Freight Forwarding Amazon FBA: How to Find the Best Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers for Amazon FBA

Have you been selling at the online-based commercial center? You may have gone over the term—Amazon FBA freight forwarders.

Bringing in and sending out are important aspects of any business. Nonetheless, global shipping presents higher business openings, and it’s overwhelming at the same time.

What is an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder?

What is an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

We have another article How to Find and Select a Freight Forwarder in China there show all details about Freight forwarder. Here today, we talk about FBA Freight Forwarder.

An FBA freight forwarder is a logistics company offering shipping services for Amazon FBA sellers. In short, shipping companies help sellers sell their items to an Amazon fulfillment center from overseas factories.

Some freight forwarders also ship products from one county to another country for sellers who utilize the Fulfillment by Merchant option.

Most freight forwarders provide the following services:

·        Reservation of cargo space

Reservation of cargo space

The freight forwarder company will reserve the best cargo space for the shipping company on your behalf. They will reserve the best space of a ship for the freight.

·        Inventory management

They also provide robust inventory management for your distribution system that involves integration along the whole supply chain and the capability to trace, track, and account for every item in the inventory.

·        Cargo insurance and filing insurance claims

Cargo insurance and filing insurance claims

The freight forwarder’s risk management specialist will place your insurance coverage if you are importing or exporting commodities or general merchandise.

·        Monitoring the inland transportation system

Cargo monitoring shows what is happening to the freight while in inland transit, protecting high-value and sensitive freight. It also guarantees product quality.

·        Organizing logistics related to shipping and storage

Organizing logistics related to shipping and storage

Remember that freight forwarders don’t move the goods. Instead, they act as a specialist in logistics. The carriers they use have a variety of modes of transportation, like railroads, trucks, airplanes, and ships.

·        Negotiate shipping charges

Freight forwarding providers specialize in getting lower shipping costs without sacrificing the overall quality of the job. They help with the logistics of moving items from one point to another in the most cost-efficient way.

·        Documentation for shipping

Documentation for shipping

Freight forwarders are intermediaries between the point of distribution and the consigner of goods. They also arrange customs documentation for shipping to prevent any delays.

·        Checking of products

After export haulage, a freight forwarder will always check the products to ensure all items are transported without any concerns.

What is a Customs Broker for Amazon FBA?

What is a Customs Broker for Amazon FBA

A customs broker is a person, association, or partnership that helps exporters and importers meet the requirements governing exports and imports. In short, they help importers clear their belongings through customs in the country of import.

Why Hire a Freight Forwarder for Your Amazon FBA Shipments?

Why Hire a Freight Forwarder for Your Amazon FBA Shipments

Shipping internationally involves numerous complicated processes. However, you don’t need to do everything on your own. That’s because a good freight forwarding company can handle every international shipping process on your behalf.

1.      Amazon freight forwarders can arrange entire shipments for you.

If your shipment needs a high number of containers, remember that a good freight forwarder will have the opportunity to negotiate a lower rate with carriers. Even though that can be done without professional transportation services—having a professional represent your cargo has a higher chance.

To accomplish successful freight flow, your container load and shipments must have the best transportation for the best rates. That’s where the best freight forwarding company comes in.

2.      Amazon forwarders are knowledgeable about Amazon FBA shipments.

 Amazon forwarders are knowledgeable about Amazon FBA shipments.

Freight forwarding services have extensive expertise and knowledge of laws and regulations, payment methods, and documentation for international shipping. Those skills make them perfect for dealing with your logistics.

Using these freight forwarders means you don’t need to worry about delays or penalties leading to non-compliance.  

3.      They can insure your shipment.

There are numerous liabilities when taking on the shipment services on your own, particularly for big cargo. Researching and looking for insurance will consume your business time. Having a supplier or freight forwarder as your partner to do the work for you is the best counsel.

4.      Customs clearance for your Amazon shipments.

Cargo insurance and filing insurance claims

Going through customs paperwork is a tricky aspect, particularly for FBA sellers. Customs authorization will clog your capability and tax your understanding to track your customers, vendors, and marketing.

