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Wholesale LED Lights from China

DFH is a reliable freight forwarder that helps Chinese LED light wholesale manufacturers with lighting shipping from China to any destination out of China.

DFH has rich experience handling any LED lighting shipment from China to help you save shipping costs.

DFH has good relationships with many LED light suppliers in China to ensure you get good prices.

DFH can provide you with rich resources of wholesale lighting suppliers in China. All of them are licensed and trustable.

DFH can help all Lighting factories in China to ship safely and cost-effectively from China to overseas.

Wholesale Lighting Fixtures from China

Wholesale Lighting Fixtures from China

China is a good place for you to search for lighting fixtures. The trustable lighting fixture suppliers most come from Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Foshan, Dongguan, Ningbo, Yuyao, And the Yongkang City of China.  Most of them accept ODM & OEM lighting fixtures orders and their quality is reliable.

Wholesale LED Strip Light from China

You can find many trustable and certified LED strip light suppliers from Shenzhen. Jiangmen, Foshan, and  Zhongshan City. Especially the quality of the led strip light from suppliers in Shenzhen city is highly recommended to all of you. You will always be happy to cooperate with them.

Wholesale LED Track Lights from China

Wholesale LED Track Lights from China

LED track lights are for indoor place use, If you want to source led track lights, then Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces are the top places for your choice. We have helped many led track light importers from worldwide to ship from China successfully. Suppose you don’t know how to evaluate the track lights suppliers in China. Contact us and let us recommend it to you now.

Wholesale LED Street Light from China

Wholesale LED Street Light from China

Importing led street lights from China or Wholesale good quality led street light is difficult if you aren’t familiar with China LED light suppliers. But with our help, you can get in touch with certified led street lighting suppliers and manufacturers quickly and easily. We have rich lighting suppliers recourses for your reference most of them are our standard clients cooperating partners.

Wholesale LED Spotlight from China

No matter what kind of LED spotlight you need for your business or special projects, You can find the right certified LED spotlight suppliers from China. Our DFH team is happy to recommend the best LED spotlight manufacturers from China to our clients. You will easily get in touch with these spotlight manufacturers and suppliers with DFH’s help. 

Wholesale LED Panel Light from China

LED panel light is good for indoor use in offices, factories, hospitals, buildings, and other indoor places. If you need help to touch with high-quality led panel light suppliers from China, then you are in the right place. We will recommend you to the top lighting suppliers and tell you how to find the best LED lighting supplier from China.

Wholesale LED Flood Light from China

Wholesale LED Flood Light from China

LED flood light is mostly used outdoors, It required the flood light should be waterproof. So it is important for the flood light suppliers itself need to be high quality. Do you want to get in touch with these high quality suppliers? don’t know how to find them? Contact us to help you solve your problem.

Wholesale LED Flood Light from China

Wholesale LED Downlight from China

Downlight is a popularly used lighting product for many indoor places. DFH has helped more than 500 led lighting companies worldwide ship their led downlight from China. Have good relationships with many led downlight suppliers who are with good reputations.  All of them can be your partners as well if you like.

Wholesale LED Tube from China

So far, LED tube light is cheaper and cheaper in China. While if you don’t familiar with led tube light suppliers from China or don’t know how to wholesale led tube lights from China. It will be easy for you to lose money. So it would be best if you got a guide from china partners such as DFH. With our help, you will save time, money and much effort.

Wholesale LED Ceiling Lights from China

Wholesale LED Ceiling Lights from China

If you are looking for the best ceiling lighting wholesale vendors in China, Then the Guangdong province is the best place to find the suppliers. Guangdong has the most authentic and verified lighting distributors who provide a wide variety of led lights, including ceiling lights. Zhejiang and Shanghai with many verified lighting suppliers worth to deal as well. 

Wholesale LED Bulbs from China

Wholesale LED Bulbs from China

Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces are the best places to search for LED bulb manufacturers. Almost 90% of our clients asked to pick up their led bulb packages in Guangdong and Zhejiang. If you are ready to import led bulbs from China as well. Try these suppliers are the manufacturers we know, Not Trading companies, with better prices and easy for you to control the whole manufacture process. 

Wholesale High Bay Lights from China

Wholesale High Bay Lights from China

LED Highbay lights for project use are not easy to change new once installed. So before installing the led high bay light, you should confirm they are of high quality to help you to save replace labor fees, long distance international shipping fees, and save your time. Contact us to get in touch with trustable led high bay light suppliers. Their high-quality high bay light will help you save time, money, and effort.

