Air Freight Forwarding & Air Freight Forwarder: Everything You Need to Know

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What is Air Freight Forwarding?

What is Air Freight Forwarding?

Air freight forwarding is arranging and planning the transport of freight or cargo from one point to another through the air. In short, it’s all about shipping by air from China.

International air cargo is extremely regulated. As such, most opt for freight forwarder, which works exclusively with air freight shipments.

Remember that an international air freight forwarder can help you easily navigate all key freight supply chains, documents, cargo insurance, customs clearance, air freight logistics, and any turbulence you might experience.

What is an Air Freight Forwarder?

What is an Air Freight Forwarder?

Remember that an air freight forwarder does not physically move your cargo. However, they help in each aspect of the shipments, streamlining the process and taking on the burden of communicating between all the parties and moving parts.

Other freight forwarders specialize in ocean freight forwarding, while some work with air freight.

An air freight forwarder focuses on moving freight via air on either passenger or specially made cargo aircraft. That specialization allows them to better know the workings of air freight, make a relationship with the TSA, and in most cases, offer better air freight shipment rates.

What is the Air Freight Transportation Process?

What is the Air Freight Transportation Process?

There are important steps that an air freight forwarding process includes.

1.      Export haulage – The step involves transporting the air cargo from the warehousing facility to the air freight forwarders warehouse.

2.      Export customs clearance – This stage involves the customs checking the shipment and providing clearance for them to leave the country of origin.

3.      Origin handling – It involves uploading the shipment by the officials and confirming the booking documents based on the shipments in the delivery after the shipment has arrived in its destination country.

4.      Imports customs clearance – It includes the verification of the customs documents by the port authorities to guarantee things are in complete order.

5.      Destination handling – This is where the cargo will be transferred to the import warehouse.

6.      Import haulage – The last step includes moving the shipment or cargo from the import warehouse to the final destination.

How to Calculate Air Freight Rates?

How to Calculate Air Freight Rates

The Air freight Rates usually depend on the chargeable weight of shipments. While the Chargeable weight is the Gross weight and Volume weight of products. The bigger one is the final Charge weight. We have a detailed guide here about how to calculate the chargeable weight of air freight shipments.

Why Use an Air freight Company?

Why Use an Air freight Company

As a business owner, handling the shipment process to a third party might seem like losing control of the company. But it’s the other way around. That’s because logistics services like air freight companies offer excellent tracking systems, offering you updates about your shipments every minute.

Here are the perks of using one:

Efficient tracking systems

Your shipment takes a few weeks or months to reach its destination. During this period, most businesses fear losing their products on the way. With a freight forwarding company, you’d get regular updates about your shipment.


Shipment costs are more like an extra expense for businesses. Many companies make customers pay for the whole cost, while some like sharing the burden. Regardless, they like the shipping costs to be negligible.

Fortunately, air freight forwarding services are cheaper than a standard indirect air carrier. You’re not simply sending shipments through them; they have a global network, enabling them to provide lower prices.

Right Documentation

There’s no doubt that shipping to another part of the world and entering cross-border e-commerce can become a nightmare for companies. Each state and region have a unique policy, import duties, and tax regulations that are difficult to understand.

Further, inaccurate paperwork and documentation can result in delays in the shipments. Frequently, the bank puts money on hold. Choose air freight services if you wish the entire shipping process goes smoothly. They would deal with all the air forwarding paperwork and guarantee it’s accurate and mistakes-free.

Reliable Security Protocols

Security is a business owner’s major concern when sending cargo across borders. Fortunately, freight forwarders provide excellent security services. They want authorities to deal with the parcels carefully to prevent any damage.

Similarly, they like to conduct security protocols to eliminate the possibility of theft. They have proper tools, compartments, and equipment to load and unload the cargo. Also, they deal with fragile goods with extra care.

Smart Inventory Management

Normally, companies have to hire people for various tasks. However, you can escape that trouble with air forwarders. Professional carriers have a massive network spreading across the world. Similarly, they provide a full range of services to facilitate their business in the best possible way.

Reputable international air carriers can install smart technology such as a smart inventory management system to track your stock. It would enable you to determine which items are accessible in ample amounts and the ones that need restocking urgently.

Air Freight Vs. Ocean Freight: Which One is More Cost-Effective?

Air Freight Vs. Ocean Freight: Which One is More Cost-Effective?

There are certain scenarios where air freight and ocean freight may be the best option for you. I want to highlight that things are not absolute here.

For instance, if time is sufficient, then ocean freight is certainly your first option. But if your time is tight, there’s no doubt that you must pick air freight as an alternative. Choosing between the two will vary on your unique situation.

What is the Difference between Air Freight and Air Cargo?

What is the Difference between Air Freight and Air Cargo?

Using the term air cargo or air freight has to do with the company you’re dealing with for your shipping.

Remember that cargo or freight refers to the transportation of items from one place to another. However, cargo is often utilized for goods shipped by ship or plane. Freight has a broader definition and could be applied to the transportation of goods through air, rail, ocean, or road.

To explain further, cargo refers to the goods carried by a third-party international air aircraft. On the other hand, an aircraft company moves that cargo into its plane. The term cargo can be used interchangeably with freight, but it refers to what an aircraft carries versus how it’s carried.

Does DHL Do Air Freight?

Does DHL Do Air Freight?

Yes, DHL offers air freight, so your goods arrive at their destination. According to its website, the company offers its customers the most flexible and broadest range of air freight solutions to quickly move goods.

How Do I Get a Quote for Air Freight Services?

How Do I Get a Quote for Air Freight Services

In order to get an exact quote from Freight forwarders. You need to provide the information below to let them analyze and calculate your shipments. Please pay attention to each of the Elements is very important, it May influences your cost if give incorrect information:

  1. Pickup address of your suppliers’ factory/Warehouse.

  2. The destination address for delivery. Need to door or to the airport only?

  3. The shipping date of your goods, When can be ready to ship.

  4. Need freight forwarder help to do the export/import customs clean or not

  5. Goods with Battery or not?

  6. Goods including magnet or not?

  7. Goods are internationally famous brands or your own Brand?

  8. The Most but not last element is the need to provide the Packaging list of your goods. (this can be provided by your suppliers)

What Does DFH Offer?

What Does DFH Offer?

DFH Global Logistics is a trusted best freight forwarder in China and worldwide. We offer many transport services, including express, air, ocean, and rail. Not to mention, we also offer door-to-door shipping, and we ship to FBA Amazon. How cool is that?

These days, more and more business owners have plenty of things to look after. That’s why handing the shipment responsibility to a freight forwarder like us could be smart.

We have the proper knowledge of the supply chain, logistics, shipping options, transport modes, and customs regulations. On top of that, we allow companies to track their consignment 24/7, keeping you on board.

We can improve your customer satisfaction while also helping you expand your business to more distant locations in the world. What’s more, we have many shipping solutions from China to overseas for all our customers. We can offer other extra services that you might need, as well.

At DFH Global Logistics, we provide timely, dependable service for customers needing international freight forwarding and other supply chain management services. Call our friendly and courteous team now to find out more about the freight forwarding solutions we provide and get a free consultation!


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