Domestic Freight Forwarding Companies: Things You Need to Know

Whether you want to move cargo across the state or the country, selecting a domestic freight forwarder to deal with your task is a smart business move. Did you know that professionals in the freight shipping industry have time and contacts to dedicate to getting your cargo where they need to go?

Also, if the burden of domestic shipping is lifted from your shoulders, then you have more time to concentrate on running your business.

What is a Domestic Freight Forwarder?

What is a Domestic Freight Forwarder

Even if you have never used domestic freight services, you’ll likely need one. The rise of eCommerce and the growing shipping needs have led to the compound annual growth of freight forwarding rate of 4% to 4.5% from 2019 to 2020. Even if you ship only within the US, you still use the standard services of these logistics professionals.

Domestic shipping companies focus their efforts on in-country shipping. They help you to get your goods and cargo across the country. Consider this type of company as a concierge for your goods. You can also turn over everything to the freight forwarding company.

Domestic freight shipping companies also work as agents between your business and US freight trucking and other transportation options for moving your goods. You don’t need to contact freight shipping companies for your cargo.

Also, you don’t need to consider documents governing the shipment, including customs and insurance. The freight shipping company handles everything for shipping.

What Services Do Domestic Freight Forwarders Provide?

What Services Do Domestic Freight Forwarders Provide?

Everything related to international and domestic freight shipping falls under the job of a freight forwarding company. Insurance, storing single shipments, and transporting are some of the services a domestic freight forwarder company can provide.

Always check with the freight shipping company about specifics concerning your shipment.

·        Multiple Shipping Routes

 Multiple Shipping Routes

Working with a freight forwarder only means you get a broad spectrum of services with one business connection. That includes transportation of the cargo, warehousing, and even insurance.

·        Handle Tough Shipments

This is one of the best solutions a freight forwarder can offer. If you have tough cargo to send, you get access to their experience to get your cargo and shipments delivered.

These companies can handle hard-to-ship cargo such as fragile goods, tight delivery time deadlines, temperature-sensitive products, and even oversized products. How cool is that?

·        Product Pickup

Product Pickup

A domestic freight forwarder will pick up your shipments from your facility and send them to the warehouse to await shipping. That service is useful, especially if your business doesn’t have a big truck to take your freight to the warehouse.

·        Insurance


You won’t need your cargo to go through customs for domestic freight movement. Nonetheless, you’ll still need insurance for your cargo in case of delays or damage. Take note that a domestic forwarder sets up deliveries, but they don’t have the responsibility if damaged goods, weather, or unexpected events cause delays in the shipment.

·        Transportation


Transportation is the key reason you need an ocean freight forwarder. For most small and mid-sized businesses, safeguarding transport with multiple carriers needs a minimum cargo load, putting small businesses at a huge disadvantage.

A domestic freight carrier offering domestic freight shipments can work with your business’s cargo loads. Also, the company organizes the best transit method for your needs while taking the pressure off you. ocean freight, air freight, and trucking are the conventional methods that freight forwarder companies use.

·        Storage


Warehouse storage offers a safe place for your goods until a shipment occurs. A freight forwarder’s combination of warehousing and shipping services enables you to simplify your supply chain. With a great warehouse space, you can save yourself from storing your goods in an isolated location until transfer.

If you can’t manage your warehouses on top of all the tasks you must do, these supply chain solutions store your cargo as they are away from transportation across the region.

·        Handle Domestic and International Shipping

Handle Domestic and International Shipping

Do you need international shipments for your cargo? A domestic air freight shipping company can handle that for you. Most of these companies can export and import goods from Mexico, China, Canada, and other destination.

·        Online Shipment Tracking

Of course, a reliable and trusted air freight forwarder knows how challenging it is for customers to track their shipments. That’s why these service providers have dedicated online shipment platforms where you can track their operations and determine whether your cargo has been shipped to its destination.

What’s the Difference Between Domestic and International Freight Forwarders?

What’s the Difference Between Domestic and International Freight Forwarders?

One simple way to look at the differences between domestic and international freight forwarders is to determine where your goods will be shipped and arrive.

If both locations are within the borders of the same region, like the United States or Canada, you’ll work with a domestic freight forwarder.

But if you’re exporting goods from China to the USA or from another country, this is the time you’ll need an international forwarding company.

Benefits of Working with DFH Global Logistics

What Services Do Domestic Freight Forwarders Provide?

As a business owner, handing over the entire supply chain and freight process to a third party might look like losing control of the business. But in reality, it’s the other way around. DFH Global Logistics is accountable for handling your truckload most efficiently as a freight forwarding company. We will offer top-notch packing and tracking systems, informing you about the shipments every minute.

At the same time, we utilize trusted cargo to make sure your shipment is safe and sound. Other benefits of working with our team are the following:

·        Efficient tracking systems

·        Cost-efficient

·        Proper documentation

·        Smart inventory management

·        Remarkable security protocols

·        Deals with unfavorable situations


Whether you need air or ocean freight, DFH Global Logistics will ensure you have the right supply chain options at your disposal. Our experienced and trusted freight forwarders have helped thousands of customers make the right decision for their specific transport and freight shipment.

Feel free to send our team a call today and learn more about how our team of freight experts can help make exporting and importing goods much simpler for you!


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