Wholesale LED Display from China

Wholesale LED Display from China

China has many large and middle-led display manufacturers for your choice. They can provide indoor and outdoor use led displays as you require. Do you know where to find the best LED display suppliers? Do you know the tips to avoid scams when making decisions for led display manufactures? Keep reading below to get all the information that will help you to find suitable LED display factories from China.

Need Help of Lighting Shipping from China?

air Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China
Air Freight for Lighting Shipping from China

When shipping time is your primary Concern, Charge weight more than 200KG, Air freight is the first shipping Option.

Sea Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China (1)
Sea Freight for Lighting Shipping from China

When shipping costs is your primary Concern, Charge weight more than 2CBM, Sea freight is the first shipping Option.

Rail Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China
Rail Freight for Lighting Shipping from China

If you need shipping shoes from China to Europe Countries, Charge weight more than 50KG, Rail freight is the first shipping Option.

Door to door for Lights Shipping from China

Door to door shipping is fast, safe and cost effective shipping method from China to any country. Customs clean included.

Why Choose DFH to Arrange Lighting shipments from China

Top 25 LED Lights Manufacturers China

LED lighting manufacturers produce a wide range of products, including, but not limited to, LED light bulbs, LED tubes, LED panels, LED downlights, LED spotlights LED strips, LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED garden lights, LED underground lights, and many more. They can be small or large companies, local or international. They can also specialize in certain types of LED lighting, such as industrial or residential lighting.

China LED lighting manufacturers can usually provide design, develop, manufacture, and sell LED lights simultaneously. Are you looking for these kinds of led lights manufacturers from China and don’t know where to find them?

Keep reading to learn our top pick of China’s best LED light suppliers.

The Top LED Lights Manufacturer in China

The Top LED Lights Manufacturer in China

It’s difficult to say definitively which the 25 best-LED light manufacturers in China are as the market is constantly changing, and different companies excel in different areas.

However, some of the top LED light manufacturers in China include:

1.      Guangdong PAK Corporation Co Ltd

Location: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Founded in 1991, Guangdong PAK Corporation Co Ltd has become one of the top market leaders in providing quality outdoor lighting and indoor lighting products with great energy efficiency.

Today, Guangdong PAK Corporation Co Ltd has grown into a global electrical and lighting supplier, manufacturing more than 2,000 categories of products in five production bases. Also, their production bases occupy more than 300,000 square meters and employ more than 4,000 people.  

2.      TCL Lighting

Location: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Founded in 2000, THC Lighting is considered the lighting business unit of TCL Corporation, a multinational firm that is China’s top consumer electronics lighting brand.

The company has focused on marketing research and innovation for more than nineteen years of business. They promote the idea of “Experience and Buy” and have transformed the “customer-supplier relationship” into a “strategic partnership.”

They currently have over 75,000 employees, 21 manufacturing bases, and 23 research institutions.

3.      NVC Lighting

Location: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Founded in 1998, this company offers comprehensive LED lighting products for urban lighting, transportation, construction, home, office lighting, supermarket, and other applications. The company creates LED street lights, indoor lighting, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting, home lighting, light source appliances, and other lighting solutions.

The company’s lighting products and solutions were seen in popular engineering and lighting products, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Tianjin Metro, Shanghai World Expo, and many more.

4.      Opple Lighting

Location: Shanghai, China            

Founded in 1996, Opple Lighting employs over 6,000 employees. With a prominent presence in over seventy countries worldwide, the company is also one of the top Chinese electric brands today.

Consistent quality commitment has led the company to become a household brand. It heavily invests in its R&D and infrastructure to be the global pioneer and leader of LED lighting.

Despite their interest and keenness in LED lighting productions and lighting fixtures, the company also provides traditional lighting solutions and total electric integration of homes.

5.      Philips Lighting China

Location: Shenzhen & Nanjing

Established in 1891 and with its main headquarters in the Netherlands, this LED company offers cost-efficient and dependable electric incandescent light bulbs for everybody. They provide advanced energy-efficient solutions for entertainment, offices, roads, industries, home lighting, and many more.

They are one of the LED manufacturers in China, with 13 LED light factories based in China. Its main sites are Nanjing and Shenzhen. The company also established 35 joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises in the country.

Philips China Investment Co. Ltd. creates and processes lighting, electrical appliances, and LED lighting products.

