FedEx International Priority vs. Economy

FedEx Express is a reliable shipping courier that can help businesses send items across the globe. This article will discuss the difference between FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy freight. So you will know them clearly and make the right decision when you need to use them.

FedEx international priority: What is it?

FedEx international priority: What is it?

FedEx international priority, called FEDEX IP, is one of FedEx’s most popular shipping services. International priority shipping services provide a time guarantee throughout the USA and most regions worldwide. Such as Asia Countries and Europe Countries.

FedEx International Priority shipping time:

How long does FedEx international priority shipping take? Importers choosing FEDEX shipping options means that they mind the shipping efficiency. While if they use FedEx international priority service, their shipment must be time sensitive.

The transit time for FedEx International priority is 1-3 business days. If you ship from China to Asia countries or from China to the USA, Canada, and Some Europe Countries, You can get your shipment delivered the next day after FedEx gets your package.

Most time, international Priority takes one to 3 business days.

You can check the shipping status and transit times via the FedEx tracking page for the package’s accurate arrival time.

FedEx international priority shipping rate:

FedEx international priority shipping rate:

All businesses who use the FEDEX service have the same question if FedEx international shipping services have such high efficiency and can deliver within 3 business days, then how much does the fedex international priority cost?

We all know that the shipping costs for a package can be impacted by many factors, Such as the original pick-up address, destination delivery address and charge weight, package size, package gross weight, product name, and so on. So it isn’t easy to quote exactly without any information about your shipments.

Let’s give a rough example:

You are sourcing from China for 40pcs headphones. Each headphone with an inside battery, the carton size is 40*50*40cm, and the gross weight is 11KG. The 40pcs headphones’ commercial value is $300. You need to ship them from the China supplier factory to the office address in New York in the USA. Then the fedex freight cost for this package is $181.

FedEx international economy: what it is?

FedEx international economy: what it is?

FedEx’s international economy, called FEDEX IE, is another of FedEx’s most popular shipping services. Its main function is to help businesses save money, but it can also deliver shipments quickly. Fedex economy (FEDEX IE)services are more widely used door-to-door delivery services than International priority(FEDEX IP).

FedEx international economy shipping time.

FedEx international economy shipping time.

If you say FEDEX IE is more widely used than FEDEX IP, how long does FedEx’s international economy take? How fast is the international economy?

FedEx international economy is longer than FedEx Priority, while the delivery is still pretty speedy. FedEx International Economy usually delivers shipments within four to seven business days. This time includes the customs clearance process.

FedEx international economy shipping rate

FedEx international economy shipping rate

FedEx IE can help save more money, but how much does FedEx’s international economy cost?

Since the shipping rates depend on many factors, we can’t quote precisely without detailed information about the package.

But we can suppose like this, You need to send 2 packages of common products from China to New York in the USA, and the 2 packages’ sizes are the same: 60*50*60cm each, and the gross weight is 23 kg each. Then the charge weight for these 2 packages is 72KG

Click here to learn what chargeable weight is and how to calculate dimensional weight.

FEDEX economy unit price is $6.5/kg for common goods, so these 2 packages shipping by FedEx international economy final costs = 72*6.5=468USD.

FedEx international priority vs. Economy: What are the similarities

FedEx international priority vs. Economy What are the similarities

There are many similarities between FEDEX IP( priority) and the (FEDEX IE) economy. Both provide several features that make them appealing to buyers:

  • Maximum compensation of $100 for damage and lost packages.

  • with 1-3 attempted delivery dates/ attempts(in free charge)

  • paid to pick up services for packages on behalf if senders who don’t reside at their destination address but will be receiving one anyway (known locally as ” Compensation”).

  • The sender or receiver can both pay for the associated taxes.

  • Both can only deliver customs-cleared shipments.

  • Package restrictions for both priority and economy services are the same.

  • The chargeable weight calculation method for both shipping options is the same.

FedEx International Priority vs. Economy: Package restrictions

The package restrictions for both FedEx international priority and FedEx international Economy are the same:

packages gross weight up to 68 kg (150 lbs).
Package dimensions:
1. The biggest length is up to 274cm;
2. Length(cm)x 1 + Width(cm)x 2 + Height(cm) x2 up to 330cm (130”)

There will need to pay overweight costs if a single carton is over 68KG. Or the package dimensions over the requirements.

FedEx International Priority vs. Economy: Delivery areas

FedEx International Priority and economical international shipping both with services globally, covering 220 countries and territories.

FAQs about FEDEX international economy vs. priority.

Is FedEx international priority the fastest?

FedEx International First provides a faster delivery time and efficiency than FedEx International Priority. Because International First only takes one business day to deliver your items, while International Priority takes up to three business days to ship.

How fast is FedEx’s international economy?

It Usually tasks 4-7 business days.

What is the difference between economy and priority?

FedEx IE is much cheaper than IP, and the delivery time of economy is longer than the priority. (Economy takes 4-7 working days, and The International Priority service takes 1-3 working days).

What is the fastest FedEx international shipping?

Fedex international first service takes only one day to deliver. Fedex international priority service takes 1-3 business days to deliver, and fedex international economy takes 4-7 business days. So the fastest fedex international shipping is the international first service.

Which FedEx shipping is the fastest?

FedEx international first is the fastest, same-day delivery express service.

Who delivers faster, DHL or FedEx?

For international service, From China to the USA, DHL with FEDEX priority, almost the same delivery efficiency. While the FedEx IE is cheaper than DHL and slower than DHL.

Is FedEx international reliable?

Yes, FedEx is a reliable international shipping company and logistics provider. It helps importers and exporters deliver globally.

Does FedEx international priority deliver on Sunday?

Yes, FedEx international priority offers Saturday delivery service. So for time-sensitive international packages, the priority is your top choice.

Can FedEx help do the customs clearance?

Yes, every place with FedEx international broker can help fedex customers handle international shipping customs clearance. If you choose FedEx shipping from China and don’t know who to do the customs cleaning for your shipment, contact FEDEX. They will be much helpful.

Final words

So, which service is best for you? Economy or Priority? That vary depending on the size and weight of your package, as well as how quickly you need it to arrive. You can get a more accurate estimate by using our shipping calculator or contacting us.

DFH has helped businesses find all they need to manage their inventory, orders, and shipments since 2009. For example, with our partnership with FedEx carrier, you can effectively work out transit with either FedEx International Priority vs. Economy.

We have over 10 years of shipping from China to globally via FEDEX service. You will get the best rates by cooperating with DFH, whether by Priority or Economic ship from China to your destination. .

Thanks for reading, and happy shipping!

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