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Import Water Filter from China

DFH is a reliable freight forwarder that helps Chinese water filter wholesale manufacturers ship from China to any destination out of China.

DFH has rich experience handling any water filter shipment from China to help you save shipping costs.

DFH has good relationships with many water filter suppliers in China to ensure you get good prices.

DFH can provide rich resources from wholesale water filter manufacturers in China. All of them are licensed and trustable.

DFH can help all water filter factories in China to ship safely and cost-effectively from China to overseas.

Import Activated Alumina Water Filter from China

Activated Alumina filters are designed to remove impurities effectively and contaminants from water, making them a popular choice for industrial and domestic water treatment applications. Suppliers are mostly located in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. DFH can help you ship activated alumina water filters from China.

Import Alkaline Water Filter from China

An alkaline water filter eliminates chemical and physical impurities from water, resulting in soft water that is beneficial for the skin. As a result, many water refilling station owners import this type of water filter to provide high-quality water to their customers. If you are involved in the water station business, it is recommended to consider investing in an alkaline water filter. It is possible to import various filters, with Guangdong Province being a particularly suitable location for sourcing such products.

Import Carbon block Water Filter from China

Import Carbon block Water Filter from China

Carbon block filters are known for removing impurities and harmful substances from water, making them an ideal choice for home and industrial water treatment applications. Importing carbon block water filters from China is smart because China has a well-established network of high-quality filter manufacturers that produce a wide range of water filtration products at competitive prices. 

Import Ceramic Water Filter from China

Import Ceramic Water Filter from China

Ceramic filters usually take the form of cartridge-style filters and are made of fossil materials consisting of small silicon shells. These shells have pores that capture contaminants, making them an effective water filtration solution. With numerous high-quality water filter manufacturers in China, you can find the perfect ceramic water filter to suit your business needs.

Import Distillation Water Filter from China

Distillation water filters from China are a reliable, cheap, and effective solution for water purification. They are also suitable for both industrial and domestic water treatment applications. DFH can help you easily import distillation water filters from China and ensure the timely delivery of your products to your customers. Contact us here.

Import Reverse Osmosis Water Filter from China

Import Reverse Osmosis Water Filter from China

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filters from China are a reliable and effective way to purify water by removing dissolved salts and minerals. Importing them from China means they can be customized to meet your business requirements. DFH can teach you how to import top-quality water filters from China effectively.

Import Fluoride Water Filter from China

Import Fluoride Water Filter from China

Fluoride water filters from China are an effective solution for removing fluoride and other impurities from drinking water. Fluoride water filters are an essential requirement for medical and dental industries. You can easily obtain this water filter in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in China.

Import Tap Water Filter from China

China is a prime destination for businesses seeking tap and refrigerator water filter manufacturers. With numerous options, you can rest assured that the products you import from China are highly authentic. If you want to deal with trustable and reputable tap water filter manufacturers only. Then welcome to contact us directly to touch you with them or read the guide below to check all steps.

Import Ionizer Water Filter from China

If you’re searching for an ionizer water filter, look no further than Guangdong, China. This location is home to several trustworthy water filter manufacturers who produce a wide variety of water filters, making it a convenient and efficient location to source your product needs.

Need Help of Water Filter Shipping from China?

air Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China
Air Freight for Water Filter from China

When shipping time is your primary Concern, Charge weight more than 200KG, Air freight is the first shipping Option.

Sea Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China (1)
Sea Freight for Water Filter from China

When shipping costs is your primary Concern, Charge weight more than 2CBM, Sea freight is the first shipping Option.

Rail Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China
Rail Freight for Water Filter from China

If you need shipping shoes from China to Europe Countries, Charge weight more than 50KG, Rail freight is the first shipping Option.

Door to door Shipping for Water Filter

Door to door shipping is fast, safe and cost effective shipping method from China to any country. Customs clean included.

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Water Filter Manufacturer China: Everything You Need to Know

Table of Contents

Water filtration is a crucial industry worldwide, and China has become a leading source of water filter manufacturers due to its skilled workforce, advanced technology, and competitive pricing. 

As the global demand for clean and safe drinking water continues to rise, many businesses are turning to Chinese water filter manufacturers to meet their needs. However, navigating the complex process of importing water filters from China can be challenging, especially for new importers.

We will provide a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about water filter manufacturers in China, including the best suppliers, sourcing options, and best practices for working with Chinese suppliers.

Read on to learn how to import water filters from China cheaply!