6.      Osram Lighting China

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Founded in 1995, Osram Lighting China is a subsidiary of Siemens. As one of the LED manufacturers in China, they are popular for their high-quality LED lighting products in over 100 years of business operations. Now, they are one of the biggest lighting manufacturers in the world and the lighting industry. 

They also produce over 5,000 varieties of lighting solutions in over 48 production sites in 17 nations. Their LED lighting products are widely used in offices, public places, homes, factories, and the automotive industry.

These products meet your requirements at work, in particular fields, and your personal life.

7.      FSL-Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co Ltd

Location: Foshan China

Established in 1958, Foshan Electrical Lighting Co Ltd is a state-owned enterprise. They are popular in the Chinese and global market for creating top-notch quality lighting solutions at competitive prices, such as LED lights, lighting fixtures, office lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, LED lamp, LED bulb, and many more.

Foshan Electrical Lighting Co Ltd has over 200 production lines, manufacturing quality, and affordable LED lighting solutions. Its main export products are LED tube lights and LED bulbs, and its main export market is the US.

8.      MLS Lighting Co Ltd (Forest Lighting)

Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong

Founded in  1997, MLS Lighting Co Ltd is a complete LED optoelectronic technology firm and is the leader of LED packaging and application products in the country.

Their main products are LED lighting fixtures, LED optoelectronic devices, LED light sources, and more. It is also leading in China in terms of total production.

On top of that, MLS Lighting Co Ltd does OEM for numerous popular global enterprises. It finished the equity delivery of LEDVANCE, a formal OSRAM General Lighting brand, in 2017. Also, MLS Lighting Co Ltd has four production lines in different regions in China.

9.      San’an Optoelectronics Co Ltd

Location: Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

Founded in 2000, San’an Optoelectronics Co Ltd is engaged in the R&D, production, and promotion of full-color ultra-high brightness LED epitaxial wafers, III-V compound semiconductors, chips, microwave communication IC, communication components, and even power devices.

It’s worth mentioning that they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhu Anhui Optoelectronics Co Ltd, the biggest LED chip manufacturer in the country. Moreover, their LED lighting solutions include plant-growth lighting, smart lighting, tunnel lights, fill light, floodlight, spotlight, downlight, tubes, and LED bulbs.

10.  R&C Lighting

Location: Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China

Established in 2013, R&C Lighting offers a broad spectrum of lighting products ranging from LED wall washers to outdoor wall lights and linear lights.

They are a CE and RoHS-certified manufacturer from China. Experienced engineers, advanced facilities, and unlimited capabilities combine to make innovative, sustainable, and quality landscape lighting projects.

As a progressive and innovative landscape and façade lighting manufacturer, the company is dedicated to positively influencing their client’s projects and society through the best landscape lighting and services.

11.  Shenzhen Changfang Group Co Ltd

Location: Shenzhen City, China

Founded in 2005, Shenzhen Changfang Group Co Ltd has been dedicated to supporting the development of LED in the lighting industry with robust R&D technology and complete system solutions, top-notch quality management, and advanced production and manufacturing equipment.

Shenzhen Changfang Group Co Ltd also has production bases in Jiangxi, Huizhou, and Shenzhen, covering mold, R&D, injection molding, design, quality management, warehousing, and other complete manufacturing systems. They also have over 5,000 employees.

12.  Unilumin

Location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Established in 2004, this LED lighting company offers top-notch LED display and lighting solutions for the control room, commercial, broadcast, entertainment, retail, sports, landscape lighting, and many other applications.

Their main products include LED outdoor lighting, LED display, and HD full-color HD display.

13.  Xiamen Longstar Lighting Co Ltd

Location: Xiang’an District, Xiamen, China

Established in 2002, Xiamen Lonestar Lighting Co Ltd aims to offer its customers energy-efficient lighting fixtures. They have embraced advanced lighting technology, focusing on maintaining quality and offering their customers their best.

14.  Zhangzhou Leedarson Lighting

This company is world-class in smart building and smart living. Established in 2003, the company started as a manufacturer of LED lighting and components. Now, they excel in sensors, controllers, connecting lighting, gateways, smart, and accessories, among other things.

Their lighting products also include IoT products, light sources, residential lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, and office lighting.

15.  Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co Ltd

Location: Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China  

Founded in 2002, Zhejiang Klite Lighting Holdings Co Ltd is a professional OEM/ODM supplier of LED lighting products, offering a complete array of LED lighting solutions, such as LED lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, electronic controllers, and more. Their export takes more than ninety percent of turnover.


