DHL shipping from China to USA: time and rates

Are you looking to ship items from China to the United States? DHL is a great option for shipping internationally, and their rates and delivery times are very competitive. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the rates and delivery times for DHL shipments from China to the US, so you can get an idea of what to expect. We’ll also give some tips on how to package your items for shipping with DHL. Read on to learn more!

DHL shipping from China to USA time

DHL shipping from China to USA time

When you are looking for DHL shipping from China to USA, that means your shipments are urgent and you want to get them in hurry right? While how fast is DHL shipping from china to USA? How long it can arrive in the US once you send it out from a China supplier?

As our > 10 years shipping experience from China to the USA by DHL Express. We can confidently tell you the DHL express shipping time from China to the USA usually takes like below, separated into 3 parts.

Part 1: Pick-up time or China Domestic Express time.1-3days

The average time is 1-3days from your supplier factory to your China freight forwarder warehouse. As we know, china is a big country. If your suppliers are located in the North part of China while the freight forwarder is located in the South part of China, pickup time or, we say, china domestic express time takes 2-3days.

But if your suppliers and freight forwarders are located in the same city or province of China. The pickup time is needed only hours, or packages can arrive at the freight forwarders warehouse the same day your supplier sends the package to them.

Part 2: DHL international shipping time 1-2days

The United States is divided into the West, Central, and East. Depending on which part in the US, the DHL shipping time on airplanes takes 1-2days.

Part 3: Customs clearance time and Final mile delivery time 1-2days.

We talked in another article about the Customs clearance process. You can learn from there that customs clearance takes only hours if everything goes smoothly, but packages can be held at the customs department for many days if some product error, documents, etc.

So part 3 usually takes several hours to 2 days or more, depending on customs clearance smoothly.

In a word: The average time for DHL shipping from China to US is 3-7days. Begin from your supplier factory and end at the final destination address.

DHL china to USA tracking

There is a very significant advantage of Shipping from China to us by DHL is that your can track the whole shipping status. Let’s check the example below: DHL shipping from Shenzhen to USA shipping status step by step.

DHL shipping from shenzhen to usa

You can get a tracking number from DHL directly or your China freight forwarder after they get your packages. And from that time, you can check each step’s details on the DHL website, the same as the above shipment status for our other client’s shipment.

If you can track the shipping status from the DHL website, it means your packages are safely in transit processing.

DHL shipping from China to USA price:

DHL shipping from China to USA price

Shipping price change frequency based on different factors, especially nowadays that COVID-19  has not yet been completely eradicated, All the international shipping price is not stable. Including the DHL shipping rates from china to the USA, which change 1 or twice a week. So it is difficult to quote exactly.

Here we show you the Average price of DHL shipping from China to the USA, It is for reference only. (Price date on 28th Nov 2022)

Please contact us to confirm the latest DHL costs before shipping, as prices may vary depending on where you are located and the final destination address.

ItemCharge weight (KG)Destination USA/ Unit price (USD/kg)
Document shipping price(USD/KG)0.529.1
Small Packages charge weight 0.5-30KG0.528.3
Price for packages 31-400KG31-99KG8.3USD/KG

Remarks for the Quotation sheet.

  1. This is a DHL charge per kg unit price list from China to the USA, not to other countries.
  2. This DHL price list is only available for common products.
  3. If your goods include batteries, or the product name is Lithium Battery, you need to quote separately.
  4. If your goods are an internationally famous brand, you need to quote separately.
  5. If your package size is over 120cm or the gross weight of a single box is over 68 kg, you need to quote separately. There will have an extra oversize charge or overweight charge.
  6. The DHL shipping rate above includes the Fuel Surcharge. Every month DHL provides a fuel surcharge rate.
  7. The Chargeable weight charges the DHL price list. Compared with Gross and volumetric weight, the charge weight is bigger.
  8. The above price does not include the peak season shipping surcharge.
  9. Volumetric weight = Length*width*height(CM)/5000=KG

For example. One carton, size is 49cm*60cm*75cm and gross weight 59KG.
Then the volumetric weight=49cm*60cm*75cm/5000=44.1KG
Gross weight 59KG> 42kG
So the final charge weight for this shipment is 59 kg.

FAQs about DHL shipping from China to USA

Is DHL fast from China?

Yes.DHL shipping from China to Overseas takes only 2-7days, depending on the original pick-up address in china and the destination address oversea. In some regions takes only 2-3days. That is faster than shipping within China.

How much does it cost to ship from China to us?

The average price ranges from $4.5 to $9.9 per kg, based on different charge weights. The higher the charge weight, the lower the unit price. While this is the reference price by the End of Nov 2022. It may lower When you need shipping. Click the button right side of “get a quick quote” to send us detailed information about your shipments to get a real-time quotation.

How to get DHL express shipping costs from China to USA?

The first option is Asking for quotes from the DHL website, The second option is checking the DHL shipping costs from China to the USA by contacting our company services.
Send an inquiry to our company one of our services will reply and quote within 2mins after getting your shipment information and shipping requirements.

How does DHL calculate the charge weight?

