Importing Power Banks from China 101: How to Import and Transport Power Banks from China

A portable power bank is a must-have for anyone with a mobile phone. Given how ubiquitous these mobile phone accessories and devices have become, it’s no wonder the power bank market is booming.

As demand for these portable power banks continues to grow, more and more people are looking to source their power banks from China and looking for the best China power bank manufacturers. But importing and transporting power banks from China can be tricky—especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to import and transport good quality power banks and portable chargers from China and provide tips on what to look for when choosing power bank suppliers. So, whether you’re just starting your power bank business or are looking for ways to expand your shipping process, read on for some helpful advice!

What is a Power Bank?

What is a Power Bank

A power bank is a portable power station easily carried in your backpack or wallet. These power banks store energy in their internal battery or lithium-ion battery and can offer this power to charge your electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and other mobile phone accessories.  

Can I Import Power Banks from China?

Can I Import Power Banks from China?

You don’t need a license if you purchase a mobile power bank for personal use.

Remember that products with lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer battery have some troubles associated with them. But if you plan for an import business, you should have an export and import code. ( DFH can ship power banks from China to your Door by DDP shipping methods safely and efficiently If you don’t have the import licenses for power banks. Cooperating with DFH will be your smart choice.)

Your Chinese supplier can offer all the certificates for your import clearance paper. You can find those from the factory. But it’s also essential you find a good shipping agent to ship it from the supplier factory to your door.

5 Ways to Find Suitable Power Bank Suppliers from China

5 Ways to Find Suitable Power Bank Suppliers from China

Below are some useful tricks and tips to help you find the ideal suppliers for your portable power bank business.

1. Search online

A basic Google search of Chinese power bank suppliers and trading companies may seem the first step for sellers. These power bank suppliers have business websites and a social media presence. Make sure you check them out.

2. Search on B2B platforms such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Global Sources

Your search for power bank Chinese suppliers can begin on B2B platforms. Global Sources, Made in China, and Alibaba are all widely-used platforms to find suppliers in China. We have articles to tell you what Alibaba is and how it works & is Alibaba Legit how to buy from Alibaba

3. Cooperate with a China sourcing company.

A sourcing company is suitable if you need power bank products manufactured to exact technical specifications, such as a solar power bank, universal power bank with a decent power supply, and wireless charging features.

After you have greenlighted mass production, the agent will visit your portable charger factory to check raw materials and the first few solar power bank and universal power bank batches for quality control.

4. Ask your friends to recommend it.

Word-of-mouth referrals are the safest and simplest avenue when searching for dependable power bank results. Such referrals are supporters due to the services they’ve received, and you’re likely to experience the same.

Thus, it’s always great to ask your friends for any supplier suggestions they may have used before.

5. Top 10 power banks manufacturers for your reference



They do not offer lower quality power banks but instead provide the highest quality portable power station, solar power bank, and lithium-ion batteries with great battery capacity.

2. Shenzhen TOPTAI Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen TOPTAI Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen TOPTAI Technology is a professional power bank manufacturer of all types of data cables, charging cables, gan charger, and power banks. They also offer fast charging and high-capacity mobile phone accessories.

3. Top link industrial & manufacturing limited

Top link industrial & manufacturing limited

They are experts in creating a wireless charging power supply, solar power bank, portable chargers, and even car jump starters. Their factory covers over 10,000 sqm.

4. Shenzhen Changxiang Technology Co., Ltd

_Shenzhen Changxiang Technology Co., Ltd

They are one of the quality suppliers of power banks in China, offering all the consumer electronics you need.

5. Shenzhen Bonic Electronic Technology Co. Ltd

_Shenzhen Bonic Electronic Technology Co. Ltd

Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Bonic Electronic Technology Co. Ltd offers a wireless, solar, and mobile phone power bank.

6. Tripower


Tripower is considered one of the most dependable power bank suppliers focusing on USB flash drivers, custom rubber drivers, and more.

7. Heloideo


The company has manufactured mobile power, car charger, and consumer electronics products since 2005.

8. YIMI Industrial Limited

YIMI Industrial Limited

The company has provided all the market demands with products made with the latest designs, quality, and innovations.

9. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology Co., Ltd has manufactured power banks and mobile batteries for over two decades.

10. Audicom Electronics Co., Ltd

The company focuses on researching and developing Bluetooth speakers and power banks.

Documents Requirements for Shipping Power Banks from China.

Documents Requirements for Shipping Power Banks from China.

Are you planning on shipping power banks from China? Here are some documents you might need to start the process:

·        Packing list

·        Commercial Invoice

·        MSDS certificate

·        Shipper declaration of dangerous goods

·        Lithium battery safety document

Do I Need to Buy Insurance for My Power Bank?

Do I Need to Buy Insurance for My Power Bank?

Yes, we strongly recommend you buy insurance for power bank shipments. With continuous unknowns as your power bank cargo moves from China to its destination, ignoring to insure your shipment could be catastrophic for your startup.

