How to ship lithium batteries from China Safely(2022)

Lithium batteries are considered the best in the world and have many use cases. However, there is a problem with lithium battery shipping. They cannot be shipped without special care and precautions. This is because they can develop fire or short circuits leading to an explosion or fire.

Lithium batteries are widely used in phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, power tools, power banks, laptops, and other electronic devices. These are considered dangerous goods or hazardous materials.

How to ship lithium battery

How to ship lithium battery - DFH Global Logistics

Importing lithium batteries from China is a complicated process. There are numerous rules and regulations that have to be followed to ensure the safety of these batteries. Below is a guide on how lithium batteries can be shipped from China.

Pack requirements for Lithium batteries international shipment.

Lithium metal batteries are usually shipped internationally, either by air or sea, but there are specific rules on what you can and cannot include in the package.

In general, lithium batteries are shipped by the following:

If shipped by FEDEX/UPS/DHL Express:

Each carton’s gross weight should not be more than 10KG. For UN cartons, Each carton not more than 30KG.

Pack requirements for Lithium batteries international shipment.

Each battery must be packaged in an insulated bag and placed in the inner box.

How to ship lithium batteries from China Safely(2022)

Each battery is put into an anti-static bag and an inner box. Each large box can only contain a maximum of two batteries inside.

How to ship lithium batteries from China Safely(2022)

Each battery should be well insulated and protected, and the inner box needs to be fixed. In order to face the process of transportation collision.

How to ship lithium batteries from China Safely(2022) DHF
ship lithium batteries from China Safely(2022)

Each battery needs to be positively and negatively insulated. No mixing.

How to ship lithium batteries from China Safely(2022)

The outer carton has to be new, don’t accept a secondhand outside carton.

How ship lithium batteries from China Safely

If Ship by Ocean freight for big wattage battery. The out carton must meet the requirements of dangerous goods packaging. For example, wooden boxes, UN boxes, etc.

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How ship lithium batteries from China Safely - China

Label requirements for Lithium batteries international shipments.

How ship lithium batteries from China Safely - DFH China

A few requirements need to be met for lithium battery shipment internationally.

  • The batteries must be labeled with the product’s name, manufacturer, and serial number.

  • The batteries must be packaged in a protective case or packaging.

  • The batteries must have been manufactured in compliance with IEC 60601-1 standard.

  • Any dangerous substances that come into contact with the batteries must be marked on the outer packaging or container.

The words “Flammable,” “Dangerous to Health,” “Poison,” or any other similar warning must be clearly and conspicuously displayed on the same package or container. It is for safety regulations.

Solutions to ship Lithium batteries from China Safely?

Solutions to ship Lithium batteries from China Safely

There are many different ways to ship these lithium-ion batteries from China. the safest and most secure way is to use a freight forwarding company specializing in transporting these lithium batteries.

Here below are the 3 standard solutions for your reference to arrange battery shipping from China to your destination.

1. Ship directly by the Supplier factory. (As a supplier to help arrange shipments)

If you cooperate with experienced china batteries manufactories. They should have their own China freight forwarder. So the first solution is to let your battery suppliers to arrange shipments for you directly. As you know, if the suppliers spend too much time on shipping, they will not have much time on manufacturing. So this is not the best Solution.

Meanwhile, if they help you to ship, they will need to add some profit to the total shipping cost. which will be higher than you cooperating directly with your freight forwarder.

2. Hire a 3PL company to arrange it. (Near your Local)

A 3PL allows you to use their warehousing and freight management services and transport services. They also provide great flexibility regarding shipping methods, which can be important for certain products.

3. Cooperate with a China freight forwarder

Lithium battery shipping regulations are difficult to clear in a short time for new buyers of Lithium batteries. There are many China freight forwarders who do not offer the service of transporting lithium batteries from China.

Shipping dangerous goods from China is not as easy as common goods. with DFH, we can arrange for the shipment of lithium batteries from China to any international destination.

We added a service for Shipping dangerous goods Such as Lithium Ion, power bank, Laptop Computers, Electronic devices, and most dangerous goods since 2012. With more than 10 years of experience, we are one of the leading shippers of lithium batteries.

By Cooperating with DFH, we will protect your shipment safely and securely. Provide the shipping process. tell different rules for the package. You need only wait at home to receive goods after pay to us.

Ship directly or 3PL company or cooperate with a China freight forwarder. Which one is the best?

Ship directly or 3PL company or cooperate with a China freight forwarder. Which one is the best

There are many factors to consider in choosing a freight forwarder. Some of the most important ones are the cost, time, and quality of service. The best way is to cooperate with a China Freight Forwarder with a rich experience in battery shipping. That can make you save not only time but also save shipping time for all your battery shipments. What’s more, their rich experience can make you all the shipping process simply.