Why import water filters from China?

Why import water filters from China

China is the first market that comes to importers’ minds for cheap, diverse, and quality products. And this is true in the water filter industry. There are lots of attractive benefits to be had from importing water filters from China. They include: 

  1. Bulk Production

China has many factories containing skilled workers and advanced machinery, enabling them to manufacture a huge quantity of water filters quickly. As a result, multiple retailers prefer to purchase water filters in bulk from China.

  1. Cheap Prices

China is renowned for having some of the world’s lowest labor and production costs. This makes it a cost-effective option for manufacturing wholesale water filters compared to most other countries. Even considering factors such as quality assurance, import taxes, and shipping costs, the savings can range from 30% to 100% compared to manufacturers in other countries. Therefore, China is the best choice for cost-effective options, regardless of type or quality.

  1. Low-Labor costs

Despite a significant increase in labor costs all around the world, Chinese manufacturers maintain their dominant position in the global water filter industry. Their reliability is strengthened by several factors, including their low labor costs, advanced infrastructure, convenient access to raw materials, and highly skilled and hardworking workforce.

  1. Variety of types and styles

If there’s anything you can get from China, it’s a diversity of product types and designs. From different qualities to different materials and designs, Chinese water filter manufacturers can produce whatever specifications you want. Because of their distinctiveness, their filters are in high demand in the global market. 

  1. Flexible MOQ

The Chinese water filter industry can cater to the needs of small businesses by offering flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs) and allowing price negotiation for larger orders. Moreover, since they have access to quality plastic shoe materials required for mass production, they do not need to import anything. As a result, Chinese water filter manufacturers can further lower their MOQs to meet the demands of their customers.

  1. Custom-made water filters

Chinese manufacturers generally provide OEM/ODM services. This is a significant benefit because it allows for the customization of water filter products and adding personalized and unique branding such as logos, names, and designs. 

While this service is primarily available for retailers placing large orders, it’s an excellent choice for businesses seeking to establish their brand identity in the global water filter market.

  1. Good Quality Water filters 

Although some retailers believe that products from China are of inferior quality, this is far from true. Many Chinese factories can produce high-quality water filters that meet your customers’ requirements. To ensure the quality of the products, it is essential to choose a reputable manufacturer and conduct regular quality checks.

It is important to note that Chinese manufacturers can produce water filters of varying qualities, depending on the specifications and budget. Therefore, the quality of the final product will depend on the specific requirements and standards set by the retailer.

How to find Water filter manufacturers from China?

How to find Water filter manufacturers from China

Option 1: China B2B websites

You can search from China B2B websites. Many good quality water filter manufacturers can be your good partners. The famous B2B websites include: Welcome to check: What is Alibaba; How to buy from Alibaba safely. After checking these two pages, you will know how to choose the suppliers on Alibaba. How to find the best suppliers from Alibaba. This is a good China famous B2B platform for searching for suppliers. Open this B2B website to search by product keywords, and you will see many suppliers. All of them are certified and trustable.

Option 2: China sourcing agent

If you’re looking for customized product manufacturing, China-based sourcing agents provide the easiest solution. These agents deeply understand Chinese suppliers and can communicate in the local language, which helps overcome language barriers. They can help you locate water filter suppliers that align with your requirements and ensure timely and quality deliveries through regular quality control inspections. 

Option 3: China fairs and exhibitions

China hosts numerous trade shows and exhibitions annually, where global buyers can explore various products from Chinese manufacturers. You can connect with multiple water filter suppliers in one convenient location by attending events like the China Exhibition. These events offer a unique opportunity to interact with water filter manufacturers and obtain their contact information. Additionally, these trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to network with buyers from various countries. With countless options available at these events, you’re sure to find products that meet your requirements.

Option 4: Search online such as google

Numerous Chinese suppliers of water filters have established their online presence through websites and social media profiles that can be easily found on Google. It is a simple and rapid process to find a supplier of photo frames via a Google search. All you need to do is enter relevant keywords like “China Water Filter Suppliers” or “China Wholesale Market” into the Google search bar, and a list of China water filter suppliers will be displayed. You can then select the suppliers that catch your attention.

How to identify the reliability of the water filter manufacturers?

How to find Water filter manufacturers from China

Here are some surefire methods to assess the reliability of a Chinese water filter supplier before making a purchase:

  1. Customer referrals – A reputable water filter supplier should have customer recommendations. On the other hand, a lack of referrals is a red flag that should make you reconsider doing business with that supplier.

