Shipping Laptops with Lithium-Ion Batteries from China: Complete Guide|2022

How do you shop and ship batteries? Lithium-ion batteries are small devices with enormous power. Used in electric vehicles, laptops, mobile phones, and medical devices, they connect our world and help save lives.

However, they are also classified as dangerous goods and need meticulous handling and transportation. This guide will discuss everything you should better knowledge about how to ship lithium batteries on laptops.

How to Ship a Laptop with Battery from China?

How to Ship a Laptop with Battery from China

As the shipper, you ensure that shipments containing lithium batteries are packed and shipped safely. You must follow all the specific guidelines, regulations, and proper precautions when preparing the lithium-ion battery contained in the equipment.

If not, there’s a risk that your lithium battery shipments will be stopped, or you must pay fines. Here are the steps to ship laptops with lithium metal batteries to mitigate the risks.

1.      Have all your documents ready

Before the lithium metal batteries can be shipped, they should have certain tests and documents to ensure they aren’t defective. These simulate transport conditions such as impact, pressure, crush, and temperature.

Ensure you have the summary of the tests accessible as specified in the UN Manual Tests and Criteria, or your lithium battery shipments may be stopped.

2.      Get your head with lithium battery shipping regulations

There are different regulations by global organizations like OTIF, IMO, IATA, and UN, as well as global organizations for shipping dangerous goods. Also, regulations differ based on what type of lithium battery you’re shipping: lithium metal or lithium-ion.

3.      Pack your lithium-ion cells properly

One reason lithium metal content gets damaged during transport is not using the proper packages. All lithium batteries should be packed according to regulations to stop accidental activation or short circuits.

–        Make sure there is no contact between batteries with other batteries, metal objects, or conductive surfaces.

–        Cushion-stand alone batteries or pad the equipment containing batteries inside the package

–        Protect terminals, switches, and batteries using caps or fully enclosed outer and inner packaging.

–        If needed, use specialized packaging to guarantee safety.

Click here to check how to pack lithium batteries.

4.      Utilize proper marking and labeling

When shipping only lithium batteries, you’re obliged to use the proper labels. You need different labels depending on the size, type of battery, and how they’re properly packed. Other times, shipping companies have particular air, ocean, and land transport requirements.  

Shipping Options for Laptops with Lithium Batteries from China?

Shipping Options for Laptops with Lithium Batteries from China

There are different options for shipping rechargeable batteries and power banks. Here are some options you can consider:

FedEx Express shipping batteries

You can ship laptops with lithium batteries from China with the FedEx battery shipping option. FedEx lithium battery shipping is widely used to ship laptops for importers from all over the world.

UPS Express shipping laptop with Lithium battery

You can also mail rechargeable devices through UPS express. However, the package must be processed to an authorized UPS shipping location. Ensure all the batteries are out of the product and have been cleaned from debris. Tape over the exposed terminals with white or clear tape to prevent short-circuiting.

Air freight shipping laptops with Lithium battery

Shipping laptops by air freight is simple. However, it’s essential to remember that the 2016 restrictions apply only to standalone lithium-ion batteries and commercial aircraft. Also, standalone lithium metal batteries are banned from commercial and passenger aircraft.

Ocean freight shipping laptops with lithium battery

Sending hazardous metals by air freight is the same as the rules you should follow when sending lithium batteries by ocean freight. You can pick to send them inside their corresponding gadget or separately in a container with a hard case.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Laptops That Contain Lithium Batteries from China?

How Long Does It Take to Ship Laptops That Contain Lithium Batteries from China

The time it takes to ship dangerous goods from China to the US—for different modes of shipping—are as follows:

·        Regular post – one to two weeks

·        Express freight – two to seven days

·        Average air freight – eight to twelve days

·        Sea freight – twenty-five to forty days

International Shipping Packing Requirements for Laptops with Lithium Batteries

International Shipping Packing Requirements for Laptops with Lithium Batteries

It’s important that you pay close attention to the following requirements while shipping hazardous materials. These are essential for protecting your power bank and the same package from getting damaged or exploding throughout transit.

Choose the right box

Package all wet cell batteries in containers, including metal containers with alkali or acid leakproof liners—sealed to stop leakage. Ship the laptop in a well-padded box made specifically for shipping. Such boxes can absorb shock, protecting your laptop from possible damage.

Label your package correctly

You need to ensure that the label of your shipment is obvious and that it has lithium-ion batteries or dangerous goods.

Research shipping restrictions

There are numerous means of transport accessible when booking a shipping service, each with different guidelines and UN specifications in place. When shipping lithium batteries for laptops internationally, the safest option is to use a ground service like transport by road.