Methods for shipping Lithium batteries from China.

The most popular method is Express Freight, such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Another option is by sea freight.

DHL Express

DHL Express, one of the world’s largest international logistics companies, shipped many lithium batteries from China worldwide.

UPS Express

UPS Express offers the quickest and safest way to transport lithium batteries from China. You can ensure safe transportation. It is faster than the traditional methods, and it also helps customers reduce the price.

Ocean freight (LCL) to the door and port

LCL means Less container load. It is a popular shipping method for arranging batteries from China worldwide. Compare with Express. Even though the shipping time is a little long. While for bulk orders, Ocean freight is much cheaper.

Cost of shipping lithium-ion batteries from China

The price of shipping lithium batteries from China can be expensive and time-consuming. It is much higher than Shipping common goods from China. The exact cost depends on many factors such as shipping method, Charge weight, a destination address, and Shipping time.

Roughly cost is 7-10USD/KG by Express and 3-4USD/KG by Ocean freight.

Time for shipping Lithium batteries from China.

Same as for the shipping cost, the exact shipping time depends on many factors. But the roughly Time is 4-7 days by Express Freight and 30-55 days by Ocen freight, depending on the pickup address in china and the final destination address in another country.

Documents needed for shipping lithium batteries from China.

Documents needed for shipping lithium batteries from China.

Lithium battery shipments from China require that all shipments contain the following:

  • a copy of the original invoice or packing list

  • air waybill or shipping document

  •  consignee’s name, address, telephone number, and signature. 

  • quantity and description of goods

  • UN specification

  • UN number

  • MSDS certificate

  • Others can let your supplier and freight forwarder prepare for you.

Tips for saving the cost of shipping Lithium batteries from China.

Tips for saving the cost of shipping Lithium batteries from China.
  1. Pack the Lithium batteries in suitable packages. It must change cartons if the package doesn’t meet the battery’s international shipping requirements.

  2. Avoid shipping Lithium Batteries before or after any China holidays because that time, the shipping unit price is higher than on common days.

  3. Cooperate with Licensed battery manufacturers to let all the Lithium batteries you buy from them be Quality assurance and complete product certification; otherwise, you will need to spend a long time and extra cost to make the certificate for Lithium batteries.

  4. Cooperate with Experience Lithium batteries freight forwarder from China. Their On-Stop lithium batteries shipping solution can help you to save much time and cost.

  5. Choose EXW trader terms with your Lithium batteries Supplier, and then let your Freight forwarder arrange shipments for you by DDP method. This is the best solution for you to save shipping costs on products and shipping.

Do I need to buy insurance for Lithium batteries shipment?

Sure, Lithium batteries are mainly used for cell phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, power banks, computers, and drones. That is a very important and high commercial value product. While international shipping is most time is safe, it is not 100%. Sometimes with loss or damage during shipping, it is possible; at this time, if you have bought insurance, then it can cover all the losses. The important is the Insurance is very cheap. You are worth having it.

FAQs about shipping Lithium batteries

How to ship something with a lithium battery?

Ship the batteries with the correct packaging materials, and ensure that the outer packaging is labeled correctly. Ensure the battery is safely covered and packed to avoid leaks and fire.

Can I ship Lithium-ion batteries with FedEx?

Yes, FedEx with service for shipping Lithium batteries from China worldwide. the time is very fast, and the cost is not higher than DHL and UPS.

Do Lithium batteries have to be shipped in a box?

Lithium battery vendors advise that the batteries should be individually wrapped and placed in a box of any kind. It is not only more important for the safety of the customer, but it also helps avoid shipping damages.

Can you ship Lithium batteries intentionally?

Lithium battery shipments are prohibited for air transport on passenger flights, with some exceptions. It’s safe to ship them by boat or send packages by ground transportation such as railroads and trucks.

Can DHL ship Lithium batteries?

Yes, DHL would ship lithium-ion batteries if ordered by customers. However, it may charge fees for batteries that exceed specific dimensions or weight limits.

Who will ship the lithium batteries? (DFH )

DFH can arrange for the shipping of lithium batteries or lithium metal from China to any country. We are one of the leading shippers of lithium batteries from China.

Do lithium batteries need shipping papers?

Lithium batteries can’t be shipped without shipping paper, and the batteries must comply with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Lithium batteries are the most common type of batteries used in consumer electronics. They are also the most dangerous goods to ship because they can explode if not handled properly.

So lithium batteries should be shipped to prevent them from exploding. This includes using a shipping container with a fireproof lining and cooperating with an approved and experienced Lithium batteries shipper like DFH.

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