Most freight forwarders and freight forwarding companies provide customs clearance services to help you streamline your business.

5.      They can help you to buy insurance.

Freight forwarders offer cargo insurance options for your shipments but understand the best option for your needs. They can help identify the most cost-efficient and protective method to complete all your transactions.

6.      If you drop shipping from China to the Amazon center, freight forwarders help you much.

If you drop shipping from China to the Amazon center, freight forwarders help you much.

Shipping goods, especially through dropshipping, can be an arduous endeavor. That’s especially true for Amazon sellers who have several priorities and can’t keep up with tracking their LCL shipments and others.

Using freight forwarding services saves you the hassle of following up with the major processes and customs procedures involved in the shipping process.

When Should You Use a Freight Forwarder for Your Amazon Shipments?

When Should You Use a Freight Forwarder for Your Amazon Shipments

Do you notice that your customer service is beginning to lack as your focus is pulled towards other online business sectors? It might be worth considering hiring a freight forwarder.

·        Time-sensitive work – If you work on a very tight timeframe, a freight forwarder can get rid of the stress of ensuring your shipments are processed and delivered on time. Specific industry sectors need to ensure their goods are shipped within a timeframe.

·        Experiencing shipment problems – There are many problems and damages that can happen during shipping, especially when exporting or importing overseas. You need a freight forwarder if you need help with piracy, warehouse inspections, freight liability, insurance programs, consequential cargo loss, and more.   

What Does It Cost to Use Amazon Freight Forwarder?

What Does It Cost to Use Amazon Freight Forwarder

The cost to use an Amazon freight forwarder varies depending on the shipping service you choose. For example, if you use the Prime Now service, there is no additional fee for using a freight forwarder. However, using the standard Amazon shipping service will be charged an additional fee for using a freight forwarder.

While there are costs for your shipments that your Amazon Freight forwarder will charge. This depends on the weight and size of your package, Shipping methods, and the destination address to which that should be sent, Such as:

·        Air shipments

Air shipments

In a normal season, international air shipments can range from about $4.50 to $7 per kilogram, depending on the type of cargo you are shipping and accessible space.

·        Sea freight shipments

Sea freight shipments

The average shipping cost of sea freight is only $1.5-2,5 per kilogram. That’s compared to the average cost of standard air freight, which is about $4 per kilogram, and express air freight which costs about $6 per kilogram.

·        Express freight shipments

Express freight shipments

Express freight is usually handled by one company (FedEx, UPS, or DHL) that handles the entire shipment process, with shipping from door to door in under five days. The cost is usually around $4.5-6.5 per kilogram.

Things Need to Consider When You Choose an Amazon Freight Forwarder as Your Business Partner

Things Need to Consider When You Choose an Amazon Freight Forwarder as Your Business Partner

To guarantee you get the best solution for your Amazon FBA business, look for a freight forwarder with only the best qualities. Ask these questions before you decide to cooperate with your chosen freight forwarding company:

·        If they have rich experiences with Amazon FBA shipments?

Building a trusted reputation could take years. If the freight forwarder has countless positive reviews and has a positive reputation for offering freight forwarding services, they are likely doing something right.

·        If they only work with big sellers, or can they work with smaller sellers?

Research the freight forwarder you’re considering and ensure they have the services your FBA business needs. Logistics services such as working with small or big sellers, the average volume of shipments, and if they provide services like fulfillment centers and FBA warehouses are essential details to consider.

·        If they can handle the entire aspect of each shipment?

Make sure your freight forwarder can handle the negotiation of freight charges with the carrier on your behalf of you. This process involves all the necessary details like booking cargo space onboard, arranging cargo insurance, organizing transport and labor, inland haulage of goods from the forwarder’s warehouse to the port, temporary storage, cargo consolidation, and more.

·        If they provide customs clearance service?

Importing and exporting cargo is a specialized task, which calls for good knowledge of the exporting region’s export laws and customs rules and regulations.

The best freight forwarding company must be specialists in arranging the tasks needed for the flawless export of cargo from one point to another.

