Does Amazon Ship to Europe?

Are you one of those people wondering if Amazon has international shipping? Look no further because this post has got you covered.

As a global company, Amazon ships to over 100 nations globally. Thus, buying from Amazon in a different country can be the answer if your local one does not have what you are after or if you are purchasing a gift for someone living abroad. We talked in another Article about How Amazon Dropshipping Works and How to Find the Best Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers for Amazon FBA. Wish you can get what you want there as well. Here today, we like to talk about Does Amazon ships to Europe. How does it work? let’s start!

How Do I Shop on Amazon Europe?

How Do I Shop on Amazon Europe

To start shopping on Amazon Europe, click the “New Customer” button on the sign-in box. You will need your complete name, email address, and selected password to make an account.

You can freely add to your cart any product you want to buy. To find items that can be shipped to Europe, you must first change your shopping preferences. Update the default shipping address to the international address.

When it comes to payment options, Amazon accepts payments through Visa and MasterCard. Your local bank accounts are compatible with such Amazon services.

Fortunately, Amazon now ships to more than 100 countries and regions, including Italy, Spain, Canada, India, Denmark, China, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Africa, Poland, France, and the Netherlands, among other regions, provided the item is eligible for Amazon Global.

But that does not mean every package or item can go anywhere in other parts of the globe. There is no assurance that the packages you want are available for shipping to your location in the UK.

Am I Allowed to Buy Something on Amazon and Ship It to Another Country?

Am I Allowed to Buy Something on Amazon and Ship It to Another Country

Good news! You can buy something on Amazon and ship it to another country. You can buy items on Amazon from across the globe or choose to purchase on the US Amazon website and ship the products to Asia or the Middle East.

Nonetheless, the available shipping options differ based on the sellers and the particular products. Other items are not eligible for Amazon international shipping due to their weight, size, or value.

The ideal way to check whether you can get the product you want in the country you need it is to look for it and review the shipping options accessible. You might discover that you get better results if you search on the Amazon Global site.

That’s technically part of the United States Amazon website, but it focuses on affiliate products that can be shipped overseas. Also, you will still need to check that your specific product could go to that location because not all items can be delivered to every destination.

What Countries Does Amazon Not Ship To?

What Countries Does Amazon Not Ship To

Unfortunately, there are some countries that Amazon does not ship to, such as Cuba, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, and Iran.

Some locations restrict specific items due to their content. When you shop at Amazon, the information at checkout or on the product detail page will inform you whether a product can be delivered to your country.

The Amazon platform uses your Buy Now delivery address to identify your location when you are signed into your account. Or else they will use your IP address.

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Ship to Europe?

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Ship to Europe

Thinking how long it will take for Amazon to ship your packages to Europe? Amazon international shipping times may vary a huge deal. Other items can get from the United States to Europe, for instance, in a few days. However, that is with priority shipping.

With standard shipping, the same package can take weeks to arrive.

If you do not mind paying an extra cost, choose the fastest shipping for your purchases. If you can plan and would rather save the money, pick standard shipping and plan on the product arriving something within a month.

Indeed, the route has a major impact on how long it takes. The further your parcel has to travel, the longer it might take. That’s why don’t imagine that ordering from Amazon US and Amazon UK is the same.

Amazon also commonly provides customers with multiple shipping choices, with costly feels for fast delivery times. Thus, you can manage to place your order a while earlier—two to three weeks, for instance—than you’d been planning. In the end, you could save a huge amount of money.

Does Amazon Have a Logistics Department?

Does Amazon Have a Logistics Department

Yes. The company has an efficient transportation and logistics department, helping the online business to accomplish its strategic goals. Currently, Amazon depends on leading delivery carriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

Have we mentioned that the customer-centric company also partners with other businesses to guarantee timely delivery to various locations like Asia, Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Europe, and Italy, among others? Amazon Logistics provides seven-day and same-day delivery options and uses various regional third-party networks to make it happen.

Remember that Amazon has particular stipulations for third-party providers (especially about insurance, safety training, vehicle sizing, and licensing). Nonetheless, it’s essential to remember that these are not Amazon employees.

They are a separate logistics provider contracted to pick up deliveries for customers at Amazon sorting centers and warehouses for delivery. Also, they use Amazon tech to direct their distribution but enjoy flexible pick-up shipments and schedules at will.

How Can I Contact Amazon Logistics by Phone?

How Can I Contact Amazon Logistics by Phone

If you are a shopper in the United States, you only need to call this number 1 (888) 280-4331. Amazon logistics will gladly answer any of your concerns. Make sure you have your order number ready, which can be seen on the website’s Amazon “Your Orders” pages.

Final Thoughts

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