Location: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Founded more than ten years ago, this company concentrates on product quality and customer experience. They strive to supply only the best LED lighting products to their customers. Their motto is “Quality and service are always the first.”


Location: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Founded more than ten years ago, this company concentrates on product quality and customer experience. They strive to supply only the best LED lighting products to their customers. Their motto is “Quality and service are always the first.

18. Zhejiang Yankon Group Co Ltd

Location: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang Yankon Group Co Ltd was instituted in 1975 and is one of the top LED manufacturers in China. They supply the globe’s top lighting brands and even global chain retailers.

Some of their products include household and engineering products. Their major offerings are LED lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, LED tubs, outdoor lighting fixtures, and many more.

19.  Tospo Lighting

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Established in 1996, Tospo Lighting provides four main product portfolios: LED bulbs and CFL bulbs, indoor lighting applications, outdoor lighting, and lighting electronics.

Thanks to their rapid development of new products, high integrity, quality products, and massive potential, they are selling well globally and enjoy a great reputation.

20.  Foshan NationStar Semiconductor Technology Co Ltd

Location: Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Did you know that Foshan NationStar Semiconductor Technology Co Ltd was established in 1969 and is one of China’s largest LED packaging companies? They specialized in fabricating GaN LED chips for backlight, display, and lighting, components for display, and even lighting and indicating.

The company also creates LED display modules, light bars, and backlights. Its LED lighting products involve residential lighting, decoration lighting, outdoor lighting, and commercial lighting.

21.  Bull Group Co Ltd

Location: Cixi, Zhejiang Province, China

Bull Group Co Ltd was established in 1995 and is the leading company in the civil and electrical lighting industry, integrating R&D, manufacture, and sale of products. It currently has four major industries: digital accessories, LED lighting, wall switch, and socket

Many digital super-find products like unbreakable data cables, portable power sources, and more have been listed on their website.

22.  Hongli Zhihui Group

Location: Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China

Hongli Zhihui Group is one of the three biggest excellent LED packaging manufacturers in China that specializes in producing and developing COB LEDs, SMD LEDs, UV LEDs, high-power LEDs, infrared LEDs, automotive LEDs, and so much more!

The company currently has four manufacturing plants in the country: Zhenjiang City, Nanchang, Dongguan, and Guangzhou. Their LED lighting solutions have covered over 100 regions and countries globally.


Location: Henglan Town, Zhongshan, China

This company was founded in 2014 and specialized in producing, designing, supplying, and exporting marketing LED lights. They can do production or design based on their customer’s requirements and with more experience than anticipated.

On top of that, the company’s lighting solutions cover traditional and LED light sources, electric appliances, lamps, toilet and kitchen ceiling products, and many more.

24.  Ocean’s King Lighting Science & Technology Co Ltd

Location: Shenzhen City, China

Ocean’s King Lighting Science & Technology Co Ltd was founded in 1995 and was the first enterprise that introduced the idea of working light into the China lighting industry.

Did you know that they are one of the major LED manufacturers in over ten industries, including petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, and transportation? The company also has established ten professional business departments to provide lighting solutions for various environmental applications and working conditions.


Location: Wangchun Industrial Zone, Ningbo, China

LEBODA was founded in 2013 and is a professional LED lamp manufacturer in China. They pride themselves on their first-class team of engineers that focuses on manufacturing eco-friendly, low-cost, and efficient LED light products.

Their core technology is to lessen energy consumption, enhance lighting quality, and improve the environment. The company’s products are mainly sold in America, Europe, Australia, and other countries. Their products include LED tunnel lights, flood lights, gas station lights, high bay lights, street lights, and many more. 

These are some of the well-known and reputable manufacturers in China and are known for their quality products.

However, it’s always a good idea to do your own research and due diligence to find a manufacturer that meets your specific needs and requirements.

How To Start Your LED Lights Business?

How To Start Your LED Lights Business

Are you planning to start your LED lighting business and sell high-quality LED lights but don’t know where to begin? Here are some tips for you to consider.

1.      Research the market

Understand the current trends and demand for LED lights in your area. Identify your target market and competition.

2.        Develop a business plan

Outline your business objectives, strategies, and projected financials.

3.        Obtain financing

Secure funding for your business through investments, loans, or crowdfunding.

