech Republic

Rail Freight is 50% Lower cost than Air freight and 40% Faster Than Ocean freight. The most Popular shipping route from China to Europe

DDU & DDP Delivery
from China to Czech Republic

The Chinese self-developed channel, fast deliveries and time saving with competitive price customs clearance Taxfree. DDP delivery goods by sea or air or Rail to combine with Express Freight.

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Shipping from China Alibaba to Czech Republic

DFH team provide safely and high efficiency Services for Shipping from China Alibaba to any address in Czech Republich. by Express, Air, Ocean, and Rail Combined routes

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Warehousing and Distribution
Warehousing and Distribution

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Quality Inspection

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Label products and Outer Cartons

Labeling products or cartons for Shipments to Amazon or Dropshiping products

Cargo Insurance
Customized Solutions

No matter your Shipments is small or big, We always can customize shipping solution to meet the rquirement

Why Choose DFH to Help Arrange
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Procedures of Shipping from China to Czech Republic

Make Quotation and Confirm Shipping Method

Contact supplier to Arrange Pick up

Prepare Shipping Documents. Goods Inspection before Loading

Export Customs Clearance Help Buy Insurance if needed

International Shipping

Import Customs clean

Final Mile Transport From air or sea port

Delivered to your destination or Amazon Warehouse.

Shipping from China to Czech Republic: Air & Sea & Rail & Express|2022

Freight forwarder Charges China to Denmark. (1)

The Czech Republic is increasingly becoming a top trade destination for Chinese goods. As recently as 2021, China exported over $15 billion of goods to the Czech Republic. 

However, Czech Republic is landlocked, which often poses problems to importers when they are ready to ship from China.

This is why we have created this article to provide information on shipping goods from China to Czech Republic, the best shipping methods, and the customs duties to expect. 

In the end, importers and businesses would have a comprehensive guide that answers all questions about rail, air, or sea shipping from China to Czech Republic.

How to Ship from China to Czech Republic?

When you make up your mind to import goods from China to Czech Republic, some steps are expected for you to take. They include the following:

Estimate your tax liability for importing goods from China to Czech Republic

Tax liability is the amount of money an importer owes to tax authorities. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the rules governing trade between China and the Czech Republic will help you prepare for any fees or taxes you might have to pay and reduce the chances you’ll have problems with customs during clearance procedures.

Generally, every import is subjected to a 21% value-added tax by Czech Republic’s customs. Depending on the kind of goods you’re shipping, additional taxes and charges might be due.

DFH can assist you if you want to import from China but cannot pay taxes. Customs clearance and taxes are already included in our price quotes for our door-to-door shipping services. Regardless of the shipping method, you select, we can assist you in navigating tax information.

Define your shipment's Incoterms

The term “Incoterm” might be unfamiliar if you have never shipped anything internationally. When importing and exporting goods, buyers and sellers are assigned duties and responsibilities under internationally recognized rules and terms known as Incoterms.

They cover who is in charge of getting insurance, preparing shipping and customs documents, paying for and keeping track of shipments, and other shipping-related tasks. Knowing and agreeing on this with your supplier helps you to know if the supplier bears the brunt of the entire shipping process till it is delivered or if you ship the goods yourself when the supplier is done with it.

Before continuing, ensure you are familiar with these and understand the Incoterms for your shipping. The major incoterms often used are FOB, EXW, and DDP. Read here to learn more about incoterms.

Find a suitable shipping method.

There are four basic methods in international shopping; Express shipping, air freight, Rail freight, and sea freight. Choosing the best option depends on the size and type of goods being shipped, your budget cap for shipping, and the time urgency of the goods you have to ship. 

Read on as we discuss the major shipping methods to Czech Republic so you know the best option to choose. 

Hire a reliable freight forwarder

International shipping is a challenging process that can become chaotic if you don’t know what you’re doing. To navigate the various intricacies of shipping from China to Czech Republic, it is best to hire an experienced and china freight forwarder. 

A reliable freight forwarder will handle the transportation from when your products leave your factory until it reaches their destination. 

DFH Global Logistics has years of experience providing a shipping solution and handling this service. Reach out to us right away so we can start assisting with your shipment.

Cooperate with the Freight forwarder to arrange shipments.

Once you secure the services of a reliable freight forwarder, then cooperate with them and agree on shipping details early. Then you can rest assured that your shipment will be delivered smoothly and on time.

