What is the Transit Time by Sea

If you’re looking to import products from China, you need to be aware of the transit time by sea. The transit time can vary significantly depending on your location and the destination of your goods.
In another article, we talked about shipment delay reasons & strategies to Avoid shipping delays.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the transit times for some of the most popular destinations worldwide. We’ll also discuss some factors that can affect shipping times. So if you’re looking to import from China, read this post!

What is Transit time?

What is Transit time

Typically, transit time is measured in hours and days and refers to the time it takes goods to travel from point A to point B. In other words, transit time refers to the time that it takes for a shipment to arrive at its final destination from a pickup point. Vessels, planes, trains, and trucks are all possible modes of transportation that you can use to complete your shipments. Sea freight transportation is one most efficient routes for shipping companies to ship goods from one place to the final destination ports by vessel.

Before booking a shipment, it’s important to find out how long it takes to move goods between points. As a result, you’ll be able to tell your clients the estimated shipping time you can provide with the products.

What affects the transit time by Sea?

What affects the transit time by Sea?

There are external factors that can affect delivery time by the sea. Below are the Common factors that affect transit time that you should consider before arranging shipments.

Weather conditions

There is a frequent occurrence of the weather not being very pleasant. A vessel may get off course and increase sea freight transit time. As a result, causing delays. It is more common for these conditions to occur during the winter and in deep seas. Bad weather can deeply impact the goods’ arrive time.


The capacity of every port for receiving and dispatching containers is limited. Whenever this maximum capacity is exceeded (capacity of full container load), congestion occurs. It affects the complete supply chain of ocean shipment, and it will cause additional delays for container shipping.

No space to berth

A vessel berth is a place where ships of various kinds are moored for loading and unloading. Due to weather, technical issues, and political reasons, there may be a line of ships to berth even if the carrier states the delivery time correctly.


Port workers and container yard workers can decide to strike for a variety of reasons. It will impact the shipping time. 

Transit Time Calculator

Transit Time Calculator

An online transit time calculator estimates how long it may take to transport goods from a country to your destination. Using this shipping time calculator, you can estimate shipping times for multi-modal global shipping along selected lanes. Easily estimate the sea freight transit times of FCLs, LCLs, air, seas, and trucks. You can see the estimated delivery time ranges by entering the origin and destination addresses, cities, zip codes, countries, and load type. There are several online transit calculators available online.

If you don’t know how to calculate transit time, you can rely on DFH experts. With DFH, you can send your goods anywhere in the world from China. DFH’s Experts are always ready to assist clients. We can also help you calculate transit time more accurately. Whether you want to know air freight transit time or sea freight shipping time, we can help. Don’t hesitate to send an inquiry directly. We are sure you to get feedback within 2mins after sending out your questions.

What are the average transit times by Sea in 2022?

What are the average transit times by Sea in 2022?

Many factors affect delivery times, such as weight, size, and distance traveled. Shipping by sea freight, however, typically takes about 30 days to reach its destination as of 2022. The UK Air freight would take about 8 days to deliver the same shipment. International shipments typically take longer to transit depending on their origin and destination. If you want to check shipping time by sea from China to your local, Send an inquiry Here directly to get fast feedback.

Where to find a sea freight forwarder from China?

Where to find a sea freight forwarder from China?

Before searching for an ocean freight forwarder, you have to determine your needs and requirements. If you are clear about your requirements, you will have an easier time finding a logistics agent in China for your forwarding needs. You have to whether they will help you to pay customs duty.

Working with a freight forwarding agent who can handle your logistics needs is ideal. The industry experience, key destinations, and global setup are 3 things you should consider before choosing the freight agent.

You can read here to get the solutions: How to find a China freight forwarder.

However, the best way to save time searching is to check DFH directly, a Licensed and trusted freight forwarder from China. Have helped more than 10,000 companies arrange shipments from China to overseas successfully since 2009. We have a team of experienced experts who will serve your shipments 24/7.

Search online and check reviews

You can search online to select the best freight forwarder from China. Additionally, you can check their reviews, how long they have been in business, and background information on freight forwarding companies when researching them on a platform.

Get help from other businesses.

You can get suggestions from other business owners who import goods from China. Also, if the freight agent provides good service, you can try them.

How long does It take to transit internationally from China?

How long does It take to transit internationally from China?

Compared to other methods of transport, shipping goods by Sea from China to worldwide destinations is the slowest. However, it’s also the most economical. The shipping time of goods cannot be predicted in advance. It mainly depends on your goods amount, transportation company, weather, global situation, and other factors. Port-to-port shipping transit times from China to the US, Europe, Uk China are shown below.

China – Los Angeles, USA: 15 days (approx)

China – New York, USA: 1-35 (approx)

China – Hamburg, Germany: 30 days

China – Singapore: 5 days

China – Sydney, Australia: 12 days

Here we have an article showing Container shipping from China to the US and everything you need to know. Welcome to have a check. It should be helpful for you to know more about transit time by sea freight and Full Container loading & Less than Container Loading.

Final words

Conclusion paragraph: So there you have it, the Transit Time by Sea. This is just a general guideline to help you know how long your goods will take to get from one port to another.

These times can change depending on various factors such as weather and congestion, so always be sure to contact your carrier for the most up-to-date information. But now that you know what to expect, you can start planning and ensure that your products arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition. Thanks for following along, and don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your next shipment. 

Transit times FAQs

Have more questions about the rough estimate time ship from china? Please keep reading below to get the answers.

How do you calculate air freight transit times?

The transit time is when a shipment is transported from one point of departure to another once it has been picked up from the departure place. Based on the longitude and latitude definitions of the two zip codes, importers calculate the distance between them. It is important to pay attention to several factors, such as the transportation medium, the distance that can be covered per day, etc. You can use a transit time calculator to calculate the transit time. You can also take help from the ocean freight forwarder to calculate the exact time.

Is transit times the same as shipping time?

Yes, transit time and shipping time are the same. The time spent shipping and delivering products from a merchant’s warehouse to the consumer is, in its essence. 

Why do transit times by Sea take so long?

There are various ways that a product can be shipped. About 107,000 different UN Codes describe the locations of trade and transport locations when it comes to shipping time between ports. Container load time also affects the shipping time. The air freight shipment transit time can also be affected for a few reasons.

Does transit mean it’s moving?

If your package is marked as ‘in transit, it is on its way to the final destination. There is no guarantee that your package is in a moving vehicle such as an airplane or a truck.

What does transit in 2 days mean?

It means that your package will arrive at your address in two days.

Will I get my package today if it says in transit?

Yes, you will receive your package if it says in transit. It means your package is on its way to its destination. 

Is it possible to pick up a package in transit?

No, you cannot pick up packages in transit. It means your package is on its way to its destination. 

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