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The Alibaba distribution network is continuously evolving as new features, options, and shipping methods are finally rolled out. One of the recent additions to the platform was Cainiao global logistics solutions.

Cainiao is one of the leading logistics companies by Alibaba Group that provides numerous standard and economy shipping methods. Their shipping methods are normally cheaper but entail a longer shipping time.

Where is Cainiao?

Where is Cainiao

The global Cainiao customer service Cainiao is currently headquartered in Hangzhou, China. At present, the company specializes mainly in the provision of smart logistics services to members of the Alibaba Group, and it operates as one of its subsidiaries.

It has many warehouses in operation and supervises several express delivery stations. Take note that Cainiao launched in 2013, along with eight other companies.

What is Cainiao Logistics?

What is Cainiao Logistics?

Cainiao, or (Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Limited) is a logistics shipping service established by Alibaba Group in 2013. In recent years, the company has managed to widen its network across China. It now works with network partners and delivery companies worldwide to facilitate international deliveries.

Through eCommerce platforms like AliExpress, the Cainiao logistics network company prides itself on local logistics providers through its resource-sharing platform.

How Does Cainiao Work?

How Does Cainiao Work?

The position of Cainiao as a logistic network design ecosystem empowered by collaboration and data makes it a unique solution for improving the efficiency of China smart logistics network, benefiting global and domestic merchants and consumers alike.

The company’s cross-border logistics arm is mainly focused on serving merchants on Alibaba’s marketplaces, including Taobao International and AliExpress, on which products are shipped overseas from China, and the inbound platform TMall Global, on which overseas parcels are shipped to China.


Collaborating with top shipping services in the logistics industry, Cainiao has established a data platform that processes millions of parcels every day. With real-time data, all the suppliers can pick which shipping services they’ll work with. Often, they can choose several, depending on the countries like Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and more.


 Cainiao provides smart warehousing capabilities to 200 network warehouses and partners with more than 40 domestic partners, such as RRS and Suning. It offers integrated warehousing services to big merchants, boosting their inventory turnover rate.

With an improved warehousing and delivery network, Cainiao has accomplished next-day and same-day delivery to over 700 districts and counties in China.

Pick-up Stations

Cainiao has also established a community-based pick-up network in partnership with convenience stores, individuals, colleges, and chain stores to complement last-mile delivery. If you can’t receive the package, the stations could be useful 24/7 keepers and receivers for you.


Did you know that Cainiao also partners with 72 global partners, including Pony in the US, Omniva in Estonia, Posti in Finland, FedEx, and UPS? Due to its strong network, Cainiao offers highly effective one-stop cross-border storage and delivery business services.

Apart from AliExpress, the company also helps more eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Shopee, and Lazada. China-based businesses have a reliable solution for sending their parcels to consumers all across the globe, thanks to the efficacy of order pick-up, storage, customs clearance, transportation schedules, and delivery.

How Long Does Cainiao Take to Ship from China?

How Long Does Cainiao Take to Ship from China?

The estimated delivery time of Cainiao is thirty to sixty days, even though that’s indicative data provided by AliExpress, to give you an idea. Remember that the delivery time will depend on the type of your package, its weight, size, and destination.

With how much they’ve enhanced shipping and the technology and system they use, it’s normal that your entire purchase will arrive much earlier. If you pick Combined Delivery, your order will arrive a lot sooner.

As part of its premium service, the company is committed to delivering postal service worldwide within 72 hours and to China within 24 hours.

For instance, if you’re in Europe, you can choose different shipments for your parcels under 2KG. These include:

·        Cainiao Super Economy for Special Gods

·        Cainiao Expedited Economy

·        Cainiao Super Economy

Internationally, there are also other delivery types within the framework of partnerships. These include:

·        Yanwen Economic Air Mail

·        SunYou Economic Air Mail

·        SF Economic Air Mail

·        Correos Economy

·        4PX Singapore Post OP Pro

·        China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

How to Contact Cainiao?

How to Contact Cainiao?

Would you like to contact Cainiao? Here is the information you need to keep in mind:

·        The company is headquartered in Block B1, XIXI Center, No. 588 West Wenyi Road, Xihu, District, Hangzhou, China

·        Their customer service department can be reached via phone at this number: +86400-6767-903

How to Track the Cainiao Package?

How to Track the Cainiao Package?

It’s important to bear in mind that this is not an expected shipment. That means you can’t track the parcel once it arrives in your country.

You’ll see that when the order arrives in your country, the tracking will immediately stop, and it will only move forward again when the shipping service carrier delivers the package.

You can use a package tracking website to track your parcel.

When checking the status or location of your parcel, you may encounter numerous status events. These will be the same on the Cainiao website, but they may not be able to efficiently track your parcel, especially if different logistics firms handle it.

Below is an example of the different statuses you may encounter when tracking your tracking number for your Cainiao package:

·        Accepted by carrier

·        Received by line-haul

·        Hand over to the airline

·        [Fenggang Town] Inbound in sorting center

·        [Fenggang Town] Outbound in sorting center

·        [Shatian Town] Outbound in sorting center

·        [Shatian Town] Inbound in sorting center

·        Inbound in sorting center

·        Outbound in sorting center

·        Import clearance success

·        Depart from the transit country or district

·        Arrive at the transit country or district

·        Import clearance start

·        Delivered


One of the benefits of choosing the Cainiao shipping method for your eCommerce business is that it’s normally more reasonable than other logistics shipping methods of the same category at the expense of speed.

Super Economy Global and Super Economy logistics options are among the cheapest, and it normally takes 30 to 50 days to arrive at your address.


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