Shipping methods from China to Czech Republic

Main Shipping Methods from China to the USA:

The main modes of importation between China and the Czech Republic are express delivery through courier service, air freight, train railway freight, and sea freight.

We will provide the necessary cost estimates for each method of shipping to the Czech Republic and assess the pros and cons for each.

As a result, you will be able to consider your particular situation and choose the best method that suits your shipping policy.

Air Freight from China to Czech Republic

How to ship wholesale picture frames from China photo frame suppliers?

Air freight is cargo movement via air carriers or airlines capable of long-distance flights. It is the fastest mode of shipping into the Czech Republic. 

It is relatively more expensive than the other modes of shipping into the Czech Republic.

However, air freight is considered safer, faster, and more convenient than the alternatives.

Ensure that air freight is only concerned with delivering the shipment to an airport in Czech Republic and not to its final destination. Therefore arrangements must be made to transport the goods from the unloading airport to their final destination.

What is the Air freight shipping time from China to Czech Republic?

Air freight from China to Czech Republic is the quickest shipping method. There are also options to deliver air shipments faster but at higher costs.

With this service, the cargo can arrive in the Czech Republic 3 to 6 days after departure. 

This time frame can also be affected by a few factors, such as the type of goods (either bulk or not), the weight of the cargo, and the value.

What is the cost of Air freight from China to Czech Republic?

Although air freight may be the most convenient method of shipping goods from China to Czech Republic, it is not the cheapest.

The price of air freight in Czech shipping comprises several fees and surcharges, such as the air freight charge, fuel surcharge, security fee, terminal fee, and other fees. These fees are set by airlines based on their operating costs, and they vary frequently; hence you need to get a quote on time.

The airline transporting the cargo, the shipping routes, and the current season type will determine the final air freight cost.

Generally, you would have to pay between $6.00 to $8.9 per kg to ship goods by air freight from China to the Czech Republic.

You can check the air courier’s website directly or contact us for a quote on the air freight cost of your air shipment.

Main airports China to Czech Republic?

The main Chinese airports that transport freight to the Czech Republic are:

Beijing Capital International Airport 

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport 

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 

Hong Kong International Airport 

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport 

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Main airports in Czech Republic

The major international airports in the Czech Republic that receive air shipment are:

Brno-Tuřany Airport

Karlovy Vary Airport 

Leoš Janáček Airport Ostrava

Kunovice Airport

Pardubice Airport

Václav Havel Airport

Sea freight from China to the Czech Republic

Sea freight from China to Hungary.

Although the Czech Republic is landlocked, that does not discourage its sea freight import activities. 

Sea freight remains the most popular shipping solution from China to the Czech Republic, primarily due to its adaptability and reliability.

Since the Czech Republic is landlocked, most containers must be delivered to other European nations (mostly Hamburg in Germany) before being brought to Czech, either by freight train, truck, or by traveling along waterways to the port of Prague, Czech.  

Other ports in the Czech Republic are Decin Port, Usti nad Labem Port, Port Kolin, Port Praha Radotín, and Port Melnik (Mělník).

Sea freight offers the most shipping capacity at the lowest cost and can cater to almost any type of cargo, including dangerous goods.

The main disadvantage of this method, however, is its lengthy timeline. Shipments can take weeks to reach their destination, depending on the type of freight and the ports of arrival and departure.

Sea freight uses containers and operates under two different container systems, which are explained below.

FCL Container Ship from China to Czech Republic

FCL shipments, also known as “full container loads,” are one of the ways of shipping from China to Czech Republic by sea. In FCL sea shipping, an importer purchases an entire container and fills it with goods. 

Since the container has a fixed price, it is a very economical cargo shipping way for goods > 15 cubic meters. FCL containers could be 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HQ, and 45ft HQ.

Even though the container was made to hold large bulk or heavy shipments, your cargo does not need to fill it when shipping by full container load; in some cases, shipping a half-container using FCL rather than LCL is more cost-effective.

LCL container Ship from China to Czech Republic

LCL shipments stand for less than container load shipments. In LCL sea shipping, goods from different importers are combined in a container, with each importer paying only for the space their goods occupy. Since you do not have to pay for the use and shipping of an entire container, they are comparatively more affordable. 

LCL sea shipping is simple; you simply contact a freight forwarder and provide them with the necessary information. Once the freight forwarder has determined your required space, they will reserve it for you.

