How to Find Shipping Agent in China with Cheapest Freight Rates?

Working with a Chinese shipping agent can bring many benefits to your shipping business, particularly your eCommerce business.

The best shipping agents in China are proficient in all vital operational tasks like maintaining smooth cargo transportation, offering professional services, and keeping track of packages. They are also experienced in accomplishing these tasks quickly and more efficiently.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the important information you need to find a reliable shipping agent in China that you can count on.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is a Shipping Agent?

What is a Shipping Agent

Chinese shipping agents will handle the entire fulfillment process on your behalf. They will pick, pack, and ship your shipping products to customers. That frees up resources and time to focus on your business’s sales and marketing side.

Remember that shipping agents in China are advantageous for startups who wish to concentrate on their core competencies.

If you are selling various products from different suppliers, you know how difficult it can be to deal with fulfillment for as many products as you need.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to use a Chinese shipping agent who is skilled in eCommerce fulfillment services and proficient in the intricacies of your niche or industry.

What Services Does a Shipping Agent from China Provide?

What Services Does a Shipping Agent from China Provide?

Remember that Chinese shipping agents are a great resource for online shippers. That’s because a shipping agent handles all the heavy lifting of getting the products from the Chinese factories to your door. That only means you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Also, they are practical for small businesses that do not have the resources and time to deal with the shipping goods themselves. One of the cool things about the best Chinese shipping agents is that they handle all aspects of transportation, including but not limited to customs clearance, cargo loading, and international shipments.

They can also advise you on guaranteeing that your freight documentation and products get through customs as smoothly as possible. That China shipping agent works on your behalf, coordinating and negotiating with third-party logistics providers, clearing your goods through customs, and scheduling for delivery to your final destination.

Below are other important things a Chinese shipping agent can do for you:

·        Pick up from your China supplier’s factory

· Inspect your cargo before the goods leave China

·        Repack to save shipping charge weight

·        Label products and cartons to comply with the requirements.

·        Storage safely (warehousing service)

·        Pre-booking for cargo space

·        Help you buy cargo insurance.

·        Getting the goods loaded and unloaded

·        Make export shipping documents.

·        Consolidate from different suppliers and ship it together.

·        Customs clearance

Why Do You Need to Cooperate with China Shipping Agents? What are the Benefits?

Why Do You Need to Cooperate with China Shipping Agents What are the Benefits

It’s essential to pick a Chinese shipping agent, especially if you are running your online business. You can access free warehousing services where you can keep your shipping goods and other products that are ready to be shipped.

Also, a reliable shipping agent works with decent shipping companies, so there’s no need to worry about the delivery of your goods. Here are the other benefits of working with a good shipping agent.

·        Communicate without a problem

Shipping agents offer negotiation skills that you can find anywhere else. They will help you negotiate the price of the goods, sea freight, ocean freight, and other aspects for the supplier and customer.

·        Save shipping costs

Chinese shipping agents are experienced in offering top-notch shipping solutions from China. They have complete solutions to meet all your shipping requirements.

·        Proficient in customs clearance

The number of documents needed for customs clearance can be overpowering for a new importer like you. Fortunately, different shipping agents can handle all these efficiently.

·        They can perform cargo inspections before loading.

You can rest assured that Chinese shipping agents will inspect the goods first to guarantee they fully meet the relevant requirements.

·        Handle inland logistics and all aspects before loading to save time and cost.

The best China shipping agent will deliver your cargo from the supplier warehouse to the corresponding ports, saving you costs and time.

·        China shipping agents can minimize your risk of buying from China.

Your Chinese shipping agent will help insure your goods to guarantee their safe arrival at the destination.

·        Avoid cultural misunderstandings between you and your suppliers.

The last thing you want to experience is having a cultural misunderstanding with your supplier. The best China shipping agent will prevent that.

·        Keep your client’s information without letting your suppliers know

Are you shipping directly to your clients but don’t like your suppliers to contact your clients? Working as a shipping agent guarantees confidentiality.

How to Find Shipping Agents in China?

How to Find Shipping Agents in China

Finding a shipping agent from China doesn’t need to be difficult. The only challenge is finding a reliable one. Here are the options for you:

·        Search online

A basic Google search is one of the best ways to find a Chinese shipping agent. Grab your laptop and type “best shipping agent in China.” Wait a few seconds, and you’ll be provided with lots of choices.

·        Search from Alibaba

Did you know that you can also find an Alibaba shipping agent? Make sure you carefully check each China shipping agent you pick before committing.

·        Get a referral from friends

Do you have a friend or colleague with the same business as yours? Maybe they have some Chinese shipping agent they can refer to you. Ask them to know.

·        Attend the Chinese trade fair

Chinese trade fairs are another excellent way to find the best Chinese shipping agent. These trade fairs are filled with business owners with whom you can network.

·        Search from social media platforms

You can also use different social media platforms like Facebook to find a shipping company you can work with.

How Can China Shipping Agents Help You Reduce Import Costs?

