Why will the Package be Held in Customs & How Long Will It Be Stuck?

International shipments require customs clearance. Nothing is more frustrating than the customs holding a package or goods. Whether your business is small or large, it can ruin your customer’s buying experience. Additionally, you could lose a lot of money if you don’t get quick customs clearance. The question is, how long can customs hold packages? The article will help you understand why customs stuck your package and how long Customs is holding it.

Why is my parcel stuck in customs?

Why is my parcel stuck in customs?

Incomplete Documents

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There are several reasons why customs hold a package. The most common reason shipments are being helped for customs clearance is missing documents. Documents like

Common Documents

 Commercial invoice and a packing list (documents that show the quality, weights, and measurements of goods.)

Transportation Documents: 

Airway Bill, Bill of lading

Export compliance documents:

Import and Export license

Certificate of Origin.

A certificate of Origin or C/O to show where the goods come from, The country name.

Other certificates

Specific goods shipments include Dangerous Goods and Radiation, Halal, and Insurance.

Unpaid Customs Duties

Every shipment needs to pay import customs duties and taxes. So if customs duties at the destination country are unpaid, it is one of the most important reasons for customs delays and holding the shipments.

Sending prohibited or restricted items

There are strict requirements for imported products in many countries. If you import the customs prohibited items or restricted items. It can’t be successful for your customs brokers to arrange clear customs for you.

So, you need to check the prohibited items in your country before importing from other countries.

How long can customs hold my package?

As we mentioned, your package can get stuck in customs duty for various reasons. The timeframe may vary depending on the factor for holding a parcel in customs.

Besides, the customs regulations in different countries differ as well. For example, the UK’s customs paperwork is not the same as France’s. In addition, the mode of transportation can also affect the customs clearance process. If you have chosen a slower shipping method, you will need more time to clear customs. The customs handling fee also differs.

So if the clean customs time is from 1 to 15 days, it is normal. Meanwhile, if your declared value is not correct will also be the reason customs hold your items.

What should I do if my parcels are stuck in customs?

What should I do if my parcels are stuck in customs

If your shipment is stuck in customs, you could check the following reasons yourself first to make things go faster.

Make sure there is no missing or incorrect paperwork.

The first important thing is that you should ensure there are no missing documents while shipping your packages. Even a single missing copy can create issues.

Using any express shipping service will help you collect the missing documents to clear customs. Make sure you have all the papers we have mentioned before in the article. 

Find out if there are outstanding taxes.

If you don’t pay the customs taxes, customs will hold your packages. Standard express freight forwarders and shipping agents charge an administration fee to pay countries’ impose tariffs.

Depending on the shipment size and the commercial value of your shipments, you might need to contact a customs broker. They will help you to pay the taxes and release the goods. 

Contact your Freight forwarder or 3PL provider.

To solve the custom clearance problem, you can contact the sipper. However, there is the possibility that the shipper will only be available to the seller. In that case, contact the seller and find out what is happening with your goods. You can ask them for the tracking number and customs documents. The package tracking information will help you make the right decisions on time.

Contact your Carrier

You can use your phone, email, or website to contact your carrier. 

Contact your shipper and ask how you can expedite their shipments in customs. The customs officers will confiscate the packages with low or fake declarations of value. To resolve these kinds of problems, stay in touch with your carrier.

Waiting and being patient

Your order may take longer to complete if you choose a slower shipping method. Sometimes shipments are held up in the customs duty to check all the items.

What should I do to find out & who to contact if my package is stuck at customs clearance?

What should I do to find out & who to contact if my package is stuck at customs clearance?

If your package gets stuck, you should contact the shipper first. They will help you understand the problems and how to resolve them. You can also take help from the importer country’s customs office.

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Tips to avoid shipments stuck at Customs

Tips to avoid shipments stuck at Customs

The following tips will help you avoid shipment delays at customs.

  • Choose the right shipping company.

  • Utilize the package tracking number.

  • Pay taxes at the right time.

  • Before shipping, make sure the weight and shipping labels are correct

  • Ensure you have done enough research before paying the customs charges

  • Try to verify that all the necessary documentation, like commercial invoice

  • Don’t ship prohibited items

  • Learn the custom process of your destination country

  • Consult a customs broker

  • Keeping track of your goods is important

Final words

I hope you know clearly whether your package is stuck in customs and how long it will be held. All you need to do is wait and pay any taxes to complete the customs clearing process.

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FAQs about Shipments stuck at Customs.

Have more questions about customs cleaning and shipments being stuck at Customs want to get answers? Check below to see the reply.

Who pays customs fees for international shipping?

With different Incoterms, the responsibility of paying the Duties/Customs fees can be Buyer or seller. Based on the value of the product, other countries charge additional taxes. Under FOB, EXW, and CIF terms, the import taxes should be paid by the Buyer. While for the DDP trade term, Sellers should be responsible for the customs fees.

What should I do if my parcel arrives at Canada Customs?

You can pick up your product by yourself after it arrives at Canadian customs. However, you must contact the shipping company, collect the necessary documents, and provide a customs clearance fee to get clearance. Additionally, if the package has arrived from a remote location, you can hire a customs broker to pick it up. 

How long does it take for a parcel to clear UK customs?

A parcel only takes a few hours to clear UK customs duties if all the documents are in order. However, the customs clearance time for international shipping depends on the country’s laws, and if you don’t do it correctly, that can take the cleaning time need from a few hours to a few weeks.

Why is my parcel stuck with UK customs officers?

Customs may hold your shipment for several reasons, including restricted or prohibited items, missing documents, or unpaid duties and taxes. You have to solve the issues to complete the customs clearance process.

What is the customs handling fee or customs clearance fee?

There is no stable answer to the question. The custom clearance fee differs from country to country. Contact us now to get a quick quote. Let’s quote you based on your detailed shipment information and destination country address.

What does “customs cleared” mean?

The term “customs declaration” refers to a parcel that has undergone customs inspections and had duty fees calculated and paid.

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