TEU Shipping Containers: Definition and Capacity

There are so many different containers to choose from when you need to to shipping goods. One of the most common methods is shipping by TEU containers. But what exactly are TEU containers, and how much capacity does a TEU shipping container have?

In this blog post, we’ll answer those questions and more. So please keep reading and learning things you need to know about TEU shipping!

What is TEU: twenty-foot equivalent unit meaning in shipping?

What is TEU: twenty-foot equivalent unit meaning in shipping?

TEU stands for “twenty-foot equivalent unit.” A TEU container is simply a container that measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet high.

It’s important to note that while the term “TEU” is most commonly used for ocean freight, the same sizing principle applies to all types of freight transportation – air freight and rail freight.

TEU containers Capacity

TEU containers Capacity

The TEU is a measurement used to determine the capacity of container ships. When booking your shipment, it’s important to know what this means to know how much shipping will cost.

A standard TEU container’s carrying capacity is 9 to 11 pallets, depending on what kinds of pallets they are, whether the pallets are standard unit pallets or EUR pallets.

A TEU container ship usually with sizes 20-foot-long, 8-foot-wide, and 8-foot-high (2.4 by 2.4 by 2.4 meters) steel boxes. Most containers have a capacity of either 30 or 40 cubic meters (1,060 or 1,400 cubic feet of internal dimensions).

8 different types of TEU containers

  1. 20ft Dry Container (DC)

20ft Dry Container (DC

A 20ft Dry TEU Container is a TEU shipping container used to store and transport goods that are not affected by moisture. Such as pallets, boxes, barrels, sacks, and so on.

  1. 20ft Flat-rack container

20ft Flat-rack container

20 ft flat-rack TEU container is the 2 most used TEU unit in different shipping vessels. The sides of the flat-rack container can be folded outwards to create a sturdy surface for transporting pipes, machinery, or buses.

  1. 20ft Reefer container

20ft Reefer container

Refrigerated TEU containers have been widely seen the shipping vessel. 20ft Reefer TEU shipping container is the perfect way to transport temperature-sensitive goods like dairy and vegetables.

  1. 20ft Open top container

20ft Open top container

An open-top TEU container is a great way to transport cables, raw materials, and other bulky cargo. The tarpaulin sheet protects the goods from rain or sun during transportation and allows easy access when loading them onto your vehicle because no roofs are involved!

  1. 20ft Hardtop container

20ft Hardtop container

Hardtop containers are perfect for the transportation and storage of construction materials. They have a hard detachable steel roof that can withstand anything, including rain or snow.

  1. 20ft Side door container

20ft Side door container

The 20ft side door container has different sides on the longer end of it. They are used to load or unload cargo easily and transport oversized goods without damaging them.

  1. 20ft Pallet wide container

20ft Pallet wide container

These containers are designed to carry wooden Euro pallets and can fit up to 11 at once in a 20 ft internal dimensions measure TEU. And around 9-10 standard pallets of standard containers

  1. 20ft Double door container

20ft Double door container

The outside swinging doors of the double-door container are perfect for loading and unloading your cargo. It is usually used to carry bulk cargo like motorbikes, cars, etc.

Difference between TEU and FEU.

Difference between TEU and FEU.

TEU and FEU both are referred to as container shipping. TEU standards for 20-foot containers equivalent unit, while the FEU stands for a forty-foot equivalent unit.

TEUs and FEUs are both terms that describe the size of shipping containers. They’re used as standardized measures for how much volume is being shipped, making them easy to determine in any situation where you need an estimate on packing materials or vehicle space needed with your move.

 For example, if you shipped 4 20FT containers and 2 40FT containers, you can use 8 TEU (or 4 FEU).

TEU shipping containers Rates

TEU shipping containers Rates

If you are ready to get rates based on the number of TEUs in one shipment, the best way is to send an inquiry directly from our leads form by clicking “Get a Quick Quote.” Tell us the Shipment origin and destination port, TEU containers Qty required. Then click send button. Then we will quote for your reference within 2mins after getting the inquiry.

For example, A 20ft TEU container unit price is $600 from China to LAX, and three 20ft containers must be loaded on the shipping vessel simultaneously. then they total cost $600*3 =$1,800 for this Shipment.

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FAQs about TEU shipping:

What is the difference between Container and TEU?

TEU size is a twenty-foot equivalent unit. It is the standard 20ft Container size.

How many TEU are in a 53 container?

A 53 container is equal to a 2.65 TEU container.

How many TEU are in a 40 container?

TEU is a 20-container. And an FEU is a 40 container. 2 TEU equals a 40 container.

How many pallets fit in a TEU?

It depends on whether the pallets are standard-size or Euro pallets. Usually saying. one TEU can hold 9-10 standard sizes pallets. And can hold 11 Euro pallets.

What is the weight of a TEU?

A TEU’s dimensions are 20 ft in length × wide and 8 ft × height at 8 ft. The maximum gross weight for a dry cargo container is 52,910 lb: 47,770 lb (net load) + 5,140 lb (empty container weight).

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