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Wholesale Picture Frames from China

DFH is a reliable freight forwarder that helps Chinese picture frame wholesale manufacturers with picture frames shipping from China to any destination out of China.

DFH has rich experience handling any picture frame shipment from China to help you save shipping costs.

DFH has good relationships with many picture frame suppliers in China to ensure you get good prices.

DFH can provide you with rich resources of wholesale picture frame manufacturers in China. All of them are licensed and trustable.

DFH can help all picture frame factories in China to ship safely and cost-effectively from China to overseas.

Wholesale Acrylic Picture Frame from China

Wholesale Acrylic Picture Frame from China

China is a leading supplier of wholesale acrylic picture frames. These frames are available in various sizes and styles and can be customized with different colors and designs. So it is an excellent choice to cooperate with wholesale acrylic picture frame manufacturers in China, Providing you with competitive prices and high-quality products. 

Wholesale Collage Picture Frame from China

Wholesale Collage Picture Frame from China

The main locations for collage picture frame manufacturers in China include Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian provinces. These regions have a concentration of factories that produce a wide range of picture frames, including collage frames. Manufacturers from these provinces have experience exporting picture frames and can offer competitive pricing for your wholesale orders.

Wholesale Metal Picture Frame from China

Wholesale Metal Picture Frame from China

China is a leading producer of large metal and heavy metal picture frames. The main manufacturing hubs for these products are Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong provinces. These regions are home to numerous factories with specialized equipment and skilled workers who can produce high-quality metal frames in various sizes and designs. Contact us to recommend the best manufacturers to save your time and money.

Wholesale Crystal Picture Frame from China

Wholesale Crystal Picture Frame from China

Chinese crystal picture frame manufacturers can offer competitive pricing for wholesale orders and often provide customized solutions to meet specific needs. If you are looking for crystal picture frame manufacturers, this guide below can help you to get rich resources of manufacturers and also the tips for doing business with crystal picture frame suppliers in China.

Wholesale Wooden Picture Frame from China

China is a major wholesale wooden picture frame producer, offering various options for personal and commercial use. Chinese manufacturers can provide cost-effective solutions for bulk orders and offer customization options. We can help you to get in touch with Chinese wooden picture frame suppliers which are reliable partners for your businesses and individuals seeking quality products at competitive prices.

Wholesale Plastic Picture Frame from China

Wholesale Plastic Picture Frame from China

If you are looking for a trustable wholesale plastic picture frame from China, you got to the right place. DFH with more than 10 years of shipping picture frames and other products from China worldwide. we can now help you save shipping costs and also provide you the licensed and reliable picture frame manufacturers in China.

Wholesale Digital Picture Frame from China

Wholesale Digital Picture Frame from China

China is a top source for wholesale digital picture frames, providing a vast selection of options for commercial and personal use. We can help you get in touch with Chinese manufacturers that offer competitive pricing for bulk orders and often provide customization options, such as adding logos or preloading images. With their advanced technology and experience in producing digital frames, Your importing picture frames from China will be successful and safe.

Need Help of Picture Frame Shipping from China?

air Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China
Air Freight for Picture Frame from China

When shipping time is your primary Concern, Charge weight more than 200KG, Air freight is the first shipping Option.

Sea Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China (1)
Sea Freight for Picture Frame from China

When shipping costs is your primary Concern, Charge weight more than 2CBM, Sea freight is the first shipping Option.

Rail Freight for Cosmetics shipping from China
Rail Freight for Picture Frame from China

If you need shipping shoes from China to Europe Countries, Charge weight more than 50KG, Rail freight is the first shipping Option.

Door to door for Picture Frame from China

Door to door shipping is fast, safe and cost effective shipping method from China to any country. Customs clean included.

Why Choose DFH to Arrange Pictures Frame shipping from China

Wholesale picture frames from China: Complete Guide 2023

Table of Contents

China is one of the world’s largest Country suppliers of picture frames, offering a wide range of designs and materials at competitive prices. As a result, many importers and businesses turn to China for their picture frame needs. 

However, navigating the process of importing picture frames from China can be challenging, especially for those who are new to the industry

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive guide of every aspect you need to know about importing wholesale picture frames from China, including best manufacturers, sourcing options, and shipping.

Ultimately, importers and businesses will be equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed in the wholesale picture frame industry.

Why Wholesale picture frames from China?

