UPS Tracking: A complicated Guide.

Whether you are new comers or have experience with UPS shipping, Tracking UPS shipments is an easy thing to do. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about UPS Tracking after sending out a UPS shipment.

Read on and learn this full information, and check how to find your UPS tracking number to get the status and location of your shipment.

How to Track a UPS Shipment?

How to Track a UPS Shipment?

UPS is an international carrier company that offers many kinds of methods to help track a package shipped domestically or internationally.

Track a UPS shipment. The first step is to get the UPS tracking number. Your shipping agent, the Freight forwarder, or the UPS company will provide you with a Tracking number within minutes or hours after you send the package to them.

UPS tracking number is an 18-digit tracking number that starts with 1Z + the 6-character shipper number (they are the combination of numbers and letters)+ 2-digit service level indicator characters + eight digits that identify the given package.

For example 1Z9WV2060467208088

When we got the tracking number, there were at least 4 options for us to track the shipment status of the delivery.

First Option for UPS tracking—UPS website tracking page.

UPS tracking

You can enter the 18-Digit tracking number from UPS or freight forwarders & Shipping agents, and we see the details of this shipment below picture:

UPS tracking numer

You can see the shipment details and progress when we click view details.

UPS shipment details
UPS  shipment progress

You can also click the proof of delivery after a shipment is finished delivering by UPS. All information about the shipment is shown on the proof of delivery.

UPS proof of delivery

Second Option for UPS tracking— UPS Phone Number

  • UPS domestic customer service: 1-800-742-5877 Working time: Sun-Sat 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST

  • UPS International shipping: 1-800-782-7892 working time is 24/7

UPS contact number

Third Option for UPS tracking– UPS My Choice®

You can Sign up at UPS to get an account to track your packages, get delivery alerts, and use the UPS delivery map to track. You can route packages to a UPS Access Point® waiting for them to pick up. UPS Premium service is also available for a fee member if you require services like delivery to a Third-party address or a confirmed delivery window.

Fourth Option for UPS tracking—SMS Tracking

When You register the account, you can add your phone number, and when signing up, you agree to UPS to send an SMS to prompt you regarding the Shipment status.

If you Cooperate with DFH, our customer services will help you to track every UPS shipment status and inform you of the shipment arrival time and shipping status, You don’t need to spend too much time and spirit to track a UPS package. Then you can free your hands and only need to be keen on growing your business.

Do all the UPS Services Offer Tracking?

Do all the UPS Services Offer Tracking

UPS offers a wide range of shipping services sure to meet your needs. They offer guaranteed day-definite and time-definitely worldwide delivery, based on the destination country you’re ordering from! Tracking numbers will be available for most orders as well, so there’s no need to worry about getting stuck without knowing where they’re going or when exactly they’ll arrive at their final destination.

Below are 5 of the most widely used UPS services for eCommerce shipping.

  • UPS® Ground: Day-definite delivery at 1-5 days

  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus®: Time-definite delivery in more than 140 countries and territories with morning delivery service.

  • UPS Worldwide Express®: Time-definite delivery service to 140 countries and regions.

  • UPS Worldwide Saver®: Day-definite is a service delivered by the end of the business.Day-definite delivery to major metropolitan areas worldwide

  • UPS Worldwide Expedited®: Day-definite expedited delivery to more than 220 countries and territories

Different UPS Online Tracking Statuses: what do they mean?

Different UPS Online Tracking Statuses: what do they mean?

Before utilizing the UPS package track option, you need to understand different UPS tracking statuses. Whether you are using the UPS worldwide Saver, UPS worldwide express, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, or other services of UPS.

They Statuses follows are commonly appeared when you are tracking:

  • Returning to Shipper: The shipment is returning to the original shipper. There are several reasons. Such as the receiver being incorrect. Address error, etc.

shipment return to delivery
  • Exception: it means that the package experienced an unforeseen event that may be parcel damaged, Address error, No receiver signature on the bill, etc., and as such, the delivery date hasn’t been set yet.

  • In Transit: this means your shipment is moving within the UPS network and will be delivered within the website’s original promised shipping date.

UPS in transit
  • On Vehicle for Delivery: The packages have already been dispatched to a UPS driver or courier and will be delivered to the final recipient on that same day.

out for delivery
  • Updated Delivery Date: No matter you are tracking your parcel through the UPS tracking phone number or online, when you see the status shows one website say “updated delivery date”, your shipment still need more days to be delivered and can not be delivered as an initially scheduled date.

  • Claim in progress: This means the package was lost or damaged by UPS during shipping. So the sender needs to get the money back or wait for UPS to look for the package. During that time sender can claim with UPS.

claim in progress
  • Delivered on: This means shipment finished delivery.