LCL shipments work best for small freights or cargo between 1 and 15 cubic meters that don’t require a full container space. 

You can check out our article here to learn more about FCL and LCL sea shipping, cargo optimization, and calculating the volume of goods.

Cost of Sea freight shipping from China to Czech Republic

How much does it cost to ship different goods from China to South Africa?

Sea freight is the cheapest way to ship from China to Czech Republic, and the price depends on various factors, such as:

  • The initial country’s port cargo is transported to before being brought into Czech.

  • The kind of cargo you’re transporting.

  • Container accessibility and ship freight capacity.

  • The size of the cargo and container used.

  • Current fuel prices.

For FCL shipping,

The cost of shipping a 20feet container from the port of Shanghai in China to the port of Prague in Czech costs between $1500 to $3000.

For a 40feet container, the cost is around $3500 to $4500.

For LCL shipping,

The cost per cubic meter is around $100 to $150.

If the weight per cubic meter is 200 kg, the price per kg will be between $2 and $3, costing around $600 to ship.

Regarding the CBM of the LCL shipment, we have an article talking about the details. Click here to check to help you calculate CBM better.

Sea freight transit time from China to the Czech Republic

Goods transported to Czech republic using sea freight typically take about 30 to 50 days to arrive. This depends on the loading port, service route, sailing schedule, choice of carrier, and destination ports are chosen.

Let’s look at some estimated transit times for sea freight from China to Prague, Czech Republic

Table 1 showing average transit time when shipping from China to Czech Republic

How do we determine which seaport in China is for sea shipping?

While most of China’s industries are situated to allow you to transport your shipment to any shipping port, importers should be aware that not all manufacturing companies are close to ports, necessitating an inland transport company to move your goods to the destination port. 

To know the best port to select, you have to consider the following:

  1. Nearest port location to save transport costs.

  2. Size of goods to be transported.

  3. The particular route you plan to take.

After considering these factors, you’ll be able to figure out the best shipping port to use in China. 

It is often best to use a freight forwarder to advise of the best China port to select because they have experience shipping from China to Czech Republic and know what to do. 

Main Seaports China to Czech Republic

The main seaports that ship goods from China to the Czech Republic are:

Shanghai Seaport

Ningbo Seaport

Shenzhen Seaport

Guangzhou Seaport

Qingdao Seaport

Xingang Seaport

Chongqing Seaport

Hong Kong Seaport

Rail freight Route and Transit time from China to the Czech Republic

Rail freight from China to France

Rail freight trains have become a very important shipping solution from China to Prague, Czech Republic. 

It is considered an optimal option for cost and transit time as it is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea shipping.

A new silk express rail link road connecting China to Europe has greatly changed how freight is transported between the continents. This shipping method helps suppliers keep fewer goods on hand since they can ship smaller batches more frequently. However, high-value items tend not to be shipped with railway freight. 

Route taken

Many cities in China offer rail shipping to Prague Czech, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, Sichuan, Shandong. Thus, it is a mode of transport that can be used from anywhere close to your supplier in China.

The rail freight route runs through Kazakhstan – Russia – Belarus – Poland – Germany and then on to Prague, Czech Republic.

Rail freight transit time

The rail freight transit time from China to Czech Republic depends on the terminals used and the route chosen.

Typically, it takes 18–22 days to transport containers by freight train from China to Czech Republic, which is a good 10-15 days faster than sea freight. 

If you prefer a door-to-door service using rail freight, then it will take an additional 5 days and cost more money. 

Door-to-door shipping from China to Czech Republic.

Door-to-door shipping from China to Czech Republic.

Express shipping is one of the door-to-door shipping methods, shipping products safely and with high efficiency. DHL, UPS, and FedEx are the 3 most used express ship routes shipping from China to Czech Republic.

other multiple combined shipping methods can also make your shipments shipping form china to CZ in DDP delivery. Such as

air freight combined with express freight

rail freight combined with express shipping.

Ocean freight combined with express shipping.

Railway shipping combined with truck freight.

And so on.


DDP shipping is a great way to cut down on shipping costs and worry less about taxes and duties, which in return saves a lot of time and money. DDP shipping from China to Czech Republic can be done through sea, road, rail, and air freight. 

