What is Custom Broker & How to Become a Customs Broker?

In the other article, we discussed the customs clearance fee and who is responsible for the customs clean fees. Here we would like to talk about what is a customs broker.

Customs brokers continue to play an integral role internationally, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises. So today, we want to tell you everything you need to know about customs brokers.

What Is a Customs Broker?

What Is a Customs Broker

A customs broker is an expert that helps you do the customs clean when you import or export products. Also known as import brokers, they facilitate the clearance of goods through customs processes.

People often confuse them with freight forwarders. But in reality, a freight forwarder is a professional in logistics, while a custom broker deals in clearing and exporting goods from customs officials.

What Is Customs Brokerage?

What Is Customs Brokerage

Associations, partnerships, and corporations should have a broker license to transact customs business. Each business should have at least one licensed officer, associate, or partner to qualify for the company’s license. Failure to have a passing officer or member for over 120 days will lead to the revocation of the broker license.

What Do Customs Brokers Do?

What Do Customs Brokers Do

Customs brokers serve the community of international trade by dealing with the customs process for international shipments, whether they go by ground, ocean, or air. Such brokerage services include but aren’t limited to:

·        Consulting on things such as how to take advantage of the free trade agreements

·        Preparing customs accounting documents

·        Collecting the needed duties and taxes

·        Clearing the shipments of imported merchandise

·        Completing the needed documentation for export documents

Remember that each country worldwide has unique import and export regulations and procedures for different products, and such rules are always changing. Customs brokers are in charge of keeping updated with new regulations so they can better advise their clients.

Became a Customs Broker they requirements including what?

Became a Customs Broker they requirements including what

Are you considering becoming a customs broker? Here are some of the necessities you must consider:

·        You must be a legit citizen and at least 21 years old

·        You must possess a good moral character

·        You must not be an employee of any official government organization

How To Become a Customs Broker?

How To Become a Customs Broker

Assuming you are qualified to become a customs broker, how do you become one?

First, it’s important that you pass the customs broker license examination. You must also submit your customs broker license application with appropriate fees. Finally, your application should be approved by CBP (Customs and Border Protection).


As quickly as the regulations about international shipping are changing, so is the way people are doing business. Transactions about shipping solutions and customs clearance processes are being migrated online.

Customs brokerage firms are continuously researching and building their internal infrastructure to coincide with all the requirements so that electronic procedures, or otherwise, are properly followed. A customs broker guarantees they have the most updated technology and keep on top of the developments in this dynamic industry to offer only the best quality service for their clients.

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