Shippers: Meaning & Definition in international shipping

The process of shipping a product seems simple to most of us. As soon as the seller received the order, he packaged and shipped it. In international shipping, goods are imported and exported by ocean, air, or road between different countries.

The process of moving freight across borders is complicated. To successfully import products from abroad, you must be familiar with the shipper definition. Because people often confuse the terms shipper and carrier. Let’s get more acquainted with overseas shippers meaning and their responsibilities. 

What is a shipper?

What is a shipper?

A shipper is someone or a company responsible for transporting goods or products from one place to another. The shipper is accountable for preparing their shipments for transportation by carriers. Logistics shippers build relationships with carriers, maintain schedules, and respect drivers to minimize delays. The term shipper is also known as a consignor.

Who is the shipper?

What is a shipper?

The shipper is responsible for preparing the shipment for transport and turning it over to the carrier. A shipper is a person tasked with transporting goods and commodities. The shipper can be a person, a freight forwarding company, or a vendor (selling a particular product ). 

Who files the freight claim, the shipper or receiver?

Who files the freight claim, the shipper or receiver?

Does the shipper or receiver file a freight claim? Is a common question among new buyers. First, try to understand what is freight claim.

A freight claim is a legal request made by a shipper or consignee against a carrier. Freight claims cover overcharges, damaged, lost, or classified shipments with over 400 different reason codes.

Under Bill of Lading terms, a shipper or consignee may initiate a carrier claim process against a transportation service provider for freight damaged issues. 

The purpose of the claims is to recover damages or costs incurred due to lost, stolen, or damaged freight. A claim against a carrier must occur within the time frame specified in the carrier’s contract.

Shipping claims may have different statutory filing deadlines. In most cases, shippers or consignees have nine months to file a claim.

Who is responsible for shipping freight damage?

Who is responsible for shipping freight damage

What happens if you lose your product or get a damned product while transporting products from another country? Who is responsible for shipping damage? The shipper or consignor? In most cases, carriers are responsible for transit losses or damage. However, the shipper and carrier both can be responsible delivered damaged freight in different timeframes.

The shipper is responsible for proving that freight was delivered to carriers in good condition and packaged properly to avoid damage claims. They must ensure proper documentation, packaging, and condition of the products before receiving the goods. It is the carrier’s responsibility to ship the freight in good condition. 

What is carrier liability?

What is carrier liability?

If the goods are lost, damaged, or delivered to another location, the shipper can start the legal procedure to recover the cost. Carriers take responsibility for shipping the goods properly to avoid damage claims. The carrier determines the amount of liability coverage for each freight shipment. A certain amount (cost) per pound of freight is covered depending on the type of commodity or freight class being shipped. 

In some cases, carrier liability coverage may be less than the freight’s actual value. There are limitations on carrier liability when damage is caused by acts of God (weather-related reasons) or shipper acts (freight loaded or packaged improperly).

Final Thoughts

I hope you have got a good idea about how international shippers work. The importance of a logistics shipper cannot be overlooked when it comes to international shipments. They ensure that products reach their destinations and that damage claims are processed.

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