There may be some cases of loss or breakage in international transportation and power banks hazardous materials. Transport risk is higher than ordinary products. If you buy insurance, you can minimize the loss.

Who Does the Customs Clean for My Portable Power Bank Shipments?

Who Does the Customs Clean for My Portable Power Bank Shipments?

In most portable power bank shipping scenarios, the seller is accountable for export customs and clearance, and the buyer for the import clearance. Nonetheless, the exact arrangement will also depend on the agreed incoterm for the sales transaction. Click here to learn more about Incoterms and what you do with your suppliers. Then you will know customs clean need to do buy your supplier or by yourself.

Why Is DFH The Best Freight Forwarder for Your Power Bank Shipments?

Why Is DFH The Best Freight Forwarder for Your Power Bank Shipments

As one of the best freight forwarders from China for power bank shipping, DFH aims to offer the best shipping experience to all our customers.

At DFH Global Logistics, we take special care of your power bank cargo, whether it’s a solar power bank, a wireless charging device, phone batteries, or so much more.

We understand that handling power bank cargo is different from standard shipping. With decades of expertise in transporting power banks and an unparalleled global network in other countries, we have the capacity to ship your portable power bank to any part of the globe.

On top of that, our international team of power bank freight forwarders has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the challenges and is here to help you with each step.

If you cooperate with our DFH team, we will serve you begin from Pick up at your China Supplier factory to Delivery to your final destination door. No need for you to do the customs clean, and we can also help you to pay taxes if you don’t want to handle it yourself.

Get in touch now to explore the myriad shipping services we can offer for your power bank business!

The Best Shipping Method for Transporting Power Banks from China

The Best Shipping Method for Transporting Power Banks from China

Shipping power banks with a lithium-ion battery from China can be done through sea or express freight. Sea freight is less expensive but takes longer to transport the power banks.

Express freight is more expensive, but it is a faster option. So, the best shipping method for shipping the best power bank from China to your door depends on your detailed requirements.

Click here to learn everything about shipping phone batteries from China.

10 Tips to Save Shipping Costs for Transport Power Banks.

The Best Shipping Method for Transporting Power Banks from China

Here is some advice to help you save on shipping your mobile power bank business from China.

1. Avoid shipping in busy seasons and during holidays.

We have more than a decade of expertise in shipping from China worldwide, so we know shipping costs during busy seasons such as December and January are much higher than in other seasons. Meanwhile, shipping costs before each Chinese holiday are much higher than on ordinary days.

So, we recommend avoiding shipping your universal power bank goods during this time as an excellent method to save shipping costs.

2. Order the best lithium battery power bank in bulk and make a shipping plan always.

When ordering in bulk, power bank manufacturers and suppliers often offer discounts on shipping costs. That can help you save cash in the long run. And making a plan before shipping your rechargeable battery power bank can let you know when and where to get better shipping costs

3. Use a freight forwarder to hand the power bank shipment.

A good power bank freight forwarder can help reduce shipping costs by organizing transport and negotiating prices with suppliers. This can be a great option for power bank businesses that frequently order large quantities of power bank goods from China.

4. Choose sea transport instead of air transport.

Sea transport is often cheaper than air transport if your time is enough, especially for larger power bank shipments. However, it may take longer to arrive at its destination. So, you’d better plan and know the shipping time before arranging shipment.

5. Optimize the packaging.

Packaging is critical when shipping fragile items like a solar power bank with mobile accessories such as USB cables, wall outlets, USB flash drives, wireless chargers, etc. Ensuring the power bank is well-protected in its packaging can help reduce the risk of damage during transport.

6. Compare shipping rates between different carriers.

Shipping rates can vary significantly between different carriers, so it is important to compare rates before selecting a power bank carrier. This can help save money on shipping costs.

7. Use a courier service instead of a postal service.

Courier services are often more exclusive and costlier than postal services but offer faster delivery times and better tracking abilities. This can be advantageous for industries that need to track their shipments closely.

8. Declare the correct value of the shipment.

If you declare the incorrect value of a shipment, you may be liable for customs duties and taxes on the shipment when it arrives at its destination country. It is essential to declare the correct value so there are no surprises when the shipment arrives.

9. Request a shipping quote from your supplier.

Suppliers often provide quotes for shipping products overseas, so requesting one before placing an order is essential. That will give you an idea of how much your order will cost to ship.

10. Bundle shipments together.

When possible, try to bundle multiple power bank shipments into one order. This can help reduce shipping costs overall.

Conclusion about import and transport power banks from China

Are you currently in the marketplace for a quality, reliable power bank? Perhaps you don’t want to break the power bank. We recommend looking into importing from China.

You’ll discover some of the best deals and can be confident that our excellent customer service will back your purchase. Have any questions about shipping power banks from China? Contact the Best China Freight freight for power banks and arrange shipment anytime – we would be happy to help!

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