Also, lithium batteries can catch fire when damaged during the shipment process. That’s why you should follow many shipping restrictions and regulations.

Documents Requirements for Shipping Laptops with Lithium Batteries

Documents Requirements for Shipping Laptops with Lithium Batteries

Remember that before your laptops can be shipped to their receiver, they must pass tests to ensure the equipment is not defective.

You may need other certificates and documents before shipping.

For instance, the shipping company may request you to sign a Dangerous Goods Contract, or the airline may need a Material Safety Data Sheet before they accept your equipment with installed batteries. These documents often take time to process, so ensure you’re ready in time.

Tips for Shipping Laptops

Tips for Shipping Laptops

International package shipping is already difficult as it is. However, the challenge increases even more, when shipping laptops or other equipment with lithium battery marks. Here are some tips for you to consider.

Follow lithium-ion battery regulations

The regulations concerning lithium batteries help you feel safer. Regulations have been implemented to mitigate the risk during shipment transportation and commercial and non-commercial use to keep the li-ion batteries safe.

Such regulations could be mandatory and enforced through a government department. They can also be voluntary, market-driven, or driven by the end device requirement.  

Use shipping insurance

Shipping insurance is one way you can safeguard yourself against unnecessary costs. With shipping insurance, you can claim reimbursement for any laptop or mobile phone with lithium batteries if lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit. How cool is that?

How DFH can Help to Ship Laptops from China Worldwide

How DFH can Help to Ship Laptops from China Worldwide

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DFH has been a battery shipper since 2011 till now

We have been dealing with different kinds of dangerous goods shipments over the years and have everything you need to prepare your device, complete your documents, and confirm all the details before shipping.

We can help you ship laptops or mobile phones beginning from pickup at your China supplier, arrange drayage for you, buy cargo insurance, and customs clearance in both countries if you need our help to pay the customs duty, we can do it as well, and delivery to your final destination address.

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FAQs about Shipping Laptops with Batteries from China

Do you need more answers to some of your questions about shipping laptops with batteries from China? Well, here it is!

Can I ship a laptop with a lithium battery?

Yes, it is highly possible. You can shop for laptops with Li-ion batteries. Nonetheless, remember that there are specific regulations and rules that you must follow. Those regulations could change depending on the courier services or the government of the country you’re planning to send the packages.

Laptops and phones are the most popular shipment shipped with these batteries.

Can air ship laptop batteries?

Li-ion batteries may be shipped by air only if all the applicable regulatory requirements are followed and met. That includes ensuring that the battery and cell types have passed the applicable UN specification tests.

Can FedEx ship items with lithium batteries?

Yes. Nonetheless, when importing or shipping li-ion batteries, including those contained or packed with rechargeable devices and equipment, you should adhere to the proper packaging and marketing requirements as per dangerous goods regulation.

What is the UN number for lithium-ion batteries contained in equipment?

Four pieces of UN legislation efficiently cover the shipping of batteries, even though many specifics within these can impact the specific process you need to take to ensure safe shipping.

Li-ion batteries are classified as Class 9 material—referred to as miscellaneous dangerous goods. The UN regulations covering the shipment of such batteries are as follows:

– UN 3480 (li-ion batteries)

– UN 3481 (li-ion batteries contained in equipment or packed inside equipment)

– UN 3090 (li-ion metal batteries)

– UN 3091 (li-on metal batteries contained in equipment or packed inside equipment)

Do I need a battery label to ship a laptop?

Yes! Irrespective of the courier or the shipping company you use, all li-ion batteries are considered dangerous goods and should be labeled and have lithium battery mark accordingly. Defective or damaged laptops with such batteries are forbidden for shipping.

That condition is because damaged or defective batteries exposed to extreme temperatures can start a fire. Ensure to label the shipment to make it clear that it has dangerous goods. Nowadays, a lot of products are powered by batteries. Naturally, most of those products are being shipped across the globe.

Do I need to buy insurance to ship the laptop?

It is smart to buy insurance and signature delivery confirmation whenever you ship your laptop. That safeguards you from damaged or lost items and guarantees your shipment is delivered to the intended recipient.

Remember that laptop insurance is normally made for personal computers, so if you need coverage for a work laptop, it is best to check if the device will be covered.

Does it cost more to ship a Li-ion battery?

Yes. It usually costs more to ship Li-ion batteries. Shipping services should take extra care when shipping these rechargeable products, and the added paperwork contributes to the overall costs.

Due to all the risks associated with its handling, the transportation costs for shipping such batteries from one another are extremely high. These batteries need to be shipped and transported with utmost care.

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