How Can China Shipping Agents Help You Reduce Import Costs

Remember that if you don’t find a China shipping agent, you will need to depend on the supplier to offer you shipping. The major concern is the high price, as they will send your goods that will cost them more. They will pass the shipping costs to the customers, which is understandable.

Regarding freight forwarders, they do not just have your order. They have numerous customers and ship in bulk, lowering the shipping cost for every customer and making it a cost-effective option. Meanwhile, they provide the best shipping solutions and extra services, which are very useful for your business and help you save.

Things That China Shipping Agent Scams Do:

Things That China Shipping Agent Scams Do

Did you know that the scam industry is extremely lucrative? Often, these shipping scammers are particularly proficient in their jobs. Because the logistics industry isn’t spared, here are some tips to help you prevent falling into the trap.

·        Quote very low price

A scammer China shipping agent will not quote you a very low price. A good shipping agent guarantees they don’t expose themselves to dishonesty or engage in illegal activities.

·        Holding your Bill of Lading

A piece of advice, always checks what happened to your freight forwarder or request for your official documents.

·        Provide incomplete documents first, then ask for extra money to change the correct files.

The last thing you want to experience when working with a shipping agent in China is receiving incomplete documents.

·        Can’t provide BL or tracking number after your supplier provides goods to them.

A good shipping agent in China can provide you with a tracking number after your supplier delivers the goods to them.

·        Ask you to pay more money to bribe the customs officers to clear faster.

In the process of cargo shipment, customs clearance is always a headache. Scammer shipping agents provide unprofessional services such as asking you for more money so they can bribe customs officers. Don’t fall into this trap.

Tips To Avoid Being Deceived by China Shipping Agents

Tips To Avoid Being Deceived by China Shipping Agents

The last thing you like is to ship your goods incorrectly or waste precious time on something trivial. Before handing them your cargo, you must check such things first about a China shipping agent.

·        Check their license

The best China shipping agent must be required to have the proper documents, so they are legally permitted to perform such services.

·        Review their previous or current clients.

Choose a shipping agent in China who is glad to offer references from previous clients. Ask for contact info so you can speak to those references directly.

·        Don’t choose the cheapest one.

A shipping agent in China has different shipping costs based on size, weight, volume, or country of origin. Make sure you ask for those details before signing agreements. Don’t choose the cheapest one.

·        Ask if there are any hidden fees.

Ask your agent in China for any extra information that might be helpful or relevant such as if there are any hidden fees included.

·        Ask for a video meeting and check their office and warehouse.

It will also help if you ask your China freight forwarder if they can give you a virtual tour of their office and warehouse.

Top 10 Shipping Agents in China

Top 10 Shipping Agents in China

To help save time and get high efficiency to get the Best Shipping Agents in China.Below we have some recommendations for you to consider:

Things To Consider Before Making the Final Decision to Partner with The Shipping Agent

Things To Consider Before Making the Final Decision to Partner with The Shipping Agent

Your goods’ efficient and safe transportation is crucial to the supply chain. So, when you pick a shipping company, you need to consider different criteria, such as:

Is the shipping agent insured, bonded, and licensed?

This is perhaps the most crucial question to ask your China shipping agent. Any shipping agents that either does not display their licensing information or provide it are most likely not legitimate and not someone you like to work with.

What form of payment do they accept?

This is essential if you’re working with someone overseas. What currency can you pay in? Is there credit card or bank charges payable?

Can the quoted range change?

Often, a China shipping agent will send a quote valid for thirty days. Your move data may be farther down the line than that. The freight forwarder may not give an exact date until the task is done. You must know how much wiggle room is available, so you won’t be shocked.

Who will be handling your freight?

Will your China shipping agent contract handle the entire shipment from drop off until the destination? It may be that the firm works along with other companies to deal with some of the processes. If that’s the case, you may like to know that earlier.

Is cargo insurance included?

It may not be possible for the China shipping agent to ensure you’re protected in the case of loss or damage. Or is that included already? If you’re shipping anything of value, that’s essential. You must itemize all costly items, so they’re listed on the insurance policy.

Who will handle your goods? Can you track your cargo?

Find out if the China shipping agent will handle your goods from drop off until destination. Often, shipping companies work with other different services to handle some of the processes. In that case, it’s better to know earlier. Find out if the shipping agent has zero expertise in transporting similar cargo to your destination.

Does the China shipping agent have a network of agents in the destination country of your freight?

Does the China shipping agent have a network of agents in the destination country of your freight

In the shipping industry, the network is extremely crucial. If there is any unforeseen problem like a custom clearance problem, port strike, or other delays in your destination region, an experienced China shipping agent can resolve it easily.

Also, a good shipping foreign company should be able to send your cargo smoothly and safely with minimum fuss. The company representative must overcome any language barrier and enlighten you about the customs charges for your cargo in your destination country.

If the China shipping agent satisfactorily answers your concerns about customs, it proves beyond doubt that the company has experience in delivering similar shipments.

