Amazon Pallet Requirements: Everything You Must Know on How to Ship to FBA Warehouse?

Did you know that to send a pallet to an Amazon fulfillment center, there are particular guidelines that you must be familiar with such as the standard pallet stacking requirements?

Providing that you follow all the guidelines we’ve set out in this article, you must be able to send your pallet to Amazon fulfillment centers without no problems.

What are the Amazon pallet requirements for shipping products to Amazon warehouses?

Whether you sell your products on Amazon UK or Amazon US, your Amazon shipment can’t go beyond 5,000 boxes. Let us walk you through some of this major marketplace’s particular Amazon pallet requirements.

Dimensions of Amazon Pallets for Amazon pallet requirements

Use of standard or EUR pallets for stuffing

Max weight per pallet is 680.4 kilograms

Pallets can be those double-stacked pallets with a maximum height of 100 inches

Any single pallet should not be taller than 72 inches

Use GMA standard Grade B or higher, 40” X 48” 4-way access, wood pallets

Box limits for Amazon pallet requirements

Wooden pallets must not contain over 5,000 boxes. It’s also worth mentioning that boxes can’t hang over the pallet edge.

What pallets are acceptable for shipping to Amazon warehouses, and why are they used instead of other pallets?

What pallets are acceptable for shipping to Amazon warehouses, and why are they used instead of other pallets?

Remember that only 4-way access wooden pallets can be utilized for an Amazon shipment. That only means that cardboard, plastic, or particleboard is not allowed. The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure No.15 obliges all wooden packaging materials to be heat treated.

Also, single pallets should be heat treated because parasitic organisms flourish in the wood.

How can you prepare your products for shipment on Amazon pallets?

How can you prepare your products for shipment on Amazon palletsHow can you prepare your products for shipment on Amazon pallets

Do you want your pallet shipments to arrive at the warehouse in good condition and without damage? Here’s what you need to do:

Ensure the freight is stacked and can stack on its own. Use clear plastic stretch wrap and follow the pallet loading guidelines.

Begin from the pallet and work your way up the stack. After that, you can work your way up the stack and have the stretch repeatedly wrap around. After wrapping the top of the pallet, work your way down again. Once you are back at the bottom, break the stretch wrap and put the excess under one of the layers on the double-stacked pallets.

Are there special requirements for packaging products shipped on Amazon pallets?

Are there special requirements for packaging products shipped on Amazon pallets?

As mentioned earlier, under the Amazon FBA guidelines, all pallets should be the standard 4-way access pallets. They should be standard wooden because Amazon won’t accept plastic pellets in their Amazon FBA warehouse.

How do you prepare your products for shipment to an Amazon warehouse?

How do you prepare your products for shipment to an Amazon warehouse

Amazon FBA sellers have the option of selecting between pallet shipments and small parcel shipments. Since you’re sending single or double-stacked pallets, you’ll pick the less-than-truckload or LTL shipping mode.

If you need to ship the pallets safely to Amazon FBA, you’ll need the help of a good freight forwarder that is a partner with a trusted 3PL.

How to build a pallet?

How to build a pallet?

So you like to make a pallet project? Here are the basics steps you need:

Start by cutting each of the three 2X4s into three equal sides. Attach the bottom slats. Attach the top slats, and you are done!  

How many Amazon shipping labels do I need?

How many Amazon shipping labels do I need

There’s a special pallet labeling requirements you should follow. Each pallet you have must have four FBA shipment labels to go on every side. Don’t put the FBA pallet label on at an angle. You must place the pallet label straight up and squarely.

How Can I Send My Pallet to Amazon FBA?

How Can I Send My Pallet to Amazon FBA?

Before you can send GMA 1A grade pallets, you must do the following:

Confirm the number of grade pallets in your single LTL shipment.

Print 4 pallet ID labels for every pallet in the shipment. That’s why the fulfillment center will utilize to confirm your shipment.

One label must be placed on all sides of the GMA 1A grade pallets.

Choose Mark All as Shipped to let Amazon know they can expect the inventory.

Responsibilities of Shippers: Pallet Label Requirements

Responsibilities of Shippers Pallet Label Requirements

Amazon pallet requirements are detailed but simple. Learning such requirements, particularly if you’re a newbie seller, is essential to prevent unnecessary expenses.

These amazon pallet requirements include:

Pallets must not include over 5,000 boxes.

Every pallet must have a label with the vendor’s name, a To and From address, the number of cartons, PO numbers, and pallet # X of X on the upper right side.

Any pallets container mixed but visually similar items should have “Mixed Merchandise” on the label.

Broken and damaged pallets will not be accepted.

Products can’t hang over the pallet edge.

Single-stacked pallets can’t be higher than 1.5 meters.

Responsibilities of the carrier: Floor-loaded shipments

Responsibilities of the carrier: Floor-loaded shipments

The carrier’s obligations are to carry the goods to their destinations by the best means of transport and deliver the items to the holder of the bill of trading.

Hence, the carrier shall carefully and properly receive, handle, load, stow, keep, carry, care for, unload and deliver the goods

FAQs about Amazon pallets requirements

Are you looking for more answers on Amazon pallet requirements? Keep reading below:

Q: What is Amazon LTL?

An Amazon LTL shipment is a shipment, which is too big to be shipped through partnered carrier shipments, but it’s small enough to ship on a single ASIN pallet. Such shipments often weigh between 151 and 4,999 pounds.

Q: How do you do LTL shipping?

LTL shipping companies operate local fleets connected through hub-and-spoke terminal networks for pickup and delivery. Freight moves from the pickup truck to the local terminal through a sequence of cross-dock or sort facilities to a delivery truck or local delivery terminal.

Before choosing a transportation company, consider checking their standard carrier alpha code first.

Q: How much is needed to ship a pallet to Amazon FBA?

A single pallet will cost $73.71 to ship—irrespective of how much weight the pallet has.

Q: What is the difference between Amazon Small Parcel and Amazon LTL?

Keep in mind that Small Parcel Deliveries (SPDs) are composed of units packed in individual shipping boxes with individual shipment labels for delivery. On the other hand, Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment is composed of individual shipping boxes on pallets for delivery. The truck may have shipments to other locations.

Q: Can I use any box to Ship to FBA?

The answer here is no. Remember that you must pack your goods with specific bundle shipping boxes. Amazon Seller Center and FBA requirements for boxes specify durability and material, and it has special pallet label requirements.

Ensure you check the ideal solution for your items before investing in packaging materials.

Final Thoughts

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