DDP is a door-to-door service and is a very effective shipping solution for both old and new importers because of the following:

  • It saves them the stress of moving goods to the local ports, hiring a shipping carrier, and tracking the goods in real time during transit. 

  • It would also save all the hassles of clearance and importation levies. Instead, freight forwarders or supplier handles all this stress for you.

  • Also, freight forwarders know how to negotiate better deals with Czech shipping carriers and other transport providers, inadvertently saving shipping costs for the importer. 

  • It also helps to avoid scams during the importation process and prevent unnecessary theft or loss of goods.

Table 2 showing estimated transit time for DDP shipping from China to Czech Republic

If you require assistance, don’t be afraid to work with a qualified agent—that is what DFH does!

Import tax and duties in Czech Republic

Import tax and duties in Singapore

You must pay import taxes on all items imported into the Czech Republic. The country of origin and the type of goods being shipped usually determine the exact duty to be paid.

The import tax paid is usually a percentage of the value of the imported goods. If the goods imported are worth less than $150, then no customs fees are usually charged.

As the Czech Republic is a part of the European Union with fairly low customs fees, the standard range of import tax for industrial goods is 5% to 14%. The European Union’s dairy industry is subject to the highest tariff, 32.3%.

Other taxes and fees may also apply depending on the items you’re shipping. Czech Republic tariff rates can be found at Trade Tariff, a comprehensive database containing details of tariffs and regulations applicable to products imported from outside the European Union (EU).

Let your freight forwarder help sort out your import tax and duties when shipping to Czech Republic to save the stress and hassles.

Documents Requirements for Shipping from China to Czech Republic.

Documents required for shipping photo frames from China

The importer is responsible for ensuring that all necessary documents for customs clearance are provided when shipping cargo from China to Czech Republic.

The documents are submitted by the importer or freight forwarder. They include:

  • Packing List: This record lists every item being imported into Czech, along with its HS code and the nation of origin.

  • Commercial Invoice: This invoice gives the commercial value of the goods in USD.

  • Bill of Lading: This document is given by the shipping carrier and shows The owner and receiver of the goods. In cases of air shipping, an airway bill is given instead.

  • Arrival Notice: A shipment’s arrival notice informs the consignee that it is ready for pickup and is being delivered by the carrier.

  • Import License: Import licenses are necessary for sensitive goods like animals, hazardous materials, controlled items (like weapons and ammunition), and sensitive products when shipping from China to Czech Republic.

  • Certificates of Origin: Shows where the goods were shipped from in China.

  • Single administrative document and CMR

What goods can be imported from China to Czech Republic?

Many goods are permitted to be imported into the Czech Republic. They include:

  • Electrical machinery, equipment

  • Machinery including computer

  • Vehicle

  • Mineral fuels, including oils

  • Plastics, plastic articles

  • Iron, steel

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Articles of iron or steel

  • Optical, technical, and medical apparatuses

  • Furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, prefab buildings

  • Others.

What goods can't be imported from China to Czech Republic?

The following products are prohibited when shipping from China to Czech Republic:

  • Checks

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • All products containing the biocide dimethyl fumarate (DMF)

  • Animal products

  • Blood and Gelatine

  • Drugs, Non-Prescription

  • Fabrics & fabric samples

  • Foodstuffs

  • Laser disc

  • Liquor (Wine is acceptable from the EU countries and third world countries, up to 100 liters)

  • Plants and Plant Products

  • Pornographic materials

  • Radar equipment

  • Tobacco and coffee

  • Others.


What can DFH do for you as the best Freight Forwarder from China to Czech Republic?

Door-to-door shipping from China to Chicago.

DFH is one of the most reputable freight forwarders in China providing logistics and shipping solutions for over a decade. To save time and money, it is necessary to choose freight forwarders with the required expertise and knowledge in shipping goods from China to Europe more efficiently.

We have office locations in Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Zhejiang. We provide free pickup within three hours of pickup authorization if your supplier’s factory is located anywhere in mainland China, regardless of the city.

Using DFH gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on the essentials of running your business.

We distinguish ourselves from our rivals thanks to our:

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • Low-cost insurance premiums

  • Free of charge packing and repacking

  • Free-of-charge warehousing

  • Renowned logistics expertise

  • A strong network of forwarders and customs brokers in the Czech 

  • Low shipping costs as a result of our good relationship with carriers

  • Free quality inspection services.

  • Knowledge of the right routes for shipping your products to the destination port.