  • The final delivery date will be provided as soon as possible. This means UPS has gotten the package and waiting to load it on the plane and holding it to fly. The website will update once the package gets in transit.

The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible

How Long Does UPS update Tracking take?

UPS updates the tracking statuses of packages in near real-time. UPS courier or driver scans the barcode when packages arrive at each new location. Once the barcode is scanned, the shipping statuses will be updated Correspondingly. While some times, the driver delays scanning the barcode times for different reasons are instances. If that happened, it would cause the tracking not to be up to date.

If you are worried about delays or problems with your UPS tracking status. the best solution is to contact us directly to get a no-doubt solution and up-to-date tracking.

What Should you do When UPS Tracking Isn’t Updated?

What Should you do When UPS Tracking Isn't Updated

When UPS tracking isn’t updated for your shipment, UPS usually advises senders to wait for 24 hours, there should be updated status appears. If your shipment’s UPS tracking is not updated on time, there may be 2 reasons.

  1. The courier didn’t pick up the package yet.

  2. Courier has been picked up but not scanned.

If the UPS shipment status still can’t be tracked and isn’t updated after 24 hours you providing the package to the courier, you should contact DFH directly to check the package status.

What should I do If the Packages don’t Arrive on time?

What should I do If the Packages don't Arrive on time

Even though UPS is one of the most reliable international courier services, there will still be some exceptions occurred deliveries from time to time for various reasons.

If your package has not arrived at the UPS scheduled time, or you haven’t received an update status on the tracking, here are some steps to take to resolve the issue:

  • Wait around 24 hours after the tracking delivery date.

  • Contact and report the missing package to UPS.

  • Give UPS some days to perform a package search (it usually takes up to 10 business days)

  • If your package has been found, UPS will route it to the original recipient, and UPS will notify the shipper once finish the delivery.

  • If the package you have been tracking can’t be found, as the shipper, you will get a damage/loss claim letter by fax, email, or post from UPS.

  • You will then need to forward all the documents determining the lost packages’ value to UPS, including the purchase order, invoice, packing list, proof of mailing, etc.

  • UPS will determine your shipment’s value and take steps to confirm that the content falls within the carrier’s guidelines.

  • The final step to solve the UPS package not arriving is the UPS company paying up the loss claim, either replacement or purchase cost. Most time, it is up to 100 USD for each shipment. These are international carrier claim terms. So Buying cargo insurance for high commercial-value shipments is necessary to cover any loss.

What DFH can do for your UPS shipping.

What DFH can do for your UPS shipping.

DFH is one of the leading china freight forwarders, arranging shipments by UPS, FedEx, DHL, SF express, Air freight, Ocean freight, Rail freight, and Multimodal Transportation methods from China to all over the world since 2009.

We can provide at least 3-5 shipping solutions to help you save money and ship safely and quickly. UPS shipping is a good option for your business, but many other solutions can be faster and lower cost than UPS.

DFH has helped more than 10,000 clients grow their businesses. We will be happy to help you arrange shipments from mainland China to your destination and help you grow your business quickly.

UPS Tracking FAQs

How do I track my package from UPS?

You can track your ups package status by inputting the 18-digit UPS tracking number on the UPS tracking page. There will be every detail of your shipment.

Is there live tracking for UPS?

UPS shipping can track online almost in real time. The couriers scanned the barcode at every step when a package arrived at a new location. So, you are tracking almost a live tracking status on the UPS website.

How long does UPS delivery take?

It depends on which service of ups you use. For UPS worldwide express plus, from China to the USA, it needs only 3-4days, and for UPS worldwide saver, it takes 4-7days. Contact us to provide your shipment details and let us offer for your reference.

How long does it take to track a package via UPS?

You can track a package’s status on the UPS website within 1- 24 hours after the courier picks up your package. If the courier scans only its barcode, it can be tracked online.

Can you track ups with just the address?

The best way to track UPS shipment detail status is to track with the 18-digit number provided by your freight forwarder or shipping agent.

Is it normal for UPS not to update tracking?

Although delays and issues of UPS international shipping are rare, They can occur for different reasons. Please contact with our team if UPS has not updated tracking for a few days.

Why my UPS tracking number doesn’t work?

All the tracking numbers will not work if the courier doesn’t pick up the package. Another reason the UPS tracking number doesn’t work is that the driver still has not scanned the barcode.

How much does it cost for UPS tracking?

UPS tracking is a free charge service, Don’t worry UPS will not charge separately for tracking status.

Final words:

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