  2. Business credentials – To verify business credentials, ask for documents like a business license, an ISO 9001 certificate, and a custom registration certificate. Keep in mind that some suppliers may provide false documents, so it’s crucial to cross-check.

  3. Track record – This is a crucial factor in assessing a supplier’s reliability and can be done by checking ratings, reviews, and testimonials on their website. Low ratings suggest that the supplier may not be trustworthy to buy water filters from.

  4. Communication – The quality of supplier communication is crucial in determining if a supplier is reliable enough to import water filters from. Great suppliers go out of their way to understand you and your requirements.

  5. Supplier’s location – The location of a water filter supplier can also help determine if you should proceed with the order. For example, Guangdong and Zhejiang are provinces renowned for quality water filter manufacturers.

  6. Price – The cost negotiation of water filters can reveal the nature of the supplier you are dealing with. If a supplier offers significantly lower prices than average, there’s a chance they may not be reliable. However, keep in mind that Chinese suppliers typically offer attractive pricing for bulk purchases.

  7. Financial stability – Assessing the financial stability of a supplier is critical. Late deliveries can indicate financial difficulties, while timely and efficient delivery demonstrates financial strength.

  8. Legal compliance – Is your supplier legally authorized to manufacture and ship water filters from China? The ideal supplier to import from meets all legally required qualifications, unlike one that lacks legal requirements for supplying water filters.

Top 10 water filter manufacturers in China

Top 10 water filter manufacturers in China

Here below are some best water filter manufacturers in China that we highly recommend that you check first. May be they can help you to ave time and cost as well as grow your business fast.

SF Filter (Shuangfa)

Shuangfa was Established in 1991. SF Filter (Shuangfa) is among China’s pioneering water filter manufacturers. They specialize in producing water filter cartridges for filtration and purification. Their product line includes string wound filters, activated carbon filters (both carbon block and GAC filters), and water filter systems. They are located in Guangzhou, China.


Ranked as one of the top three water filter manufacturers in China, YUNDA FILTER has been operating since 2001 in Tianjin, China. They are professional in designing and manufacturing a wide range of water filters and cartridges at affordable prices. They hold global certifications and export products to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia. 

This company focuses on developing high-quality carbon blocks and water filters. They are an experienced ODM/OEM manufacturer that provides water treatment solutions for industrial water treatment, available drinking water, and residential cleaning water. 

Hongtek Filtration Co., Ltd.

They are renowned for their high-tech filtration, separation, and purification solutions, providing quality water filtration solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Hongtek has over 20 years of experience producing high-quality water filters and housings for customers in the water treatment, petrochemical, and food industries.

KOKO Electric

If you are searching for a top-quality water filter manufacturer in China, look no further than KOKO Electric. Their cutting-edge water filtration system is designed to purify water and enhance its taste. They are located in Zhejiang province and produce all forms of reverse osmosis water filters, cartridges, and ultraviolet sterilizers.

Ispuring Group is a seasoned manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in advanced filtration technologies and producing water filters, water dispensers, and RO systems. They are specialized in overseas OEM orders, exporting drinking water filtration systems to many North American and European countries.

OLANSI Healthcare Co., Ltd.

OLANSI was Established in 2009. They are renowned manufacturers and exporters of water filters and purifiers. They offer professional OEM and ODM services and specialize in manufacturing and supplying tabletop home water purifier water filtration systems, electric home hot and cold water RO system water filters, and best countertop reverses osmosis water filtration systems.

Ningbo Originblue Drink Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

They are a prominent Chinese manufacturer that produces and supplies water treatment systems. Our extensive range of products includes water dispenser, RO systems, water purifiers, filter cartridges, filter element, and housing, and their associated components. They also offer industrial-grade water treatment products, such as integrated reverse osmosis equipment, mineral water plant, and water softeners.

Yadong ocated in Ningbo, they specialize in producing various types of water filter system, such as RO systems, countertop water filters, filter cartridges, and related components. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, they have become an OEM provider for world-famous brands like de Nora water technologies in Europe and Asian countries. 

WINGSOL, situated in Foshan city, specializes in manufacturing water filtration products such as quick change water filter cartridges, filter housing, UF & RO system, countertop water purifier, and more. With over 18 years of experience in the water purification industry, we are now the OEM and ODM provider to many businesses in the USA and Europe. 