China is a popular destination for importers looking to buy hats wholesale due to its attractive labor costs and numerous benefits. These include:

  1. Bulk Production

China has a considerable number of factories that have skilled labor and advanced machinery, which enable them to produce wholesale picture frames in significant quantities efficiently. This makes China a preferred option for importers purchasing picture frames.

  1. Cheap Prices

China’s reputation for cheap labor and low production costs makes it an attractive option for wholesale picture frame manufacturing. Despite additional expenses like quality control, import taxes, and shipping costs, manufacturers can still generate substantial profits from sales in comparison to other countries. China is a dependable choice for low-priced picture frames, regardless of their size or quality.

  1. Variety of types and styles

China provides a diverse selection of picture frame designs that are in high demand in the global market. Choosing China as your wholesale picture frame market allows you to access a vast array of designs and qualities, including acrylic, collage, wooden, and glass frames. No matter the type of frame desired, China has the perfect manufacturer to suit your needs.

  1. Flexible MOQ

Chinese manufacturers of picture frames provide support for small businesses by offering flexible minimum order quantities (MOQs) and the option to negotiate prices for larger orders. These businesses also have easy access to high-quality frame materials like wood, acrylic paint, and glass, removing the need to import materials.

  1. Custom-made picture frames

In China, manufacturing factories offer the ability to customize and brand picture frames with unique styles, names, and designs. This service is mostly offered to importers placing bulk orders. It is very beneficial to businesses looking to establish their brand within the global picture frame industry.

  1. Quality picture frames

Despite common misconceptions, Chinese factories can manufacture high-quality picture frames to satisfy customer demands. The crucial factor is selecting an appropriate manufacturer who can create high-quality frames according to the specified requirements and budget.

Where to find wholesale picture frame suppliers in China?

Where to find wholesale picture frame suppliers in China

When buying picture frames from China, choosing the most suitable suppliers is crucial. Various strategies can be employed to prevent ending up with subpar goods. Reliable China wholesale picture frame suppliers can be easily found by doing the following:

Search on Google

Many Chinese wholesale picture frame suppliers have an online presence with websites and social media profiles on Google, making it easy to locate a photo frame supplier via Google Search. The process is quick and easy; type in the relevant keyword in the Google search bar like “China Wholesale Picture Frame Suppliers” or “China Wholesale Market,” and a list of wholesale picture frame suppliers from China will appear. From there, you can select the ones that interest you. 

Search on China's famous wholesale website

B2B platforms have over 1 million Chinese suppliers offering customizable photo frames at low prices and low MOQs. However, always filter your search terms and screen each supplier as not all may meet your needs. Leading platforms to use include:

Alibaba is China’s biggest wholesale trade platform, connecting global buyers with Chinese suppliers. It caters to individuals and businesses of all sizes, and importers can use the site’s search bar to find wholesale picture frame suppliers.

Alibaba provides access to cheap wholesale picture frames from China to retailers worldwide. The platform also ensures supplier legitimacy and offers excellent deals. However, manufacturers may require a high minimum order quantity, requiring buyers to negotiate with multiple suppliers to secure favorable terms. Alibaba is an ideal platform for purchasing wholesale picture frames from China.


Made-in-China is a B2B platform that is a reliable option for importers searching for photo frame suppliers. It has accurate, complete, and up-to-date information and features a robust search engine and specialized sections for China picture frame factories. 

Made-in-China also offers the convenience of paying after delivery, and importers can even apply to meet with suppliers in person on the website. With a wide selection of brands and user-friendly navigation, this platform is ideal for bulk orders of picture frames.

Global sources

Global Sources is a Chinese B2B platform that connects buyers and suppliers through online and offline channels. It features numerous wholesale picture frame suppliers, mainly factories and trading companies. 

Global sources provide a cost-effective means for smaller trading companies to access the market, as importers can easily create an account and directly contact picture frame suppliers on the website.

1688 primarily serves the Chinese market, but importers familiar with its operations and can make payments in USD can also use the platform. While most of the suppliers on 1688 do not provide international shipping, third-party agents or DFH freight forwarding company can help facilitate the shipment of goods to your desired location.


Established in 2004, is ranked among the top 1,000 most visited websites globally and offers a vast range of over 30 million products, including picture frames. Unlike most other websites, Dhgate has distribution centers in the USA and some other countries. Buyers can directly access major manufacturers in China and place orders without having to meet minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Search on social media

The prevalence of social media has made it convenient for Chinese suppliers to promote their products online, presenting an opportunity for importers to engage with manufacturers and discuss their product requirements. By evaluating reviews and ratings, importers can identify the most suitable wholesale picture frame supplier. 

Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are all good places for you to search the manufacturers in China.

Cooperating with China sourcing agents

Sourcing agents based in China offer a convenient solution for custom product manufacturing. They possess knowledge of supplier operations and effective communication skills in Chinese. These agents assist in locating wholesale picture frame suppliers that meet your specifications. By using a sourcing agent, importers benefit from the agent’s ability to personally visit the factory and conduct necessary inspections, thereby eliminating language barriers and ensuring high-quality products from China.

What things to consider for the best frame manufacturers?

What things to consider for the best frame manufacturers

Business License

Selecting a supplier with prior experience exporting to Europe or the United States is recommended to ensure quality and avoid potential issues. 

To verify their business credentials, request specific documents such as the company business license, ISO certificate, and customs registration certificate. However, it would help if you also double-checked the authenticity of these documents, as some suppliers may provide false ones.


To select the best picture frame manufacturer, you should compare prices from multiple suppliers to know the original selling price. Many Chinese suppliers offer high-quality frames at reasonable prices, but you should research before ordering to eliminate fake suppliers. 

Always remember that it is always possible to negotiate price terms with a Chinese wholesale picture frame supplier. Also, the larger the number of goods purchased, the lower the price.

Production ability

A reputable Chinese picture frame maker should have standard factories, excellent equipment, and be able to provide both OEM and ODM services. This is why you should check the reviews of your suppliers to confirm if they have experience producing the type of products you desire. Preferably, you can schedule a visit to their factory or ask your freight forwarder to do it on your behalf.

Shipping Efficiency

It would be best if you collaborated with a picture frame producer who can meet your delivery deadline. However, the delivery period will change depending on the type of photo frames you require and the shipping method chosen from China. Therefore, you must allocate more time than the manufacturer’s delivery timeframe.

Warranty terms

A trustworthy supplier should be able to vouch for their products and even offer samples. Always ask your suppliers to give a warranty duration for your wholesale picture frames, so you can return them if you’re unsatisfied with the order. 

Quality control systems

Ensuring high-quality picture frame production requires a robust quality control system. Confirm that the manufacturer has implemented such a system in the past and ask for their quality assurance procedures. Inquire about their materials’ sources and types to ensure good quality. 

After-sales service

Reliable suppliers keep discussing with you till delivery to ensure you got the products in good condition. You can be confident in making such suppliers a long-term option when importing wholesale picture frames from China.

Top 10 picture frame manufacturers in China

Top 10 picture frame manufacturers in China

Ningbo photo frame manufacturers (THING FRAME)

This is a reliable Chinese picture frame manufacturer with over 13 years of experience producing wooden photo frames, posters, collages, vinyl, metal, acrylic, and digital photo frames. They have advanced facilities, factories, and a skilled workforce that ensure the production of high-quality and unique products.

Their picture frames are widely exported to Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia, and have excellent customer reviews.


TALMUD is a custom photo frame manufacturing factory in China that provides high-quality, affordable photo frames for wholesalers looking to customize their business. They offer a variety of designs and colors, and you can choose your custom color and pattern to create a unique look for your frame. They import to most countries worldwide and have no MOQ restrictions when making orders.

SOA Arts

SOA Arts is a Chinese wholesaler with over 12 years of framing experience, offering a wide variety of modern frames in various colors and styles, like glass photo frame. If you’re searching for a good wholesaler of modern picture frames, you can choose from hundreds of options to find the perfect frame for your artwork and enjoy guaranteed satisfaction at SOA Arts.

Sofine Framing Co., Ltd

This company has over 12 years of experience producing and distributing photo frames. They have excellent customer service and offer various forms of classic, multi-collage, and antique vintage picture frames to many countries worldwide. 

Ruian Huaxia Craft Co., Ltd

This Chinese company specializes in producing various types of photo frames and wooden crafts. Their products adhere to safety standards and are often exported to North America and Europe at competitive prices.

Intco Framing

Intco Framing is a Chinese custom picture frame manufacturer that produces a range of exquisite photo frames, mirrors, and wall art. They have over 20 years of experience in exporting wholesale picture frames to many countries worldwide.

