Lithium Battery Shippers

If you need to ship  Lithium batteries from China, you’ll want to make sure you use Lithium battery shippers who know how to handle these shipments safely.

DFH is a China Based Freight forwarder Established in 2009. We can arrange Lithium Batteries shipments from China Worldwide.

Battery Delivery is challenging to work. Not All the standard China freight forwarders with the service for shipping Lithium battery service from China.

Experienced Lithium Battery Shippers from China

Lithium battery shipping boxes

We have handled Lithium Battery shipments from China to Oversea since 2012 till now. We are one of the top Lithium Batteries Shippers with more than 10 years. contact us if any questions about shipping lithium batteries from China.

We will provide everything you need to know to handle Lithium battery shipping from China to your destination, Including:

Requirements of Lithium Battery Shipping Boxes.

Lithium battery shipping kit

Lithium battery shipping methods.

Lithium Battery safety kit

Air Freight Lithium batteries from China

Ocean freight for Battery

Ocean Freight Lithium batteries from China

Lithium battery shipping cost.

lithium battery boxes

By Air freight, it is around 7 USD/KG – 12USD/Kg, depending on the destination address in which Country.

By Ocean, it is 2USD/KG – 4USD/KG, depending on the destination port name. And charge weight.

Lithium battery shippers’ declaration

repack lithium battery
we help to repack the lithium battery

If you choose our DFH as your Lithium battery shipper, we will handle your Lithium battery customs clearance. Since we have the services for all shipments, not only for the lithium batteries but also the common products. So you no need to worry about the customs issue if you cooperate with DFH.

Lithium battery shipments documents requirements.

Battery waiting to ship
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list
  • MSDS certificate if the supplier can provide it; if not, we can help you.
  • Other certificates

If you have more Questions about shipping Lithium Batteries from China, please contact us Any time.

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