The DHL chargeable weight compares the actual gross weight and the dimensional weight. The great one is the final charge weight.
The dimensional weight of DHL shipping from China to the USA is the carton size (in centimeters), Length*width*height/5000.
For example, one carton’s actual weight is 35 kg. The carton size is 45*45*65cm

Then the dimensional weight = 45*45*65/5000= 26.32kg.

So the charge weight for this carton is 35 kg.

Another example : 3 cartons, the actual weight is 20 kg each. The carton size is 45*45*65cm.

Then the dimensional weight of each carton = 45*45*65/5000=26.32kg

While the dimensional weight is 26.32KG > the actual gross weight is 20 kg.

So the final charge weight is 26.32KG * 3 cartons = 78.96KG=79KG.

What documents are needed for ship by DHL Express from China to US?

DHL express shipping method documents are elementary, You need only provide a commercial invoice to your Freight forwarders for common goods shipments. Some countries require the C/O(certificate of origin) that is All.
While if your goods are sensitive products, such as international famous brands. Then will need to provide the Brand authorization letter during shipping.

Can I get my money back if my DHL shipment can’t arrive on time?

Shipment delays sometimes do happen, many different reasons can impact the shipment’s arrival time. The carriers will not send money back for shipments delay. DHL carrier company is the same. They will not pay the money back because of the delay.

So you need to cooperate with an experienced freight forwarder who can help to avoid or reduce shipment delays. DFH global logistics is one of the top China freight forwarders which can handle shipments from China to the USA safely, inexpensively, and with high efficiency.
We are the Tier-1 Shipping agent of DHL company with more than 10 years experience of shipping by DHL from China to the USA. Most DHL shipments from China to the USA can arrive on time.

Can I get my money back if my products are damaged or lost during shipping by DHL?

Yes, you can. If products are damaged or lost during shipping, DHL will give back money based on your damaged and lost real-time. But the money back is UP to 100 USD.
For example, if your shipment’s commercial value is 1000USD and it gets lost during shipping, DHL only gives 100USD back after you provide proof of lost shipment.
While if the value of your goods is 50 USD on the commercial invoice and gets lost during shipping. Then the DHL will pay 50 USD back based on the shipment lost proof.
We also recommend that our clients buy cargo insurance for high commercial-value shipments.

Can DHL ship products with batteries from China to the USA?

Yes, DHL accepts products, including batteries from China to the USA, such as led lights, headphones, earphones, computers, and other electric products with batteries inside.

Can DHL ship Lithium batteries from China to USA?

Yes, DHL accepts Lithium batteries shipping from china to USA. We ship different kinds of batteries from mainland China by DHL to all regions in USA every day. Click here to check our daily work Shipping lithium batteries from China.

Do I need to open an account with you if I choose your DHL shipping service?

No, you need only send us your packages and commercial invoices or tell us your supplier contact information, then we will pickup at their factory and send them to your door. After that, we will provide you with the tracking number to track the shipping status online. And then pay to our company.

What is the Maximum size of cartons DHL can accept?

Usually, a size of less than 120cm for each carton is a common good package, but if the maximum size of one carton is bigger than 120cm, then there will be an oversized charge.
The oversize charge is around $90 * fuel surcharge.

Do I need to pay import taxes or other charges if shipped by DHL from China to USA?

Yes, USA government required all importers to pay import taxes for all shipments from China. While most time, there is an exception, which is a Customs duty exemption for goods with a value of less than 700 USD. So sometimes making the shipping commercial value lower than 700USD for each shipment is a good method for importers to save money. But pay attention. It is better to declare truthfully to avoid high fines from customs.

Can DHL help to do customs cleaning for my shipment?

Yes, they usually can help to do the customs clearance, and you pay the customs clearance charge to them.  You can also have your brokers do the customs clean, and DHL will help to deliver to your door after your brokerage finishes the customs clean and pay taxes.

Do I need to buy Insurance if ship from China to us by DHL?

The answer to this question depends on the value of the shipped items. If the value of the items is less than $100, then insurance is unnecessary. If the value of the items is greater than $100, then insurance is recommended because DHL payments back UP to 100 USD for the lost shipment.
Even though DHL has fewer cases of lost shipments in transit if your commercial value is very high. It is worth it for you to buy insurance to cover loss in case loss happen

What you should pay attention to before signing for a DHL package.

When signing up for a DHL package, be sure to check the following:
-That the package has not been tampered with
-That the package is addressed to you
-That the package is not damaged

If any of the 3 happens, refuse the package and contact DHL.

Final words:

Need help to ship from china to the USA by DHL express and get shipments safely, inexpensively, and with high efficiency. Contact with DFH team right now. DFH is a Tier-1 Shipping agent with more than 10 years of experience shipping from China to USA by DHL.
No matter your suppliers from which city in China Mainland, you can get shipments fast, as we can handle shipments from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ningbo to USA directly or from Hong Kong DHL to USA.

Want to get the exact price for your shipments and get started by DHL express from China to us right now? Send us your requirements to get the best shipping solutions. Thanks for reading. Wish we will be your partners and help to save costs from now on.

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