Do they have experience shipping this kind of item to this specific location?

Numerous items like perishables, food, chemicals, garments, cars, and machinery exist. There are also other regulations to comply with. Not all China shipping companies can handle all those combinations.

Make sure you ask your China shipping agent about their expertise in your shipment. A reputed company will bring up examples of similar shipments they handled for their past customers.

How are shipping rates determined?

How are shipping rates determined

The shipping cost—often referred to as freight rate—is the cost of delivering cargo from one place to another. As you might expect, the actual price you will pay depends on different factors, most of which are particular to your shipments.

Here are some of the factors that impact the shipping rate:

·        The number of pickups and drop-offs

·        The type of cargo you like to transport

·        The mode of transport

·        The weight of the cargo

·        The distance to the delivery destination

How many carriers are within your network?

Some freight carriers are massive, but most don’t operate globally. As an alternative, they link up with other carriers to guarantee the goods arrive at their destination on time and in great condition.

Understanding the number of carriers in the network of your shipping company is essential. It offers an idea of how simple it is for the freight company to move your goods from one place to another.

Things You Need to Know About China Shipping Agents

Things You Need to Know About China Shipping Agents

Here are more important things you need to know when choosing a China shipping agent:

What is the difference between a China shipping agent and a carrier?

A carrier deals with commercial activities in and around the shipping line. They manage the shipping container and vessel slots and ensure the bill of lading is issued. Meanwhile, a shipping agent works on behalf of the ship owner. They’re in charge of all the essential and practical parts of a ship’s shipping life.  

What is the difference between a China sourcing agent and a China shipping agent?

A sourcing agent represents a buyer to source commodities and purchase products out of the buyer’s reach. They are often required in international trade.

What is the average shipping agent’s fee in China?

Every China shipping agent has a different policy. They are often $35 and $75 in price. The cost can increase based on the shipping solutions they offer.

Can China shipping agent help in quality control?

Yes, they can. But you should do it by yourself. Most shipping agents say they will perform quality checks, but they do not have the specialized knowledge.

Do China shipping agents arrange the customs clearance process?

Yes. These shipping agents are familiar with Chinese customs clearance and regulations. Thanks to their expertise, they can save you a lot of effort and time.

What is the difference between China shipping agents and China freight forwarders?

A freight forwarder can offer services outside the scope of a China shipping agent. They often arrange for the shipment of their goods. They often act as freight carriers or prefer to enlist a third-party carrier.

Payment methods China shipping agents accept

Most logistics services accept payment in American dollars by T/T bank transfer, Western Union, Alipay, and Wechat Transfer. Some shipping agents accept other currencies too. Make sure you research and determine which currency you can pay in. Also, ask whether there are credit card or bank charges payable.


·        Can you provide door-to-door delivery?

Make sure you ask the China shipping agent to determine if they offer door shipping. Will they ship them straight to your destination or leave the goods at the port of your country?

·        Is the China Shipping agent the same as China freight forwarders?

No, they are different entities.

·        Is it lucrative to use China Shipping agents when importing from China?

Yes, it is profitable and cost-efficient at the same time.

·        Can you ship from China without the help of a shipping agent?

Yes, you can still ship from China, even without the help of a shipping agent. You can hire a freight forwarder and send your goods through air freight or ocean freight. There are also other logistics services you can depend on.

·        Can the China shipping agent handle the logistics process in my absence?

Yes, they can. One of the responsibilities of a China shipping agent is they work on your behalf, handling and coordinating with logistics services providers. Whether it’s logistics limitations, managing custom clearance, trade restrictions, or tax policies, the China shipping agent can provide you the guidance about the subtleties included in the local operation.

Advantages of China Shipping Agent

You’ll get top advantages when you join hands with shipping agents. Those advantages will only be enjoyed when the China shipping agent is highly experienced and a specialist in their job.

·        The China shipping agent will send reports on the operations regularly.

·        The China shipping agent is an expert in controlling demurrage.

·        The China shipping agent manages the time of the shipping container when it’s in the hands of the importer.

·        The China shipping agent provides a helping hand with the shipping process related to the importing and exporting of the goods.

·        The China shipping agent effectively manages the freight documentation.

Why Hire a China Shipping Agent?

Why Hire a China Shipping Agent

Overall, a China shipping agent is cost-effective and the best shipping solution you can get. Don’t simply look for a freight forwarding company only because you do not want to waste your time and energy.

In any case, it’s essential to take your time to know and find a dependable China shipping agent that handles all your shipping process needs. Spending more time in the short term may reap more profits in the future.  

Final Thoughts about China Shiping Agent.

There you have it. This guide will help you find the best Chinese shipping agent for your drop shipping business. Ensure you find a dependent China shipping agent with professional service and someone that can serve you for years to come.

If you’re currently looking for a team of trusted and dependable freight forwarders in China, get in touch with DFH Global Logistics, and we will discuss the intricacies of your shipping needs.

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