No matter the request or unusual shipment, we’ll try to satisfy your needs.

To get a quote on DFH, simply reach out to us here. We’ll start working on your products immediately, and you’ll have a timely delivery!

10 Tips to save shipping costs from China to Czech Republic.

10 Tips to save shipping costs from China to Czech Republic.

There are ways to reduce shipping costs from China to Czech Republic. They include:

  • Use a China or experienced freight forwarder.

  • Try to optimize container space by packing goods tightly to save container costs.

  • Make reservations as far as possible to save money and ease any potential stress from delays.

  • Choose the right shipping method suitable for your goods. You should consider the option of rail freight for bulk shipping and faster shipping times before air freight.

  • Get cheaper shipping rates by shipping during less busy periods and off-peak seasons.

  • Have all required documentation prepared for quick customs clearance.

  • Plan ahead to cover customs taxes and levies.

  • Check different suppliers and freight forwarders for quotes before selecting one.

  • Be aware of your Incoterms and your shipping method to avoid unforeseen costs.

  • Get insurance for all your shipments.

FAQs about shipping from China to the Czech Republic

How long does it take to ship from China to Czech Republic?

Transit time when shipping from China to Czech Republic is determined by the chosen shipping method. This ranges from 3-5 days with express shipping to 4-7 days using air freight, 25-30 days with rail freight, and 35 to 45 days with sea freight.

What is the cheapest shipping method from China to Czech Republic?

The cheapest way for general cargo ships from China to Czech Republic is through sea freight if you have enough time. The larger your cargo is, the cheaper it will be per unit. While the cost-effective way may be door-to-door delivery like Express shipping or Air cargo shipping when you have limited time to wait for urgent shipments.

How can a person import products from China to Czech Republic?

To import products from China to Czech Republic, take the following steps.

  1. Know the goods you want to import and check China and Czech’s trade laws to know if they’re legal to ship.

  2. Find reliable china suppliers.

  3. Agree on the right Incoterm with your supplier

  4. Get a china freight forwarder and understand they are advantageous in delivery services.

As one of your business partners, Freight forwarders can help handle every other aspect of the logistics process until the goods arrive at your destination. They always with enough logistics solutions to meet most of your shipping requirements.

How can I make sure my package arrives safely?

It is essential to take all possible precautions when international shipping from China to Czech Republic. We encourage you to purchase cargo insurance so that your shipments are fully covered in case of loss or damage during the journey.

When do you need to pay the shipping charges?

You get to pay the shipping cost and charges when the goods are shipped. A tracking number will be provided to let you track the progress of your shipment online as soon as you pay.

Do I need to buy insurance for my shipments?

This depends on the shipping volume and the value of the shipped items. Without insurance, you will be liable for any damage made to your shipment. However, the loss or damage to your shipment will be the shipping company’s responsibility if with goods insurance.

It is advisable to use insurance for your shipments from China to the Czech Republic, especially when shipping high-value goods like phones, electrical equipment, etc. However, it is not compulsory.

Can you help to handle the customs clearance?

Yes, we can. DFH has the requisite experience and required customs brokers to help settle all issues pertaining to export and import customs clearance, import duties and taxes, and shipping fees.

Can I import from China to the Czech Republic if I don't have the License?

It will be better to have an import license when shipping from China to the Czech Republic. A license is issued by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade to those looking to import selected goods into the Czech Republic.

If you don’t have it but need shipping from China to Czech Republic urgently. Please contact DFH to use our particular shipping route to solve your problem: our DDP shipping route. With our DDP shipping method, we can do the customs cleaning and help you to pay taxes in advance and then deliver to your door.

Who Pays the Import Duty When Shipping From China to Czech Republic?

This depends on the Incoterm an importer agrees with the supplier. For instance, the importer pays all customs clearance costs in a FOB incoterm, but the supplier for a DDP incoterm handles customs clearance costs.

However, the supplier factors in the costs for customs clearance in their total invoice, so in the end, the importer indirectly pays for it.

What Is the DHL International Express Shipping Cost From China To Czech Republic?

DHL charges based on the chargeable weight: volumetric weight and gross weight of goods they ship.

The minimum amount for shipping from China to Czech Republic through DHL international express delivery costs $6.00 to $ 10.00 per kg. 

Have more questions about shipping from China to Czech Republic? Contact us now to get a reply within half hour.

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