·        If they can deliver door-to-door or only to the port?

Consider which shipping methods your freight companies can offer. In the door-to-door method, freight forwarders handle most of the transport process and leave small responsibilities to the exporter and importer.

They pick up the goods from the door or premises of the seller and deliver them to the importer’s door.

Meanwhile, port-to-port involves the freight forwarder moving the cargo from the ocean or airport port in the origin county to the destination country’s port. The goods are in a shipping container.

·        Do they have label services to label all cartons under the Amazon package’s label requirements?

 Do they have label services to label all cartons under the Amazon package’s label requirements?

Few forwarders know that a few extra dollars on quality labels can save them thousands on delayed or missed deliveries. For those shipping with express air freight forwarders, you can ask them for packaging supplies.

Different freight forwarders are happy to supply you with quality boxes and label protectors. Those pouches are good for safeguarding your label. So, if they present them, stock them up and use them as often as possible.

·        If they charge extra fees after getting your cartons?

Other freight forwarders provide packing services. Those might be in-house or outsourced to an external agency. Some companies may not, so it will be up to you to pack the cargo.

·        Is their quotation hide fees or door-to-door all price included?

Various factors can go into the overall price of the shipment. Those depend on commodity, seasonality, destination, and other factors beyond your control. Ask your freight forwarder if there are hidden fees on their quotes or if the price for door-to-door services is already included.

The Entire Shipping Process for Amazon Shipments from China

The Entire Shipping Process for Amazon Shipments from China

There’s often a challenge in determining how to ship items to Amazon FBA from China, and shipping from China can be challenging.

Here is the step-by-step guide you need to follow when shipping your Amazon shipments through a freight forwarding company to your destination country.

1.      Compare quotations from different Amazon freight forwarders and choose the best one as your Amazon freight forwarder.

You will come across a few freight forwarders that add specific charges in their upfront quotation, while others offer them as optional add-ons. In particular cases, a freight forwarding company may not provide a certain service, leaving arrangements to be made at your cost.

When you compare the quotes from various freight forwarding companies, it is essential to know what exactly is covered in the estimate so you can understand which quote provides the best value for your money.

Don’t ever accept proposals from untested service providers. Once you have picked a freight forwarder, ask for a quotation to understand whether it’s a fair deal for your business. Look out for a team with a great track record that provides a broad spectrum of services.

Customer care must be top-notch. Ideally, the Amazon FBA freight company must understand your budget and specifications.

2.      Freight forwarder arranges to pick up the goods from your China factory.

Freight forwarder arranges to pick up the goods from your China factory.

In the most basic terms, a freight forwarder is an agent in charge of the movement of goods on behalf of the cargo owner. That responsibility can begin from when the goods are picked up from your China factory until they are delivered to the buyer’s location.

3.      The freight forwarder will provide the export customs declaration, and customs will clean your shipments.

Remember that every country has unique requirements for export customs clearance. Nonetheless, to prepare a shipment for export from China, one of the important things you need is export declarations.

When exporting from China, a supplier will be needed to make an export declaration if the goods exported are more than the specified amount in value or if an export permit is necessary. Other goods, such as domestic cargo, military goods, or pets, are exempt from that requirement.

The best freight forwarder handles both imports and export, so you don’t need to worry about your involvement in the process. The final destination should clear it before it continues its journey on land.

Also, a good service provider will handle all such processes according to the jurisdiction rules. Amazon sellers should be cooperative and hands-on over all the documents necessary for clearance.

4.      Buy insurance if needed for your Amazon shipments before sending them to the destination country.

Buy insurance if needed for your Amazon shipments before sending them to the destination country.

As stated earlier, damaged goods can seriously affect your brand and cash flow. As an Amazon seller, it’s important to purchase sufficient cover.

Cargo liability insurance offers financial protection against loss or damage during shipping carried by post, aircraft, vessel, rail, road, or other transportation modes.

This insurance often covers all risks like natural disasters, fire, customs rejection, and vehicle accidents. The cost of cargo liability depends on the policy limits, product type, and merchant loss history.