Weifang Shijia Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2002, this company produces various photo frames (Aluminum frame, MDF/Wooden, Plastic, WPC, PVC photo frame, and clip frames), cosmetic display, toys, and home decor items. Their products have been exported to the USA and many European countries. 

Foshan ChuangYijia Technology Co., Ltd

This factory is located in the Hainanzhou Industrial Zone, with more than 15 years of professional manufacturing experience in acrylic customized products, picture frames, and wooden crafts. They export thousands of products annually to the USA, UK, and other European countries.

Shenzhen Rich State Industry Co., Ltd

They are experts in designing and manufacturing wooden crafts like picture frames. They can export to any country in the world, and offer ODM/OEM services.

Yiwu De. U Decoration Materials Co., Ltd

They are experts in producing excellent picture frames and oil painting. Their main export markets include North America and Europe.

How to ship picture frames from China?

Cheapest shipping options for picture frame shipments

By picture frame manufacturer

Picture frame manufacturers often have freight forwarders and can use DDP or CIF incoterms to send shipments directly to buyers. While this is a popular choice for inexperienced buyers since the supplier manages shipping logistics, it can be more costly because of added shipping fees. To save money, suppliers may sometimes also choose cheaper shipping options, resulting in delayed deliveries for buyers.

By hiring China freight forwarders

Chinese freight forwarders provide extensive assistance for quality inspection, logistics, shipping, and customs clearance, making it a preferred choice for importers of picture frames from China. 

If you require any help with shipping, contact DFH and inform us of your requirements. We will promptly respond to assist you with fast, secure, and efficient delivery.

Cheapest shipping options for picture frame shipments

Once your order is ready, you can transport your picture frame from China through different shipping methods. They include:

Air freight

Air freight involves shipping goods via planes. It is a fast but costly transportation method and is commonly used for small and high-value shipments from China. When there’s an urgent need to deliver your picture frame, air freight is preferable.

Rail Freight

Rail shipping is a cost-efficient alternative that strikes a balance between the speed of air shipping and the affordability of sea transport.

Rail freight is mostly used for shipping to European nations because of the interconnected rail systems linking China and Europe. It presents a fast and economical means of transporting large quantities of picture frames from China.

Courier services provide express shipping as an alternative to the slow delivery times of sea freight. This mode of transportation is ideal for those shipping small quantities of picture frames, but it comes with a high price tag and should only be used when prompt delivery is a priority.

Ocean freight

Sea freight is the primary transportation mode for importing and exporting goods in China, despite longer delivery times than other options. Importing picture frames from China through sea freight remains a popular choice due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, especially for bulk shipments.

Combined (Door to door) shipping method

DFH can help you with convenient and hassle-free door-to-door delivery of your picture frames to your preferred location. This shipping method typically combines sea and air freight, or air and express freight, offering optimal convenience and comfort. Contact DFH if you wish to choose door-to-door delivery for your shipments.

Documents required for wholesale picture frames from China

Documents Required for Importing Electric Bikes from China

The right documents are essential when importing picture frames from China to avoid penalties and delays during customs clearance. The following documents are necessary to import wholesale picture frames from China: 

  1. Inspection Certificate

  2. Insurance

  3. Commercial Invoice

  4. Arrival notice

  5. Bill of Lading

  6. Packing List

  7. Origin Documentation

  8. Sales Contract

  9. Pro Forma Certificates

Welcome to read: Documents Required for Import&Export Customs Clearance

What DFH can do for your wholesale picture frame business

What can DFH do for your toilet paper importing business?

DFH is a renowned China freight forwarder that specializes in shipping picture frames to countries worldwide. Our extensive network of offices enables us to promptly collect your picture frame orders from suppliers and arrange their shipment. In addition to this, we also offer:

1. Quality inspection for picture frames before and after production

2. Low insurance premiums

3. Free packing and repacking services

4. Competitive shipping price.

5. Efficient logistics and delivery management.

Benefit from our dependable and convenient services for shipping picture frames worldwide. Choose DFH today.


In conclusion, China’s wholesale picture frame industry is a viable and attractive option for businesses looking for high-quality and cost-effective picture frames. 

However, importers must exercise due diligence when dealing with suppliers to ensure quality delivery. By following the guidelines and tips outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate the wholesale picture frame market in China and ensure a successful partnership with their suppliers. 

If you have any further questions about importing wholesale picture frames from China, contact DFH. We will be happy to hear from you.

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