Tips for doing business with water filter manufacturers successfully.

Knowing how to relate with your manufacturer is crucial to providing your customers with high-quality products. Here are some tips for doing business successfully with water filter manufacturers:

  1. Research the manufacturer’s reputation: Before you partner with a manufacturer, research to ensure that they are reputable. Check their website and online reviews to see what other customers have said about their products and services.

  2. Understand the manufacturer’s capabilities: When working with a water filter manufacturer, ensure you understand their capabilities. What types of filters do they make? What is their production capacity? What are their production delivery times? This will help you determine if they are the right partner for your business.

  3. Communicate clearly: Effective communication is key when working with a manufacturer. Ensure you communicate your product requirements, delivery timelines, and other important details before, during, and after production.

  4. Negotiate clear terms and agreements: Before you begin with a manufacturer, negotiate terms concerning pricing, delivery timelines, payment, MOQs, etc. This will help prevent future misunderstandings.

  5. Ask for Samples: This is a great way to ensure the manufacturer perfectly understands your requirements before ordering in bulk.

  6. Conduct quality checks: Once you receive the water filters from the manufacturer, conduct quality checks to ensure that they meet your standards. This may include testing the filters for effectiveness and durability, inspecting the packaging and labeling.

  7. Build a strong relationship: Building a strong relationship with your manufacturer can help ensure that you have a successful and sustainable business. This means maintaining open communication, paying on time, and treating the manufacturer as a valuable partner rather than just a supplier.

How to ship water filters from China?

Water filter manufacturers from China

There are many options for shipping water filters from China to your destination. Here we introduce the 2 main and popular used shipping options for water filters importers worldwide.

Ship directly by your Chinese suppliers

Chinese suppliers can directly ship the products to importers if they’re asked to handle shipping and logistics. This is a common practice under the DDP or CIF  incoterm and is often preferred by new importers who may not understand international shipping well. 

However, this method can be costlier as the suppliers may charge an additional fee for managing the delivery. Moreover, there have been instances where suppliers have tried to reduce shipping expenses by utilizing less efficient shipping methods, which could lead to importers experiencing delays in receiving their goods.

Hire your freight forwarder to help to ship.

Most importers prefer using a Chinese freight forwarder when shipping water filters from China. This method is deemed efficient, safe, and fast since the freight forwarder can seamlessly communicate with the supplier, oversee the entire production process, package the products, and ultimately ship them to the importer. 

As Chinese freight forwarders can provide support with various aspects of quality inspection, logistics, and customs clearance in China, importers feel more confident selecting them. If you require assistance in planning your shipping, you can get in touch with DFH. Simply inform us of your needs, and we will respond promptly.

Documents required for shipping water filters from China.

Documents required for shipping water filters from China.

It is crucial to have certain important documents when importing water filters from China to ensure a stress-free clearance and prevent potential penalties or delays. The primary documents required are:

  • Inspection Certificate

  • Insurance

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Bill of Lading

  • Packing List

  • Documentation of Origins

  • Sales Contract

  • Pro Forma Certificates

What can DFH do for your water filter importing business?

What can DFH do for your toilet paper importing business?

DFH is a well-known freight forwarder in China that specializes in shipping goods to numerous countries globally. With our extensive network of offices across China, we can promptly collect your water filters from suppliers and prepare them for shipping. Along with our unparalleled logistics services, we also provide:

  1. Quality inspection for water filters during and after production

  2. Cost-effective insurance premiums

  3. Free packing and repacking services

  4. Competitive shipping rates

  5. Streamlined logistics and delivery management.

  6. 50 days free warehousing for all clients.

  7. Shipment consolidation.

  8. Customs clearance in export/import country for all your shipments.

  9. Final mile delivery service to help you deliver to the door.

Take advantage of our trustworthy and convenient services for shipping water filters worldwide. In a word, if you choose us as your shipping agent, we do all for you, and you need only wait at home/office to receive the shipments. Select DFH today.


Finally, we have compiled leading suppliers for importing affordable water filters in China. We believe that by understanding the unique features of the Chinese market and working with reputable manufacturers and freight forwarders, you can successfully import high-quality water filters from China. 

Remember to carefully research your suppliers, negotiate clear contracts, and prioritize quality control to ensure your products meet your standards and comply with regulations. With the guidelines listed above, importing water filters from China can be a rewarding and profitable business opportunity for you. If you have further questions about importing water filters from China, contact DFH.

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