5.      Arrange international shipping to the destination port or airport.

Once your shipment arrives, local authorities in the destination port or airport must check import customs documents. The key to this stage is to start before the cargo arrives.

It’s the sole responsibility of your freight forwarder or selected customs broker to do that clearance by the time the cargo arrives.

6.      Goods arrived at the destination port and seaports, ready to do the customs clearance.

When the cargo arrives at the port, particular processes will be initiated. That’s what they referred to as arrival and handling in the industry.

Every pending document should be completed. You should settle all carrier bills and have the necessary arrangements to handle holdups. Also, your freight forwarder is involved in this particular process.

It makes sense to assess the contract so you know what type of support you can anticipate throughout the process.

7.      After the destination customs government releases the goods, they are delivered to the Amazon center.  

The last and final stage is arranging inland transportation, which will get the cargo to its rightful owners.

It’s essential to ask your chosen freight forwarding company to confirm that they’ll offer this service. If they don’t, you can make other arrangements, so the full container load isn’t held up at the port.

Make sure you know each process and each partner in the freight forwarding process. Hire only the best companies with excellent reputations and are eager to go the extra mile to meet your requirements and needs.

Always read the fine print and be involved throughout the process in case some gaps should be filled. On top of that, you must have a good plan and handle the issues at the earliest opportunity. In that way, freight forwarding will be streamlined.

How to Find an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder from China?

How to Find an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder from China?

You don’t need to worry if you are having difficulty finding an Amazon FBA freight forwarder for your business. Here are some of the best places where you can find one.

1.      Search on the Internet by Keywords: “freight forwarder to Amazon FBA.”

A basic Google search will lead you to find some of the best freight forwarders in the market today.

2.      Search on social media platforms

Like Google, you can also find a few names of freight forwarders on social media. Facebook is a good place to find one. Just enter the same keyword you use when searching on Google, and you are certain to find a few names as well.

3.      Ask your China supplier or encourage your friends to introduce their freight forwarder to you

Do you have friends who also do FBA amazon dropshipping? Perhaps you can encourage them to introduce the freight forwarder company they use so you can also avail of their services. Word-of-mouth is helpful in this situation.  

4.      Search on

Finally, if you don’t find any success with the above options, you can try looking on Alibaba. We have an article about What is Alibaba and How Does it Work. You can check it here to get more information on how to use Alibaba better.

Should I Find My Freight Forwarder to Arrange My Amazon Shipments or Let a Supplier Do It for Me?

Should I Find My Freight Forwarder to Arrange My Amazon Shipments or Let a Supplier Do It for Me

Companies will always feel squeezing every dollar from every part of an order is the ideal way to run a business. Unluckily, those companies also believe they will work with freight from Chinese suppliers.

Nonetheless, one of the most frustrating and misunderstood components is shipping. Most manufacturers will create a blank statement to deal with all the shipping to the agreed port.

At the period, that will look like a no-brainer. You can allow them to handle it and inform you when it arrives. However, the troubles start. The supplier used only the cheapest possible way to get your cargo to the freight forwarding service, which means, for you, the Most Expensive. Meanwhile, if the suppliers spend too much time on shipping, they will spend their time and spirit on production.

So please do yourself a favor and make sure you find yourself your own freight forwarder.

Which One is the Best Amazon Freight Forwarder in China?

Which One is the Best Amazon Freight Forwarder in China?

What does a freight forwarding company do? To make it short, they offer knowledge of all compliance, regulatory, and logistical requirements associated with international shipments and perform them on your behalf.

In the entire process, they will make your life easier and let your business trade efficiently with overseas suppliers and customers.

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Conclusion of Freight Forwarding Amazon FBA

Conclusion of Amazon Freight Forwarding Amazon FBA

Suppose you’re only looking for the best Amazon Freight Forwarder from China with the skills to handle big and small parcel delivery, deal with customs officials on your behalf, and offer low shipping costs; count on DFH today.

We are the most trusted Chinese Amazon freight forwarding company with a dedicated logistics team to help you with your supply chain needs. Contact us now to get started!

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