4.        Source the best LED light manufacturer

Find reliable and top LED lighting manufacturers for LED street lights and other LED technology equipment. Negotiate favorable terms and secure contracts.

5.        Build your brand

Develop a strong brand identity and marketing strategy to attract and retain customers.

6.        Establish relationships with contractors, architects, and other industry professionals

These relationships will help you stay informed about new projects and secure new business.

7.        Launch your business

Open your store or website, or start taking orders for indoor lighting, LED lamps, LED bulbs, LED flood lights, outdoor lighting, and other lighting solutions.

8.        Stay updated

Stay informed about new LED lighting technology, trends, LED lighting fixtures, and lighting business regulations in the LED lighting industry to stay competitive.

How To Choose the Right LED Lighting Products Manufacturers?

How To Choose the Right LED Lighting Products Manufacturers

When choosing an LED lighting products manufacturer, it is important to consider the following factors:

1.        Quality

Look for LED lighting manufacturers that use high-quality materials and have a reputation for producing durable and long-lasting lighting products such as led panel light, led high bay light, led bulb, led lamps for commercial use, and more. You can search for these kinds of led lighting products on

Welcome to read: What is Alibaba and How to buy from Alibaba safely.

2.        Certifications

Choose a manufacturer with certifications such as UL, CE, and Energy Star, indicating that the products meet certain safety and efficiency standards. If without the trustable certifications. Then it will be a problem when you do the customs clearance when importing led lighting from China.

3.        Warranty and customer service

A good LED lighting manufacturer will offer a warranty on their LED street light and LED lighting products and have a responsive customer service team to address any issues or concerns. When you choose the best LED lighting suppliers from China, you should confirm their warranty policy and after-sales customer service.

4.        Innovation

Look for an LED lights manufacturing company at the forefront of the LED lighting industry, offering a wide range of LED lighting products and features.

5.        Price

Compare prices among different LED manufacturers to ensure you are getting a fair deal. But please remember don’t choose the cheapest prices as that will be a risk for you and will make you pay many hidden extra fees once the suppliers get your order.

6.        References

Check the references of the LED lighting manufacturer, and check if they have good customer feedback and testimonials. You can check from their website, social media account, and some China freight forwarder.

7.        Location

Consider the location of the top LED lighting manufacturer, as it will affect the lead time and shipping costs. Most reliable led lights manufacturers come from Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces of China.

Shipping LED Lights from China: What Can DFH Do for You?

What can DFH do for your toilet paper importing business?

Shipping your LED street lights products from China is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything will be smoother with the help of our freight forwarders from DFH.

DFH is one of the most reliable freight forwarders in China and can help ship LED lighting products by providing a range of services that make importing goods from China more efficient and cost-effective. Some of the ways we can help you include the following:

  • Sourcing: We can help you find reputable and top LED manufacturers of LED lights in China and negotiate the best prices on your behalf.

  • Logistics: We can help you plan and coordinate the logistics of shipping LED lights from China, including arranging transportation, handling customs clearance, and providing tracking information.

  • Shipping options: DFH can help you choose the best shipping method for your LED lighting products, such as Shipping from China to FBA, air freight, sea freight, express shipping, Door to door shipping, and Rail freight.

  • Consolidation: Our reliable freight forwarder team can help you consolidate your shipment of LED bulbs, street lights, LED panel lights, and other LED lighting solutions then ship them together with other goods, which can help you save on shipping costs.

  • Insurance: We can help you purchase insurance for your shipment of LED lights, which will protect your goods in case of damage or loss during transit.

  • Documentation: DFH can help you prepare and process all necessary documents, such as bills of lading, commercial invoices, and packing lists, to ensure smooth customs clearance.

  • Compliance: Ultimately, we can help you comply with the rules and regulations related to importing lighting products from China, such as safety regulations and tariffs. Inform the suppliers of packing requirements for interaction shipping, and help you do the final delivery to your door.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how to get started! We look forward to working with you!


Overall, it would be best if you remember finding the top LED lighting manufacturer that’s reliable, trusted, and professional is very important.

A reliable and leading lighting manufacturer can provide high-quality LED lighting products and timely delivery, which can help ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of returns or warranty claims.

Additionally, reliable LED lighting manufacturers can offer your business competitive pricing and support. It is important to perform detailed research and review the manufacturer before deciding.

There you have it! You are now equipped with the knowledge of the best LED manufacturers in China and how to choose one. We hope this guide has been informative and useful. We also hope you the best of luck in your importing journey!

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